Thursday, February 28, 2013

Where Is My Parent's Stuff? (Photos to Depict Torture of My Parents)

I just went upstairs and looked in the bathroom, and all of their stuff is gone.  The hardwood mirror and everything that hangs over the sink is gone, the cabinets with expensive skin treatments is gone, the decorative things are gone, the jewelry box is gone, and I have a feeling most of my mother's make-up is gone.  The knobs were even off of the cabinets.

I wanted to look in the drawers but couldn't and then my parents told me to leave.  Basically, I see them rarely, and I wasn't even allowed to spend time with them because my Dad freaked out when I said, "Where is all of your STUFF?"

When I first showed up here, I know exactly what was in the drawers to the dresser in the bathroom, so if those items are not still there, I will know of only a handful of people who could have taken anything.

Not only that, my parents have been talking to me through glass doors lately, and the only thing I can think of is that they're trying to show me they are under house arrest.

No one gets tortured in the U.S. and chooses to keep living here unless they are being held hostage or family is being used as bait.

My parents do not have any problem with me being a gestational surrogate either.  They were supportive of me, when I moved back here, after I quit working at the Devil's Kitchen.  There wasn't one single thing wrong with it, and then about one month later, after I got serious interest, I was being tortured.

There is no "roller coaster" with me.  There is one long standing continuum of torture contracts between the UK, Canada, and the United States of America.  There is nothing mentally wrong with me, and never has been.  I am tortured.  Do you feel "up and down" when you are tortured?  Oh, are you feeling calmer now that you're not tortured?  Oh, there they go, all upset.  Must be a fucking MOOD SWING.

What the HELL is wrong with you people, YOU who TORTURE innocent people because you're too fucking stupid to make your living honestly.

My parents were supportive of my being a surrogate, if I wanted to be.  Now, I am renewing my search to do this, but this time, I am not going to STAY in this country and carry a pregnancy HERE where they torture unborn children.  My parents say they don't support it but what else can they say.  I know them well enough to know if they really mean it or not.  They don't have a problem with it in the right situation at all, and it's my choice anyway.  But yeah, it's not a problem.  They are forced to say they love the U.S. and love living here too.

What else are they going to say, "I hate it and I need to leave" when they're trapped here?  Get tortured more than they already are for inciting others to mistrust the U.S. government?  No, they walk around looking like racoons that got hit by trucks and then ordered to walk a death march.

I'm going to show you what they're eyes look like since they won't let me take a picture of them.  I will show you "before" and "after" they get a torture session by the United States government.

On a normal day, they wouldn't even have the light gray color around their eyes, as I show here.  The circles under my eyes are not from make-up.  It's from being tortured all day today.
This is how they show up after being tortured.
The insides of their eyes are the worst.  This is not an exaggeration.  This is exactly how dark the bruising is, when my Mom and Dad are tortured, and the only thing that's different, is they have a deeper sunken-in look of their eyes being compressed inward.  The outline of the bruising is also sometimes not irregular like here, but an exact half circle shape along the nose.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Alicia Keys: Criminal (This Girl Is On Fire)

Alicia Keys and her friends are going to jail if they are not killed first.

I just saw the video "This Girl Is On Fire" and in every shot, she glorifies torture of my family and the degrading treatment I received when I was thrown into a psych ward and stripped by 4 black women at the orders of Eastern Indian men and a U.S. military man.

This girl, Alicia, is going straight to Hell but prison will get her first.

Not only did they glorify torture of my family (apparently belieiving their black man at NASA is their black racist hero), she mocked my mother, and took scenes from my family to prove their racist hate point.

All I have to do, is track down who she knows and works for, and these are the people responsible for torture of my entire family.

Black racist hatred, fueled by Roman Catholic hatred.  Isn't Alicia Keys Catholic?  It's not on wiki but I've already read her bio, and yes, she is Roman Catholic.  I'm not surprised it's been "deleted".  Her husband is Muslim, as were the men who injected me with Haldol after 4 black women stood around me and stripped me of my clothing.

These fuckers are going to die.  No, I'm not joking for one single minute.  By the time I am through exposing the shit they've been up to, someone is going to start knocking them off and the world will be a better place.  Keys hypocritically made a point about how "oppression benefits others" at a charity event later.  The idea was "making progress through oppression" but it was actually double meaning for oppressing people so that black hate racists and Catholic hate crime, can get away with TORTURE.

This is clearly going back a very long ways, with regard to black hate against my family and Catholic hate that combined with people who were USING my parents all the way back in the 1980s and then wanted a cover for their SHIT.

In fact, I just tied up a little plastic bag, into a top knot, around a bag of white corn flour from Virginia.  Made in Virginia.  It happens to be sitting above a toaster oven I have, Reynolds wrap, Quaker oats, and a "signature blender".  The oats and blender are on top of the toaster.  The cabinet above, directly, is the one with Reynolds wrap, and the purple and orange bag of flour.

My mother had a black mammy cover that sat on top of a toaster.

Black.  Mammy.  Toaster cover.  (so threatening)  It had a dress that was orange and then it was lavendar.  It was both orange and lavendar, just like the flowers in the vase that Alicia Keys stares at at the opening of her video "This Girl is on Fire."  The flowers are in the same size, shape, and texture of a vase my mother used to have.  It is from my childhood. 

These SHITS have tortured my parents and me and my son for black and Catholic hate revenge.

You are all going to mother fucking jail.

First I saw this video and song and almost cried, because I am "on fire" every single day, from torture.  I first saw it as being about someone who is doing a great job despite hardships.  Then I thought, she is also exposing torture.  But then I realized, no, this is a sinister mockery of torture of "this girl" who they SET on fire with torture, and it goes back to my refering to a black employee at CTR, "Billy", as "boy" one day.

He took it the totally wrong way.  He assumed that just because he was the only black man there, that if I said something like "boy", it was a racist insult or comment when it wasn't.  I used it occasionally with my BROTHER and it was something I picked up innocently as a kid.  It had no bearing at all on what I really thought or felt about anyone "black".

When I saw the part where Alicia Keys is in front of the "boy" with the striped pajamas on, and takes his shirt off, while she's singing "this girl is on fire", I knew, even if most normal people who were not in the psych ward with me, what it was refering to.  They used the "boy" to represent ME, being stripped of my shirt and clothing while imprisoned in Middleton TN psych ward.  It is a direct reference to degrading me, and implying I was that "boy".  The boy then goes to some lidded container which is what I was given to store my things in.  Basically, I guess, their revenge for my calling "Billy" "boy" back in 1997.  Then there is a scene with four of them, 3 and another figure, around in a circle, dancing. 

So yes, the surface idea, is that she's a single mother taking off the shirt of her son who maybe has a fever, or she's "on fire" as a great mother.  It has nothing to do with that.  It is a mockery of me.  She sits next to a portable radio at some parts, listening to it, and putting up her hand like playing piano, which is what I used to do as a kid while listening to music over and over, and my mother made that hand motion for "I'm a spider" with Granny, and Keys even opened up her first act at a Staples Center in L.A., when my mother has staples all throughout the inside of her neck.

So when I saw the scene with how she rips open the boys striped shirt while singing "this girl is on fire", I knew exactly what she and that choreography was refering to because I remember how they treated me in the psych ward.  She didn't come up with the song or album and spit it out until September of 2012.  Her producers on it, the main one, is


His connections are London, UK, and Miami, Florida.  Yeah, where Bradley Uhl is from, and mr "9 ball" Chris Rozollo is from.

I'm NOT wrong kids.

I know EXACTLY what they are doing with this video.  It hides the true hate and glorificaiton of torutre and mockery of me through degrading hate crimes, with layers that look innocent to the general population. 

The timing and the people involved on this one, match up.

They are fucking going to die.  I have nothing to do with it as if I could.  I can just say, they are going to die and know yes, they are going to die, and that long black table Alicia Keys uses in her opening scene, is going to be the kind of coffin that swallows up the people who tortured me and my son and then went on to make MONEY off laughing about it and making music to celebrate their crimes.  I can say, without any doubt, they are going to die, because that is what happens to people like this.  God takes them out.  They die.

His father is Van Joseph Gibbs and he also lives in Miami, Florida.  He and Salaam own "Joshua Tree Estates, L.L.C.".

Not only does this music video feature a mockery of what was done to me on false accusations, to hold me hostage in a psych ward and drug me and ruin my life, it features other elements of my family life.  Like the "bewitched" scene where she puts things into place in the kitchen with a snap of her fingers.  Basically, it goes from the mammy cover sitting over a toaster insinuations, to the kitchen witch.

This girl is on fire. 

Remember how I said we had a mammy cover that sat over a toaster?  It was a black mammy, sitting on top of our toaster when I was a little girl.

So what happened?  someone assumed I was a spy or racist or that I must be if I, once in my life called "Billy" by a casual term "boy" so they made a switch, is that it?  So now the white "girl" gets to fry.  White girl is on fire.

What a smile on Alicia Keys' face as she sings this.  Think about it, "White Girl Is On Fire" and then watch the video.  Now that "white girl is on fire" black girl can do all kinds of things.  It's not just about black though, it's about Catholic hate crimes, and other hate crimes.

