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Tortured Last Night & This Morning: U.S. Guilty Of High Crimes

We were all tortured last night and this morning it is still happening. I checked on my parent's house and the technology that causes the entire house to vibrate was happening. I could feel it just standing there. I went to the sides and back of the house and didn't notice anything but it was being done where the couch is, where my Dad sometimes sleeps. It was also done underneath their room where their bed is.

Somone in the U.S. is trying to kill us. I am not kidding. They torture us every single day and night and this is The United States. We are not talking about a detention camp in Cuba or N. Korea or Iran or all these places we're led to believe are so terrible. This is being done in the U.S.

Here, they are not even bothering to put people into detention camps.

It's probably worse than Yodak and other countries detention centers, because this is where criminals in the U.S. make everything appear to be beautiful and "free" and wonderful on the outside, like white washing the walls in the outer room for the people passing through, while keeping the prisoners in an interior room that no one ever sees.

The U.S. already violates laws about not putting people in prison without charging them with something first. They say they can do this, for terrorists, in detention camps--they hold them (detain them) without even charging them or telling them what they are supposedlly guilty of. If they knew what it was, they would have a lawyer fight for whether there was evidence to support this or not.

Supposedly the U.S. only does "these bad things" to terrorists outside of the country. That was the "point" of having detention centers outside of the country and not subject to U.S. laws.

However, the U.S. is worse than N. Korea or Iran or any terrorist group.

They have created an artificial appearance of everything being great. How this is the most humane country and the best country, and how we "respect human right" of men, women, and children and have an open-door policy for other countries.

It's a lie.

They are torturing U.S. citizens they don't like, ON U.S. territory and rather than be noticed, as they would be if they put us in a detention center or prison, they torture us on our own property. They have people torture us on our own private property, and have people following us around and using other forms of technology while we travel by car, go to the store, work, and church.

So it's the exact same thing as holding "suspected" terrorists without charging them, except they're doing this to their own citizens and they're not even wanting to put us in dettention centers or prison, because that would be obvious. Since they torture us while we appear to be free, they get away with crimes that no one would dream of getting away with.

We have no rights.

We have no miranda rights, we have no privacy, we have no right to an attorney, we have no right to be charged so we know what we're being charged with and could fight it, we have no freedom.

The U.S. has given us fewer rights and less ability to secure our own freedom from torture, than prisoners in camps. People can at least see the prisoners in camps and sometimes they get lawyers or international notice. No one can see the electric wire, so to speak, that the U.S. is using on us to torture us with.

We have zero access to the courts.

It is the ultimate violation of constitutional right to liberty. The entire law about the right to be charged and not be held in prison without being charged, and the right to an attorney, and to jury trial and to be able to prove innocence...

We have been denied every single right and the only way they're getting away with it is to make it appear like it's not happening and tell everyone "they're crazy" if we talk about it.

The U.S. is one step away from arbitrarily shooting down anyone they don't like, on account of religious hatred. They are already arbitrarily torturing citizens, and preventing anyone from helping us by blackmail and calling me mentally ill.

The FBI doesn't help us because they are guilty of crimes. I was taking it to the OIG years ago and then they got friends to torture me and my son instead. They had me arrested the night before I was going to talk about the crimes the FBI committed.

So no, the FBI has never helped us. They have people too high in their positons who committed crimes and block anyone normal from intervening and looking into it.

Someone in Canada wanted to know what the deal was with the FBI when I arrived.

I tried to tell them.

But instead of helping me and following international law on political asylum, they worked with the U.S. to kidnap my son from me to force me back here.

They have tortured us ever since.

Oh. Except for when they thought I was going to bring in a new FBI guy for them. Alvaro Pardo. The Catholic. That's the only time the FBI cared about me or my son. When they were looking out for themselves still--#1

The FBI has allowed torture of us because they committed crimes and knew it all the way back in 2004. They had me jailed before I could tell the press about it. They worked to block my travel, to call me crazy, and to block my educational goals.

I think they thought that if I married into the FBI, I wouldn't then sue them. And since most of them were Catholic, it helped that he was Catholic. So then they quit torturing me.

Why quit torturing me just because of Alvaro?

I mean, who is HE anyway?

Alvaro Pardo is so important to the U.S. government that they call off all torture of me and even act normal enough like they'll give me my son back?

All we know is this: he is from Colombia. He is Catholic. He worked with the U.S. FBI in Colombia on drug-related matters.

It's the FBI.

It's kind of like, it's the FBI-Mafia that sold me back to the military to be tortured when I didn't marry their man into the U.S. so he could work for them faster with a green card.

