Friday, February 1, 2013

Family Tortured Today/Tonight (now)

I am being tortured tonight and can't sleep because of it.  It is the jabbing feeling to my head, to the brain, that made my hair fall out, and which is being done to ruin eyes in our family--causing the affected one to bulge out.

My mother was tortured at extreme levels today.  It was done to her at her workplace, at Coppertree Realty.

She went to work and her eyes were fine.  She came back from work around lunch or so and I saw her.  Her eyes were still okay.  At least, from the first appearance, right before they changed and she was tortured, they were okay.  I asked where she was going and she said a run, so I went after, for a walk to get something at the store.

When she was running back, we passed and I waved, and then I got something at the store right there, and turned around and walked back at a fast pace.

When I saw my mother, when I got there, her eyes were sunken in deeper than I've ever seen.  Both of her eyes were sunken back into hollows into the bone cavities that are around the eye, and the skin around them was newly pinkish blue and purple from the damage.

It was about as dark as damage would be after an hour, from the time she got off work.  It wasn't bruising that would happen instantaneously--it was bruising and a sunken effect from some kind of horrible high pressure.

There is no way to do that to eyes without either doing something to affect the brain, with internal suction of some kind that is pulling the eyes and skin inwards, or by some kind of goggle that would apply extreme pressure, and I don't know of any kind of goggle that would cause eyes and the skin to be sunken inwards.  Goggles might use a pressure to pull something forward, like eyes, but to push the eyes and skin around them back, in torwards the brain, suggests something else.

My Mom didn't go anywhere else this morning.  She wasn't showing houses. She was only at the office, and this is the only place this could have occured to my Mom.

My Mom is being tortured at Coppertree Realty.

This is where Debbie Sweetwater-Burt works.  The other person who was there was a man, and he answered the phone when I called for my Mom.  He said she's going to be awhile and I said I would hold.

My Mom was at one place where this could have happened:  work.  She wasn't out showing houses or anything. 

I have seen this same thing done to my Dad's eyes, more recently with the deeper sunken-in effect, and the discoloration, and it was not done at the house here, and he showed up at the house after this was done to him and then he took a nap.  But I saw him first so it was done out in the community somewhere.

I believe this kind of thing has been done to my Mom since Moses Lake.  I didn't know, because I was a kid.

I know she started having odd headaches 3 or so days in a row, after she had metal put into her body.  She never had headaches, ever, and then started getting them from 3 days to 1 week and they weren't migraines, they were very bad constant tension headaches.  Usually too, she could take a couple of aspirin and that would be the end of it, and that is what helps me.  If I have a tension headache, regular tylenol and/or aspirin works.  But they were non-stop for her.

I don't know what horrible things happened to my Dad today because I can't always see.  They are tortured in places I can't see.  It's not like they're being tortured so I notice.  They are being tortured, so they suffer.  Having red marks all over his back, under his shirt where I would never usually see--that's not for me to notice, it's torture to create intense suffering.

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