"white girl is on fire" so go ahead now, and work your magic.

Kate.  Kate with some of these black hate groupies.

I noticed the pattern in the window of the video too, which made me think about stent to my heart or possibly toaster electronic designs, and I'll get back to you on what I find out the black doctor did to me in Maryland in 2009 when I was with Alvaro Pardo.

What is sad is that I liked the song and sang it, and I'm sure I'll sing it again.  I always liked her voice too.  So to see past the first veneer into what is actually being glorified and celebrated in a pure evil way, is completely shocking.

These people are getting away with torture and making money, billions upon billions, over it.  When I heard the Eminem song about fire or whatever, I think I saw the video and thought it was really about literal technology and fire, but I didn't take it personally.  For me, yes, this happens, but there wasn't anything (I'll have to look again) that was actually celebrating (that I noticed) my being degraded.  Alicia Keys and Salaam Remi Gibbs and the rest of them, used this music video, to celebrate torture.  Then, as I said, she went on to have a public charity event called "Half the ...something or other: progress through oppression" in 2012 or 2013.  It made another reference, however slight, to half or mid, for Middleton and the venture of oppressing people by torture so that THEY could get ahead.

William of Wales may be a criminal, but he's not a Middleton, which is why he did one smart thing.  He got married while he was "incapacitated" and on psychological drugs, and with a diagnosis.

Do I hear Annulment?

Just imagine what Alvaroi Pardo could have done to me and my son Oliver afterall.  Think about it.  If I had married him and the State gave me my son back (which was what they were going to do if I married him), all he had to do was wait a year or two, and then annul or divorce me, claiming I was "mentally ill".  Oh but Oliver has a bond with the Catholic Colombians now!  and with Alvaro!  All Alvaro would have had to do is lie and say I was nuts, and my son was now bonded to him, and he was the guardian.

Colombia and the FBI would then keep my son, and the Roman Catholic church, or whatever group he decided to be with, would have full control of my son Oliver.

In the same way that mental illness could have been used to take my son from me, mental illness can be cited by William, if he ever wanted to, to say the marriage contract is null and void.

If you can't have sex with an incapacitated person, because it's "rape", you can't have a valid marriage contract, if you decide later on that you want an easy way out.

Now he's having kids with her publicly though.  So that is too bad.  Technically, if you want to be super hard-nosed about it, you could say the entire marriage is void and all the children are illegitimate bastards.  At least, in case someone came forward with evidence that proved Middleton helped kill someone he cared about, or something horrible surfaced, he does have a loophole.

Which brings me back to what Alvaro and the Department of Justice had in mind for my son Oliver.  If Alvaro Pardo would later lie and say over the phone to me, "Maybe you really are mentally ill" as I was stripped of CAPS housing I qualified for, and thrown into jail repeatedly on false charges, why would I ever believe him if he said to me, "I would never take your son from you?"

Right.  He had one Nigerian woman who worked for the CIA lie and say I held up a knife against her and that I was psychotic.  Then Mykal Holt, who travels to Brazil every year with Department of State people, matched the exact same lie, claiming I held a knife against her and that I was psychotic.

Alvaro was able to get 2 different women to lie against me, and say the exact same thing.  Picture me in a marriage where he bonds with my son for a year or two first.  Oh!  WOW.  The CIA has Liars-In-Waiting for Brides-to-Be.

I never got ladies-in-waiting.  I got liars. 

So if these liars are so ready and willing to come up with this big of lie, when I didn't marry him, of course they would do it if I married him, and then Alvaro would lie too.  "She held up a knife against me and she's acting psychotic".  Nigerian woman:  "She held up a knife against me and is psychotic".  Mykal:  "I didn't tell anyone, but I almost had to kick them out because one day Cameo held a knife up against me and was psychotic, but I talked to Alvaro and he said he'd keep an eye on her."

The black doctor in Maryland would have lied for him too.  And I'm sure he has a woman and man or two from Colombia, who would lie for him.

If the CIA and FBI would lie to the entire world about torturing me and my son to begin with,  and allowed black and Catholic hate crimes against me, there is more chance they would lie about me in a marriage and take my son from me, to have control of him and raise him to be "government" and "Roman Catholic".  Not to mention, they would give Alvaro Pardo control and guardianship over signing papers to put me into a psych ward to be injected by Haldol and institutionalized, possibly for a very long time.  Afterall, first they used Pardo to try to send me to prison.  Psych wards would be an even better revenge for some, and then I am forever discredited too.

Do I trust Alvaro?

Yeah, like an empty shoe carrying a rolled up paper contract across the ocean.

What could have caused me to trust him?  Actions that matched what he told me, such as promises not to cheat, with a verbal agreement, and not finding out he was trying to set me up with cops for "marriage fraud".

His chin, nose, lips and face were rubbed raw and red on Valentines Day as badly as they were the night I came home with Mykal Holt opening the locked door in her bathroom and nothing else.

Do not EVER think you will escape.

I didn't even bother to ask him what he'd been doing all day on Valentines Day.  I said nothing.  I had caught him before that date anyway.  But he was gone the entire day and had his phone turned off and then showed up at the last minute late at night to take me to dinner.  Then he dares lie to me, about why he and Mykal locked the door on me to my own place and his face was rubbed raw the same way.  "Look at me".  No, he doesn't want to look at me.  "Look at me!" 

"OH MY...."

Rudolph and Pinoccio all wrapped up in the same brown package.  Well, save me a booger ladies.  And keep brushing your teeth as if it makes a difference to your circumstance.

Toaster Mammies.

Vindictive toaster mammies.

T ta tttt tt tt T tt T oaster mammies.  Look at Keys singing your Jubilee song

Look at the intro.  They chose the colors of my childhood SWINGSET.  It was orange and green stripped.  Alicia Keys waves her arm to the tune of "That's All Folks".  It's a copy of the screen for Looney Toons, and is the colors of my childhood swingset.


YOU ARE seriously, seriously FUCKED in the head

If you think about a woman who hates another woman, singing about the other woman being on fire, how do you read her manner in this video?

On top of the world, hottest of the hottest girl.  Toaster Mammy.  Telling me not to sing.

Lets fry up some white marshmallows say the Toaster Mammies.

YOU took a zillion steps backwards torwards better race and religion relations. 

Who was stalking me in Bellingham at the dance club?  A big black man from Bullivant Houser Bailey who first showed up when I had litigation in Portland, Oregon.  He was from Bullivant.  He was there to watch me after I was tortured and forced out of Canada.  I went to a dance club and danced with someone from Texas who was there, and then there was that black man who I recognized from prior stalkings in Portland, Oregon, which occured after litigation.

I went to a black church by choice too, so don't ever try to say I am racist or that I had some kind of issue with it.  Some of you are so brainwashed into thinking all white people are against you, you're ready to hate anyone who can't pay you as much as the other corrupt white people.  You think their money means they're less racist?  It means they bought you, and that you're still acting like a slave.

The people who would have had proximity to my parent's kitchen, on the other hand, were not black.  They fed a bunch of lies to incite black hatred, but the people coming to my parent's house were not black.  There was not a large black population in Moses Lake and for 4 years my parent's had college Bible studies at our house.

That was in the 80s.  This is who was at our house:

The Sandbergs,
The Mormon neighbors (FBI(CIA?) psychologist Alan Springer)
U.S. Army neighbors (Herman Danielson, a Swede, who was related to Mays by marriage)
U.S. Army neighbors Coombs
The Maiers
The Fallons
Sharon McGuire
My piano teacher
People from college Bible study (Young Life, abbreviated:  YL) which my parents taught to college students, most of them going to Big Bend Community College or involved in aviation.

Someone who was in our house was actively spying, stealing items from us, and sharing information about everything we did, owned, to minute detail.  They did this to me, to the point of using things from my childhood, to then feature in videos for people who were part of terrorizing and oppressing us all the way back in the 80s and early 90s. 

That nails Moses Lake.  It means whatever happened in Sherwood, Oregon and Oregon state was just a continuation of what was being done to us in Moses Lake, Washington.

That pinpoints everything to pre-1990.

Which assholes are responsible.

How exciting for Katie Middleton to choose September as the month for her to conceive.  The timing is just so, wicked, her mother must have loved it.  "This Girl Is On Fire" was sent to market in September 2012.

In fact, I think I accidentally burned the Toaster Mammy once.  I remember I was always thirsty and someone was instructing my parents not to give me water to drink when I was growing up too.  They had all of drinking one cup of liquid per day.  This country did the exact same thing to my son Oliver.

Also, let me tell you about the little reference to "glasses" in this oh-so-cute video about stealing from my family.  It shows her helping an elderly person with their glasses and then later, she is wearing glasses and showing them to her kid.

The book that I wrote, in a book-making project for the school, was called "The Glump".

Just like Forrest Gump.  But it was Glump.

"The Glump".

