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U.S. Federal Gang Rape & Federal Block of Medical Care

They raped me

They not only tortured me and held me hostage for 20 years, they raped me repeatedly, conspired to rape me, and premeditated repeated rape of me.

It was a line-up of federal employees who raped me.

The joke with them was that this was the toll.  Another one in the toll.  I was the "hole" to them, which was a joke for them, a play off of the fact that my Grandpa Garrett used to give me cards of Native American women.

The woman, Amy Trice, who declared war against the U.S., was from Bonner's Ferry.  She forced the U.S. employees to pay a toll, and took back land for herself and her tribe that they were illegally accessing.

So basically, all of these U.S. federal employees have raped me.  Not just accidentally.  It was to humiliate and degrade me and my family and Grandpa. The United States is guilty of premeditating repeated rape against me, and collusion to continue with local cops and FBI.

They went so far as to joke about it, and make a sick political game out of it.  The entire time, the FBI and other federal agencies gave employees access to records about me, which proved I was part of MKUltra.  Which means I was raped and tortured as a baby.

The U.S. systematically killed off a newborn from each generation of my family, and kidnapped my son Oliver from me.

They held me hostage starting when I was 18 years old.  My first problem with the U.S. federal government came to my attention in 1993 after I tried to file taxes and they hid my taxes and lied.  Not only that, they harassed me from IRS federal offices and mocked me.  After this, I was implanted in Salt Lake City University Hospital which partners with the U.S. Military Veteran's Affairs offices.  In hindsight, I was tortured beginning in 1992, which is when I was first aware of anything unsual.  But the stamp of federal disapproval was known by me by 1993 or 1994 with the IRS.  I was the one who obeyed the law.

Which must have been a shock to all those who had spent their lives breaking the law to commit crimes against me and my family through MKUltra excuses.  My entire life their plan for me was jail or prison.  They wanted to use me and then find a way to discredit me and prison was in their original blueprint.

They could never find a way to blackmail me or get rid of me so they tried to kill me.  But first, beginning in 1995, they began to torture me every single month, disrupting my career objectives and work.  In 1993 even, they ruined my knee deliberately, to keep me from getting the scholarship I would have had otherwise, to run for college teams.  I was good enough to do whatever I wanted with it.  They deliberately targeted me and ruined my knee and then I was the one who overheard the intimidation of my mother by the doctors at OHSU telling my mother not to agree to a surgery for the knee.

They said I just had to accept not being a runner anymore.  This ruined my chances to go to college right out of high school.

Every single thing this country has done to me, has been to block me from college, entering the business or marketplace successfully, and having a normal family life.  Then when I couldn't go to college, I was working and being affected at work, unnecessarily, by U.S. torture through technology they used to cause me to miss at least 1 day of work out of a 5 day workweek.

The U.S. federal government was encouraging premeditated rape of me since I was 17 years old, through the CIA.  Robin Bechtold was one of the first individuals they offered money to, to get to me in some way, and they shared private records about me with him.  It didn't work, but he tried to make it sound like it did anyway.  And he continued.  Then I was being set up again, to be raped.

Police guarded the rapists.

Basically, I was repeatedly raped and federal employees had police officers and FBI protecting anyone from prosecuting anyone.  They bribed eachother.

Oh go ahead and call your national security.

The U.S. then went so far as to make a joke out of raping me and drugging me to be incapacitated to be raped.  During this entire time, they continued to obstruct me from court, tampered with the legal system in a manner NO MAFIA has ever done.  The U.S. has committed greater felonies with my family alone than any mobster family they ever used RICO against.  Then they had their employees pretending to make golf shots and swings around me and saying things like, "here's another one in the hole" as I was being set up.

The U.S. tortured my son Oliver, and tortured and murdered James River and then tried to cover for the cause of death of my unborn baby.  They did this, after blocking me from political asylum and colluded with an entire other country to block me from a hearing.  I was tortured in Canada and degraded and lied about and forced to sign false confessions.

The U.S. tried to cover for defaming me, about mental illness and drug use as well.  They committed crime after crime, just to create a cover and defense for THEIR criminal activities and conduct.  They had their own employee cut off my hair to cover up the fact that my hair proved I didn't use drugs, as the FBI and Department of State were lying and saying I did. 

