Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Stolen Baby Photo (Blue and Ivory Dress)

The baby photo of me that my Grandpa Baird liked, which was an 8x10 or approximately that size, maybe a little smaller, was stolen about a year ago.  Actually, about 2 years ago, in 2010.

It was of me in a pale blue and ivory dress.  I am not sure if it was sort of cream-ivory colored or white, but was a pale blue color.  It was ivory background, and then had tiny little pale blue flowers all over it.  Very tiny print. 

This was stolen from my grandparent's bedroom.  In it, I am a young toddler, about 2-3 years old.  My hair is wavy-curled and down, and is to my chin. 

My grandparents had it until 2010 and it was there in 2009 when I showed Alvaro Pardo the photo in their room.  In 2010 it was stolen.

It wasn't moved. It's been there since I was that old, and never moved, ever.  If Granny moved a photo, she put it inside the top drawer and put a different up for awhile.  But it wasn't in the top drawer, and it's not one that has ever been moved.  It was stolen and it was stolen after I refused to marry Alvaro Pardo.

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