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Torture Upon Writing: FBI Is Destroying Family Records and Genealogy

The FBI is destroying all of my family's history, records, and genealogy.

The minute I wrote this line, I was being tortured.  So whoever is at work right now, after about 10:30 p.m., started torturing me with torture to my ribcage, under my ribs near my heart, with the same pulse that my computer had with an icon thing that someone put onto my laptop that I didn't sign up for.  I had my son's photos against a "First Check" cholesterol screen kit, and then someone added an icon onto my computer that pops up and asks for a "ju check".  I didn't put it on my computer.  It's an "Oracle America" icon and from jucheck.exe and someone added this onto my computer ever since I had my son's photos there and then police illegally entered my house.  I wasn't being tortured until I wrote about the FBI destroying our family records after I discovered genealogy that my Aunt Charlotte did is missing.  She would never take it down.  She had it online for a reason.

I was using it to put together dates of deaths and births and events in the family for a report.  And this is exactly why the FBI is destroying evidence.  They are totally 100% criminal.  The FBI and the U.S. federal government knew I was making a report against them, since 2011, when I filed the first UN complaint.  They shut down my bank account and purged all of my history after I filed the report against the U.S.  Then I filed for habeas corpus.  Since then, email accounts of family members have been shut down.

Every single document that pertained to family history is missing from the internet.  We had genealogy that went back over 100 years and it's missing.

This is in addition to the FBI purging all of my bank account history from checking and savings, and shutting down my bank account without telling me.

They also cleaned out my Great Aunt Mary's email history, are trying to shut down my account history, cleaned out my brother's account history, and cleaned out my Aunt Holly's email history.  When I say "cleaned out" I mean, they closed email accounts that contained family history and forced all of these people to open new accounts.

The FBI is also the responsible party for the fact that I didn't get my medical and counseling records so long.

Alvaro Pardo, who worked for the FBI, and TOLD me he worked for the FBI, wanted me to have my hair cut as the first thing he hurridly pursued.

He was doing it for the FBI.  The FBI was liable for a lawsuit because they lied and said I used marijuana when I didn't, and it was because of THEM that I was "red-flagged" to medical clinics in Wenatchee.  I had a doctor tell me you don't get "red-flagged" unless law enforcement makes the report.

So I was not being treated for severe and extreme pain of migraines, because of lies by the FBI.  I don't think I've mentioned that a doctor told me it was law enforcement that defamed me.

I can't confirm, on my own, that this is true, but this is what I was told.  I knew I was being defamed by doctors and hospitals but then a doctor told me I was "red-flagged" and I didn't ask what that meant at first.  I thought it just meant someone in the medical community defamed me internally somewhere.  Or, for example, Mike Parnell made me sound nuts, but I don't think he accused me of being a drug user or addict.  It was the federally funded clinic:  Columbia Valley Community Health.

The feds.  It was the ER at Central mainly because that's where I went all the time, but I did go to CVCH as well.

Finally a doctor told me it was because of law enforcement, that law enforcement passed information on to them, that said I was a drug user or suspected drug addict and to "red flag" me.

So I was defamed and when I found out I said they could be sued.  When Alvaro was then with me, he lived with a nurse.  It was a Maryland nurse.  One of the first things he had me do was have my hair cut, after I had told medical professionals and FBI they could be sued for defaming me and saying I used marijuana when I never did.  There was also a lab that said I did, later, and it wasn't true.  So a hair test would have proved that.  Alvaro wanted me to cut my hair and I knew at the time, it was for that reason, for some group he worked for/with.  Later, he told me he had worked for the FBI when he was in Colombia.  So then he was in the U.S.  Who is he going to work for in the U.S.?  Well, when he was in Colombia, he worked for the FBI.  So now that he's in the U.S. who would he think might give him a job?  The FBI.

The FBI is systematically destroying everything good about my life.  They are destroying all of my family records, all correspondence from me to family members, all records of anything good I've ever done, or anything good that's happened in my life.  They are plastering me with false arrest records and rapes instead.  And lying about me, to the point they literally watched me being assaulted with Haldol and thought it was a good time.  One of the nurses, at the Vanderbilt psych ward, where they kept me before moving me to Middleton TN psych ward, knew the nurse I had lived with when I lived with Alvaro.  I talked to her and confirmed it and then she got nervous and didn't want to be around me.  It was a black nurse, at the Vanderbilt University Hospital psych ward, and she knew the black nurse I lived with in Maryland, with Alvaro, until we moved to a house with a Colombia woman renting the space.  Before I was sent to Middleton TN and assaulted until I was almost brain dead, with Haldol, I recognized that black nurse.  She already knew who I was too and she didn't stand up for me.

If you date an FBI agent, the DEA and FBI make you pay for breaking up with him.  The FBI can't handle rejection, at all.  They can't handle rejection when you tell their superiors one of them raped you, and/or sexually asssaulted you, and they can't handle rejection if you don't marry one of the men they want to be their "quick Green Card" FBI agent.  Alvaro was talking about living in New York or Phoenix, Arizona, or Seattle, WA for a time.  All of the places where there are FBI field offices.

