Saturday, January 7, 2012

Torture of My Entire Family NOW: INVESTIGATE and PROSECUTE

We need someone to investigate and prosecute immediately.

All day today I was tortured and it IS mainly Catholics. Even in the library again. And today it was clear that they didn't have any worries at all about getting caught or charged.

My parents entire house is being targeted tonight and I can feel it at both doors, and I saw them and both don't look too good. My Dad especially was tortured today and Catholics knew about it the whole time.

Then they started it up at my house as soon as I got on my laptop so I could continue working on my complaint to the UN. I was going to submit it to the OIG but they've already proven this will be a waste of time and I can prove to the UN that all legal remedies have already been exhausted. I can also prove it's impossible to get all the discovery or records I need to give the UN for supplementary evidence, because the U.S. is actively engaging in crime and many individuals have been obstructed about turning over records that I was even told to pay for--and did pay for.

I even asked for political asylum and the U.S. interfered and colluded to arrest me to haul me back so they could continue torturing me and hold me hostage here. They kidnapped my son to punish me.

They didn't take my son because they had an investigation. They took him to punish me for asking for political asylum and deprive me of my right to my son. Ever since, all they've done is commit further crimes.

Tonight, the people around here are using technology that directly targets metal in my neck and teeth. They've made it almost impossible for me to even work on my complaint, because when I try to get somewhere with it, they start torturing me worse. If I look at other things online, or do something like clean or work around the house, they don't do it as much. They aim their torture to obstruct justice.

I have people going through my house without my consent that work for the U.S.

I also got drugged again, at my house, about 2 days ago or so, and someone entered as well. I knew something was wrong or different and I suddenly felt sluggish but didn't know why and then today after being out all day I came back to my place and it smelled like that chemical again. They drugged me with chemicals while I was sleeping by somehow fumigating my place again, and put something on my hand that caused a reaction, and moved things around my place and put a tag that was on the floor, on the couch by my feet. They know I don't remember anything, because I was drugged.

My Dad said tonight that I was doing too much "cooking" regarding moisture in the place, but I knew he also referred to the smell in my place, which is a chemical.

My mother was prevented from allowing me to print things out for court as she said she would just the night before, last night. She came up with a whole bunch of excuses that someone would appreciate having her make and then showed up after these other people knew I left to do it at the library. She then said she went inside my place but I am quite sure others did as well. She said she knocked and I didn't answer so she went in.

Our level of torture is at III, if you go by the designation made by some for Guantanamo. We are being tortured at the highest levels one can be tortured and not die, by most of it you can't see, and it's been going on a long time.

Which makes me wonder about what the U.S. is really doing to detainees. Supposedly the Red Cross and other groups investigate (sometimes and not always) things that are obvious like sleep deprivation or humiliation, but I don't see anything about investigating claims of torture by use of technology. I think this is because some of the detainees probably think they are just having weird pain that's somehow natural, and don't know and other times they might try to explain and it never makes it into a record because it's white torture and people will rewrite is as "symptoms of stress" or deny it. If the U.S. breaks the law with my family, and we're citizens, you cannot tell will NEVER convince me that these detainees are not being tortured literally. Waterboarding is nothing. I mean, it's a big deal, and it's torture, but no one talks about the use of technology on people that you can't prove with marks all the time. How does one prove they're being electrically shocked every day, unless it's the kind that causes the outer skin to burn into a mark? You can apply a serious and disabling amount of electricity or other technology to a person and have nothing show on the outside while permanent organ damage is being done. So I'm sorry, but the "Red Cross" isn't cutting the mustard for me anymore. Don't tell me those people don't also know what's going on. They choose to write about what they want to write about.

People are being experimented on like caged lab animals and no is writing about that. Where are the military and medical experts that can testify as to what kinds of torture are "white torture"? Where are they when they would be able to determine which symptoms sound like they are matching the description for what kind of technology?

Why the silence?

Now, as of yesterday I guess, because I just read this tonight and it was the first thing I read, Afghanistan wants to take back their prisons and wrote a report about abuse of detainees by the U.S.

Is anyone getting the message?

Because I'm walking around in any given town, being followed or harassed by people who know I'm being tortured and they feel giddy about it, and sort of satisfied and proud of themselves for getting away with it, and they don't even CARE about how any of it affects the U.S.

I was reading a report, a few reports last night, about different things regarding "Stockholm Syndrome" and instead of reading about Patty Hearst kidnappings or the bank robbery of 1973, I was reading some things about conditions in prisons for detainees and what kinds of guidelines they use for interrogations. I was shocked to find, "I am reading about things I have witnessed happen to my parents." I saw myself in there too, and reading about the U.S. strategy and motive for doing these things (aside from hate crime reasons) was just incredible. Because we hardly know how to react anymore, and these exact same techniques they are using at Guantanamo are being used, and have been used on my entire family.