But no one in America is an original.  They just copy kids, and steal ideas along with property, and torture them as they rake in billions for entertainment.  You'd be NOTHING without my family.  This country would be NOTHING.  This country would have already been blasted off and taken over by other countries you FUCKING ingrates.  What my parents have done, for this country, even forced, and against their will, before "psychic warfare" and "government psychics" was even a term, has saved your FUCKING LIVES.  And THIS is how you repay us.  With me, since I wasn't a psychic, but my parents were, you thought you could spy on me my entire life, and steal all of my natural talent or gifts from me. You fucking tried to BURY me so only YOU rats could hear my song ideas and copy me, and make money off of me.  You tried to keep me out of education, to prevent anyone from ever believing me if I told the truth, and you tortured me and kept me from leaving this God DAMNED country as YOU TORTURED ME and MY SON.

My book was The Glump.

It is about someone who put on a pair of glasses and could magically change things when they wore their glasses.  They had stars.  The book was out of hard book binding material and I chose yellow for the front and back cover and a solid red binding.  If the Glump had his glasses on, he could do magical things and change things magically by looking at them through his magic glasses.  If he didn't have them on, he couldn't do this.  I had all of my drawings and illustrations done in pencil.  I even made a copyright, all rights reserved page.

From MY book, "The Glump", someone came up with Forrest Gump several years later, after my book disappeared.

(So they had some girl out in a cornfield, "Jenny", who sings and hides out there (I lived next to one but didn't have any problems) and some guy named Forrest Gump, whose entire theme is to "Run!" and all she ever says to him is "RUN FORREST, RUN!"  The entire theme of my Kindergarten was "Run! Run! Fast as you can!  Can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man".  We had to recite this over and over and over again.  "Run, Run! Fast as you can!  Can't catch me! I'm the Gingerbread Man.  I can even still say it with the same rhythm and tone and enunciation we were taught in that class. 

So they take Run, run fast as you can, can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man, and The Glump, and made "Forrest Gump".  I never prayed "please make me a bird so I can fly away".  I wanted to do rounds around my swingset.  So here is Keys with the swingset and looney toons designs and she even has "she wants to fly away" in her song, and shadows of cartwheels and round-offs, which is what I did in  our yard all the time, aside from swinging.)

Anyway, in this video, Alicia Keys is taking the glasses off of an old person or appearing to put other ones on, and then she's showing up in a mirror with diamond-encrusted sunglasses and she's magically changing things in the kitchen.

The entire thing is about my family.

So get this, when I wrote to the UN, to make a report about torture in the U.S., Patty Otterbach took my mother away to Roseburg and when she got back, she was tortured looking, with black circles around her eyes, and glassy eyed.  "What did you have for lunch?" I asked and she said, "Fried sweet potatoes."  It was Patty's idea to order them and they shared.  When I later asked Patty why she brought my mother to our house in that condition I said, "You didn't see my mother's eyes?" and she looked at me with a fake smile and said, "No, she had her glasses on."  She didn't have her glasses on all day, everywhere, for hours, at Michaels craft store where someone told her to buy an ugly fake flower arrangment, or at the restaurant where Patty ordered sweet potato fries.

This sweet potato is on fire!  My mother's eyes were glassy, looking like she'd had a dragon blowing smoke directly into her pupils for hours.

When I told my mother what Patty said, she just looked shocked and worried.  She had her GLASSES on.

The Glump. 

Basically, this entire song, and video, mocks what happened to me and celebrates my being tortured and degraded, as another woman moves about, taking what she wants.

I have been on "fire" since 1996.

It was every single day from 2005 until now.

I also believe this kind of thing happened to me as a kid.  I remember having different pains that other kids didn't have and other things being done to interrupt my concentration.  I had extremely severe "growing pangs" around the same time my Dad was sleeping on the couch because his "back hurt".  I always thought all kids had growing pangs but they were very severe and it was to my legs.  I don't think I complained very much as a kid, but when my legs hurt really bad, I told my parents.  They ached and hurt, past the point of being able to sleep.  It was only my legs.  I sometimes sat on the floor with my legs stretched out straight in front me because they hurt so bad.  I was given kids medicine for it because of the severity, but sometimes I remember being told, "It's growing pangs".  I had the worst imaginable growing pangs in my legs.  It was always at night. 

Around the time my Dad was sleeping on the couch with back problems, he was put into a line-up one time in Moses Lake.  They made him line up and have his photo taken, because some crime had been committed and they wanted him to stand there to be ID'd or not.  No one said why and he wasn't put in jail, but someone wanted to do an ID thing, where they look at a line of men and say, "That one" or "it was him" with someone behind tinted glass.

Who would single out my Dad for that?  He was working at Willamette Industries by that time, new job sort of if I remember, and was their computer person.

My Dad.  A computer analyst.  Yeah, really.  He got the job working on computers before people really knew much about them, and then later he worked as their main office manager.  But his start was in computers.  If anything went wrong, he could fix it, analyze it, and he never took anything in computers either.  He could just look at something and figure it out, and it wasn't like he was raised with them either.  How did he learn to play piano?  He sat down one day, played the notes, listened to the music on something, and just did it.  Same thing with computers. 

This country has attempted to use my parents and then tried to dumb us down and make us out to be, I don't know...we're tortured too.

My Food and Water Tampered With (but caught)

My food and water have been tampered with in the last several months.  I'm sure occasionally before that, but I've done experiments on my water supplies and different bottled water I purchased locally and found disturbing results.

I did a basic seed sprout and found sometimes seeds were not only not sprouting at all, they were shriveling up and dying.  That was several months ago, and I returned a bunch of water because of it.  

I also had to throw out an entire bag of teff flour because it was tampered with before I ever got it.  I thought against pre-ordering an entire bag of teff flour, because with what has been done to me already, I knew it might be possible someone would have advance time to do something to it.  Sure enough, that is exactly what happened.  I didn't use it right away, because I had a feeling something was wrong with it.  I kept it sealed up and off the ground in a cupboard.  I checked on it, because I moved it from one place to the next.  Then all of a sudden, the rest of my house was fine, no problems with mold on any of my food or house,  and this bag started to produce bizarre mold designs in yellow and green on the package.  It was from inside of the bag, and spreading out to the bag.  It was forming in circles, basically, a large solid yellow spot, and then a green spot, and yellow spot, slightly irregular, but not like mold usually grows.  It looked like someone had sprayed the outside of the bag with something that contained mold spores.  Since it was only on one section, and just the outside, I wondered at first if something got on the outside of the bag.  Basically, I ordered it, and it less than a month to arrive and then I left it at the store until I had a place cleared to store it. 

I opened it up and threw out the entire area of mold and it was only on the bag by the flower design, so and the rest was far enough away and looked untouched.  So I put it into separate plastic bags and sealed them and then waited.  I made a small loaf of bread with it, and one batch of "pasta" and that was it.  I mixed it with regular flour, so I only had a very small amount of the teff overall, and then I noticed, it was growing inside the bags too, that were sealed.

So I threw all of it out.

I saw this one man in a truck driving at a distance the day I walked there to order it or pick it up, I don't remember and even though I'm near-sighted, a little, I could see he was upset and didn't want me to get it.  I then realized, "There are others who know I have cause to be concerned about making advance orders for food in this country."  People know that I've been targeted for various things and falsely arrested, so they know.  I"m typically scrupulous about what I buy and where, and making sure it's sealed, but this one time I thought maybe I could try it.

What was the yellow and green idea for?  Symbolic of someone's "colors" or something?  It was clearly a man-made job and not something that occured because of improper storage.

I didn't put any of it in my garden at all.  I threw all of it into a burn stack.  I had flowers go there too, because they had fertilizer on them and were not organic.  The only things I've put in my garden are non-toxic, non-pesticide, and organic.  Just because it's compost doesn't mean it doesn't matter.  That same compost provides nutrients for the soil that then grows food that I eat, and while I eat non-organic foods too sometimes, if I have a organic I said was organic, that is how it is.

I really think it is time to garden somewhere else and I'm looking forward to being a gestational surrogate. 

There is nothing that I've eaten or not taken care over, that would affect any unborn child, and I seal everything in my house anymore.  I even watched the teff flour and I used only about 1 cup of it, mixed in with other things, from a section at the top that was far from the mold, but if there was any mold in that, it wasn't enough to harm me, and it was cooked, or boiled, and I threw the rest out.

As for my water, I test it.  I test it to see if sprouts grow from seeds like normal, as they should, or if something else happens.

I'm currently doing a repeat test to confirm my results this time. I've done this, testing water samples, oh, maybe about 4 different times now (in the past year), using a variety of kinds of water.

And my sauerkraut turns out like a charm every time.  I started making it for natural, vegan lactic acid, and good bacteria, and it always turns out great.  The seal on the jars is always there, it pops at turn of the lid, and it bubbles out over the top like champagne when it's opened because of the good build-up.  It takes a month or so to get it to do this, but I have constant success with my sauerkraut, which then means I don't have to buy vegan acidophilus or lactic acid at the store--I make it myself.

Half of my hair didn't fall out from teff flour.  I hadn't even opened it yet.

I got extremely sick from a water source when I did my try for a 40 day fast. It was H2O earth water that McKays had in the store and had back stock of, which I picked up. It's Oregon-sourced.  It is the only thing that mattered because I wasn't eating, and something had been done to my batch of water.  I didn't lose my hair over it though.  I tested the water and seeds were dying, not sprouting.

