Monday, January 9, 2012

Targeting of Metal IS from U.S. Military

It is being done by someone who controls U.S. military-Department of Defense.

I am being tortured NOW.

I was in such severe pain I started to go to the ER again, and as I walking there at one specific point, there was nothing triggering the pain. Someone has put an entire area, a larger area now, over this technology. I walked up the driveway and there was nothing until I got to the bar, and then I left the bar and went home and it's done here, and at first they were only using it with my house only and I could walk away and it quit instantly.

Now, it's along the entire road and route down Central from my house all the way to the curve in the road as it climbs up and before the church with the readerboard about "faith" to the left.

All of a sudden, I walked out of some technology zone and it quit. Everything with my neck and teeth quit. It quit before I got to the road where you turn to go to the hospital so I decided to go to the library since I just walked out of the zone where this was being done, and they had something going there, so I left to go back home and when I walked back, at about the same point, I walked right back into it and from that point it hurt.

The pain is so severe I was crying in public.

And these doctors didn't give me anything to take home for pain.

Not only that, today some group has been targeting my pelvis and lower stomach and lower back again, causing the same aching that was done to me and my son in East Wenatchee. All morning and afternoon. I haven't had anything to eat hardly, because of the pain in my teeth where the mercury is, along with the metal in my neck vibrating.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are addicted to pain killers. A lot of drug seeking behavior. This technology you talk about maybe belongs on an old episode of Star Trek. Maybe you are being targeted by Klingons.

Mama said...

Zero drug seeking behavior.

A lot of illegal torture and refusal to treat pain by U.S. employees though.

Oh WAIT! I DID get some relief...I got some painkillers for my childbirth and then was called drug seeking for needing them for trauma and injuries they concealed while they TORTURED me and my son aT THE SAME TIME!

And yeah, I had decent medical care if Alvaro Pardo, U.S. govt. man, was next to me. It was the "catholic card" I guess. And the U.S. and FBI didn't care about my son or I unless I was with him.

Real nice FBI.

I'll bet it was FBI in Seattle that was trying to exploit eggs from me after they kicked me out of federal housing.

Mama said...

I would bet money that my parents have been tortured into giving up sperm and egg donations.

MONEY on it, I would bet.

They've done everything else that can be done to them--they're blackmailed and tortured...definitely the U.S. would torture them to give them children for someone else, so they might have some of the same gifts and get used by the U.S. as a project again.

Lucky kids. Real lucky kids.

Anonymous said...

I think you are addicted to pain killers and medical professionals see your behavior as drug seeking behavior. Also, have you ever considered that you are self-medicating for pain when what you should be doing is medicating for mental illness?

Anonymous said...

Is every person a part of the conspiracy? is there anyone you trust? Go get advice from someone you trust.