Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ugly Canadian Lies Kelowna, B.C.

"If you want to walk around Canada like a crazy person, be my guest."

This is what the Canada immigration officer told me.  He told me I was free to stay in Canada, and walk around like a "crazy person".

There was no cause for my arrest.

I was not given the right to have a hearing for political asylum with my son.  What he told me, is that "You're too old."


I don't even think he was Canadian anymore.  My feeling is he is a U.S. operative, working in Canada.

Who else would act like this but a U.S. operative that is stationed in B.C. to work the border and control the U.S.-Canadian relations?  He got soft when I sang U.S. patriotic songs, not Canadian ones or gospel ones.  He acted like a U.S. rat. 

First he said, excitedly, "So you want to live in Canada?"  and I told him it was for political asylum.

I think he's a U.S. rat that knew Mike Middleton.  There were some guys at the Vancouver place, the immigration place, who I thought were probably Canadian, but I thought this other guy from Kelowna was a U.S. asshole.  I had the idea cross my mind when I first met him, but nothing to base it on.  He reminded me of the U.S. FBI.  I just thought, "I see this guy working in U.S. FBI offices, and why is he here in Canada?"

I wonder if I am right.  I mean, seriously.  What happened?  Canada called up the FBI and had them talk to me?  or they just didn't know their immigration man was U.S. rat.
Don't get choked up over "America the Beautiful" now.  No rights for me! not even to call someone or talk to anyone, and no one answering me from their jail, later, until I sang "America the Beautiful" with the Ugly Canadian Fake.

After he pretended to be excited about my living there, he told me:

"You're too old."

So in Canada, they only allow political asylum for a specific age-bracket.  But of course they're progressive.

"You're too old".

It's fine for the older to be tortured.  No problem.  He made this point with me several times, "you're too old".

If I'm too old, then why was I told to go back to the U.S.?  He had to "check back" with me, to tell me "you're too old"?

I wasn't told to go back to the U.S., the first time, for "insufficient funds".  I was told to go back to the U.S. because I was "too old" for Canada.

They wanted me and my parents to be horse meat.  Too old for "jumping" and trotting through Canada like the younger "thoroughbreds" who are "too stupid".

Canada had me in their little room, with my son, and heard me say I wanted political asylum.  He said, "Okay, I have to make some phone calls and check on something."  He came back to the room to tell me, "You're too old" and then added, "We can do something special sometimes, but you're too old."  Right.  Like political asylum hearings are "something special" and have an age limit attached.

I hope Canada gets their "just desserts".  Maybe some of their frauds can have their kids tortured and raped several times and then be told "you're too old", kicked to some other place, and have their children torn away from them.  Canada is too stupid to know its ass from its head.

Tell me how I am there violating a law of "insufficient funds" if he is telling me the reason I can't be in Canada is because "you're too old."  He didn't come back and say, "you're here on insufficient funds".  He came back to me and said, "I just checked and called some people....and I'm sorry, but you're TOO OLD."

My response to him was, "What do you mean I'm 'too old'?  I'm asking for political asylum."  He said, "We will take your son away from you and you could walk around like a crazy person.  Actually, he said that first.  And then he said maybe they could do something "special" and got back to me with "you're too old". 

He knows John Kaempf and Dick Whittemore doesn't he?  And all of Christa Schneider's fucking Department of Justice fucks.  She was the one who knew I might go to Canada and she knew Karen Whittemore, who was from Canada, and they instructed the Kelowna, B.C. immigration officer on how to treat me when they forced my son there by torture.

Christa is fucking STUPID and a sorry excuse for a human being and so is her father, her friends, and the Department of Justice.  Christa, the one who always talked about "revenge" on her boyfriends.  It didn't matter who it was, she was always plotting "revenge".  She should be in jail for life.  Her sister is the exact same way.  That family is 100% morally corrupt.

That immigration officer knew Dick Whittemore and John Kaempf. 

