Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NOW Hacking, TORTURE and Obstruction of All Family Computers

All of my family's computers and laptops are being heavily hacked, disconnected, and obstructed by the U.S. Department of Justice cyberteam.

I'm being constantly disconnected, every minute or so, and my mother and father are having the same thing happen to their computers.   

I know it's the Department of Justice cyber group because they were the group that was all over me in Washington D.C. and they are the group that ultimately has access to my family's computers.

I just had someone disconnect me and tell to log in again.  It's been this way for about one week and mostly in the last 2-3 days. 

I am also positive the U.S. Department of Justice had something to do with using Microsoft "customer support" to get access to my current computer.

When I was in Washington D.C., it was a U.S. Department of Justice cyberteam man who stole my cell phone from me.  He is the only one I caught in the act.  My cell phones were being stolen every time I turned around, and he made an excuse of kissing me in a taxi cab to steal my cell phone.

He worked for the U.S. Department of Justice Computer Team and I know for a fact, because he was required to show me his ID to order drinks.  They were all over me.

They came in as a group and they bought tons of drinks and I thought they were very nice for asking for me all the time and tipping so well.  It really helped me, financially, and I would make a couple hundred or more just from their group.  But it looks like it was the impulse action of a guilty conscience.  One of the women acted really friendly and then she following me, right on my back and I turned around and she had this look of hatred.  She had been going in, looking so nice and friendly.

I asked them what they did and all of them were U.S. Department of Justice people and most of them were cyber team people.  So it's not like I'm "scared" or worried about Microsoft telling me my account is blocked and they're "investigating".

I have nothing to be scared of, and recent insinuations are incorrect.  I have people acting like frickin NUTS, as if since I'm looking at being a gestational surrogate, out of this country only, I am trying to "run" from something.

Let's get something straight.

I was studying French and Russian, on my own, before I was 13 years old.  I chose this for myself.  I didn't have parents who pushed me to lessons and made suggestions.  The only suggestion they ever made was to take piano.  Nothing else.  No foreign languages were ever discussed.  Ever.  I picked up the books, on my own, at the library with no one at my school telling me to, neither of my parents, and knowing NO ONE who studied other languages or talked about it.  It was MY idea.  I had no friends who studied other languages and no one talked about it.  I wasn't raised around prep school kids.  I studied the Russian alphabet and practiced the characters and memorized it.  I studied phrases in French and said them out loud.  I had no tapes or audio to listen to, so I didn't know how to continue, not knowing how to make the words sound.  However, that was ME, not anyone else.  Katie Fallon was doing nothing, and she ended up going to Cornell.  Funny how things work that way, in the "land of opportunity".  Her Dad got credit for spying on MY family so she got to go to an Ivy League.  It had nothing to do with her intellectual ability so I'm sick of the U.S. SHIT.

So when I got to college, I thought I might teach English in a foreign country (1998).  Then the U.S. began to show their true colors.  I signed up to study French abroad in 2002 and learn the language and the ONLY reason I didn't go, was because I had 2 major lawsuits I was single-handedly managing.  I was better than any of these lame-ass corporate lawyers who were getting paid and spent 3 years in law school, and at least a decent percentage of the lawyers KNEW it or they wouldn't have accused me of having a "ghost writer" or some lawyer helping me.  No one helped me.  I helped myself.

I PULLED MYSELF UP by MY BOOTstraps that I BOUGHT with money I earned ON MY OWN.  YOU FUCKERS.

God damn the Department of Justice.  Lousy, lazy, lame-ass LOSERS.

No one helped me accomplish anything. I managed to rise to the top, like cream off of a mother-fucking silo full of nothing but milk, milk, and more milk.

What happened?  JEALOUS SHIT happened.  And the U.S. Department of Justice is responsible for all of that shit.  Trucks full of shit.

I didn't have a "break-down", or get distracted, or get married and have kids--there was nothing that interfered with my ability except for this GOD DAMN country.

Today I wasn't tortured until after I told ebay I didn't want to sign up with them.  This is what it's come down to.  Offending some big business owner.

My Mom has huge black circles around her eyes from whatever happened to her over the weekend in Roseburg but they got darker today from something that had to have happened at an appointment.  My Dad has flashed the lights in the house twice, and I have been tortured to the top of my head since someone at ebay didn't like our phone conversation.  This is when it started. 

