Sunday, January 15, 2012

Torture Evidence (photos)--Haven't Heard From Oliver For 1 Yr.

I was tortured all night.

Someone used technology that vibrated metal in my neck all night.

Then, just now, I wrote a section here and after I published it already, it was deleted and my connection disconnected.

I was tortured from the time I went to bed to this morning, about 6 hours.

I took photos this morning of the blistering from the laser burn that happened yesterday.

It wasn't as bad as it was for the several weeks preceding deadlines for court, which I couldn't then attend to because I was not only bleeding everyday, my stomach was later swelling and I was being tortured at the same time.

If you see this laser burn and think that's evidence of something, let me tell you--the pain caused by that burn is a fraction of what I endure every day and night, which my parents and son also go through.

I would say that if my migraines which were triggered, were requiring 10-20 mgs morphine, the equivalent that would be needed would be the same on many days. Especially when the U.S. tortured me worse prior to my legal stuff again. Most days, the torture pain level is at about 5 mg. morphine, all day and night, or in sections.

No, not most days. I guess that would be more like a 1/4 of the time it's at 5 mg. morphine. I mean, the level of pain.

I have had maybe 1 month of not being tortured at all, in the last several years.

That's how the criminals in the U.S. like to work, since I split from my Ex, about 1 month of not being tortured. They followed some stupid idea of trying to make it look like gangs relocating and gave me less than a month in TN before they tortured me again and the same thing in Oregon. I guess they need a few weeks to get State permission to torture new residents.

So if 1/4 of the time, 25% of the time, would be helped with a constant dose or occasional dose of 5 mgs., then fully 75% of the time the pain level from torture and various technologies the U.S. has allowed against me, and combining the drugs they have given me, not including any of the psychological torture, the torture would be at pain levels requiring 20 mgs. It's not migraine, which was more extreme and disabling, but this other stuff has been used all the time, which adds up.

I don't want to live here. I want my son and I want to leave.

They brought Alvaro and others around to try to get me to forget about pursuing the criminals in the U.S. and demanding my son and I be allowed to leave. They wanted me to stay in the country that has allowed torture of me and my son. And they wanted the heat off of them for allowing gross crimes against U.S. citizens. So they thought I might marry this guy and stay here where criminals could control me. They illegally kidnapped my son. They have committed religious hate crimes against my entire family and got privilege to do it.

My son can't even speak in complete sentences.

The United States tortured my son and allowed torture of him to the point that he is permanently behind. He had the mind of a genious and not anymore. And on top of torturing him until he lost his early capacity for speech, they traumatized him with people telling him to do things wrong. He had to listen to bitches like Anne Crane, telling him HE put his shoes on wrong, not her. When she did it and knew her role as an adult of lying to his face about him would make him feel helpless. It's what the FBI and CIA do. They lie about things in front of others, knowing the victim can't stand up for themselves because the "authority" is the voice that others are listening to. They're liars.

I have not even talked to my son or heard from him for 1 full year.

It's because of military and CIA. And I hate them. Alvaro was wanted in the U.S. to work for the U.S. government. And the U.S. knew all about him and knew he wasn't a good person. He held me hostage and the U.S. knew all about it. They also knew about others who tortured me.

He tried to set me up to go to federal prison, held me hostage in Maryland, and worked for the U.S. government. He almost raped me, but didn't because the FBI's Henry called up at that moment. Or whoever Henry is with, but I don't think he is a better person at all.

The whole thing was U.S. government and that's why they backed off on what they were doing to me and my son. People thought it was a Catholic guy.

As for William of Wales, I'm sure someone thought the British were somehow involved bc it was brought up. And then William was in Colombia and worked on a drug bust with the FBI.

Alvaro told me he worked with FBI in Colombia.

The U.S. is responsible for the torture of my entire family.

It's just like that movie "Thin Blue Line" where an entire community knows what's going on and no one says a word about the crimes. So many people know about torture of my family, it's shocking.

If 75% of the time, my pain level is at 20 mg. morphine, it's not to compare with acute severity of pain from migraine but just everything combined. So maybe more like 10 mgs the rest of the time, not 20 mgs. 10 mgs with moments going up to needing 30 mgs.

Then, what happened to me and my son in East Wenatchee, that, compared to my migraines requiring 20 mgs, I would put the pain level from that at 50 mg-100 mg morphine pain severity.

We almost died.