So first I said I wanted political asylum.  They are required, by LAW, to give me a hearing.  He lied and told me, "If you want political asylum, we'll take your son Oliver away from you, and you can have your hearing, but you will be walking around Canada like a crazy person for 3 years."  I said I wanted a hearing, but when he refered to it, he basically said I wouldn't have one for 3 years and I could walk around like a "crazy" person in Canada, all I wanted, and he said they would take my baby away from me.

He repeatedly said I could be "crazy" and walk around "like a crazy person" all I wanted.  And he said, "There are crazy people in Canada, and sure, you can walk around and be a crazy person in Canada if you want to, and ask for political asylum, but we'll take your son."

My son was 1 1/2.  I said, "What do you mean you'll take my son?" and he said, "We don't let mothers stay with their children when they're asking for political asylum."  He told me, "You'd be in an immigration place first and we don't allow kids there." 

I said, "What do you mean you don't allow kids?  So you're saying you take the kids away from their mothers?  You would take a baby away from his mother?"  and he said, "Yes, that's the way it's set up, and those are the rules."  He said they "Don't have a place for mothers and babies or mothers and their kids" to stay together.  I said, "So you're saying if someone comes to Canada for political asylum, Canada doesn't even let the family stay together? and not even a mother with her baby?" and he said, "No."

THEN he said, "But let me to check to see if we have something SPECIAL for you and your son."

Let me repeat....He KNEW I was there for political asylum.  Period.  Canada had ZERO misunderstandings about why I was there with my son.  What he did, was lie to me and discourage me from my request for political asylum.

He came back to me after an hour or more, and said, "I thought maybe we could do something special for you and you're son, but you're too old."


What, exactly, was "special" with regard to political asylum, that I was "too old" for?

Sorry CANADA assholes, and Commonwealth assholes, but I don't know of any political asylum request that is denied a hearing because of 1.  age, and 2.  insufficient funds.

You want rich young skin, dontcha. 

What if I show you my TITS Canada, or my ASS like Kate Middleton.  Oh wait.  No comparison.  She just strips for fun and show.  The women who are tortured and asking for political asylum from other countries, need to show Canada what they've got to offer:


Canada is SLUTLAND.

They import torture victims only if they are "not too old" and have money apparently.  Apparently, "not too old" is the first requirement and then if you're too old, you have to have "money".

So Canada immigration is trafficking humans for sexual favors for their RCMP assholes.  Canada has NO regard for "human rights".  They want to put their cocks into U.S. vaginas.  Chinese vaginas.  Any kind of female torture victim vagina will do, as long as its "young" and tight, really, really tight because the Canadian penises are ...well, I don't want to say really.  Like toothpicks?  Needles?  How about, the size of little needles.  The leetle needles in the haystack.

Make sure you're young.  Under the age of 5.

Canada will accept a torture victim, and give them a hearing for political asylum, if they have no children or are really young and have tight little vaginas.  If that's not the case, or they are not allowed to check, they want to cross the border and sexually molest and rape your little boys.  Canada is so hard up for little boys, they have to cross the border for them.

So when I say Canada committed crimes against me and my son, I'm not lying.

I was never in the immigration room with the Kelowna man (it's pronounced "KEY-lohna") over "insufficient funds".  He was there to insult me and my son and make fun of my request for political asylum.  He humiliated me and degraded me, and then told me to leave.

He acknowledged I was there for political asylum and to get out of it, he lied to me and my son.  Then when I questioned him about separating my son from me for "3 years" which is how long he told me the process would take, he left the room saying maybe they could do something "special".  He had that line planned out ahead of time.  He was a fucking U.S. cop.  He came back to humiliate me with "you're too old" and then he left the room AGAIN, and when he came back, he was yelling at me and holding a piece of paper telling me to sign it.  I said, "What is this?" 

He said, third time around, "You're here on insufficient funds."

RIGHT.  Liar.  And you, sir, have the hottest place in Hell set aside with your name on it.