They assaulted my family by various means and then even blocked us from medical care and cure, and blocked us from court-ordered services like counseling.  The reason the U.S. federal government blocked counseling is they didn't want a track record made about damages caused to us because of their crimes.  The U.S. blocked me and my son from receiving standard care and treatment for pain from migraines when the U.S. knew THEY were responsible for triggering the migraines.  They also refused to treat me and my son for thrush from nursing, and allowed it to get out-of-hand and compromise our overall health.  At the same time, they were injecting my mother with chromium, the U.S. Army was.  She developed chrome sores on her feet from it and was pushed out of working with lawyers to be compensated for it and for almost 1 entire decade, she's lived with doctor after dermatologist telling her it was just warts and there was nothing they could do (and often they didn't even prescribe anything).  She was flat-out refused treatment for a medical condition the U.S. knew they were responsible for causing.

I had my vehicles stolen from me and was held hostage in a psych ward, and I was not evaluated as they claimed I would be.  They lied, and said I was being sent there for "evaluation" but they took me there to hold me hostage and assault me with repeated injections.  Then they paraded me around a bunch of U.S. federal employees, for their satisfaction.

Oh believe me.  The U.S. is going to pay me.  If they end up having to pay someone else from another country who will act as my lawyer, that is fine by me.  But the U.S. is going to pay me.

After they got nervous that I was going through with complaints to the UN, they cut my parents off from money.  They began monitoring every single dollar my parents took in.  They monitored all of my money as well, and then illegally closed my bank account, lying and claiming it was doing me a favor.  It wasn't doing me a favor.  I have had nothing to hide or anything to incriminate me in my bank accounts or any email account.  They closed my business bank account that I had for 10 years, without telling me or giving me notice, and purged the history, and then they started picking off all the email accounts I had ever had correspondence with or any degree.  They forced closures of all those email accounts for the purpose of purging history and destroying records that could be used against them.  They altered medical records first.  Then the next step was systematic purging of history and closure of accounts, after they robbed me of all of my diaries and writings and photos and personal belongings.

This is after decades of stealing from me, smaller things or in smaller amounts.  After they had enough of their goats rape me, and lie about my mental health, they have felt comfortable and more secure in applying the next steps.

So all the U.S. is doing is cleaning their slate so that they can kill me and not have evidence of motive or evidence that I had money, and records to support such a motive.

The U.S. was trying to kill me in 1995.  Then they backed off and tortured me each month instead.  They tried harder in 2003.   When they were not successful with an "accident", and after a dramatic hit-and-run, they backed off, to torture me more severely, hoping I do them the favor by killing myself.

The United States cut off all access to painkillers for extreme forms of torture, to my head, which created severe migraines for days and they repeated this, over and over.  The intent was to have me kill myself.

The U.S. first tried to kill me through an "accident" and then because it would look too suspicious to give it another try right away, they used torture by technology which I couldn't prove then, and cut me off from having any access to medicine for pain.  They tortured me, and waited for me to die.  They tried to push me to suicide.

The United States deserves Hell.

In all of this context, this country whines about Russia not sending kids over here to be adopted.  Well as you can see, being a U.S. citizen doesn't save you from anything.  All of these parents who think maybe if they go to the U.S. or their kids can have a start over here as citizens, they might be lucky and happier here. 


After the U.S. tried to push me to suicide, they put me in jail for the first time.  Why?  because now that they found out I was realizing this was federal and that my migraines weren't natural but were triggered by military and aerospace defense, they needed to further discredit me and distance themselves from accusations or suspicion of repeated attempts to assassinate and murder me.  Along with torturing me and raping me.  So then it was jail and lies about mental illness.  They tortured me so badly they knew they could get a response that sounded like mental illness, and they used telecommunications to help them out with it.  Any form of government and employees or persons they could use, to make me sound crazy or like it was too much and unbelievable, they used.

The U.S. still wasn't done beating their dead horse.

They drove me and my son to Canada after trying to force us to Utah, where they implanted me.  Now let's make it look like it's not just the U.S. and like there is something wrong with ME.  So they used Canadian officials.

