Friday, February 22, 2013

Kate Middleton's Involvement in Nurse Murder

I believe Kate Middleton had everything to do with this nurse's death.

So is this why my Microsoft account was blocked from my use?  and why would it be an Eastern Indian man from Microsoft, refusing to give me the password back to my account? 

Kate even picked out what she was going to wear for the occasion of being photographed after the murder of the nurse and her own departure from the hospital.  The yellow flowers were not a mistake either, in my opinion.

Someone was attempting to create a kind of symbolic innuendo for specific groups to pick up on.

Hoya?  or Joya?

Kate Middleton is a criminal.  It IS possible she could go jail, and I know there are people who could easily put her in jail.  Not for something made-up, as was done with me, but because of actual crimes. 

She wanted my parents to notice and for someone to suffer and to rub something in.  She's working with someone who is getting access to my house too, and it's not my Dad or Mom.  It was someone in the last year and half, at least, so I don't know who.

Look at her wedding dress lace pattern.  It's all hoya shapes.  I mean, did she kill Diana as well?  I decided to look at the top of it, on a photo I saved, after thinking about the hoya plant in my house when I was a kid.  It came to mind, and then sure enough, there were little hoya flower shapes in the lace. 

So then we have a dead nurse, hung by a "scarf" after she was hovering over the ...what?  new "mammy?"  I even read tonight that one name of hoya is "Hindu rope".  Then she comes out of the hospital, wearing a blue scarf and holding yellow flowers when I have a bottle of "Joy" dish detergent by my sink that is blue and yellow and says "a little goes a long way" and "Ultra Joy" on it.  On the bottle is the shape of an empty crystal wine glass with stars on it.

Here is this photo I was given, of my son Oliver, with his lips parched and looking dehydrated.  My mother was also warning me about something before she went to the hospital, saying "one drop can kill you," so here's Middleton, walking out to the tune of a murdered nurse and "a little goes a long way".

When I was a kid I was washing dishes with Dawn or Joy, in a blue and yellow bottle, with the hoya plant hanging above and a mammy on a section of the windowsill.  The hoya plant died, right about the time we were having to move out of Moses Lake, Washington to Oregon.

Then, right after that nurse died, I hadn't walked out to the river property in a long time and I decided to do so and alongside the road across from the house, was one yellow weed plant, spreading out with yellow flowers, the same size as her yellow rose bouquet, and the river house was flooded.

A little goes a long way.  What?  Haldol?  Is that it Kate?  Or was it to rub in an idea of my son James River, being murdered as I was talking about water?  And she is the yellow rose next to the yellow weed?  With the surviving fetuses when mine were murdered by the same people who cut her checks?  Maybe it was over my being tortured until my hair fell out.

Kate Middleton is a criminal.  She plots revenge while pregnant and then goes to "hypnotherapy" while pregnant.  What kind of  a woman literally plans revenge and crimes while she's pregnant? 

She has tortured my son, and my mother has information on her that would put her into the slammer.

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