The FBI has been deleting all of my records, and history and correspondence.  So what is the point?  No agency does this unless they are planning to kill you.

The only reason someone starts getting rid of personal papers, diaries, and email, and closes even your bank account, and begins trying to create a different picture of you, is because after so many assassination attempts, now they are getting serious.

But first, they want to slowly remove every trace of my life.

The U.S. is plotting to murder me.

They already torture me, and have been torturing me and holding my family hostage.  They are not getting rid of personal papers and records for everyone in the family.  Just mine.  I take that back.  They have stolen most of the photos and personal papers from my grandparents, Granny and Grandpa.  And they have forced my Aunt Charlotte to take down her genealogy page about the Garrett-Ball-Howard family.  But with the email accounts, the accounts being shut down are the ones that I've corresponded to.

The U.S. has been gradually destroying records about my life, and stealing from me, and then trying to create a false cover for themselves.

They need a cover.  So they are defaming me and ruining my life, to cover for crimes of torture and conspiracy.

After they defamed me, through FBI's agent Amy Roe (she works for the FBI and it is confirmed), they tortured me.  Then they got nervous when I asked for political asylum.

They weren't ready for me to ask for political asylum from Iran.  Canada, sure.  Not Iran.  So they got nervous.  The U.S. and Canada got worried I was going to expose them, or that someone in another country would expose them for hate crimes and torture against me and my son, and kidnapping of my son.

So the U.S. scrapped together a plan for themselves.

They forced me into a position where I had to be with Alvaro, their FBI agent.  And then they tried to have him set me up to go to prison for marriage fraud to another man.  When I didn't go for it, they thought they could entrap me through him still, or force me to stay in the U.S. for 2 years.  Alvaro told me I would have to live with him (of course) for 2 years, even if I was trying to get my son back, so if he worked in D.C. and I had to be in Wenatchee, I still had to live with him and go back and forth.

The U.S. thought they could expire the 2 year refugee status in that time, and prevent me from fleeing the country, which would prove I had need for political asylum.  Then, if I wanted, I could go to Colombia and get killed. 

The U.S. and Canada wanted to kill me in Colombia, so it looked like it was out of their hands.  That's after multiple assassination attempts of me, through "accidents" in the U.S.   "Accidents" didn't work, so I could have my head blown off in Colombia.

I didn't marry into the FBI, because the FBI is SKANKS UNITED.  When your boyfriend is trimming his pubic hair to visit the FBI offices, you know all they care about is swinging.  They got into their jobs for sex, not to fight crime.  They liked the idea of FBI for the idea of how much sex they could get out of it.  What's the difference between a regular cop and an FBI agent?  The price of the escort.  FBI agents get to rape for free.

The "debriefing" of engagement to Pardo went like this, literally:  "Did he assault you?"  "Did he ever hit you?"  "Did he sexually assault you in any way?"

They weren't asking because he was a person-of-interest.  They were "clearing" their agent for the next assignment, to go FUCK another woman.
And I take it back that I am the only ones whose history and evidence is being destroyed.  While I am the main one, I witnessed disappearance of most of Granny and Grandpa's records and photos.  Someone even stole my Grandpa's favorite photo of me from their bedroom, of me when I was a baby.  I showed Alvaro and had told him it was my Grandpa's favorite one of me.  Almost all of their photos and papers are gone.  It has been occuring since FBI agent Rick Baken and Kyle Flick moved to town.  Also, most of my parents records and many photos have been stolen.  Keepsakes and jewelry my mother had is gone, and drawings, and I believe someone stole a card I made for my Dad that was saved since I was a kid.  Out of all the cards I made, he got to keep one.  I am positive they had evidence of something, because when I first showed up, they were being mocked over how all their history and evidence is gone.  And how they are like the fading people in the movie "Back to the Future" where everyone fades from the photo, for good.  I saw email sent to my Dad mocking him over "evidence" that was gone, and I witnessed conversations about the same.

And then he was being forced to write diaries that weren't really what he'd normally write, and my mother was forced to keep false ledgers of her driving to conceal who she was meeting when she was then showing up at the house again, tortured and beaten up.  I don't believe she falsified mileage, just who she was with.  I noticed someone told her to do this after I started living here and looked through it one time.  The next time I did, everything was falsified, after I figured out where she was one time during her being assaulted.

So my parent's evidence has been deliberately destroyed by FBI, police, and military.  I'm sure the CIA as well.  My Grandparent's photos and evidence, is gone.  And this is what they are doing with me too.

The government doesn't get away with this kind of thing, and do this, unless they think your family is a big deal.  My Dad said today the U.S. thought I was insignificant and he was insignificant. 

Really.  Prove it.  Prove we are "insignificant".  So far, all of the evidence, and harassment and interest, points to the exact opposite.  Is "insignificant" supposed to be the opposite of "special"?  Why are John Kaempf's gangsters moving to this town and living here?  Is that a sign of insignificance?  How about Bujanda's "people".  Yeah, we are real "insignificant".