Alvaro is directly connected to the people who are responsible for toruring my family. It sounds more like FBI, since he worked for them in the past, but it could also be CIA since I would have then had a passport to Colombia or right to citizenship there. I think English are involved, because of all the harassment I've had over it, and our dog freaks out upon hearing one strain of British accent and I believe my son has heard it as well.

Basically, whoever is tied to or connected to my Ex is immediately connected to the group that is accountable and responsible for our torture in the U.S.

And these are the connections that my Ex had, which I know of for sure:

1. Catholic church.
2. FBI
3. Colombia

These are the connections I know for sure. There are other connections I've guessed about but don't know for sure. But these ones, are ones he told me about.

So I am right about the FBI being involved in torturing kids and women.

The FBI doesn't work with Colombians in their country and then host them over here and not know who they are dating or are involved with. So if the FBI worked with Alvaro over in Colombia, they knew all about our relationship and know exactly who is responsible for the torture of me and my son.

I could also guess it's possible that the CIA and military are involved (obviously military), but the above connections are ones I know for sure. And if he had contacts with Colombia, FBI in U.S. and the Catholic church, then he definitely could have other contacts as well. I know the CIA knew about me because they were at my right and my left. The Pentagon was probably made aware of me after some grapevine traveled there to report my spending any time with the Chief of Strategy.

We were being tortured and railroaded by the State of WA and federal govt. and then they wanted me to marry him. All of a sudden, they quit torturing me, quit saying I was a drug abuser/user/seller/addict, and quit saying I was mentally ill.

The U.S. wanted Alvaro Pardo here.

They already proved they wanted to torture, abuse, assault, and dump me and my son. They never cared about me. Ever. They cared about me only as long as I was with Alvaro, who was the one they wanted.

They tortured me before him, and then quit just because I was with him in their international negotiations, and then they tortured me again and tried to punish me for not marrying him. They kidnapped my son and tortured him and used him to try to extort me to marry someone they wanted me to marry so he could live in the U.S. legally and work for them.

It's like the bad divorce when you watch to see who the "mutual friends" are really friends with afterall.

You know, when couples split, and all of a sudden, Gilbert is wondering what happened to Christie and Todd, their good friends, and they don't talk to him anymore but he just found out they had dinner at his wife's place last night.

You watch and find out what the true character of your ex is like too, as suddenly friends of his are stealing everything you own. Torturing and punishing you in his name.

So with me and Alvaro, it was me marrying the State. A Catholic State, no less. But if I married the State, they felt better because they wanted him here. And if I didn't marry him, they went back to torturing everyone and did worse.

It's too late? why? because at the time it was "too late" I was past the age of 35 and too old to be in the FBI?

Like I was going to be working undercover for them when I got married? or the CIA was going to pop a suprise notice to me after our marriage about who I'd married? So I was supposed to marry Alvaro before we were both 35 and still be eligible to work for the same FBI that tortured me and my son and allowed the U.S. military to torture us for years?

And then all the Catholics would feel better just because I was marrying a Catholic and would quit torturing me out of religious hate crime and the FBI would feel better about my not suing them if I was somehow working for them?

Because they remember they are the ones who committed crimes and encouraged other law enforcement to hate me and incited religious hatred of others against me as well.

It was the FBI that has obstructed my travel, illegally searched my car and ruined it, forced me out of lawsuits, and allowed people to drug me and call me mentally ill.

I wasn't going to be mentally ill anymore if I married Alvaro because HE was THEIR "cover".

If I married Alvaro, I was marrying into the two groups that were responsible for religious hate crime and obstruction of justice: The Catholic church and The FBI. So I probably wasn't going to be suing them if I was married to him.

They even used him to obstruct me in a courthouse from clearing my name on a false accusation in a restraining order.

And since the FBI is sort of the overseeing "boss" of the police, police and law enforcement basically follow that lead.

If the FBI is going to block reports and defame me and even assault our family members themselves, then the police feel pretty secure about doing this and the mafia uses them for their cover if the police or FBI don't want their hands to get dirty.

So it's great to discover that not only did the FBI commit crimes in first telling me to change my story and testimony, and obstruction of justice, and destruction of evidence, they also engage in human trafficking and support torture.


Next I have someone like Chris Rozollo torturing me and watching me while the military goes to work. Stealing my coat, and telling me not to dress nice anymore. Telling me I should wear flip flops and ugly pants and that I made people jealous and no one dressed like me in Wenatchee and "you're not in D.C. anymore."

He just wanted me to be ugly, and in jail, like the rest of his friends and the people he works for.

