Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Mom Says She Can't See (photos)

here's a torture pic. me in captivity as a torture victim of the United States of America. I took it this afternoon or morning and decided to add it after my Mom said she couldn't see. The sun flooded the room even though I was sitting in a corner on the floor when I took this one. I thought it was a great paradox.

My Mom just said tonight she can't see.

I went over there and my Dad didn't open the door but my Mom did and I said, look at my burn and she looked down and said, "I can't see". I said what do you mean you can't see? and then I looked at her eyes and they are all black on the insides and one is doing a lazy eye thing too, one is differrent from the other one. Then I said What do you mean you can't see? and she said, "I don't have my glasses on."

(Patty Otterbach had claimed she couldn't see my mother's evidence of torture because, she said, "She had her glasses on.")

I said, "Mom! look!! and held it up for her to see" and I said, "It's from the burn" and she said, "What? everyone gets burns sometimes."

That's what Patty, FBI Fuck Up would say.

Yeah, everyone gets burns outlined by a laser, obviously and noticeably from my photos.

My Dad just said he was going to bed to read and I didn't even see him.

I am worried about my son and think he's being actively tortured and that's part of the reason I can't talk to him or see him--bc those who are controlling this know I will report.

I don't know what else to put up so I'm just leaving it like this for now (photos)
There's one where I'm holding up a piece of tinfoil and it's twisted into the shape I think is in my neck and I have my eyes closed and hold it down and then I hold it up and it's a "C" shape.

Who knows. Maybe I'd even be more gifted if jealousy hadn't gotten in the way.

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