Since I tried making my last CAT complaint against Canada, Microsoft shut down my access to my email account in retaliation, for Canada.  I was then targeted to the top of the head, to my ears and neck at severe levels, for weeks, and after this country deliberately stalled me by this torture,  they quit.  They laid off until I made posts for being a gestational surrogate and then they began interfering with my computer and disconnecting me every minute.

This is the 4th time the United States government has interfered with my search and communications over being a gestational surrogate.

Then they try to pull stupid things, like attempting to push me out of the U.S. with nothing, no money and no work, or alternately imply I'm running from something or have something to be worried about.  They don't like the fact I've stated, internationally, that I will NOT carry a pregnancy in the U.S. because the U.S. is not a safe country for the unborn.  If they want to torture or kill your unborn, they do.  No big deal to this country at all.

They did it to my parents and they did it with me.

I have NO INTEREST in U.S. employee SHITS.  Someone had Alvaro Pardo call me again and I didn't call him back.  I don't care what he's doing and I am not getting together with him or any other FBI worker or Department of State employee. 

I DO NOT WANT U.S. men.  I do not want a relationship with someone.  I am not jealous of any woman's relationship in this country and I don't care.  I made a contract with Alvaro, in an agreement to be engaged and when I said, this is when it's not okay to cheat on me anymore, and if you are thinking about being with someone, tell me, he broke the deal.

So I'm sorry you mother fucking cops and FBI, but YOUR MEN are SHIT.

What this means, is I keep my contracts.  I don't back out.  He chose to back out of a contract, and thought he could lie to me about it and that was his tough luck.  "Just don't get caught" doesn't work in my business.

I am the boss.  You signed a fucking deal with the boss, and you broke the deal.  Deal over.  That means, if you keep lying to me, don't think I believe I am under the conditions of the contract anymore.  I even gave you a chance later, and told you to leave our rented place, and we'd talk about it and maybe work something out.  I said I needed more time.  You chose to take off for Headquarters in D.C.

The U.S. has no right to put conditions on me, and torture me, and then lie to others and claim I'm "on the run" when I've been trying to leave this country for a DECADE due to illegal torture and interference with business.

YOU FUCKED WITH THE BOSS.  You fucking KNOW I'm the boss, or you wouldn't have NASA and the FBI trying to control me, isn't that correct?

What are you afraid of?  Competition?

Anything you can do to try to control me or degrade me, is the the only thing you, Department of Justice, have been "okay" with.  You're not "comfortable" with a woman in charge, and not a woman who outshines your wife, yourself, your daughters and your mistress.  It's embarrassing for you, after all of the years you worked to hold me down, so your family could look okay and turn out better than planned.

I proved what I can do, despite a few migraines, and you didn't like it, so you went after me.  YOU are Satan.

What have I done, since then?  Nothing.

Which is why you need to fucking BACK OFF before your entire family is in jail.

I don't want ANY of your excuses.

I AM "special" so fucking deal with your personal issues over it.  If you have a problem with my being "special", which you obviously do, YOU'RE the ones who need intensive counseling.  There is no reason now, for false modesty and I don't need to pretend I'm not special if I am.  If I feel  I am, good for me.  If you have an "issue" with that, go see a doctor and inject YOURSELVES with Haldol you fuckers.  I am also tired of these doctors and scientists and lawyers who think they are so special when some of them are not, and got where they are, by using people like me, or pushing us down.  You used my parents and you tried to push me down my entire life.

Then what? you let me surface for a split second before you decided to use all your corporate gang-power and Mafia power to get NASA to torture me? 

There are things I could have done with my life, and I could have helped a lot more people than you ever have. 

Here's an analogy:  The other day, I opened up my door and closed the screen door, to let fresh air and sunlight into the house.  Somehow, a bee got in.  It went right over to where I was on the other side of the house.  There are hardly even any bees in this kind of cold, this time of year.  It was a 1 in a 100 or more chance, that a bee, at this time of year, in cold February, would be actively buzzing around and then decide to get past my screen door somehow and come into MY house.  I said to the bee, when I caught it, "You're lucky I'm the one who got you, because I'm the one who will set you free."  And I let it outside.  I didn't think about what I was saying when I said it, and then after it was outside, happily living its own life, I thought, "Why did I say that?" and I thought, "It is really true.  I'm the one who would set it free" and I thought about all the people I could have been doing good things for, if it wasn't for the

United States Department of Justice and their corrupt jealous bigots.  I'm tired of you.  So when I'm trying to leave with my son, you had NO RIGHT to obstruct us and any country that would do what Canada did, is not a good country.