Then I picked up Smart Water and at the time over half of my hair fell out, I had changed or added only a few different things to what I was doing, that could have affected anything.  I wasn't using food from the food bank or anything.  When I started getting Smart Water, I had no problem with it and I was getting  it from the local Safeway.  Then one day someone had no Smart Water in packs on the shelf so I had to get some from the back and someone picked out a pack for me and gave it to me.   Aside from the back-stock package of SmartWater I picked up, there were no other variables.  No new or different vitamins, minerals, or herbs...nothing.  So the only variables were 1.  torture, severe torture, repeatedly, to the top of my head, 2.  Smartwater pack given to me by a sales clerk from a back stock, 3.  some fried onion ring chips I had that were on their own, for Thanksgiving, and that's it.

After this, I was buying Smartwater in single bottles, and no problem with that, and then my parents were being pressured to have me pick up a pack of Dasani waiting for me at McKays.  I don't know what their weird problem was, but it was a bizarre "issue" to some people, for me to be drinking Smartwater.  I know it sounds weird, but I had looks of resentment.  I really don't care about brands and all of that--I try to go with whatever is safe, and even looked at getting a distillation machine (high tech-industry level) myself for alcohol-distillation (takes out alcohol from tinctures and then you add glycerin to it so it's alcohol-free homeopathic medicine) and water distillation.  So then I was going to stick with Smartwater, and buy single bottles or something, and just watch what I do, and how it affects me or grows.

I had tested Dasani in the past, and the seeds sprouted great!   There was no problem at all, with a certain supply of Dasani that I had, and I had good results.  Then I was being pressured to pick up a pack waiting for me at McKays, and I got it home, and I still have a whole case of it. I didn't drink it because I had a feeling, by the way some were acting, that they wanted me to have that water for a reason.

So I've tested this batch and the seeds are not sprouting like they did before.  Which is possibly a concern.

If my body is a living organism, which requires water to grow and live, and grow new cells and DNA, I need good water just like sprouting seeds do.  So I test for normal results and if I don't see nornal results, it raises questions for me.

It's not that this batch of Dasani isn't sprouting seeds at all, but it's taking a lot longer than some other kinds of water.  So I'm retesting and will let you know what the results are. 

There were very very few factors that contributed to the sudden hair loss of more than half of my hair and it wasn't the teff flour, because I didn't even try it.

It was a specific package of Smartwater, something left in a bag of fried onion rings at my parents house (unlikely, but I was the one who asked to have some to add to my plate, after they were set aside and there were only a few left), and severe constant torture to the top of my head by use of military and NASA technology.  It was most likely torture, and that is why I said it was from torture.

Anyway, there is nothing I eat or drink that isn't good for me or would affect a baby, or I wouldn't be looking into it.  If I didn't think I would do a better job than most people, 99%, I wouldn't be excited about it.  If I just wanted money, there are many different things I could do for quick money, and that I've been offered money for, and I turned down those options because I'm not enthusiastic about it, or I had cause to doubt when contracts were broken.

My word is pretty much, a contract in writing, if I say this is how I understand it to be.  But if someone negates that verbal contract ahead of me, they just dissolved the whole thing and now they are at their own risk.  If I say I'll do something, and I have the deal agreed to with the other party, I follow-through.  I even give time for recommitment at a certain point, but if someone first breaks the contract on their own, and tries to sneak it past me thinking I don't know, and then makes no serious effort to recommit or go back to the original agreement (i.e., don't cheat on me), then that's it.  You cut yourself out.

I see marriage agreements as business contracts.  And the way I treat a marriage prospect is no different than I would treat a business arrangment.  Which is why I already know I have no problem nurturing someone else's unborn child, and then giving it to them.  I keep my word, generally speaking.

I'm not the business woman who says, "Yeah, I'll keep taking you back cheater."  This is why I have zero tolerance for the Department of Justice and FBI shenanigans.  If they had a policy of no corruption and no tolerance for torture, my family would never have been tortured.

My feeling is this...I am hardly the jealous type.  So I have no problem with men appreciating other women.  But if I say, "Here is where you no longer cheat on me", even if I know you would rather be with Ms. Dental Delight, you go right ahead thinking about Dental Delight and make your plans to be with her.  If I find out you cheated on me?  You just voided the contract, which means now I am no longer obligated to keep my money in your bank account.  It means, if I have the money, I'll hire the private detective to collect evidence, and then I will arrange to have everything we jointly shared, taken away from you and deposited with me, via my lawyers.

It's not the other way around.  Cheaters and those who try to sneak around agreements, don't get to further victimize the person they humiliated publicly. 

If, for some reason, I like you still, even after you lied and tried to sneak around me, I might hold an open door still, with the requirement of needed more time, which gives you a chance to regain my trust.

I have firm principles about how I negotiate and conduct business and how I should be treated, and with what kind of respect I feel my partners should have from me. 

What this country hasn't done, is deliver on any of its promises.

Contract, void.  Stealing my son from me?  Huge mistake.  HUGE.

As to marriage, I can sort of understand a situation where one person is cheating because they try to be intimate with their spouse and the spouse refuses.  That spouse who refuses is pretty much invalidating their own marriage contract if it's constant refusal.  I don't mean marriage rape is okay, I am just saying, the spouse who refuses to be intimate and then tries to accuse their partner of breaking a contract by cheating, is liable for the same thing--not holding to the general agreement.  That's my opinion.  If I'm providing intimacy every single day (or, for some it's agreed on a lesser basis), and yet you still choose to go outside of the agreement to be with someone else, I was faithful and you are not.  It means, I take everything you own, Ivana Trump style, and you do NOT take anything from me--you don't get your "gifts" to me back, you don't get anything back.

When Carmen got a lawyer and took everything from my brother, her reason was that my brother cheated on her.  She broke their marriage contract first, with frigidity.  She got married and they had sex maybe one time every 3 months, because of her.  In 7 years of marriage, she only wanted to have sex a few times but then she accused my brother of cheating on her.  Even if he did, which wasn't right, what she did wasn't right either and basically negated and annulled the contract of their marriage.  For her to then feel self-righteous and take everything from my brother, was something only a spy would do.  Who did she work for?  U.S. Army. 

This country, has broken its contract repeatedly, and then attempted to put blame on me and accuse me of all kinds of false things.  The U.S. is guilty of treason against me and my son.

My son has been illegally taken from me and if this country and FBI was following the law, and if the Department of Justice amounted to anything at all, they would be returning my son to me.

How about it.

In a surrogacy agreement comparison, cheating on the contract might be something like this:  You agree to contract as a surrogate and sign documents and before this, you agreed verbally to do certain things for health and activity and to prepare for the child.  The man whose sperm you are being injected with, has already promised he is HIV-free.  You find out later, after you were injected, that he is not only not HIV-free, he is AIDS positive and just gave you AIDS.  It wasn't that you would have turned him down possibly, if he had a form of some problem, and if screened, everything was okay, but no, he deliberately endangered your life and lied and now you have AIDS.

You kept your agreement, and didn't lie or say anything that endangered someone's health or safety.  You kept all verbal contracts that really mattered.

If the surrogate then says she changed her mind, did she break the contract? or did the man who lied and gave her AIDS break the contract.  She lives with AIDS now, and her prospects are meager, and she doesn't have long to live.  Her fiance or husband broke up with her or divorced her, because of the AIDS.

On top of this, now the man is trying to take everything she owns from her, and the police, U.S. military, FBI and CIA and Department of Justice people all think it's great.  She's getting what she deserved.

Right.  Like being tortured with AIDS every day wasn't their fault.

Common sense.  I deal in clear-cut, common sense, terms and those who work best with me, are as respecful of me as I am of them.

They don't say, after injecting me with AIDS several times, "I think we want to call it off now, but you had a good experience right?" while slobbering over a Taylor Swift magazine cover.

I don't need your YEAST issues.

How ironic that as I was being nonconsensually treated for thrush that started with the birth of my son, they brought another kind of yeast to my life.  And then they and their friends think they have a right to try to take revenge.  My thrush was from my breastfeeding my child and is only a rash, it's not the nasty vaginal cheese yeast that the other women brought with them.  I don't get that kind of cheese, ever, unless someone is unfaithful to me and tries to contaminate me with the cheese of some strange woman.

Alvaro worked for the FBI and he was the one bringing me my food.  Before that, it was the federal Post Pub.  By the way, what kind of weird hypocrisy is it for Chris Dabney to make a big deal about my washing his clothes and bedding, but then he bragged LATER about how his Jewish girlfriend cleaned the entire house's kitchen.  So they really liked her, because she cleaned all their kitchen crap.  So he doesn't mind having someone invade the personal products of himself and every other person in an entire house (of at least 3-4 others), but he had an issue with my laundering his dirty sheets.  I had to sleep on those sheets and I washed them and threw in a few of his shirts.  He made a huge deal over it, and got mad at me and banished me from the house.  But then he was later bragging about how his Jewish girlfriend cleaned the whole kitchen and everyone liked it.  ?

All they did was play mind games and use me.  It was one form of humiliating me after another. 

Non-consensual medication by the government who used getting into my pants their way into continued medical research against me.

I had no idea that The Post Pub was BZ Edgewood (The New Yorker, Dec 17, 2012).  Read the article called "Operation Delirium".

