Sunday, February 3, 2013

Portland FBI and George Fox University

The FBI is definitely involved.

Detective Grose last said to me, he thought Josh Gatov seemed too "laid back".  Maybe laid back like the man in the photo below.  This is a photo from George Fox University psychology department.  I found it while looking up the woman who counseled me after I was raped.  You know, the records that I never got, which were never sent to me.  George Fox is one of the FBI's target schools.  They employ people directly from there.  So look at who was in charge of supervising interns when I was counseled:  Koch.  Is that a conflict of interest?  The FBI has always known and they are guilty of attempting to conceal crimes against me.  Oh, remember what firm was appointed to represent me for an "appeal" for my son's case?  Koch.  The Koch firm.  And where is Laura Laughlin from?  oh that's right.  She went to the same college Chris Koch went to.  The photo below has a man who resembles Josh Gatov.  What a great idea, to put up a photo of a man that resembles an alleged rapist. He looks so "laid back" as Portland Police detective Grose said.  Oh, and look! how cute!  They put a photo of a woman with black hair like my counselors, right next to it.  Why is she hiding her face?  covert FBI?  What a great photo.  Something for criminals and federal employee criminals to smirk over and feel really proud of.

Chris Koch, PhD
Professor of Psychology; Director of Assessment
Telephone: 503-554-2744

Koch is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and completed an MS and a PhD in cognitive-experimental psychology at the University of Georgia. He joined the Graduate School of Clinical Psychology at George Fox University in 1993 and is director of the undergraduate psychology department. He is also the current National President of Psi Chi, the undergraduate psychology honors society. Primary research interests concern attention, particularly using the Stroop effect. Current projects involving the Stroop effect include chronometric studies, analysis of error rates, examining individual difference (e.g. personality and intelligence), and further exploring why the Stroop exists. A second line of research involves visual perception. Several studies are being conducted to examine how objects are recognized. Some of these studies include intelligence testing. Other research projects include developing a vision screening instrument and a measure and model of perceived ability in sports.

GFU Page, Lab Page
 I notice how Koch writes about the "Stroop effect".  How he is so interested in it.  Which is really, hah hah, funny, because I knew a Rob and Helen Stroop.  Before I met the counselor from GFU.
I remembered thinking, "Is this woman even a christian?" about Carol.  Because when I was counseled, I was told she was a christian, as I requested.  She was fine, until I asked for copies of my records.  Then she and some others got so weird and hostile I knew something was very wrong.  I doubted she was a christian at that point.  I thought maybe she was Catholic and that's why she was acting weird.  Because by the time I asked for records, I had met the monks at Mt. Angel Abbey and there were problems, almost a year later.  So I thought she was maybe connected to them because why should SHE be hostile over ME?  For what reason?  I was always pleasant in meetings and she was never rude to me then.  She wanted to videotape me and I declined, but it was okay.  She wrapped up the sessions when I said I felt I had come to closure, and she agreed.  Not once was she mean or hostile until I asked for records.  I never got records.  Believe me, the FBI is involved.  Also, why would she ask me to be videotaped?  I had been upset that Janet Bechtold videotaped me and gave it to others without my permission and that it was then used for marketing Sherwood High School.  Janet Bechtold had this video of me going international, when this was dangerous for me.
So the next time I was asked if I could be videotaped, was in counseling?  This would suggest someone who knew Bechtold was involved in my counseling.  What a comforting thought.
Maybe the motive was to say, "She let us videotape her counseling, so she doesn't mind being videotaped like she says" or "She really doesn't value her privacy that much".  If anything, it was suggested as a way to excuse what videotaping had been done of me already, without my consent. 
Prior to the assassination attempt against me, in 1992, where I was run off the road, I believe this video of me was sent out.  I also know it was in 1992 when I was working PT while in high school, at Wendys, and I remember an extremely rich woman coming through to check me out.  It wasn't like she just drove up and ordered something, or that she was a snob and didn't care what people thought.  She came to my workplace to specifically check me out.  She then made a very condescending remark to me, and as she looked me over, I recognized, "She feels very satisfied to see me working at Wendy's."  She looked like she was inspecting to ensure her horrid plan for my life was being implemented and turning out the way she wanted.  I have very rarely remembered or noticed someone as I remember her.  In 1992.  I also thought, why is a total stranger, that has that much money, that interested in me at all?  I couldn't understand why she knew who I was.  She came through the drivethrough.  I would love to know if Wendy's ever kept any video footage of that.  That would be a break in the clouds, no doubt about it.  I really wish I had a video of her.

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