Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Still Bleeding!

I am still bleeding internally and I haven't had more garlic.

This makes it impossible for me to focus on legal things. I can look at stuff, but I can't focus on it.

My stomach is killing me and everytime I use the toilet, there is dark rust red-wine-brown blood. If I didn't know better, if I were a man and not a woman, I'd think I had prostate cancer (well, not really, but...).

I had more onions and only 1 shiitake mushroom. And I took my last Naproxen.

I bought more garlic and onions and thought, brave it, bc you had a good result the other night, but I ended up at family's door saying "Can I talk to you about internal bleeding?"

I said I hadn't had more garlic but bought more. But I'm going to return it I guess. I hate having something like this prevent me from my plans.

I was going with the whole selective diet thing and doing very well but I guess I'm a hemo.

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