There is probably no one out there, in another country, that could understand what kind of gestational surrogate I would be, but I still try.  It's not all love-and-bunnies-and-puppies thoughts right now for me, for a good reason.  So if you want an activist child with a lot of adrenaline, maybe go for my womb.  In general, I bring laughter and a lot of peace and gentleness to the child I carry, and prayer, but but since I would be transistioning from living here to living somewhere else to carry the pregnancy, I would have to shift somewhat, with my thinking, but since I'm still dealing with things, sure, maybe it would be an activist.  My son was born with immense amounts of love for others and happiness.  He was happy, was the best and most remarkable thing.  Did he ever love me to death and have a sense of safety and trust with me.  But if someone is worried my thoughts may affect their unborn, I guess if you are an activist and intellectual, you won't mind.

Which one do you want?  Snooky vaginal cheese lady or the baby breastfeeding rash lady?

It looks like cream cheese doesn't it?   I can't say it's happened to me more than 3 times in my life, each time related to what some unfaithful man was bringing to my house.

What beautiful flora!  She's overflowing with the flora!

How many women with vaginal yeast infections walk through business and stores every single day and touch the hands and persons of men, women, and children, and yet I have some people accusing me of being "unclean" for having an external rash due to breastfeeding my son.  It is not even something I or my son should have had to deal with at all, had we been treated for a normal occurance like any other person was at that federally funded U.S.A. clinic.

Who is unclean? 

The hypocrites are unclean.  Go wash your heart.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NOW Hacking, TORTURE and Obstruction of All Family Computers

All of my family's computers and laptops are being heavily hacked, disconnected, and obstructed by the U.S. Department of Justice cyberteam.

I'm being constantly disconnected, every minute or so, and my mother and father are having the same thing happen to their computers.   

I know it's the Department of Justice cyber group because they were the group that was all over me in Washington D.C. and they are the group that ultimately has access to my family's computers.

I just had someone disconnect me and tell to log in again.  It's been this way for about one week and mostly in the last 2-3 days. 

I am also positive the U.S. Department of Justice had something to do with using Microsoft "customer support" to get access to my current computer.

When I was in Washington D.C., it was a U.S. Department of Justice cyberteam man who stole my cell phone from me.  He is the only one I caught in the act.  My cell phones were being stolen every time I turned around, and he made an excuse of kissing me in a taxi cab to steal my cell phone.

He worked for the U.S. Department of Justice Computer Team and I know for a fact, because he was required to show me his ID to order drinks.  They were all over me.

They came in as a group and they bought tons of drinks and I thought they were very nice for asking for me all the time and tipping so well.  It really helped me, financially, and I would make a couple hundred or more just from their group.  But it looks like it was the impulse action of a guilty conscience.  One of the women acted really friendly and then she following me, right on my back and I turned around and she had this look of hatred.  She had been going in, looking so nice and friendly.

I asked them what they did and all of them were U.S. Department of Justice people and most of them were cyber team people.  So it's not like I'm "scared" or worried about Microsoft telling me my account is blocked and they're "investigating".

I have nothing to be scared of, and recent insinuations are incorrect.  I have people acting like frickin NUTS, as if since I'm looking at being a gestational surrogate, out of this country only, I am trying to "run" from something.

Let's get something straight.

I was studying French and Russian, on my own, before I was 13 years old.  I chose this for myself.  I didn't have parents who pushed me to lessons and made suggestions.  The only suggestion they ever made was to take piano.  Nothing else.  No foreign languages were ever discussed.  Ever.  I picked up the books, on my own, at the library with no one at my school telling me to, neither of my parents, and knowing NO ONE who studied other languages or talked about it.  It was MY idea.  I had no friends who studied other languages and no one talked about it.  I wasn't raised around prep school kids.  I studied the Russian alphabet and practiced the characters and memorized it.  I studied phrases in French and said them out loud.  I had no tapes or audio to listen to, so I didn't know how to continue, not knowing how to make the words sound.  However, that was ME, not anyone else.  Katie Fallon was doing nothing, and she ended up going to Cornell.  Funny how things work that way, in the "land of opportunity".  Her Dad got credit for spying on MY family so she got to go to an Ivy League.  It had nothing to do with her intellectual ability so I'm sick of the U.S. SHIT.

So when I got to college, I thought I might teach English in a foreign country (1998).  Then the U.S. began to show their true colors.  I signed up to study French abroad in 2002 and learn the language and the ONLY reason I didn't go, was because I had 2 major lawsuits I was single-handedly managing.  I was better than any of these lame-ass corporate lawyers who were getting paid and spent 3 years in law school, and at least a decent percentage of the lawyers KNEW it or they wouldn't have accused me of having a "ghost writer" or some lawyer helping me.  No one helped me.  I helped myself.

I PULLED MYSELF UP by MY BOOTstraps that I BOUGHT with money I earned ON MY OWN.  YOU FUCKERS.

God damn the Department of Justice.  Lousy, lazy, lame-ass LOSERS.

No one helped me accomplish anything. I managed to rise to the top, like cream off of a mother-fucking silo full of nothing but milk, milk, and more milk.

What happened?  JEALOUS SHIT happened.  And the U.S. Department of Justice is responsible for all of that shit.  Trucks full of shit.

I didn't have a "break-down", or get distracted, or get married and have kids--there was nothing that interfered with my ability except for this GOD DAMN country.

Today I wasn't tortured until after I told ebay I didn't want to sign up with them.  This is what it's come down to.  Offending some big business owner.

My Mom has huge black circles around her eyes from whatever happened to her over the weekend in Roseburg but they got darker today from something that had to have happened at an appointment.  My Dad has flashed the lights in the house twice, and I have been tortured to the top of my head since someone at ebay didn't like our phone conversation.  This is when it started. 

Since I tried making my last CAT complaint against Canada, Microsoft shut down my access to my email account in retaliation, for Canada.  I was then targeted to the top of the head, to my ears and neck at severe levels, for weeks, and after this country deliberately stalled me by this torture,  they quit.  They laid off until I made posts for being a gestational surrogate and then they began interfering with my computer and disconnecting me every minute.

This is the 4th time the United States government has interfered with my search and communications over being a gestational surrogate.

Then they try to pull stupid things, like attempting to push me out of the U.S. with nothing, no money and no work, or alternately imply I'm running from something or have something to be worried about.  They don't like the fact I've stated, internationally, that I will NOT carry a pregnancy in the U.S. because the U.S. is not a safe country for the unborn.  If they want to torture or kill your unborn, they do.  No big deal to this country at all.

They did it to my parents and they did it with me.

I have NO INTEREST in U.S. employee SHITS.  Someone had Alvaro Pardo call me again and I didn't call him back.  I don't care what he's doing and I am not getting together with him or any other FBI worker or Department of State employee. 

I DO NOT WANT U.S. men.  I do not want a relationship with someone.  I am not jealous of any woman's relationship in this country and I don't care.  I made a contract with Alvaro, in an agreement to be engaged and when I said, this is when it's not okay to cheat on me anymore, and if you are thinking about being with someone, tell me, he broke the deal.

So I'm sorry you mother fucking cops and FBI, but YOUR MEN are SHIT.

What this means, is I keep my contracts.  I don't back out.  He chose to back out of a contract, and thought he could lie to me about it and that was his tough luck.  "Just don't get caught" doesn't work in my business.

I am the boss.  You signed a fucking deal with the boss, and you broke the deal.  Deal over.  That means, if you keep lying to me, don't think I believe I am under the conditions of the contract anymore.  I even gave you a chance later, and told you to leave our rented place, and we'd talk about it and maybe work something out.  I said I needed more time.  You chose to take off for Headquarters in D.C.

The U.S. has no right to put conditions on me, and torture me, and then lie to others and claim I'm "on the run" when I've been trying to leave this country for a DECADE due to illegal torture and interference with business.

YOU FUCKED WITH THE BOSS.  You fucking KNOW I'm the boss, or you wouldn't have NASA and the FBI trying to control me, isn't that correct?

What are you afraid of?  Competition?

Anything you can do to try to control me or degrade me, is the the only thing you, Department of Justice, have been "okay" with.  You're not "comfortable" with a woman in charge, and not a woman who outshines your wife, yourself, your daughters and your mistress.  It's embarrassing for you, after all of the years you worked to hold me down, so your family could look okay and turn out better than planned.

I proved what I can do, despite a few migraines, and you didn't like it, so you went after me.  YOU are Satan.

What have I done, since then?  Nothing.

Which is why you need to fucking BACK OFF before your entire family is in jail.

I don't want ANY of your excuses.

I AM "special" so fucking deal with your personal issues over it.  If you have a problem with my being "special", which you obviously do, YOU'RE the ones who need intensive counseling.  There is no reason now, for false modesty and I don't need to pretend I'm not special if I am.  If I feel  I am, good for me.  If you have an "issue" with that, go see a doctor and inject YOURSELVES with Haldol you fuckers.  I am also tired of these doctors and scientists and lawyers who think they are so special when some of them are not, and got where they are, by using people like me, or pushing us down.  You used my parents and you tried to push me down my entire life.

Then what? you let me surface for a split second before you decided to use all your corporate gang-power and Mafia power to get NASA to torture me? 

