Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tortured To Prevent Sleep (for hours tonight--severe)

I worked on my OIG complaint a little bit and after this I tried to go to bed @ 2 a.m. and I've been tortured at levels preventing sleep ever since.

All of it is targeting metal in my teeth and neck and it's severe.

The parties I wrote about were FBI and police mainly. How some of the FBI comitted crime along with police they knew, for starters, by altering and changing my testimony or asking me to say something different and/or blocking my reports of crime against me or others.

It's all military use of technology. But the FBI knows about it.

I am being tortured to the point of being physically ill. My pain is bad enough to make me naseous and none of it is natural. It's the U.S.

They like to torture little kids and women in the U.S.

That's what the U.S. does--tortures babies and little kids and women, their own citizens, to the point of preventing them from sleep.

This stuff about changing my testimony, is what I was asking questions about immediately preceding torture of me and my family. And the FBI had then started to get police involved in the same thing on their behalf, telling a Sgt. Austria to cover for them and not make a report. I gave my statement and said wait, I want to put it in writing myself and send you my statement bc I don't think you're including the facts that are important. He didn't wait. He wrote one up himself, for me, and gave it to the P.A. who threw it out claiming there were insufficient facts.'

S.A. Julia Thornton was the first one to ask me to change my story. She blocked me from reporting things relevant and then tried to alter my entire testimony. Then the S.A.s tried to do the same thing and did, and I noticed. They gave me their business cards but when I brought this point up, they stopped calling me back.

After this, my travel was blocked and police quit taking my reports of crimes against me. I guess they figured if the FBI didn't care, why should they. If the FBI tampers with evidence or tries to tamper with testimony or a witness, the FBI isn't going to protect against police violence or wrongdoing.

And they haven't.

So then after this and after Austria, I was trying to get FOIA and ever since, the FBI was mocking me if I called saying they weren't taking any reports from me or blocking their doors.

They never wanted me to correct them.

They altered my testimony and that's illegal. It's one crime, among others, that agents might feel it's worth calling me crazy over.

Sorta helps them you see.

Rather than have the OIG investigating what's going on, they had motive to defame me and call me crazy. Possibly a colleague would have investigated their own guys, and women, but so far it doesn't seem to be the case.

That's what my OIG complaint was going to be about then.

Crimes committed by the FBI and how I need FOIA to protect myself and my life.

Right after that, my son and I were tortured full on. Making it impossible for me to try to write a complaint.

I may have a lower threshold for seizure, but I don't have them unless they are triggered by something and in addition to my son having extreme and severe constant pain and my finding red marks on his body like the ones I photographed of my hand, I was having black-outs. Near black outs.

That's what the U.S. was doing to me and my son.

All of a sudden, I went out with James Cartright and people got nervous. Wow. They quit torturing me too. I guess they figured they didn't want someone that important speaking up for me and my son potentially.

Then it was CIA all the time. And if only I married the Catholic man, the FBI in Seattle and Portland made sure we weren't tortured.

It has been hours. They were torturing me earlier too, but not as extreme to the point I couldn't try to fall asleep anyway.

Also, they were using this technology at my parents house bc I checked.

It was right after I started trying to check into what the FBI was doing with telling Portland police Sgt. Austria not to write a report against them.

The FBI was illegally instructing police not to write reports. They told the police they'd handle it. However, it was illegal for the FBI to do bc my complaint to them was one thing and then the actual act which could be one for pressing charges, was Portland jurisdiction.

The FBI told another law enforcement agency to do them a little favor and drop the report against them.

Highly illegal.

That's after they had altered my testimony themselves and then blocked me from reporting something that WAS FBI jurisdiction: hate crime and escalation of hate crime.

I kept calling Austria and asked victims advocates for a copy of the police report. The entire DOJ was corrupt. They refused to help me through victim's advocates in Portland. They refused to give me a copy of the police report so I could read what sgt. Austria wrote.

And so I contacted the OIG.

Suddenly, the torture got worse. Other things were also going on, but that's when someone said "We don't care. Just go ahead and try to kill her and her son--good riddance". That someone worked in the FBI.

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