This entire time my money or income was blocked and my travel was obstructed and both Canada and the U.S. stole cars from me.  Entire governments of countries conspired to STEAL MY CARS but then they lied and accused ME of "grand auto theft".  Canada stole one of my cars and the U.S. stole my other car and then both countries (through U.S. Shannon Borg and her Canada husband)  conspired against me and premeditated to lie and accuse ME of "grand auto theft".

They are criminal countries and should be embargoed.  I have no idea why any other nation would want to trade with these countries.  Even more ironic, they accused ME of not keeping promises.  For what? my son? or to marry Alvaro?  Both of these countries broke their promises to the law, which they took oaths to uphold.  They discredited and degraded their nations to the point that their credit looks like crap.  As for Alvaro, if he wanted to get married, he should have honored his verbal promise and contract with me, to not cheat on me during our engagement.  I kept my word.  When others negated contracts, that was their fault and their shame and crimes, not mine.

I even had someone tell me my son was found to have a tumor or some health problem.  If this is true, they have tried to hide it from me, but I had someone tell me there was a problem, back in 2008 or 2010, during some point when I was out of the area.  The U.S. has lied about everything there is to lie about.

They even tampered with my Social Security card.  These people have committed crimes from the IRS to the DOD to the DOE to DOT to SSA to CIA to FBI to DHSS to NASA.  It was in 2002 or earlier.  They issued me a SS card that didn't match the one in the system.  I complained about it and they refused to correct it.  My name on the card was Cameo Loree Garrett and they edited it out and gave me a card for Cameo L Garrett.  They refused to change it.  That was my personal identification card for work, and they did this to me.  At the same time, my U.S. Passport was stolen from me.

The United States is guilty of huge crimes against me.

The U.S. changed my name on my Social Security card in either 1994 or 2002.  It was issued the first time, to me when I was working at Wendy's at age 16, and the name on it was my full name:  Cameo Loree Garrett.  It was issued 2 or 3 times with the correct name but was being stolen.  So then one day, they printed one out that was for "Cameo L. Garrett".  I asked them to change it and they refused.  I kept asking and trying to work with them and they refused to correct it or give me a new one.  I remember it happened right about the time there was some kind of problem with the U.S. federal government and I registered the incident as some kind of retaliation against me for some reason.  Or a way to snub me, but I didn't know what the significance was.

The U.S. is a liar.  I remember it occuring around the time my passport was stolen but it may have been slightly earlier.  I used my correct Social Security card for my passport. 

I didn't change my name on the card.  The U.S. federal government did, deliberately. And since they have gone out of their way to create problems for me, they most likely did this to hold me hostage in the U.S.  The Department of State also acted suspicious when I was trying to report my passport as stolen and they kept obstructing me from putting in a report.

Then later, it was the U.S. that was found to be LIARS.  Guess when they decided to fix my Social Security Card and correct it again?  Only after Kate Middleton was married.  From 2002, from the time they killed my Grandpa Garrett, they stole my passport and had my SS card altered.  They have held me hostage for 20 years.  But they started stealing my ID documents and altering things in the U.S. federal system, in 2002.

Then they lied and harassed me saying they had to check my ID as an excuse not to issue my passport when I needed to leave the country.  If the U.S. would maliciously alter my Social Security ID card, do they have a right to protest when I say NO, I do not want my son Oliver to have a SS #.  What was the point? just to screw with my card so they had an excuse to keep me a hostage and not let me leave the U.S. with even a new passport?  Or was it that the initial "L" on its own, signifies as some kind of a marker in records that wasn't good?  Maybe they just needed time to clean up their internal files and make Loree look like someone different from Cameo L.

The U.S. only corrected this when I was back in Oregon, in 2011.  They issued it to me correctly and I asked them to revert it to what they had before, with just the L.  I want proof.  I want proof that the U.S. arbitrarily changed and rearranged my name around on official documents and then lied to the entire world about me.  They didn't want my name on my SS card and passport and birth certificate to match.

How do we even know my name is Cameo Loree Garrett.

Maybe it's Makayla.

In the meantime, they also destroyed the laminated birth certificate document with my full name on it and my footprint that was in our family photo album.

So the U.S. is a real True country.  Accusing me of identity problems when they lie to everyone and change my ID and then harass me and claim I can't leave the country and need to be injected with more Haldol and tortured and deprived of court or justice first.  The U.S. trapped me here and has held me hostage for 20 years.

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