There are things I could have done with my life, and I could have helped a lot more people than you ever have. 

Here's an analogy:  The other day, I opened up my door and closed the screen door, to let fresh air and sunlight into the house.  Somehow, a bee got in.  It went right over to where I was on the other side of the house.  There are hardly even any bees in this kind of cold, this time of year.  It was a 1 in a 100 or more chance, that a bee, at this time of year, in cold February, would be actively buzzing around and then decide to get past my screen door somehow and come into MY house.  I said to the bee, when I caught it, "You're lucky I'm the one who got you, because I'm the one who will set you free."  And I let it outside.  I didn't think about what I was saying when I said it, and then after it was outside, happily living its own life, I thought, "Why did I say that?" and I thought, "It is really true.  I'm the one who would set it free" and I thought about all the people I could have been doing good things for, if it wasn't for the

United States Department of Justice and their corrupt jealous bigots.  I'm tired of you.  So when I'm trying to leave with my son, you had NO RIGHT to obstruct us and any country that would do what Canada did, is not a good country.

Those who want to keep slaves, didn't want me to have any money, position, or influence of my own.  They tried to chain me anyway they possibly could, and push me down and GOD sees all and knows all and GOD DAMN YOU.

I think this country was worried that I would free my parents, whom they've used and exploited since they were little kids.

God Damn You for what you've done.

There are others I wanted to help, which is why I even quit a good paying job in business to go to college.   It was to do something good for a lot of people.  THIS is how this country repays good intentions and hard work.

Then they kidnap my son from me and make lame excuses like, "God has something different for you to do!" or "God has something important for you to do" or "It's maybe too dangerous to have kids if you have an important job."

I signed up for the job:  MOTHERHOOD.  I trained for it, my entire life, and if I wanted to be a single Mom and work on a career and college too, that was MY RIGHT.  But the U.S. doesn't give "special" single Moms their rights.  Even before I was a mother, I was being obstructed from education, travel, business, and my lawsuits, so this country has PROBLEMS.

YOU NEED THE FUCKING PSYCH EVALS--any of you who even has a problem, and thoughts that cross your minds thinking "they think they're better than me" or "she thinks he's special" or tryihng to rob anyone of their actual abilities that God gave them to use.

God damn you for obstructing anyone's attempt to obey God and use their talents.

Who else would have a motive to be jealous and harm and torture others, unless they already know, intuitively, that we'd have their jobs in a minute.

It doesn't matter how many people we might help or be able to work with, it matters to those who can't earn anything for themselves fairly, being jealous of those who would overstep them in a heartbeat. 

Had I not been tortured, where would I be?  And where would your kids be?

I also know some of my computer information and passwords were given to people like Oprah.  It was after I was fired from working at The Post Pub, in D.C. and one of my passwords was "precious one" and all of a sudden, then there was this huge thing with a black actress named Precious and then I remember I randomly saw an Oprah show where she was mean and bitter and going OFF about how ANYONE who thought she was "PRECIOUS" was really a loser and this woman named Precious, the overweight black actress, was the one who was truly worth something of value.  She went off and I remember, by the comments she made, someone had given her one of my passwords and SHE incorrectly interpreted it to mean that I was using "precious one" as a reference to myself.

She was wrong.  It was about my SON.

Yes, this United States thinks Oprah is special enough to have my personal passwords, to then jump to conclusions and full of jealousy and hostility, over thinking I am a conceited white woman who thinks she is the "precious one" when I'm "not".

Mean-spirited vendettas fueled by misunderstandings, false prophecies and ill-intentioned psychics, and U.S. government personnel.

I had all kinds of things directed against me around that time, but I never forgot when I accidentally saw that Oprah show.  It was like she knew exactly who she was targeting and that some in her audience knew and would be sympathetic and appreciate her slam against ME, when it was over a personal invasion of privacy that was 100% misinterpreted. 

Right after that, we got "Glitter" The MOVIE.

So who do you think is involved, that would share personal computer passwords that I had, with Oprah.  And then have hatred over me about it?  I mean, what did I ever do to OPRAH and what audience is she targeting that she thinks would be interested in slamming someone insignificant like me?

The Department of Justice had this information.  The new NASA Director had this information.  Google, who owns Blogger, had the information. 

Huge attempts to viciously slam me, over assumptions that I was dubbing myself "precious one" with one of my passwords.  "The REAL Cinderella"...she said....on and on...and believe me, I have nothing against the actress Precious.
Get out of my mailbox and off of my computer Vicious.

Then, after that, I was back in Wenatchee, and this is all after Alvaro left me for Laura Laughlin, I had to take my laptop in to be worked on.  I had a start-up password that was "Princess" spelled a certain way, and I don't have to say why, but he made this big point of saying, "We're going to change that right now."  That was Andy Panda.  I said, "What are doing?" and he said, "Isn't your name Cameo?  It's not Princess.  You don't need that one anymore."

I stood there speechless, not saying a word.  He thought he was changing MY name from "Princess" to "Cameo".  He also said something like, "Princess? not really."

Of course, he contracts with the FBI.

What should we expect?

I just left it.  I didn't change it back.  That was my sign on password or username, to get onto my computer, and he had just deleted it.

Have it your way Uncle Sam.

Then these government people were the same ones who had connections to people who stole my son from me, tortured him, forced me out of HOUSING from a federally-funded agency that is based in Washington D.C. across the street from where I used to work (CAPS), and tried to extort my eggs from me as I literally was forced to sleep outside in the dirt.

There is NO WAY I want my son living anywhere except with me, his mother, and the only mother with a valid right to guardianship.

I'm cleaning my apartment now, or the place where I currently live, and I'm doing everything I can to be fit and ready to take the offer of gestational surrogacy and leave this country.  I am not leaving without a contract and I'm taking my online college courses with me.  I am also not abandoning my parents, because they need to be out of here.  It doesn't even matter how good of a job I'd do as a surrogate, or that I actually really want to, and not just for the money.  I know I'd do a good job, so yes, I want to, just as I wanted to be a single mom where some women wouldn't want to.  I know what I want and what I'd like to do or not do.  But I wouldn't stay away and leave my parents here.  I'd either come back here until the CAT process was complete, or I'd be working on my case using Nuremberg laws, and don't think it's not possible.

I can't believe Obama's eye was bulging the one day the photographer took a photo, if that is an actual true photo and not photoshopped.  I tend to think it's really a valid and genuine photo.  If so, this is what the U.S. is doing to me, my parents, and my son, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

So do you understand now, what I'm talking about when I say a "bulging eye"?  It's not like one eyelid is more open than the other--it's a fully bulging eye, with the eyeball sticking out more.  Where is the conversation over this? I mean, did anyone in the news or media even talk about it?

What is wrong with this country, that no one is bringing it up?  We can talk about racism now, but not torture?  It is evidence of TORTURE.

It is not a 'health problem' or "weird lighting".  It's TORTURE.  It hurts, and it's painful, and it is the brain that is affected, with the eye sticking out from pressure as a result.  It's not like it's just an eye problem.  It is direct targeting of the brain.

My SON is going through this, every single day, for at least 2 years, and like I've said, he has suffered much much worse.  It is too shocking to even believe what things were done to him.  Do you believe me now, when I now say, and the U.S. tortured him targeting his penis and genitals until they were solid blue and purple?  Do you believe me when I say he was forcibly being hypnotized as a 3 year old while in the guardianship of the U.S.  Do you believe me when I say he was so incredibly smart at birth and early-on he was talking and then we were both tortured to such extremes, his brain disoriented and he was no longer capable of articulating and using the same vocabulary he'd been using?

We are being tortured every single day.

I don't know why, if the President shows up with an eye like that, it's not a major breaking news story.  I guess it's because what?  Reporters don't want to "sound" crazy?  It's because no one is comfortable attempting to ask questions or articulate ideas about torture in the U.S. against U.S. citizens.  Reporters, perhaps, do not have the vocabulary that the scientists have, for explaining what is being used to do this.  So how do you describe it?

Like me?  and sound crazy?  "The government is targeting the President with some kind of laser? ionic waves? MRI?  microwaves?  sonic beams?  well, we don't know what it is, but it is some kind of government technology, that much we can share with certainty.  Stay tuned for "Michael Bloomberg bans sodas next!"  Bloomberg?  or Michael Middleton.

We need news reports about who is responsible for commiting crimes of torture against U.S. citizens, and what forms of technology they are using.

We need people who are willing to put up million dollar rewards to land the information and send them and their sinners to psych wards for the rest of their lives.

Got the money?  How about, instead of offering to give more money to the U.S. in taxes, you actually do something good with it, like catch the dirty bastards.

Basically, what we need is a 10 Most Wanted List of those engaged in Torture of U.S. citizens who are WORKING for the federal government.

Money rewards to informants.  And slam their asses and make sure you get some with a cute family backing them, because then we can make an example of them, just as they attempt to target anhyone who practices their right to free speech and whose families are innocent.

THIS is why the U.S. doesn't want someone like ME to have money or a career, or my son, or any stability.  They can't keep their Torture Float in the parade if I'm in the way.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Obama's Bulging Eye and Torture While We Work-Out

Isn't this concerning to anyone?  At least a reporter and photographer thought to put it up publicly and I also give credit to the website that put it up, because it's important and the public should know about it.  Look at what the U.S. did to its own President. This is what is being done to my family too, which I've been trying to describe, and  is how my son is being photographed for school photos.

