Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Torture Of Child, Money Held/Blocked and Dad Tortured

My Dad just had his eye blasted out about an hour ago.  It was his left eye and it's bulging out and glassy and protruding.

My Mom's eye was this way yesterday and she said, "It's been going on 2 years."

This has been going on for at least 2 years with my son Oliver.  So the U.S. even did this to him on his picture day, knowing it would be photographed.  They were not doing this form of torture to me or my parents until I got these photos, which someone decided to give me right after Kate Middleton was impregnanted.  I was given the photos after her pregnancy was confirmed.  After this, I was tortured to match my son, and my parents have been tortured.

I also know my parents are being tortured and held hostage with regard to their money. 

They were going to take a vacation to Edmonton, Canada when I was a kid once.  I don't think it was to be a vacation but political asylum.  Things have changed since then, but I believe my parents were planning a way to have our family get out of the U.S., and then they were blocked.  I remember it was all this talking about it and then it was no, we weren't going and my Dad acted depressed and suddenly, we weren't taking any vacation at all.  No vacation. 

My mother's set of silverware, her good set, disappeared from our house in Moses Lake, WA and I remember wondering what happened to it. 

I also know that my parents were being forced not to give me any money, of any kind, even if they wanted to, when I quit the job for the FBI/police, working at the Devil's Kitchen.  Up to that point, I was paid a little for even doing work with my Dad or around the house, but after I said no, I wasn't going to work with those people, so they could test out their psychic skills on me and work for the U.S. government, I was then tortured by the U.S. for my refusal.  After this, I wasn't able to get any job in town.

In addition to this, I was trying to get my son, and I was being blocked from money and tortured at the same time, during appeals.  One time one of my parents gave me a bill, one bill of paper money, and I used it in town and they knew that someone gave me money. 

The U.S. has been keeping track of every single dime we have, and stalking us.  I had only dollar bills and a 20 and a few 5s or something, and when I gave a $10 bill to someone in town, they knew someone gave it to me.   My mother showed up the next day, beat up, tortured, crying, glassy-eyed, you name it.  All because someone thought she was giving me money secretly.  So they punished her for it and they made sure neither my Mom or Dad gave me anything, the entire time I had to appeal for my son.  They also forced my parents to refuse to print out any legal document for me.  So basically, I was trapped here, and unable to appeal for my son in any way.

That is aside from being tortured.

The U.S. is in serious, serious, DEEP trouble.   They have all of my parent's assets tied up, and control any liquid cash, and made sure I had nothing, so I couldn't leave the U.S. even if I wanted to, when they finally quit stalling after 9 months and mailed me my passport. 

This happened before Wells Fargo tried shutting my bank account down illegally, without notice to me.  The only way I was even paid $20 or money at all, was if I agreed to be used as a U.S. federal government guinea pig.  I tried to be a surrogate instead, and go to college, and the U.S. federal government blocked my parents from helping me pay off a student bill that I had (which I paid them back for) which they knew kept me out of college and financial aid.  They also made sure I had no work, and not one dime from my parents, for over 1 full year.

So that was another entire year, that I was held hostage, and had zero cash or money, and was tortured, when the U.S. made it impossible for me to leave the country.  They used this entire time, to secure an illegal adoption of my son, by obstructing justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

It wasn't even that someone gave me a $10 bill, because I think I actually possibly got it when I bought something or asked for 2 10s or something.  But I knew, by the way people were controlling my money and my parents money, and by how they forced me out of work I wanted to do and into only what they wanted for themselves (working for greedy, greedy, lazy, and greedy), that they assaulted my Mom based on their idea that they thought she was giving me money.

My parents were then apparently being ordered, and blackmailed, into not even loaning me $1 or a small amount, for any reason.  The only money I had was 5 cents from water bottle returns, which meant I ate less and bought more water, just to have money for stamps.  I didn't have enough money for paper or printing copies.

Some group has been controlling my family, in this way, since at least 2003.

I know they were being forced out of something in 1981, but in 2003, I know for sure, they were being more forcibly instructed to do anything this other group wanted.  Make promises and break them.  They did that several times, and I knew it wasn't coming from my parents.  They also suddenly wanted my parents to urge me to move to Coquille at that time.  Why? 


They didn't want me to be close to the courthouses I needed to be near, for litigation.  So first I was told I could NOT live next to my parents, and then I was being urged to move out of Portland, to Coquille, just so a group of corrupt federal agents and lawyers, could try to force me out of the lawsuits I filed.  I knew it was suspicious, even back then, and I knew what the underlying motive was.

The exact same thing done to me when I had a medical malpractice lawsuit against people in Washington.  I was being bribed to move out of the state, so I couldn't sue.

The FBI upholds justice?  REALLY.


What FBI?

This country is CRAZY.  It is out-of-control CRAZY.  They literally allow torture of citizens and kidnappings and hold us hostage.  Oh, but they'll quit for a short time if we sit back and let the justice system stink itself out of existence.

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