Sunday, February 3, 2013

U.S. Border Control Colluded with Canada

The U.S. Border Patrol colluded with Canada to set me up for false confession and my forced signature.

After Canada illeglly denied political asylum, without a hearing, and tried to change my case into something else, they knew they had broken the law.

Perverted justice.

Canada perverted the course of justice. 

The U.S. also knew they were guilty of colluding, so they wanted to strengthen the lie that I was just "trying to get into Canada illegally" (i.e., without enough money).

This is why the U.S. Border Patrol told me to go to Canada's border station.  He could have let me use the phone, and said, "Here, talk to them."  Instead, he went into a back room for awhile and when he came out, he said go to Canada's station.

Then Canada told me they were going to arrest me if I didn't a false statement, that "I admit I was trying to get into Canada illegally."

Both the U.S. and Canada had motive to conceal crimes of obstruction, perversion, and kidnapping and torture.

So this is why, when I went to the Iranian Embassy and asked for political asylum, all of a sudden, the U.S. and Canada were more than nervous.  I had just asked for political asylum again.  From Iran.

Oh!  All of a sudden, it's not looking like an "insufficient funds" story anymore, is it?

Mother goes sobbing, hysterically, greiving, to Iranian Embassy for political asylum, explaining how she attempted to get political asylum in Canada and they were criminals.

They tip-toed around, thinking if they could stall for one year while a Hague statute expired, they'd be safe.  Which is why Alvaro Pardo chose to leave the state when I asked him to leave.  I asked him for time apart, and it was his choice to leave the state.  He only did this, because his "mission" was already over.  One year had gone by and Hague statutes were expired.

So he galloped over to the Seattle FBI, probably got paid there, and then flew to D.C. so he could keep sleeping around, and called me "crazy" from there.

What a great man.  "Maybe you are crazy."  Right.  And maybe you are never, ever, going to be a U.S. citizen.

The U.S. and Canada were planning to keep my son from the start.  They were never going to return him to me.  They kidnapped him, and they were going to keep him.  Part of their lying about our status of expulsion from Canada as "illegal immigrants" was to change the fact we were refugees.

Illegal immigrants or "illegal aliens" have different standing than "refugees" and those who request political asylum.  So they knew they could adopt my son away from me, as long as they lied and said I was just a criminal, wandering into Canada mentally ill, with "insufficient funds".

Any attempt by Canada or the Commonwealth, to pretend they were "friends" later, was a lie.

Perverting the course of justice.  How ironic that an RCMP should accuse ME of this, as they tortured my son and perverted the course of justice by falsely arresting me and lying about me, and kidnapping my son from me.

Bloody guilty hands.

They took victims, including a child who was a baby, and abused their authority to bully and torture them, and deprive them of due process.  Perverting the course of justice.  They are the perverts.

There was a woman from Eastern India in the courtroom for immigration court, by the way.  Mostly it was white people, but I remember wondering why there was an Eastern Indian woman there who was interested.  She sat in the courtroom during my hearing, behind me. 

So Canada has committed gross crimes. 

They are part of The Commonwealth, so they are a liability.  They also have the Queen as a figurehead, and that makes this case a liability to the English royals as well. They perverted justice, and they have not corrected their perversion.

I looked up the meaning of Canada.  It means "village" or "settlement".  Canada owes my son a settlement. 

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