For example, sleep deprivation. In this one report they mentioned sleep deprivation by playing loud music and maybe sure they can't sleep. Well, I am reading this and finding I can directly relate. But it's not loud music the criminals here are playing, it's use of technology that causes so much pain it is impossible to sleep at night, which means, it is sleep deprivation. For them, it's sleep deprivation to make them feel desperate and be more sluggish in an interrogation, and what is the reason for depriving my family of sleep by torture? to slow me down to make it impossible for me to clear my name? to make it impossible for me to get my son?

I read all about how they create the most austere conditions possible and then after shocking you out of your senses and proving to you no one will help and you're all alone, and no one knows what is really going on and we have all the power, then they try to get you to depend upon them or turn to THEM, for help. Like the Catholics, wanting to force me into such a horrible state that they think I will be forced to rely on them, or "repent" (for what?), or to go to them out of desperation. Or that's the moment, when all seems lost, they bring out their "savior" who acts nice and all they want is for you to suddenly think that person is someone who can and will help. And that if you become codependent upon this person or group, it alleviates the rest from being held accountable for their crimes.

I read about use of women to degrade men, or to humiliate them or embarrass them by seductive posture and I've witnessed this here. I know my parents have also been forced to kneel and "bow" to people under threat and intimidation by criminals who work in the U.S. and want to humiliate them, and I read this part about how the U.S. kept a man from praying his 5 prayers a day, and made fun of him and jabbed at him until he began to cry. They put up an idol of Osama bin Ladin and told him to pray to Osama and then said if he wanted to pray at all, he'd better be willing to give something up. Which is different from what's been done to me, but repeatedly obstructing my worship music when I am at home trying to worship God, is the same thing. Not as bad,but the same idea. Torturing me when I am trying to attend church is also the same thing.

I've seen my mother acting codependent on these various "friends" who are not friends at all.

There was also a section about how another goal is to isolate all those being tortured, from eachother so they offer eachother support or assistance. So they keep people separate and control things to prevent them from associating with eachother.

There was a whole list of things that were done, levels of harm for conducting interoggation or detaining a person, I, II, and III. At least from this one psychologist's standpoint. And I looked at them and read about each of them to see which one might fit me or my family, if any. It was the worst one that fit. Because while I cannot personally relate to being chained to a floor, or being injected with intravenous drugs every day, I know what the level of pain and harm has been, and is, with the torture by use of technology to create severe suffering. That alone, outside of many incidents of psychological torture and degrading treatment, is sufficient to make the level of our torture or imprisonment at the highest level. It might not be at "a 10" (worst pain and 1 being least pain) every single day, but must of the time it is higher ranges, and it's always being done to obstruct justice in my case.

The main thing that has been done to me, in all of this, is torture. Seeing torture of my own son, and forced to see this while Judges and AGs purposely blocked my ability to document evidence, in the U.S...?

If they do this to my son, just an innocent child, and get away with it as operating government employees, am I supposed to believe one single person who lies to my face and says the U.S. is not actively and currently torturing detainees in violation of all law.

That's war crimes.

They're doing it to us, and that's crime. So writing pretty papers about limits on torture while violating all the limits, is good for what?

Image and Concealment of crimes.

The Red Cross even has a nice looking image, don't they.

For every one person they defend and report the obvious things about, they ignore about 5 other persons who are left to literally go crazy or try to kill themselves even in violation of their own firm religious beliefs. And I believe many in that organization purposefully conceal how bad a situation is just to keep their funding. I think they know about other forms of torture and don't report about it.

I haven't been visited by The Red Cross. I don't believe my son has either. If my Mom or Dad were, looking at them now I would guess it's just so they could assist in the torture. Do you know what the Red Cross does?

They watch while others get tortured and then spruce them up to look better than they really are. How many "good people" do YOU know that are capable of stomaching acts of violence and torture against human beings?

Some of them will stand there while a person has their hands broken or fractured and then when there is swelling, inject high doses of massive antibiotics just to get the swelling down so it doesn't look as bad as it really is.

I am sure many of them work hard and do a good job, but it's sort of like watching the lawsuits against the Catholic church and wondering why the plaintiffs attorneys are in bed with the defendants attorneys. Sort of helps with damage control, doesn't it? Here! write about this guy...but em, not these other ones.

I know how it can work. Because I know exactly in what manner that defamatory article about me in Willamette Week was written. It was written to sound "fair" and balanced but it actually distorted all facts to make me sound like I had done a ton of things and they were just defending themselves.

Damage control.

Here write a little bit that makes it sound like we did something wrong, but not too wrong, so believe will believe you and think you're telling the truth. But then don't write about the truth, okay?

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