Tuesday, February 19, 2013

phpBB and Godaddy (obstruction of greateggs)

I just identified who is behind some of the obstruction to my attempts to be a gestational surrogate.

What happened today is the same thing that happened, with their site specifically, on two-three different occasions.  I remember 2 occasions specifically and I believe there were three times I tried to register for the "bias-free site" that allows anyone, supposedly, to register a classified ad to be a gestational surrogate.

The site is called "greateggs.com".  It's not just eggs, it's gestational surrogates who can advertise, and they don't use their own eggs.

If I had been blocked only this year, in 2013, several times, I might think it's something with the timing of when I tried to register or a computer problem.  But no, I have attempted to register for this site, at 2-3 different time periods and I remember them because the problems I encountered with their site was above and beyond what I got from any other site.  They did all kinds of obstruction and rerouting of what I entered for passwords and usernames, and on each occasion, they blocked me from using the text identification code and sent me the message that "you did not view the text correctly".  Basically, I'm talking about the "captcha" text thing that makes you enter the code you see so they can be sure you're not spamming.

I am pretty sure I tried in 2009.  Then I know without a doubt that I tried again in  2011, and I had a massive amount of problems, like I've had tonight.  Pretty much, it was like hands-on obstruction and harassment, to block me from the site that is supposedly "bias-free" and for anyone to try.

So I checked to see who "Greateggs.com" has running their computer programs and this is who I found:

1.  Great Britain/England.  The software host for the site is "phpBB" which is owned by the United Kingdom and has branches in several european countries.  But their hub is in England.  Nils Adermann is the "team leader" for software developments.

2.  Scottdale, Arizona.  "Godaddy" is the web server that runs the domain name for "Greateggs" and they are based in Scottsdale, AZ and have a major office in Houston, TX. Their CEO is a U.S. Marine and he went to college in Baltimore, Maryland--his name is Robert Parsons.  The constant CFO for the company is Michael Zimmerman, and then in 2011, Parsons let a new man named Adelman take the CEO job.  The Aderman guy is a Canadian and Israel Defense Army group person.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warren_Adelman 

So this is a connection between England and the U.S. military and CIA.  It is also pointing back at Lynda Carter (from Scottsdale, Arizona and Maryland).  So the people going out of their way to obstruct me from doing what anyone else is allowed or invited to do, are British people, who work with U.S. Marines from Baltimore, Maryland people, who work with Zimmermans and Adelman.  Scottsdale is where the U.S. has one of their largest Air Force bases, and it is also where the CIA works domestically.

Nothin' like inserting Kate Middleton into the CIA.  How did they do it?

But of course, all the English normal citizens are supposed to feel safe about where their country is headed and whose welfare they pay for.  Katie doesn't need your money anyway guys, she's getting paid by the CIA while my family has been tortured.

So basically, I'm getting screwed over by Canada, England, Israel, and U.S. military and CIA.  And Diana is dead. (well, if she's not hiding out somewhere). Geeeee.  Well at least everyone can feel great about Katie's eggs and where THEY'RE going.

But me?  They went WAY out of their way to obstruct me from even having normal freedom.

Torture, and then obstruction from even putting an ad online to be a GS.  Can I ask again, WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?

What kind of THREAT am I? or is anything I say, that these abnormal extremes have been gone to?  I said out loud tonight, to my parents, "I never asked for a 'rose garden', I asked for freedom, which is what this country supposedly guaranteed me with my birth in the United States."

It is NONE of this country's, or any other country's business, to obstruct me from pursuing whatever I choose to pursue.  This country has ruined my entire life and their plans have already been to ruin my son's life.  They already ruined his life.  He isn't happy, and he has been tortured since he's lived here.

These groups of people are all contributors to crimes.

And all night tonight, I've had someone connecting and disconnecting, and repeatedly disconnecting my computer again so I cannot even try to find a comfortable place to sit and work on things I have no other choice but to work on and/or which I want to work on and choose.

I've had harassment on some sites or from some sites, and trolls and that kind of thing, but not outright, weird CIA CRAP, which is looking more like MI5 and CIA joint shit. I want to know what's in it for them.  What do they have in common?  Religion?  or is it just lust for money and personal power.  They don't care if babies are dying or kids are tortured, and show evidence on their faces in school photos.  They even dared kidnap me and pervert justice in Canada, but of course, lied and said I was "perverting the course of justice". 


What's that supposed to mean anyway?  Michael Middleton is mad at me?  Theo Keyes is a serious mess of a trip to Hell.  He gets all of these crazy ideas that are screwed up and turned around, and then spouts stuff off to FBI and cops and have people barking for no reason.  He told cops someone named William or whatever that guys name was, killed a woman in Wenatchee, when I was thinking of this name and all Keyes did was try to read my mind, as if I was a spy who had secrets and knew things when I didn't. Then I see this Starbucks cup in his "friends" car who was from Seattle and was a real witch.  It said "YOU" on it, on one side.  It was just the ad for those cups.  So I see these cups thrown around all the time and wondered about the ad, and all of a sudden, someone is going after someone named "Yulia". 

This country is going to hell.  They torture me and my innocent son and family, when we've done nothing, based on nothing more than mixed up ideas from false prophets and greedy and malicious psychics who get fed by other interests.

Then the U.S. treats me like I have zero rights to anything, and break into my house all the time and parade their people around.  They stole batteries out of my flashlight that I've had for years and the batteries that were there were decades old and still worked.  Someone literally came into my house, and stole the batteries out of my flashlight and put in some crappy other ones that don't work at all that say "piles alkaline" on them.  They're not my batteries. 

The United States is guilty of murder, conspiracy to murder, and torture and conspiracy to torture their own citizens.  My son.  Look at him.  And then look at who some of these U.S. conspirators are working with.  It looks like England, Canada, Israel, and ?

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