Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tortured All Night and Day, and Dad Tortured

I was tortured all night last night.

I woke up several times, from having the United States torturing me to the head, so that first it was one of my eyes bulging out and, and one side of my head being targeted, and then in the middle of the night, they switched and started targeting the opposite side of my head and caused the other eye to do this.

This was done to me, all night last night, and it wasn't just one side of my head.  The United States was alternating what sides of my head to target and which eye.  I woke up from it.  This morning after I got up, they weren't doing this, and then this afternoon they started doing the same thing, and for several hours now, to my right eye.

My Dad's eyes are totally rimmed in black.  The day that I reported his eyes were all puffy and looked like he'd been wearing pilot goggles--that must have been the day he was tortured.  Because now, the puffiness is gone and it's deep impressions around his eyes and distinct black bruising all the way around.

He is also limping like his knees hurt, like he's being beat up or kicked around.

I'm not getting my email either.  All of a sudden some sites that I registered to, which send links to confirm things to your email address, are not going through.

The United States tortured my family, kidnapped my son, and then presented Alvaro Pardo as my only option and told me to marry him. 

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