And then Ryan, the Irish guy who always hated me and staked out a spot for the Roman Catholics. Who also stole from me, and in particular, stole evidence of harassment by Catholic hispanics that I had saved.

I need a new computer, and a new country.

I'm not leaving without my son or family but we ARE leaving.

I might stick around long enough to see if anyone goes to jail for torturing us or not. If no one is going to jail in the U.S., and if the FBI continues to COMMIT CRIMES against U.S. civilians and encourages the military, the FBI is going to have a huge problem on their hands because I did not FORGET what they did to me and my son.

Canada wanted to know about the FBI.

I did not even tell them everything I could have said.

I told them enough though, to know I had a right to explain more in an asylum proceeding. Besides, who was wanting to know? the U.S. CIA or FBI counter-intel? They got people in there with their minds already made up to do me in and they colluded with the U.S. to throw us back.

I told Canada I had filed a misconduct report against the FBI and had had problems ever since. And that they put me in jail the night before I was going to give a report to the media in an interview. And that my son and I were tortured when I tried to get to someone in the OIG to investigate religious hate crimes and FBI.

But the FBI also tried to intimidate a witness. Me. They told me to change my testimony and when I didn't, they did it for me and then refused to give me access to FOIA. The top leaders of Portland FBI at that time then bribed Portland police not to make a report against them. Then the police tried to change my story and facts and wouldn't let me write my own statement and put one in for me instead, which was full of lies. During that time, I was on the telephone myself, talking directly to FBI supervisors in charge for Portland. I called them after the Porltand police told me, "The FBI is telling us they're handling things." I said, "What do you mean they're handling things? maybe for professional abuse of position, but I have facts for crimes that are in Porltand police jurisdiction, not the FBI's jurisdiction, and they know this." I said, "sex crimes is not FBI jurisdiction and esp. not when it's one or two of their own agents that did this."

So Sgt. Austria kept telling me the FBI were telling him not to do anything and they already had an "investigation" and not to make a report.

He told me I could call the FBI and I said "Who is telling you this?" and he gave me a name. It was the director over Laurie McLaughlin or right beneath her. I looked him up and he was the director of the entire Portland FBI offices or one step down. And I talked to him over the telephone after I first spoke with a woman there who transfered me to him. I said what are you doing, bc the police are telling me you said you're taking care of this? He said, "This is an FBI matter and we are handling it."

One of the first things Julia Thornton said to me was don't talk to police about this. And then I found out the only group or jurisdiction that would even be responsible for a report about sex crime would BE the Portland police. The FBI issue was separate. They could go ahead and have their "Internal Investigation" but they were not allowed to obstruct justice with regard to how their employees were treated by another agency if that agency was responsible for pressing charges.

So then, after all this, I said I wanted to make my written statement and send it in, and don't send one for me because I wanted to exercise my right to submit my own. Why? because Sgt. Austria kept trying to change my story, even over the phone. He was doing favors for the FBI.


So um, yeah. The FBI likes to tell people I am "mentally ill" because THEY are criminals. It's a good cover for them. Calling the person who is about to tell the press how the FBI is bribing other agencies and changing testimonies and then defaming me everywhere and obstructing my travel. Probably, the FBI wants to say "don't listen to her, bc she's mentally ill."

Of course, my fleeing the country, and having something to say about what the police and FBI were doing...doesn't work so good for "image". So they colluded with the AG and Dept of State and B.C. and lied to get me back over for more of the same.


And it serves the FBI well to be allowing military to torture us, when they have a self-serving motive to keep their criminals and crime under wrap.

Let's see. FBI obstruction in OR. Then in WA. Oh, then they defamed me in TN.

It's looking reeeeeaaaally good for the FBI.

They know this, so their stance is, "If she's not marrying Alvaro and going to work for US, she's not on our side and she will sue us for being the wretched criminals we are. So let's support torture against her family. Good plan. Works for us!"

My claim for political asylum was 100% solid and there was 100% sufficient evidence for my proving the U.S. and FBI had a MOTIVE TO LIE about me, torture me, and defame me to B.C.

And they still refuse to return my son. I mean, they don't correct their crimes. They sit on it. They ruined my son's life.

After Sgt. Austria got the report thrown out, for the FBI, as the FBI demanded, he was promoted.

He got promoted from sex crime unit to a unit with more responsibility: the murder unit.

Like we want HIM on a murder unit.

This same Sgt who was willing to take a bribe from the FBI and who obstructed justice and changed my testimony to collude with FBI in actively concealing crime, got promoted to murder matters.

So I'm just sure there is a bounty of justice in that department now. (Hail Hitler).