I was just telling my Mom today, "Isn't there any country you think I could go?" and explained (before seeing this photo), "I can't even work out without being electrocuted."

I'm being electrocuted whenever I try to work out.  It happened here at the gym and it happened in Middleton, TN.  I can't even work out without being electrocuted.  And then I realized, this is what happened to my Mom.  Her burnt-up thumb that turned black and blue, was because she was electrocuted and this is where it exited.  She is also electrocuted while out running, and has come back with her eyes all black.  I am pretty sure this is why my Dad has a gym membership and doesn't use it, too.  We all have gym memberships, and we go a few times a month, because every single time we try to work out, and get in shape, and be healthy, we're being tortured.

We can't even work out without being electrocuted.  I can speak for myself and say "I can't even work out without being electrocuted."  I think this is what happened to my son Oliver too, when he was in a running program.  I would have no doubt that he has been electrocuted while trying to race or learn a sport.

I mean, I can't live in a place where I can't even go for a run on a treadmill without worrying my knee is going to be targeted and zapped, or that my entire body is going to be targeted and fried, and it must be worse for my Mom and Dad even though they never complain like I do.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ugly Canadian Lies Kelowna, B.C.

"If you want to walk around Canada like a crazy person, be my guest."

This is what the Canada immigration officer told me.  He told me I was free to stay in Canada, and walk around like a "crazy person".

There was no cause for my arrest.

I was not given the right to have a hearing for political asylum with my son.  What he told me, is that "You're too old."


I don't even think he was Canadian anymore.  My feeling is he is a U.S. operative, working in Canada.

Who else would act like this but a U.S. operative that is stationed in B.C. to work the border and control the U.S.-Canadian relations?  He got soft when I sang U.S. patriotic songs, not Canadian ones or gospel ones.  He acted like a U.S. rat. 

First he said, excitedly, "So you want to live in Canada?"  and I told him it was for political asylum.

I think he's a U.S. rat that knew Mike Middleton.  There were some guys at the Vancouver place, the immigration place, who I thought were probably Canadian, but I thought this other guy from Kelowna was a U.S. asshole.  I had the idea cross my mind when I first met him, but nothing to base it on.  He reminded me of the U.S. FBI.  I just thought, "I see this guy working in U.S. FBI offices, and why is he here in Canada?"

I wonder if I am right.  I mean, seriously.  What happened?  Canada called up the FBI and had them talk to me?  or they just didn't know their immigration man was U.S. rat.
Don't get choked up over "America the Beautiful" now.  No rights for me! not even to call someone or talk to anyone, and no one answering me from their jail, later, until I sang "America the Beautiful" with the Ugly Canadian Fake.

After he pretended to be excited about my living there, he told me:

"You're too old."

So in Canada, they only allow political asylum for a specific age-bracket.  But of course they're progressive.

"You're too old".

It's fine for the older to be tortured.  No problem.  He made this point with me several times, "you're too old".

If I'm too old, then why was I told to go back to the U.S.?  He had to "check back" with me, to tell me "you're too old"?

I wasn't told to go back to the U.S., the first time, for "insufficient funds".  I was told to go back to the U.S. because I was "too old" for Canada.

They wanted me and my parents to be horse meat.  Too old for "jumping" and trotting through Canada like the younger "thoroughbreds" who are "too stupid".

Canada had me in their little room, with my son, and heard me say I wanted political asylum.  He said, "Okay, I have to make some phone calls and check on something."  He came back to the room to tell me, "You're too old" and then added, "We can do something special sometimes, but you're too old."  Right.  Like political asylum hearings are "something special" and have an age limit attached.

I hope Canada gets their "just desserts".  Maybe some of their frauds can have their kids tortured and raped several times and then be told "you're too old", kicked to some other place, and have their children torn away from them.  Canada is too stupid to know its ass from its head.

Tell me how I am there violating a law of "insufficient funds" if he is telling me the reason I can't be in Canada is because "you're too old."  He didn't come back and say, "you're here on insufficient funds".  He came back to me and said, "I just checked and called some people....and I'm sorry, but you're TOO OLD."

My response to him was, "What do you mean I'm 'too old'?  I'm asking for political asylum."  He said, "We will take your son away from you and you could walk around like a crazy person.  Actually, he said that first.  And then he said maybe they could do something "special" and got back to me with "you're too old". 

He knows John Kaempf and Dick Whittemore doesn't he?  And all of Christa Schneider's fucking Department of Justice fucks.  She was the one who knew I might go to Canada and she knew Karen Whittemore, who was from Canada, and they instructed the Kelowna, B.C. immigration officer on how to treat me when they forced my son there by torture.

Christa is fucking STUPID and a sorry excuse for a human being and so is her father, her friends, and the Department of Justice.  Christa, the one who always talked about "revenge" on her boyfriends.  It didn't matter who it was, she was always plotting "revenge".  She should be in jail for life.  Her sister is the exact same way.  That family is 100% morally corrupt.

That immigration officer knew Dick Whittemore and John Kaempf. 

So first I said I wanted political asylum.  They are required, by LAW, to give me a hearing.  He lied and told me, "If you want political asylum, we'll take your son Oliver away from you, and you can have your hearing, but you will be walking around Canada like a crazy person for 3 years."  I said I wanted a hearing, but when he refered to it, he basically said I wouldn't have one for 3 years and I could walk around like a "crazy" person in Canada, all I wanted, and he said they would take my baby away from me.

He repeatedly said I could be "crazy" and walk around "like a crazy person" all I wanted.  And he said, "There are crazy people in Canada, and sure, you can walk around and be a crazy person in Canada if you want to, and ask for political asylum, but we'll take your son."

My son was 1 1/2.  I said, "What do you mean you'll take my son?" and he said, "We don't let mothers stay with their children when they're asking for political asylum."  He told me, "You'd be in an immigration place first and we don't allow kids there." 

I said, "What do you mean you don't allow kids?  So you're saying you take the kids away from their mothers?  You would take a baby away from his mother?"  and he said, "Yes, that's the way it's set up, and those are the rules."  He said they "Don't have a place for mothers and babies or mothers and their kids" to stay together.  I said, "So you're saying if someone comes to Canada for political asylum, Canada doesn't even let the family stay together? and not even a mother with her baby?" and he said, "No."

THEN he said, "But let me to check to see if we have something SPECIAL for you and your son."

Let me repeat....He KNEW I was there for political asylum.  Period.  Canada had ZERO misunderstandings about why I was there with my son.  What he did, was lie to me and discourage me from my request for political asylum.

He came back to me after an hour or more, and said, "I thought maybe we could do something special for you and you're son, but you're too old."


What, exactly, was "special" with regard to political asylum, that I was "too old" for?

Sorry CANADA assholes, and Commonwealth assholes, but I don't know of any political asylum request that is denied a hearing because of 1.  age, and 2.  insufficient funds.

You want rich young skin, dontcha. 

What if I show you my TITS Canada, or my ASS like Kate Middleton.  Oh wait.  No comparison.  She just strips for fun and show.  The women who are tortured and asking for political asylum from other countries, need to show Canada what they've got to offer:


Canada is SLUTLAND.

They import torture victims only if they are "not too old" and have money apparently.  Apparently, "not too old" is the first requirement and then if you're too old, you have to have "money".

So Canada immigration is trafficking humans for sexual favors for their RCMP assholes.  Canada has NO regard for "human rights".  They want to put their cocks into U.S. vaginas.  Chinese vaginas.  Any kind of female torture victim vagina will do, as long as its "young" and tight, really, really tight because the Canadian penises are ...well, I don't want to say really.  Like toothpicks?  Needles?  How about, the size of little needles.  The leetle needles in the haystack.

Make sure you're young.  Under the age of 5.

Canada will accept a torture victim, and give them a hearing for political asylum, if they have no children or are really young and have tight little vaginas.  If that's not the case, or they are not allowed to check, they want to cross the border and sexually molest and rape your little boys.  Canada is so hard up for little boys, they have to cross the border for them.

So when I say Canada committed crimes against me and my son, I'm not lying.

I was never in the immigration room with the Kelowna man (it's pronounced "KEY-lohna") over "insufficient funds".  He was there to insult me and my son and make fun of my request for political asylum.  He humiliated me and degraded me, and then told me to leave.

He acknowledged I was there for political asylum and to get out of it, he lied to me and my son.  Then when I questioned him about separating my son from me for "3 years" which is how long he told me the process would take, he left the room saying maybe they could do something "special".  He had that line planned out ahead of time.  He was a fucking U.S. cop.  He came back to humiliate me with "you're too old" and then he left the room AGAIN, and when he came back, he was yelling at me and holding a piece of paper telling me to sign it.  I said, "What is this?" 

He said, third time around, "You're here on insufficient funds."

RIGHT.  Liar.  And you, sir, have the hottest place in Hell set aside with your name on it.

So that was what this batter wound up to.  He knew we were there for political asylum, and rather than admit he was lying about their process, he wanted to change the reason I was there, and have me sign a document admitting I was there for "insuffient funds".  He forced me to sign it, and said, "If you don't, you're going to JAIL RIGHT NOW and we'll TAKE YOUR SON."

