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Get Out Of Here, Hartleys, CIA, Injection, Bechtold

My Dad is saying "get out of here" this morning and my mother looks miserable and just says "kay" a few times, and that now is not a good time to talk.

They have their "day away" today and I am worried about who is planning to see them.  I think the Hartley's are involved.

I have never trusted them for one reason:  I was tortured at their house when I had dinner with them.  Some smaller plane flew by, the guy he knew, but I thought the entire dinner was fine, aside from being tortured.  He works for the U.S. federal government and she works for the state (elementary school teacher) so it gives me a reason to worry.

I felt they had me over there to observe me and see how I reacted to being tortured with U.S. technology.  And then Linda did make some comment about lets move because Cameo must be getting hot.  Something like that.  So made it clear to me that she knew I was being tortured.  I don't know about my parents, if they were as well, because they don't tell me anything.  What I do know, is I am tortured everywhere I go or 100% of the time, so when it's being done at someone's house for dinner when I haven't met them before, and they appear to know what's going on AND they work for some kind of federal government job, it makes you wonder.

Then Hartley sent this weird message to my Dad last night.  They texted them to meet them for pizza at Denny's and my Mom was already in pjs and eating something else.  So they texted this back, and John wrote:

(something about too bad)

My Dad had a really weird look on his face.  He doesn't usually mention texts out loud, but it wasn't a big deal and he asked my Mom, "Is that funny?  I don't get it.  What's funny about it?"  The look on my Dad's face was more like fear though.  He didn't look like he was just confused.

Basically, on the day I photographed my jeans that tore my Dad had been working with a tractor that day that said "King Kutter" on it and had the same mark underneath K.  Then my Dad saw my jeans. 

It was the shape of a crown, and then a slash mark or line under it (but none of the other letters) and then the letter K under it.  I guess I could take a photo of it.  It made me think about Kate and her friend cutting my mother's face.
Also, I have been figuring out Robin Becthold must have gone into the CIA a long time ago. I thought maybe he was working with the FBI, by his treatment, and maybe just his Dad had something to do with them, but I think Robin does too.

I think they even knew people that I went to the Dominican Republic with.  It is possible they knew Halea Meyers or Catherine Meyers even before I did.  I look back on some things and see how it could be possible.  I think it is  very possible the Meyers were connected to Bechtolds before Halea ever set foot in that church.  Her best friend was also living in L.A. where Robin was a bartender.

First I thought maybe later the Meyers knew the Bechtolds, but I am starting to see how it's possible they knew eachother before she ever started going to my church.  And then she went to the Dominican Republic when I went because she joined staff for youth group after I joined, or same day, but after I was already talking with someone about it and she was watching.

Yes, I think they knew eachother.

I couldn't understand why my Aunt Charlotte held out against supporting me to go.  This is most likely a huge factor as to why she has been maligned as being "mentally ill" AFTER a group wanted to say I was, and needed to try to find a correlation of "mental illness" of any kind in the family.  They had to find something, because there wasn't anything.  All of a sudden, after certain people wanted to say I was mentally ill, my rebuttal was:  "It doesn't run in my family and no one has any history of mental illness."  All of a sudden, a year later, my Aunt Charlotte was being lied about.  I'm sure other things were done to drive her to stress as well, but she's not nuts.

I think the CIA and Bechtolds have something to do with it.  I also think my Aunt Charlotte knew about it and tried to tell me in a discreet way.  I shared this with the Bechtold family and my parents.  I didn't know why everyone was supportive except for Charlotte.

She wrote me a letter, by hand, that was stolen from me.  She basically wrote that she didn't believe in trying to convert people of one religion to another religion. 

This is all after the Bechtolds and Janet Bechtold flipped out and hated me because I wouldn't be Robin's girlfriend because I was reserving myself for marriage.  I wasn't interested in having flings or being a girlfriend if it was going to go nowhere, and I knew I wanted to marry someone of my own faith, which was Protestant christian.  He was Catholic and his mother never forgave me.

The only possible group or situation Charlotte could have been referencing, to me, was them.  And Janet Bechtold first said this to me in person and then my Aunt Charlotte wrote me this letter. 

I have recently figured out that when I went, I was being used even then, by someone who just wanted to figure me out and try to predict or construct a future for me.  Whoever it was, is connected to Bechtold.  Whether that is a religious connection, or through Halea Meyers, or CIA, or Middleton, I don't know.  I do know that my Aunt Charlotte tried to warn me against going.

I took it a different way. I read it and thought it was brusque or insensitive to what I wanted to do, which was more to build houses and meet people, and it hurt my feelings.  But actually, Charlotte has been punished, to no end, for the very small amounts of information she's shared with me.