This is why I had people saying they would have killed themselves already. They assumed that if I had a suicide attempt at a constant pain level with severity which require about 20 mgs of morphine to control, I would commit suicide at levels of pain that were constant, ranging between severity which would require 50-100 mg.s morphine.

They tortured me and my son beyond repair, which is why the assholes in D.C. came into my workplace and couldn't believe I was functioning. They even had neurologists from the government checking me out. And the Bethesda hospital, someone had to have known.

So what kind of conditions would be indicated to receive 50-100 mgs morphine? I don't know. Let me check. I haven't looked it up yet.

I am trying to find something. I had a prescription at the time for 10 mg. oxycodone. I know 10 mg. did nothing. I had to take 20 mg. and that wasn't even close to touching my pain but I was afraid to take more because of the tylenol in it and I had never taken high levels of narcotics on my own. So I didn't veer from the prescription that much.

Oxycodone is supposedly stronger than morphine. For me, morphine metabolizes better and I can have effective pain control with less morphine than more oxycodone.

So if 20 mgs oxycodone didn't even touch the constant pain, and it's stronger than morphine, I suppose the most I could have possibly tried was 30 mgs if I kept having pain and took one again without waiting the full hours to pass. But I was pretty close to following the prescription the whole time, and never abused them or sold them.

With 20 mgs oxycodone in my system on a prescription, I still felt the severity of pain as being so much worse than migraine, that it would be requiring 50-100 mg morphine ON TOP OF the 20 mgs I had in my system at all times. 10-20 mgs or something.

The oxycodone did nothing.

So basically, my level of pain was at the level of end-of-life, terminal cancer patients.

That's what this country did to me and my son.

The kitten we had became totally deformed from it. And that was just what it did to the kitten and is not including me and my son.

You see the laser burn to my hand?

They did that to Oliver when he was a baby in E. Wenatchee. He had the same kind of burn but instead of blistering, it peeled like a sunburn. They did this to him.

That was just one mark that actually showed up.

They've done as much and worse since he's been out of my care.

It's strange when an entire community colludes to be silent over torture of a child.

So I took a few photos and I look better than I feel. That's how it is. I thought, maybe I'll even smile to show how someone can put on a fake smile in the middle of torture and look like nothing is wrong.

Then I thought, no that looks kind of crazy doesn't it? Kind of crazy for a torture victim to be smiling when they are tortured. Like seeing someone with an arm burnt off and a big grin right after her captors did this to her and still hold her hostage, ready for more.

How many torture victims smile while they are still being held hostage and their government is still allowing torture and the victim knows they are going to be tortured more?

If you're still smiling they call you crazy.

And if you have a mean and hard look on your face, that's what they want too.

They want to turn you into someone different from who you are, by their constant violence against you. If someone looks cold or distant or is shouting and swearing, they like that because it reduces sympathy from some. And if you're smiling, esp. smiling while showing evidence of torture, they like to say you're crazy--if there's no evidence, you're crazy too.

There is no "right way" to be a victim. You're either tortured or you're not, and different people respond differently and just like in rape, where some fight and others try to play dead hoping to survive and escape, there is no right way or better way to be a victim of torture. Whoever tortures you, will use anything against you, it doesn't matter what you do. They stir others up, make suggestions, give one big false prophecy after making a dozen right one just to mislead people, and they pay for disinformation from the media and others.

They will do whatever they want if they are already opening commiting torture in the U.S.

I'm sure Oliver has fun days at recess sometimes and still smiles now and then. That doesn't mean he's happy. And it doesn't mean he's not being actively tortured.

They quit letting me hear from him after I witnessed further evidence of the U.S. military and CIA against him, using him for mind control. I was in TN and he started making the sound of another boy that was in the store with me at the time. And the last time I saw him, before CPS cut out almost all visits, was when I saw evidence he'd been hypnotized.

So if we smile, don't say we're crazy or "nothing is wrong" and if we swear or get angry, don't say we're bad people either. And if some of us lie, convincingly, we have to because we've been blackmailed.

I should be wondering about all the smirks ad smiles from those who know what is happening and who say nothing.

If a woman is abused, they commonly say to victims of domestic assault, "Are you safe?" before talking because they know that if the victim does anything to anger the abuser, they will come into worse harm.

What do you do when your own country puts their name and stamp on the abuse?

Do you expect my parents NOT to lie?

"Are you safe?"

Um, no. We're still living in the country that harbors, protects, and pays those who torture us.