What happened to "you can walk around Canada like a crazy person, all you want, but your son won't be with you."

So what did they do?  They kidnapped my son, sent him to the U.S., and stalled the process for 3 years, as they forced me to "walk around the U.S. like a crazy person" all I wanted.

Was Alvaro Pardo's cock U.S. FBI?  Or Canadian-FBI?  You mother fucking bastards.

All that Kelowna did, was set this up ahead of time with the U.S. Department of Justice.

Then when I was driving back, after being forced to sign that document, I was sobbing and a Canadian (supposedly) told me I had "friends" in B.C. now and stay with him and his wife.  They knew I was going to turn around and ask again for political asylum or drive to a different section and they didn't want that mess.  So they wanted time to plot things out.

During this time, they tried to entrap me into any real crime, and suggested prostitution, and I never did anything illegal there.  They stalled so the U.S. could draft their papers, and then they arrested me and flew me to Penticton immigration center in a Middleton plane.

I got to Penticton and was put into a room with other women who Canada felt were not "young enough" or "pretty enough" to stay in Canada.  Or their bones weren't small enough for the Asian-Canadian sex market.

Canada is engaged in human trafficking for sexual business.  They'll take any hot dollar they can peel off of another country's government in exchange for sending away "embarrassments" to nations.  "You got an embarassing problem U.S.? name your price and we'll fix it for you."

Their "pipeline deal" is a COCK deal.  It has nothing to do with gas, oil, or energy.  They are in the business of selling and marketing women and children as sex slaves to their needlers.  They think if it's a woman whose had a kid, she must need a really really big dick, and already know ahead of time they don't have anything like that. 

Canada is a travesty and an illegal sex trade industry. 

This is what happened when I asked for political asylum.  They knew from the start, why I was there with my son.  They knew what the laws were.  And then rather than follow or obey the law, they degraded me and humilitated me, knowing I was a torture victim and mother of a child who was a torture victim, and forced me to sign a false statement.

Canada forced me to sign false statements that covered their asses twice.

Then they tried to use Canadian cocks in the U.S. to keep them out of trouble and work with U.S. cocks in planning how they might entrap anyone who could testify against them and put them into prison.

Canada premeditated, with U.S. officials, to have me forced out of housing for 3 years as they prevented my son from being returned to me, and they lied and called me crazy.  It wasn't a "prophecy", it was premeditated crime.

I'm sure I can edit this post and remove the language, but it's there right now, for purposes of demonstrating how the Canadians and U.S. "think" and how they thought about me and my son.  It's not how I think, or speak and anyone who tries to know what I think knows this already.  It IS exactly the way my son and I have been treated.

We WANT OUT OF HERE.  My son, my family, me,.....All of us are trapped and we want OUT.

Also, one of my mother's eyes is larger than the other one right now because I just checked.  She wasn't going to go to the door but I asked her to, and her right eye is bulging out more than her other one.  They're being tortured. 

What was injecting me with Haldol for?  when the U.S. did this to me later, what was the purpose?  to postpone the demise of the U.S.?  or was it to postpone the demise of Canada.

I'm starting to think Bill Gates' Microsoft obstruction of my email account is being done as a favor to Canada more than anything.  They timed it to occur after I wrote something about Middleton, but that was an excuse for doing this for Canada.  I had just filed a UN complaint against Canada, and promised to send more information and Microsoft obstructed my account.  Bill and Melinda Gates are more tied into Canadian government than U.S. government.   Possibly it's due to the fact Canadian government is strong majority Roman Catholic, and so are the Gates.  Bill Gates claims to be atheist and I think this is a lie to cover for his support of Catholic-driven interests.  His wife has never disowned Catholicism and she manages their money and charities.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Killing My Son's Pets

This country not only tortured my son, confined him, harassed him, and hypnotized him, they killed his pets and animals in front of him.

I bought him a Russian turtle and it was stepped on and crushed in front of my son, with my son watching.  I think it was not just animals and pets that were stepped on and crushed, it was done to his toys.  They ran over my son's turtle in front of him, on purpose, after crushing it.  People in this country also killed chicks and chickens he grew attached to.  They did this to him, knowing he was caring for them and loved them.  They also killed his fish, twice.

My son took home a turtle, in a daze, because the day he got it, he was drugged up by the United States of America.  CPS and their employees, all of them, are guilty of crimes.  There is not one good CPS worker in Wenatchee.  All of them got their Hanford-and-CIA proximity jobs, to steal children and abuse them, for a reason.  They lie.

My son was so happy to get his turtle and anything from me he treasured.  He acted drugged and hypnotized the day I saw him and it was around the same time CPS employees and cops in town were cutting his face, punching him in the face, knocking out teeth, and doing what they could for MKUltra.  He loved the turtle so they ran over it in front of him, from what I have figured out is probably the case.  I was told it went back to the pet store, but to my knowledge it didn't and no money was returned. 

They killed baby chicks in front of him, cops and CPS workers, and they caged him up, and they killed his fish.  They quit killing all the animals around him when he was old enough to go to school and tell on them.

I don't even know if my son's eye, that bulges out, is a permanent result of torture in the U.S., or if it from off-and-on, continual torture as has been done to me and my parents.  For him, it may well be permanent damages from something this country did to him, while my son was in U.S. guardianship.

Daddy U.S.A.Gov really has great plans for Oliver.  It doesn't matter if other countries were involved, because the U.S. has allowed this, on their territory.

I want Oliver returned to me.  There is going back, and there is looking back, and no, we are NOT moving forward with anything where it comes to my son.  My son is a hostage.  He is not "fine", he is not "nothing to be worried about" and he is not "just an active boy with lots of bruises from playing."

That Mormon cop was a liar just like Sibel, the Mormon state worker, is a liar.  It hasn't mattered if someone is Catholic, Mormon, Protestant, Satanic, or who knows, Agnostic, Hindu,...they tortured my son and lied about it there.

My son is getting older and his life is being wasted in this country.  The U.S. is also guilty of deliberately trying to harm and cause distress to each and every person that might care about him. They are deliberately trying to incite reactions and distress and trauma of others.

My own cousin Rani is involved.  Don't ever think that just because someone is "family", they are not ready to kill your own kid, out of jealousy.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Kate Middleton's Involvement in Nurse Murder

I believe Kate Middleton had everything to do with this nurse's death.

So is this why my Microsoft account was blocked from my use?  and why would it be an Eastern Indian man from Microsoft, refusing to give me the password back to my account? 

Kate even picked out what she was going to wear for the occasion of being photographed after the murder of the nurse and her own departure from the hospital.  The yellow flowers were not a mistake either, in my opinion.

Someone was attempting to create a kind of symbolic innuendo for specific groups to pick up on.

Hoya?  or Joya?

Kate Middleton is a criminal.  It IS possible she could go jail, and I know there are people who could easily put her in jail.  Not for something made-up, as was done with me, but because of actual crimes. 

She wanted my parents to notice and for someone to suffer and to rub something in.  She's working with someone who is getting access to my house too, and it's not my Dad or Mom.  It was someone in the last year and half, at least, so I don't know who.

Look at her wedding dress lace pattern.  It's all hoya shapes.  I mean, did she kill Diana as well?  I decided to look at the top of it, on a photo I saved, after thinking about the hoya plant in my house when I was a kid.  It came to mind, and then sure enough, there were little hoya flower shapes in the lace. 

So then we have a dead nurse, hung by a "scarf" after she was hovering over the ...what?  new "mammy?"  I even read tonight that one name of hoya is "Hindu rope".  Then she comes out of the hospital, wearing a blue scarf and holding yellow flowers when I have a bottle of "Joy" dish detergent by my sink that is blue and yellow and says "a little goes a long way" and "Ultra Joy" on it.  On the bottle is the shape of an empty crystal wine glass with stars on it.

Here is this photo I was given, of my son Oliver, with his lips parched and looking dehydrated.  My mother was also warning me about something before she went to the hospital, saying "one drop can kill you," so here's Middleton, walking out to the tune of a murdered nurse and "a little goes a long way".

When I was a kid I was washing dishes with Dawn or Joy, in a blue and yellow bottle, with the hoya plant hanging above and a mammy on a section of the windowsill.  The hoya plant died, right about the time we were having to move out of Moses Lake, Washington to Oregon.

Then, right after that nurse died, I hadn't walked out to the river property in a long time and I decided to do so and alongside the road across from the house, was one yellow weed plant, spreading out with yellow flowers, the same size as her yellow rose bouquet, and the river house was flooded.

A little goes a long way.  What?  Haldol?  Is that it Kate?  Or was it to rub in an idea of my son James River, being murdered as I was talking about water?  And she is the yellow rose next to the yellow weed?  With the surviving fetuses when mine were murdered by the same people who cut her checks?  Maybe it was over my being tortured until my hair fell out.

Kate Middleton is a criminal.  She plots revenge while pregnant and then goes to "hypnotherapy" while pregnant.  What kind of  a woman literally plans revenge and crimes while she's pregnant? 

She has tortured my son, and my mother has information on her that would put her into the slammer.