I think she knew something about it was a Bechtold trap.

The only other thing she's shared with me was when I was forced out of Canada as a refugee.  She didn't sound mentally ill at all and told me not to go to the Bellingham hospital/ER or doctors for anything.  She also told me about a Catholic doctor who tried to diagnose her as "paranoid schitzophrenic".  This occured at the same time people were attempting to discredit me, and wanted to yank in another family member to support their dirty cover for themselves.  So they chose Charlotte.  She was the only one who they tried to go after because first of all, they thought she might share information, and secondly, she was the only one who had any history of even anxiety.  Her anxiety was over separation and divorce.  It was normal and natural.  But some medical group that has been working with dirty cops and CIA and FBI, decided they would stretch the truth.  So all of a sudden, her normal anxiety got stretched into something else.  They wanted it to be "paranoid schitzophrenia" because this is what they were already guilty of defaming me as.  To protect themselves from losing a lawsuit for defamation, they had to prove their idea was true.  The only way to make it look true, this "sudden onset at age 30 in a woman" (which never happens) was to drag my Aunt Charlotte into it.  They used animosity from her ex-husband, Corbin Ball, to feed what they wanted for themselves.  She was forced to take all kinds of medications and they tested her for it.  I think they must have done some weird things too, to try to create more stress to combine with drugging her inappropriately.  Charlotte told me she had anxiety (natural, temporary, due to stress at the time) and some Bellingham doctor wanted to say she was paranoid schitzophrenia.  She doesn't even have anxiety (yeah, schitzophrenia suddenly pops up in a 50 year old woman...right).  Her anxiety was related to real events occuring in real-time with her husband and family.  She has no inherent problem.  She's been assaulted by the U.S--that's the problem.

Aunt Charlotte knew the Bechtolds were up to no good all the way back in 1997.  She knew they had someone going over with the youth group that had no other motive than to try to figure me out, make predictions and then construct ways to have them come true, and ruin my life. 

The other thing that had happened by then, is I had invited the Bechtold family to that church to hear me sing.  Janet, George, Eliza, and Nathan were all there.  Nathan, the one who was a cop and prison or jail guard for the state (like Catherine Meyers) told me he didn't agree with people raising their hands like that.  They visited the church and heard me sing shortly after Cullin saw my house in St. Johns, Cullin, Robin's friend from Claremont McKenna.  Possibly, they visited before that visit.  And then it was later that I went to the Dominican Republic.  When they visited the church, I don't believe I had yet met Halea Meyers.

Some of the first women to approach me were Kathy Kirsher and Leslie Evans.  I met Halea later.  She showed up a year later or more.

I honestly never had any hard feelings against any of the Bechtolds, but there is some other influence and government involvement that has been through all of it.

I think possibly it was Lorraine Rose who said that as well.  I wrote it down already but I'll have to think about it and find it.  I know that my Aunt Charlotte was just repeating what this other woman said to me and I think now that she was warning me that it was a set-up and someone connected to them would not be good for me.

I am trying to be very accurate so if I accidentally say something or need to correct anything, I will do this because I have no motive or hope to group something with the wrong person or people.  I don't know why some have been so horrible to me, but I don't have an inborn prejudice to harm anyone's reputation, or a religious motive, or a political one.  I am the one attacked, and I only care about self-defense and safety for me and my son.  I hope someone figures it out.  But no, I don't lump all people together and I wouldn't have a reason to say something untrue about someone.

On a separate note...I am reconsidering what my parents told me many times about my Dad passing out when he saw my Mom getting a shot while pregnant.  They then made him go out of the room.  They always joked about it, in the past, about how my Dad didn't like shots and his reaction to one and how he was'nt allowed in the room after because of it.  But my Dad doesn't pass out from seeing shots all the time.

So there had to have been something different about it.

Besides, what kind of shot do you get when you're pregnant?  She was in labor and delivering at that time.  They weren't taking her blood or doing a blood draw.  She got some kind of shot and my Dad passed out and they made him stay outside of her room.

I had an IV once for a premature labor, but no shots.  I never had a shot for anything while pregnant and I don't know of any medical reason for giving a woman in labor a shot.

This is the other point:  My mother did not use painkillers.  She delivered all of her kids without anaesthetic or painkillers.  I've asked many times, since I was a kid and when I was pregnant myself and later, and that story never changed.  She is that type too, to want to avoid painkillers or anaesthesia.

I was thinking about my Dad passing out in the hospital, or clinic/doctor's office, whatever, when my mother got a shot, after I was thinking about my Uncle Howard passing out in a Bonner's Ferry hospital when he was trying to leave.

So the shot wasn't for painkillers.
The shot wasn't to draw blood.
The shot wasn't to stop premature labor.

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