I'd like to know why Washington D.C. FBI Headquarters was feeling a little worried a year ago, to the point that they thought it best to make their case stronger for themselves by having me thrown into a psych ward and ruined with Haldol overdose.

So when people think it's impossible what is happening to us, or the FBI can't be this corrupt, or how is it possible that the U.S. is allowing torture against U.S. citizens, look to the FBI.

The FBI is the group repsonsible for investigating any claim of "torture" or illegal use of military programs on non-consenting adults.

Oh THAT's right. The FBI doesn't have "consensual" in their dictionary. They forgot what that word means. So they'll support Chris Rozollo as he tortures women and children, no problem. They have been endorsing torture of MY family as a wipe for themselves.

The FBI has had motive to lie, torture, and obstruct justice since 2004 and possibly since 2001 when some of their agents first got involved.

I wouldn't believe a word they said, if they're trying to say something negative about me or my family.

Do not believe a word they say.

Since 2004, because of the FBI, I have been dead. I was going to say, dead in a legal sense of having zero rights in this country. Not dead enough to feel. I guess that was the sentence handed down to me by the Department of Justice and Catholic church: To be tortured alive.

They did all these things to me and were so sadistic they couldn't even stand to have me escape. They have been detaining me in this country for the purpose of torturing me and creating an elaborate cover for criminals. As long as they control me, they feel I can never get away and disprove all of their lies. If I prove they've been lying, they know some of them could go to jail.

So they detained me in this country, to be tortured alive.

Christa Schneider was the one to ask where I was going downtown right before a man tried to assasinate me or seriously injure me in a hit-and-run in 2003. He saw me, laughed and aimed for my car, and laughed when he was leaving.

She was also the one asking me, in 2006, how I would least like to die.

Her Dad is former Prosecuting Attorney for Portland Oregon federal courthouse. That means he worked with the Portland FBI directly. A federal Prosecuting Attorney, takes on and handles cases brought by the federal government agencies and for that jurisdiction.

So I never thought of it that way until today for some reason, but there's the FBI connection right there.

This means it is true that since Christa knew the attorneys for the Abbey and other law firms, through the Catholic church membership, and if they were connected to FBI, this is why I met Catholic FBI after talking to her about wanting to be an FBI lawyer. She (they) put FBI that was Catholic, in my path, during my litigation.

And it is likely these FBI knew parties that were my adversaries in lawsuits, which means I am not amiss to have raised the question about collusion of Catholic FBI and govt. employees to interfere with my lawsuits that were then pending.

This would be why FBI S.A. Julia Thornton wouldn't have wanted to take my report of religious hate crime. She already knew who was involved and she tried to conceal this and didn't want other names entering into the report.

I had always thought oh yeah he worked for the DOJ, at the federal courthouse, as if this was separate from the FBI. It's not. If he was Prosecuting Attorney, he wasn't just taking criminal cases that were removed from State court to federal court--he was working with FBI.

The last job I had in Oregon was for him.

Christa said work for my Dad and I needed a quick job so even though I already suspected some things, I took one working at this deli/small convenience store. It lasted a week and was not a good experience. I was given a job just so I could have something bad said about me. He didn't pay his employees for the time they spent cleaning and I wanted to have that counted in my hours. Not only that, after I left the store, the alarm was set or doors locked or something and I tried to go back in to get my purse or keys or something and the alarm went off. I remember what it was--I couldn't lock the door. I set the alarm and then tried to lock the door and it wouldn't lock. So I couldn't leave it unlocked and the police came and this officer was really not very nice and just smirking and unlocked it. He bascially said what's your problem. Like there was something wrong with me for not being able to get the door locked. I then quit or was fired. I think I was fired after I asked about the hours. The whole time I was there, that week, all these people paraded by, just like they did in Nashville, TN at the Deli there. It was like an excuse to have professionals drop by and smirk about how I was working in a deli and check me out. I did not have a good feeling about working there.

Oh, and I remember now, I was accused of taking money from the till. It was after I asked about my hours and the alarm incident, then I was getting a call from Christa, instead of from her Dad, and she was saying her Dad said they were "missing money from" the register. I said I had counted it out and it was all there when I left. I think I was still in training at the time and this other woman was assisting but I was also left alone in the store. So Christa was accusing me of stealing cash, through her Dad, the Department of Justice-FBI Catholic pretending to be protestant. I got really upset and said how can you even ask such a thing? and that's when I suspected I had been given that job just for an excuse to defame me. I said I had never been accused of stealing by an employer before (which was the truth). I don't know if they reported it to police or not, but probably, and probably used my name.