Now I am still having computer problems with Microsoft saying a path does not exist to my uploading my photos. There's nothing wrong with it--it's the same obstruction and just vandalism and tampering that has been going on since before 2004.

Now my son is adopted and I think the point the torturers and State want to make is to claim it wasn't them preventing me from seeing and talking to my son. I do think my aunt has some serious issues. I know they've been blackmailed in some ways and that they've experienced some torture too, or pressure, but I also know they never helped me with my son before and only wanted to take him and adopt him when he was taken from me. And at the time I left to Canada, my mother's family hated my guts.

My Uncle Loren was jealous of the attention I got from Granny and of inheritance money. She was in the process of making me the trustee for her. She told me it would be power to decide medical things and when to pull the plug and allocate monies to others. My Uncle was the trustee named at the time, not me. But she wanted me for her portion. I know she talked to a tax or insurance person about it and I never brought anything up about their money or legal matters. She brought it up on her own and told me. After that, my Uncle was more hostile. And then my aunt didn't like me and was hostile because she thought I had been part of the reason my dad considered a separation. I didn't have anything to do with it, but they thought so. So some of the other relatives got jealous about my being Granny's favorite and then they were hostile for other reasons. You can see how often they've tried to contact me too. My aunt Holly was jealous and bonded with my son after 3 months. I noticed at the speech therapy appointment. And then Pablo I'm told, always wanted to adopt him off the bat.

So even if I have forgiven them, Kyle Flick, the Jew, hasn't. Kyle is the lawyer for my mother's family and he even said he wouldn't help me unless maybe my family was agreeing to it. But he and his Jew Crew haven't been interested in doing anything but screwing me over since I was raped by their Jew friend who made a point to me that haha, I was raped by a Jew and what did my Dad think about that. Flick's Jew Crew includes Mykal Holt.

Since he's the lawyer for the family and would have been for Loren (and I guess then, maybe my grandparents too, so he would have known if Granny wanted to make me the trustee), he would also be advising my family or mother's family about my son. Because if something else comes up, after my son is "adopted", he's the lawyer.

He would be the one advising them not to let me talk to my son and his buddy Chris Rozollo would be in on torturing him. That's just aside from the much greater problem of the State and fed. govt.

I could forgive my mother's family for alienating my son from me and going along with defaming me, but I don't think some of them know how to forgive at all. I know they've been blackmailed and have also suffered, but I also noticed the natural emotions my aunt displayed at wanting my son to go to her instead of me and when he didn't, she was upset.

I would never give them partial custody. Ever.

I want my son back and then if they want to visit, they could visit him under my supervision.

By the way, Granny didn't show any signs of dementia when I first showed up. She was just about to die so I called an ambulance and they rehydrated her and then later, upon my insistence, took an X=ray of her back and it was broken. But she was fully in her right mind when she told me she wanted to make me trustee.

I would say problems there started about 2 months later after she told me this. With other family members and saying a lot of things to get my grandparents both to view me differently or have a bad opinion of me. With Loren too, then calling me mentally ill.

Too mentally ill, I guess, to be a trustee to his way of thinking.

What Granny told me was that she had already talked to someone and found out she could have a trustee for her own matters, separate from Grandpa or who he wanted for himself. I was put in jail for supposedly "assaulting" her after this, and the police were the problem and wrote it all up themselves.

Then Kyle Flick was lurking around police department when I was there trying to get records, looking guilty. So I don't trust him. He has a lot of things to hide. My aunt never should have taken a job from him. Both my aunt Holly and aunt Locklyn did work for him and then I filled in at his law office for my aunt when she had surgery. So I worked for her, in his firm, for one week.

He may be part of the reason my family was telling me to plead guilty to charges of assaulting Granny when I didn't do it. He was their lawyer and he would be the one giving them advice. The Jew.

I was raped by a Jew, then the Rabbi ignored my calls to his synogogue to ask for the W-2 they never gave me, and then it was Kyle Flick, Mykal Holt, and Justin Titus, working along with Catholics that hated me.

To this day I have never received a W-2 from Rabbi and Lorraine Rose but I might put my request in the mail tomorrow. I think it's time to pay some taxes!

(I think Pharaoh had slaves that were unpaid too--I mean, is telling slaves to make bricks without any straw sort of like telling an employee to pay the IRS without giving them a W-2? they are required to pay their taxes and pay the taxes of the employer too? what's next? the slave is paying for their sins? oh yeah, that was Jesus.)

And guess which website has a "thin blue line?" Beth Israel.

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