Here's how "insignificant"...John Kaempf, lawyer for Bullivant Houser, and Raul Bujanda, FBI, are friends.

Raul Bujanda, FBI, was being used by Bullivant Houser Bailey, for their surveillance for their lawsuits against me.

I was not just up against the Mt. Angel Abbey and Archdiocese.  I was up against the FBI and the FBI tried to frame me over it.

I specifically told S.A. Julie Thornton that I believed Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza were connected to lawyers I was in litigation against.  She cut me off and tried to obstruct me from giving my testimony about it.  She also tried to obstruct me from giving her specific facts of hate crime.

Then I was blocked from getting FOIA for 7 years.  Turns out, I was right all along.  The Catholic church was using the FBI for their own defense against me.  A couple of them were in business with Mormons, so they used those ones to deflect attention from themselves, forgetting that oh yeah, if anyone looked at the first relationship once removed, they are making money through alliances with Catholics I was suing.  And Amy Roe?  the reporter for Willamette Week?  Well, I had always wondered why, out of everyone, she was the one who was shielded.  I was able to serve lawsuits upon all defendents except for her, because she went into hiding and a very large group of people was willing to hide her, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  This is possibly how her mother, in Seattle, WA, working at Google, has a connection to Chris Dabney, working at The Post Pub in D.C., who knows Mark who was both U.S. Army and FBI connected.

So guess who Christa Schneider knew?  the woman I had been friends with?  She was connected, by friendships, to Dick Whittemore and to the Department of Justice and FBI.  So yes, literally, the FBI agents that approached me, were FBI who were being used by religious groups, against me, for their own private reasons.  This is a crime, if true.  S.A. Julie Thornton cut me off from giving facts about this, saying, "I don't believe this has anything to do with your lawsuits or a church".  Right.  right.  Oh yeah.  Right.  And that is where Cameo Garrett lives. 

"How did you already know where I lived?"  I said to FBI agents Bujanda and Garza.

('s because I was 'insignificant')

OH SHIT you are Right.  right.  right.  Right there.

Canadians like to say "right" a lot too.  But it's not to give directions.

The FBI has been concealing the fact that they deliberately cut me off from giving testimony, more than once, when they already knew it connected people they didn't want have connected.  Who does Annette Sandberg work for?  Department of Transportation.   And the FBI.  So when I called New Mexico FBI and told them I needed a bus ticket out of there, they called Washington state FBI, and at that time it was Laura Laughlin in charge.  How nice that Washington state keeps a line between their FBI and Annette Sandberg.  Like I said, Dabney and Mark knew eachother and Amy Roe knows Dabney.  What's the commonality?  Just the FBI.  Just the Seattle, WA FBI.

I will take my son now thank you.  Because all of you, are criminals who tortured my family and drugged me to keep from getting caught.  It saved you lots of money and you have better jobs, more friends, and nicer houses for it.  While I slept in the dirt and my son was tortured in front of me.

Bill O'Reilly.  On his show, 2 days ago I believe, he interviewed a Muslim man from the anti-defamation league and used the phrase, "So you were offended but now you say you're not offended anymore."  Those were O'Reilly's words, not the Muslim man's words.  He was basically repeating what Robin Bechtold said to me, "I used to think you were better than me, but now I don't think you're better than me anymore."

Of course not.

My entire family is "insignificant", "NOT SPECIAL" as Kaempf says.  Tell me something.  Did John Kaempf and Robin Bechtold learn how to salute like a real Nazi in the same confirmation class?

Additionally, hatred came against me on St. Patrick's Day in Portland, Oregon, with a bunch of Irish from Ireland, and Americans, at different Irish pubs, telling me I was not welcome there.  Nathan Bechtold, Robin's cop brother, had only visited Ireland how many times?  I think his friend Cullin was also Irish.  It was about 3 different Irish bars in Portland, with different Irish, mostly men, and some of them guards working security, who told me to get lost and that I wasn't welcome to be there.

Out of the blue.

And Bill O'Reilly doesn't have 'crime' in his 'hood'.  Irish men expressed hatred to me, and I didn't know why then.  The only "Irish" person I knew of who I thought I might have offended, was Bechtolds, by my report of rape (or attempted report) to Det. Grose in Portland, Oregon.  But I suppose Bill McCann, aka "Priest Fr. Joachim McCann" was also Irish and I had named him in one of my lawsuits.  It's not very often that men will get in a woman's face, and these men got in my face.

When my parental rights were terminated, who was 'defending' me?  The Irish Catholic law firm, and who blocked me from filing an injunction?  Irish Judge Ed Shea.  And I was served with termination papers, by a man wearing a shirt that said "St. Patricks Day".

I remember that day, in Portland, Oregon, and I know those same individuals knew cops and FBI and retaliated against me through Italian, Mexican, and other American law enforcement, medical personnel, and Department of Justice employees.

Guess what?

Fuck you.

Your friend "Whitey" is in jail, and all of you are next.

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