Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cost Of Raising Kids BS

By the way, I heard a real b.s. newsclip from a radio DJ today saying maybe hold off on having kids because of the high cost.

It was pure b.s.

It should not cost that much to put a kid through high school unless you want it to. That's the cost for maybe someone going to private school, or who has lessons that are expensive, shops at Whole Foods full retail and buys clothes full price.

One small example: I was given $100 each Christmas for buying my clothes with. I sometimes got more money but usually spent about that much for clothes. I got a few things at the start of the school year but not a lot. So we waited until after Christmas for the big sales and I got a lot of things on sale. It was limited selection but I still made things work and I still ended up being Homecoming Queen. I only make the H.Q. point to say I didn't wear designer clothes and I didn't have very much money but some things like having a good personality or being friends with others didn't cost money or require money.

I guess things change a little for some as adults because to some adults, money is everything and the basis for which friends to choose.

But it does not take that much money to have kids. At all. If it cost that much to have kids, with the discrimination CPS practices only against the poor and never against the middle class or rich, I would say we're communist.

It's like a communism of capitalism, dictating to others that you can only have children if you have so much money.

The entire purpose of CPS is corrupt. It is not a good organization and they are one of the worst offending departments in the country.

It is supposed to be an agency that protects children and instead it is an agency that abuses the poor and protects the adoption interests of the richer. Child abuse occurs across the social strata and yet not once have we ever seen a report from CPS about the parents and households they're taking kids out of. They are not taking kids out of the most abusive homes--they target the poor just because they're poor and just because they "think" that they have a contractual nexus with those who go on welfare.

The kids who really are being abused, they just leave sometimes, to spend money fighting petty wars of revenge using children as the weapon.

CPS enables abusers and abuse because they are part of the U.S. justice department and government and they coordinate with the department of defense, which sits in on the meetings held at the Children's Bureau in Washington D.C.

They enable torture of children, knowing it for "research".

And they target the poor because of the contractual nexus and also because they know the poor have less power and will be least likely to fight them with private attorneys. Their paid public defenders all work for the State and CPS and will work against the parents on behalf of the DOD and Children's Bureau, esp. if an argument is made by CIA, or DOD about "national interest".

It's all illegal money laundering of the trafficking of children in the U.S.

But back to my point, no. It does not cost hundreds of thousands unless you really it to, and have extra to spend, or unless you're a total idiot.

I've heard arguments about me even, and the return of my son and how would I support him? I would support him with living cost money I have from financial aid and by working at some point after proving I am in college and there is nothing wrong with me.

These assholes don't want me in college for 2 reasons:

1. They don't want me to appear competent,
2. They don't want me to have money for living a normal life

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