Those who want to keep slaves, didn't want me to have any money, position, or influence of my own.  They tried to chain me anyway they possibly could, and push me down and GOD sees all and knows all and GOD DAMN YOU.

I think this country was worried that I would free my parents, whom they've used and exploited since they were little kids.

God Damn You for what you've done.

There are others I wanted to help, which is why I even quit a good paying job in business to go to college.   It was to do something good for a lot of people.  THIS is how this country repays good intentions and hard work.

Then they kidnap my son from me and make lame excuses like, "God has something different for you to do!" or "God has something important for you to do" or "It's maybe too dangerous to have kids if you have an important job."

I signed up for the job:  MOTHERHOOD.  I trained for it, my entire life, and if I wanted to be a single Mom and work on a career and college too, that was MY RIGHT.  But the U.S. doesn't give "special" single Moms their rights.  Even before I was a mother, I was being obstructed from education, travel, business, and my lawsuits, so this country has PROBLEMS.

YOU NEED THE FUCKING PSYCH EVALS--any of you who even has a problem, and thoughts that cross your minds thinking "they think they're better than me" or "she thinks he's special" or tryihng to rob anyone of their actual abilities that God gave them to use.

God damn you for obstructing anyone's attempt to obey God and use their talents.

Who else would have a motive to be jealous and harm and torture others, unless they already know, intuitively, that we'd have their jobs in a minute.

It doesn't matter how many people we might help or be able to work with, it matters to those who can't earn anything for themselves fairly, being jealous of those who would overstep them in a heartbeat. 

Had I not been tortured, where would I be?  And where would your kids be?

I also know some of my computer information and passwords were given to people like Oprah.  It was after I was fired from working at The Post Pub, in D.C. and one of my passwords was "precious one" and all of a sudden, then there was this huge thing with a black actress named Precious and then I remember I randomly saw an Oprah show where she was mean and bitter and going OFF about how ANYONE who thought she was "PRECIOUS" was really a loser and this woman named Precious, the overweight black actress, was the one who was truly worth something of value.  She went off and I remember, by the comments she made, someone had given her one of my passwords and SHE incorrectly interpreted it to mean that I was using "precious one" as a reference to myself.

She was wrong.  It was about my SON.

Yes, this United States thinks Oprah is special enough to have my personal passwords, to then jump to conclusions and full of jealousy and hostility, over thinking I am a conceited white woman who thinks she is the "precious one" when I'm "not".

Mean-spirited vendettas fueled by misunderstandings, false prophecies and ill-intentioned psychics, and U.S. government personnel.

I had all kinds of things directed against me around that time, but I never forgot when I accidentally saw that Oprah show.  It was like she knew exactly who she was targeting and that some in her audience knew and would be sympathetic and appreciate her slam against ME, when it was over a personal invasion of privacy that was 100% misinterpreted. 

Right after that, we got "Glitter" The MOVIE.

So who do you think is involved, that would share personal computer passwords that I had, with Oprah.  And then have hatred over me about it?  I mean, what did I ever do to OPRAH and what audience is she targeting that she thinks would be interested in slamming someone insignificant like me?

The Department of Justice had this information.  The new NASA Director had this information.  Google, who owns Blogger, had the information. 

Huge attempts to viciously slam me, over assumptions that I was dubbing myself "precious one" with one of my passwords.  "The REAL Cinderella"...she said....on and on...and believe me, I have nothing against the actress Precious.
Get out of my mailbox and off of my computer Vicious.

Then, after that, I was back in Wenatchee, and this is all after Alvaro left me for Laura Laughlin, I had to take my laptop in to be worked on.  I had a start-up password that was "Princess" spelled a certain way, and I don't have to say why, but he made this big point of saying, "We're going to change that right now."  That was Andy Panda.  I said, "What are doing?" and he said, "Isn't your name Cameo?  It's not Princess.  You don't need that one anymore."