So that was what this batter wound up to.  He knew we were there for political asylum, and rather than admit he was lying about their process, he wanted to change the reason I was there, and have me sign a document admitting I was there for "insuffient funds".  He forced me to sign it, and said, "If you don't, you're going to JAIL RIGHT NOW and we'll TAKE YOUR SON."

What happened to "you can walk around Canada like a crazy person, all you want, but your son won't be with you."

So what did they do?  They kidnapped my son, sent him to the U.S., and stalled the process for 3 years, as they forced me to "walk around the U.S. like a crazy person" all I wanted.

Was Alvaro Pardo's cock U.S. FBI?  Or Canadian-FBI?  You mother fucking bastards.

All that Kelowna did, was set this up ahead of time with the U.S. Department of Justice.

Then when I was driving back, after being forced to sign that document, I was sobbing and a Canadian (supposedly) told me I had "friends" in B.C. now and stay with him and his wife.  They knew I was going to turn around and ask again for political asylum or drive to a different section and they didn't want that mess.  So they wanted time to plot things out.

During this time, they tried to entrap me into any real crime, and suggested prostitution, and I never did anything illegal there.  They stalled so the U.S. could draft their papers, and then they arrested me and flew me to Penticton immigration center in a Middleton plane.

I got to Penticton and was put into a room with other women who Canada felt were not "young enough" or "pretty enough" to stay in Canada.  Or their bones weren't small enough for the Asian-Canadian sex market.

Canada is engaged in human trafficking for sexual business.  They'll take any hot dollar they can peel off of another country's government in exchange for sending away "embarrassments" to nations.  "You got an embarassing problem U.S.? name your price and we'll fix it for you."

Their "pipeline deal" is a COCK deal.  It has nothing to do with gas, oil, or energy.  They are in the business of selling and marketing women and children as sex slaves to their needlers.  They think if it's a woman whose had a kid, she must need a really really big dick, and already know ahead of time they don't have anything like that. 

Canada is a travesty and an illegal sex trade industry. 

This is what happened when I asked for political asylum.  They knew from the start, why I was there with my son.  They knew what the laws were.  And then rather than follow or obey the law, they degraded me and humilitated me, knowing I was a torture victim and mother of a child who was a torture victim, and forced me to sign a false statement.

Canada forced me to sign false statements that covered their asses twice.

Then they tried to use Canadian cocks in the U.S. to keep them out of trouble and work with U.S. cocks in planning how they might entrap anyone who could testify against them and put them into prison.

Canada premeditated, with U.S. officials, to have me forced out of housing for 3 years as they prevented my son from being returned to me, and they lied and called me crazy.  It wasn't a "prophecy", it was premeditated crime.

I'm sure I can edit this post and remove the language, but it's there right now, for purposes of demonstrating how the Canadians and U.S. "think" and how they thought about me and my son.  It's not how I think, or speak and anyone who tries to know what I think knows this already.  It IS exactly the way my son and I have been treated.

We WANT OUT OF HERE.  My son, my family, me,.....All of us are trapped and we want OUT.

Also, one of my mother's eyes is larger than the other one right now because I just checked.  She wasn't going to go to the door but I asked her to, and her right eye is bulging out more than her other one.  They're being tortured. 

What was injecting me with Haldol for?  when the U.S. did this to me later, what was the purpose?  to postpone the demise of the U.S.?  or was it to postpone the demise of Canada.

I'm starting to think Bill Gates' Microsoft obstruction of my email account is being done as a favor to Canada more than anything.  They timed it to occur after I wrote something about Middleton, but that was an excuse for doing this for Canada.  I had just filed a UN complaint against Canada, and promised to send more information and Microsoft obstructed my account.  Bill and Melinda Gates are more tied into Canadian government than U.S. government.   Possibly it's due to the fact Canadian government is strong majority Roman Catholic, and so are the Gates.  Bill Gates claims to be atheist and I think this is a lie to cover for his support of Catholic-driven interests.  His wife has never disowned Catholicism and she manages their money and charities.

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