Then it was after this, I was in Washington state.

Christa's sister and husband lived in Texas at the time. Her sister went to Baylor which is in Dallas. I believe my old friend Robin Bechtold was also living in Texas by then, in Dallas, TX.

The FBI agents who approached me were from Texas. Bujanda is from San Antonio and Garza is from San Antonio (I believe). That's about an hour from Dallas.

All of these people are Catholic.

This guy I was sort of seeing at the time was Jewish and someone who showed up at a club that I told Christa I was going to that night and asked to come with. His mother worked at
By the way, the entire time I've been writing this, I've been targeted with technology for torture. The entire time. My teeth and the metal in my neck and also my ear, all on the same side and then when I wrote something about the FBI actually committing crime, it stopped for a few minutes and then started up again. The ear stuff stops if I move or am facing a different direction. It only hurts when it is facing the direction of this house at the end of the private drive I've mentioned. They're repeatedly pulsing it, so it's not a constant pain, it's like it's on a timer. It is technology and is obvious. It was happening this morning until I turned my head down to my mattress and not facing up at the sky.

This is all the responsibility of the FBI and it's their friends in the CIA and military that they are covering for.

All of the "Air Force" and "Army" around here, are responsible and coordinate with CIA in this location.
I just called to let my mother know what has been going on all day and it's the same thing, all day and all night and her response? I told her now they're doing something to my ear too, and she said, "turn to God with your whole heart."

That has nothing to do with the United States torturing citizens. I am tired of being told to "turn to God" or get "right" with God when there is nothing wrong with my relationship with God and I'm being TORTURED. Who is to judge ME when I am being tortured, as to what my situation is? and when I was praying hours a day, they still tortured me.

They didn't torture me when I worked like a slave for the Rabbi's wife and other people, I guess, and let them walk all over me and insult me to my face every single day. All they want, is to have me low. They've wanted me to be uneducated, ugly, dependent upon others, working as a slave for people without standing up for myself in any way, and married to someone who works shelving tapes at a store who has no power or work with the government or someone who has even had a huge head injury and is living off of disability and if I can't lick the Rabbi's boots and the Catholic monk terrorist boots, I'm supposed to go on mental health disabliity because I didn't "turn my whole heart to God." Which, to them, has NOTHING to do with "God" and everything to do with wanting a submissive christian who is so beaten down and subservient, she changes out of her short white shorts because some christian woman is jealous of her, and quits college to be a professional tape stacker of cassette tapes at a warehouse, who abandons getting married unless it's to someone they sent pre-shrink-wrapped, and oh yeah, we'll let you look nice and won't torture you too bad if you are having sex with one of our men.

My being TORTURED in this country has nothig to do "With GOD". It shouldn't matter if I'm "close to God" or not, or that someone thinks they can judge me by some standard to know (when they can't) and even atheists and agnostics have a right to NOT BE TORTURED.

So over here in America, we don't torture "christians of no significance" like N. Korea, we torture those who refuse to become Catholic or who refuse to support the Jew Crew. For me, I guess, I have been targeted simply for being some kind of threat to religious Catholic fanatics who have govt. positions. Because if I married a Catholic, they quit torturing me.

Was I "closer to God" then?

What is this? Just living with a Catholic makes someone torture-proof in the U.S. now? I guess it's that, or get into the Jew Crew and work as a slave for them and then you get the "honorary jew" treatment of not being tortured because of strings they pull. I guess they figure as long as you're soiling yourself on their Sabbath which they refuse to work, they'll give you the little extra 'perk' of not being tortured. You're no threat to them anyway, not if they feel happy to see you're mucking through their trash to dig out their plum sauce bottle and washing their windows in non-designer jeans. They fall back onto the superficial christians for back-up, in case they need it, who support Israel bc they're "god's chosen people" and yet half of these protestants don't even read their bibles, or know what christianity is and just take it like a piece of sweet potato pie without once questioning whether or not they really believe what they say they believe in. This is why most protestants are so removed from knowing their past and their history that they can't understand how it is allowing double-agents to work for the U.S. if someone is Catholic. Protestants don't even know how they take an oath of allegiance to another country first and how this power, overlooked and unchecked, is PART of the problem now.

So let's see...I wasn't tortured when? OH. GOD is the FBI!!!! Aha. NOW we're onto something. I wasn't tortured before I offended...the FBI. And I wasn't a victim of hate crime before I offended the Catholic church.

What about my son? He didn't turn to God enough?


My son wasn't patriotic enough or something? and didn't love "God" enough?

God damn you.

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