I stood there speechless, not saying a word.  He thought he was changing MY name from "Princess" to "Cameo".  He also said something like, "Princess? not really."

Of course, he contracts with the FBI.

What should we expect?

I just left it.  I didn't change it back.  That was my sign on password or username, to get onto my computer, and he had just deleted it.

Have it your way Uncle Sam.

Then these government people were the same ones who had connections to people who stole my son from me, tortured him, forced me out of HOUSING from a federally-funded agency that is based in Washington D.C. across the street from where I used to work (CAPS), and tried to extort my eggs from me as I literally was forced to sleep outside in the dirt.

There is NO WAY I want my son living anywhere except with me, his mother, and the only mother with a valid right to guardianship.

I'm cleaning my apartment now, or the place where I currently live, and I'm doing everything I can to be fit and ready to take the offer of gestational surrogacy and leave this country.  I am not leaving without a contract and I'm taking my online college courses with me.  I am also not abandoning my parents, because they need to be out of here.  It doesn't even matter how good of a job I'd do as a surrogate, or that I actually really want to, and not just for the money.  I know I'd do a good job, so yes, I want to, just as I wanted to be a single mom where some women wouldn't want to.  I know what I want and what I'd like to do or not do.  But I wouldn't stay away and leave my parents here.  I'd either come back here until the CAT process was complete, or I'd be working on my case using Nuremberg laws, and don't think it's not possible.

I can't believe Obama's eye was bulging the one day the photographer took a photo, if that is an actual true photo and not photoshopped.  I tend to think it's really a valid and genuine photo.  If so, this is what the U.S. is doing to me, my parents, and my son, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

So do you understand now, what I'm talking about when I say a "bulging eye"?  It's not like one eyelid is more open than the other--it's a fully bulging eye, with the eyeball sticking out more.  Where is the conversation over this? I mean, did anyone in the news or media even talk about it?

What is wrong with this country, that no one is bringing it up?  We can talk about racism now, but not torture?  It is evidence of TORTURE.

It is not a 'health problem' or "weird lighting".  It's TORTURE.  It hurts, and it's painful, and it is the brain that is affected, with the eye sticking out from pressure as a result.  It's not like it's just an eye problem.  It is direct targeting of the brain.

My SON is going through this, every single day, for at least 2 years, and like I've said, he has suffered much much worse.  It is too shocking to even believe what things were done to him.  Do you believe me now, when I now say, and the U.S. tortured him targeting his penis and genitals until they were solid blue and purple?  Do you believe me when I say he was forcibly being hypnotized as a 3 year old while in the guardianship of the U.S.  Do you believe me when I say he was so incredibly smart at birth and early-on he was talking and then we were both tortured to such extremes, his brain disoriented and he was no longer capable of articulating and using the same vocabulary he'd been using?

We are being tortured every single day.

I don't know why, if the President shows up with an eye like that, it's not a major breaking news story.  I guess it's because what?  Reporters don't want to "sound" crazy?  It's because no one is comfortable attempting to ask questions or articulate ideas about torture in the U.S. against U.S. citizens.  Reporters, perhaps, do not have the vocabulary that the scientists have, for explaining what is being used to do this.  So how do you describe it?

Like me?  and sound crazy?  "The government is targeting the President with some kind of laser? ionic waves? MRI?  microwaves?  sonic beams?  well, we don't know what it is, but it is some kind of government technology, that much we can share with certainty.  Stay tuned for "Michael Bloomberg bans sodas next!"  Bloomberg?  or Michael Middleton.

We need news reports about who is responsible for commiting crimes of torture against U.S. citizens, and what forms of technology they are using.

We need people who are willing to put up million dollar rewards to land the information and send them and their sinners to psych wards for the rest of their lives.

Got the money?  How about, instead of offering to give more money to the U.S. in taxes, you actually do something good with it, like catch the dirty bastards.

Basically, what we need is a 10 Most Wanted List of those engaged in Torture of U.S. citizens who are WORKING for the federal government.

Money rewards to informants.  And slam their asses and make sure you get some with a cute family backing them, because then we can make an example of them, just as they attempt to target anhyone who practices their right to free speech and whose families are innocent.

THIS is why the U.S. doesn't want someone like ME to have money or a career, or my son, or any stability.  They can't keep their Torture Float in the parade if I'm in the way.

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