Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Communications Disconnection (Last 2 Days)

My communications are being interrupted.  Every single one to 2 minutes, my internet connection is being disconnected.

I've been trying to make records requests all day and night, and I have been sitting in the same location, and regardless of where I go, some group has been shutting off my wifi and disconnecting me, literally, every 1-2 minutes. 

All day today, and all night, and most of the night and day yesterday as well.

Then after disconnecting the connection, it's restarting and connecting for a few minutes and then disconnecting.  I am not exaggerating about how often it's been.

Also, all day I've been tortured to my head as well, and eye.  I know it is NASA and not something else because if I put my hand over my head, across the top, it was stopping.  I have seen my Mom and Dad having to do the same thing.

I did get some emails sent, but it was beyond disruptive and beyond harassing.  There is no possible way that it was a weather or location problem because it was being done where I have always sat before, and it was systematic and repeated.

There is no reason any group would do this other than to try to force me to quit what I'm doing, stall and delay me in my records requests, and to harass me hoping I will become frustrated and upset.

It is also happening to my parents.

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