Monday, February 4, 2013

SOS From Parents again

As I'm being tortured now, my parents must be tortured right now too.

My Dad just turned on a light 3 times.

Also his hands were beaten today and swollen up.  Someone in FBI and Military put a red dot on both of his fingers.

The red dot is a cut that was made into the forefinger or pointing finger, of his right and his left hand both.  And it is done in the same place and is the same size.  I noticed one of them looked broken, one of those fingers appeared broken and out of shape, unnaturally.  It is broken.  The red gouges were made about 2 days ago.  One finger on his hand, at least, was broken.  This occured around the same time both my Mom and Dad had their eyes blasted back with some kind of compression that bruised them.  I believe hispanics are involved in it.  They at least know who is doing it if they are not doing it themselves.  They are 100% involved with the eye thing.

Today my Dad's eye was bulging out and his hands were swollen and beaten and someone had tried to ruin his nose.  They did something weird to my Dad's nose.  It was pushed in with some kind of severe force, beyond the point where normal eyeglasses push against the inside skin of ones nose.  His skin had even changed color with his face partly green, and where this was done to his nose. 

I asked where he was and he wouldn't say.  Then, because he was saying I should find a friend or two or something, I asked if he'd visited friends that day.  He said he was at the church today, playing piano because they wanted him to practice for an upcoming funeral.  So he was with the military pastor who is with the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force and oh yeah, FBI.

Someone is also tampering with my wifi connection, repeatedly disconnecting me, all day and especially tonight.

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