Friday, February 8, 2013

Dad Tortured (instruments inside his eyes)

My Dad is being severely tortured and I saw something today that I have not seen before.

I said, "That's professional." He said what are you talking about? I said, "That's a professional job." In the store, with that lighting and then outside, I could see the corners of his eyes, have been obliterated. I am not speaking about the outside skin, and inner corners of his eyes, against the bridge of his nose, where my parents are being tortured and then it bruises pink or blue and purple, turns brown, and black.

Now, someone is getting inside of his eyes, in where his eyeballs are, and they using an instrument to do something horrible. It looked like someone had seared or burned or lasered a design into his inside of his eye by his eyeballs.

It also projects down or inwards, like into a cavity. It was done in a tear shape that is horizontal, lying flat, on either side. It is so noticeable, if you look from the side in the right light, and so markedly different from how his eyes were before, that there is no cruelty that can be compared to it.

And it is absolutely a professional job.

It's not bruising to the skin from pressure or compression by external technology, this is something that had to have been done, hands-on, in person.

My Dad has been a few places recently, that would be considered to be "behind closed doors".

His church, where the 20+ years Air Force man works as a "pastor". My Dad had to go there to play piano to practice for a funeral. That pastor is friends with another pastor in town who is 20+ years U.S. Navy. His church is up the road several blocks. This is a different church from another church, where the pastor is also 20+ years career military (New Mexico), and then another church there is a psychologist who worked in another country and then worked for the FBI in Portland, Oregon before moving here; he also worked for a Veterans Affairs hospital.

That's 4 pastors, right off the bat, who have churches less than 2 miles from where I live. I don't know who is doing all of this to my Dad, but how can this many people not know something is wrong?

This is like a military base. I've said before this is a black ops site, and what else would you call it? Whoever is putting instruments inside of my Dad's eyes, in person, I don't know.

My Dad told me he went two places today before I saw him. He said he went to a coffee shop (christian one in Coos Bay) and to a music store. That's it.

So if he was behind closed doors anywhere, those were the places, and someone had to do it in the bathroom. That's if it was done today and not earlier. Whoever did this to him was professional.

It wasn't a kind of torture that was done at random, it was done to create intense suffering.

I didn't see his eyes on the drive over because he had sunglasses on. I only saw his eyes in the store, when he came in there, and he did not look okay, but depressed when I saw him. I still didn't notice anything about his eyes aside from the dark circles. I saw the dark circles this morning, before he put on his glasses, but not the other thing.

When he looked to the side and I saw his eye movement, and got a view, it was so grotesque and shocking I didn't even know what to say. It isn't something you notice face-on, or straight ahead. It's from the side angle. It looked like hot drum sticks, from a drum, were jammed into the inside corners of his eyes, under the skin and past his eyeball.

There is no possible way this is not torture and there is no possible way it's not a professional job.

I said, "That's it. We're leaving." He said no, "WE" are not leaving. I said, "There is no way you can keep living here when they are torturing you like that."

My Dad has to be full-blown hostage. There is no possible way anyone can convince me now, that my Dad is here freely, of his own free will. NO possible way. I think he takes it and tries to stay low to avoid further torture. Like a man who decides not to look into the eyes of a Nazi in war, because if he does, he might send a message he's smarting off or being too bold or drawing attention to himself.

There is NO way my Dad is here, freely.

I don't care if they showed me passports. The one I saw was hot off the press and hadn't even been used, and that was to create an appearance he even had one. Or that one of the twins had one. Also, the only time they've ever been outside of the country, even to Mexico, it's been with U.S. federal escorts. So that doesn't look like freedom to me, no matter how many years you've said they're just friends. If they're feds, they're feds.

My Dad said everything could turn around.  To have faith and how did I know everything might not turn around, that God is in control.  I started crying then.  So for decades we are tortured, but this?  I said, "God wants us to have faith but also to look at the situation."

My parent's hot water heater is getting switched off too.  Tonight my Dad got it reset but it's getting turned off and on.  They have to press a button to reset it or something and it takes awhile to heat up and I guess that was happening while my laptop wifi was being disconnected every couple of minutes.

Mainly, it's the torture.

It is not too much to ask, to not be tortured.

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