Sunday, October 31, 2010

mild impressions & gayatri mantra

I was listening to Dire Straits and "Your Latest Trick" and I thought about P. Diana for some reason while playing pac-man. I think I'm wrong, because I can't always be right, but I asked if I could have a song Diana liked no one would know about, or not much, and then Johnny Jump-Up came to mind.

I clicked on "irish, johnny" and got a song about whiskey and cider. No, I don't know this song at all. I also doubt this was a favorite of hers. But anyway, even though I think it was wrong, this came to mind.

then I looked up what my Aunt sent to me, a gayatri mantra, and I clicked on this one, which is pretty: I imagine children would enjoy this kind of music too. It's joyful, has a nice rhythm, and good voices and lilt.
As to my last post, I am serious about it. I am serious about the fact that technology stuff has been continued against me and I am not making it up. I am also serious about the fact that citizens should be free from this, by our own laws and UN or international laws. I do encourage the destruction of this technology bc it is in the wrong hands and is being used irresponsibly and with malice.

It may be that one intended effect is to get this kind of reaction out of me, to make me sound nuts or extremist and isolate me further but what am I supposed to do? Someone or some group doesn't want my silence--they want me to try to describe this and be upset. Probably they want the reaction because it assists their own agenda. However, even if this is the intention, to drive me further from others, I hope that good will come out of bad anyway and that something will come out of this that is pure and strong and that others will fight, who are also good. I also hope the good will understand and believe me and not be taken back when I write these things and attempt to document and describe what is going on.

I seriously love what I end up getting on blog post finds, after I listen to a Ganesh stuti or mantra. I had "enchante" come to mind in the middle of a mantra, and so I tried to look up a french song with enchante and got this:

Then I found la flute enchantee and got the amadeus clip. But I am suprised nothing came up, nothing more, with "enchante, lyrics francaise". there was hardly anything and I imagine a lot of french songs at least have the word in their lyrics somewhere.
Oh, but this is beautiful. Aria by Regina Crespin (I've never heard of her)
I am having the impression, of someone very ill or tortured, at 12:13 a.m. Choking or something.
started reading wikileaks to kiri te kanawa's "Si, Mi Chiamano Mimi".

This is one that brings instant emotion:
I am positive I've posted this one before.

I was listening to this song, chiamano, over and over, to wikileaks, and then I was curious about typing in "princess diana, johnny jump up" and found there was an elton john album called "jump up" and it has a couple songs about johnnies (maybe wrong ones) and I guess the song "princess" was dedicated to her! that's what it says online at least. so i was looking at lyrics and then started laughing, reading the lyrics to "princess" and then the very end: "1981 Big Pig Music Limited". I don't know why but it cracked me up. then too, I forgot her dad's name was johnny. who knows, maybe i was close. i have no idea.

Technology Stuff & Civil War Preparedness

I am concerned about my son because I know that for me, no matter which computer I've been in front of, I've had something affecting me when I am stationed by a computer. It isn't happening anywhere else, so now I am literally wondering if it is satellite because how else could something tap in? the only thing is that people around here usually say things or do things to indicate they know something might be going on so then I assume it is only someone nearby with proximity to the machine. I guess, until the night I saw a laser dot on the keyboard of my laptop. So that was most likely coming from the sky right?

I prayed tonight, that whoever is using this technology would have a Saul-Paul kind of conversion and that these people would begin a demolition derby of all machinery, equipment, and technology, military or whatever, to destroy everything that others are using to torture me and possibly others as well.

It is serious enough, at this point, that I believe if this continues, it is grounds for war. Civil war or other kind of war.

This kind of thing cannot happen or occur on American soil, to American citizens, by other Americans or any other foreign person. Those who abuse the gift of technology should and must be destroyed by the weapons they themselves use.

If this means a major satellite that is extremely expensive, is shot down and blasted out of the sky, let's try that, to send a good message, for starters. If someone working on it, just happens to accidentally create an explosion so terrible as to completely destroy and demolish some of the most expensive equipment that the U.S. or another country (if it is another country) possesses, I think now is the time.

I have a right to defend myself and defend my son. I do not have access to those who are abuses technology and who are torturers. I DO know that some others DO have intelligence on what is happening, and they have a moral responsibility to take this power out of the hands of the corrupt and completely destroy what is there.

Whether it is small pieces, in the hands of many, or larger pieces, all of this must be rounded up and destroyed, and those who are engaging in this kind of illegal warfare, should be prepared to themselves be destroyed by the same weapons and means they use to harm others.

This doesn't mean I am going to do anything or that I CAN do anything. But I can certaintly alert others to take pause and decide whose side you are on, and if you are on God's side, you will be ready to use the information you have, to do society and the world a favor, and take care of those who will not listen to repeated calls for peace and for cessation.

If those in intel know this is coming from many individuals, in small ways, these people need to get the message on individual levels. If some technology is used that is out of reach to most and very expensive, whoever knows about it, has a responsiblity to begin making plans to destroy this technology, regardless of cost.

I am sorry, but no U.S. citizen should go through what I and my son have been through. I have said "enough" and that is exactly what I mean.

As for military connected persons repeatedly stealing from me, do I report this to local police or to your fucking court marshall?

On one hand, I try to distract myself and think about other things and life in general, and things I should be able to focus on--music, art, college, my son, child development, cooking, normal things.

It's a little bit difficult, however, when I'm intermittently stalked and continue to be tortured and know this must still be happening to my son and he can't even speak up for himself and no one else will either.

If the U.S. is allowing torture of its citizens, and this many people go along with it, this is grounds and justification for war. It is also justification for invasion by other countries. If it's not U.S. citizens who are responsible, the U.S. Department of Defense should be paying me a visit and explaining to me what is going on, and why they aren't investigating.

The kidnapping and virtual hostage situation of me and my son is also grounds for war. Does this mean I am starting a militia? no. Have I ever harmed a person in my life? no. And I haven't ever harmed any animal or fish even. I am a compassionate and forgiving person.

However, I have some "rights" and my son has "rights" that are guaranteed by law, and if this country is not defending and supporting my rights, which at the most basic level include the right to be free from torture and virtual bondage and the subjects of experimentation and research and harassment, we, along with others who feel similiarly who may not be as vocal as I am, have the right to take arms or any means necessary, to defend ourselves.

My means of defense, is writing. And I am now encouraging others who have access to resources and technology, to begin a major demolition of these things.

London Fog & Earl Grey

I have unconsciously, twice, made British drinks for myself, without having read or known or witnessed it done before.

The first time I wondered which person was in my past life, I had just filled up a bottle of rum with more water and then discovered I had done it in the same equations or parts as the British Royal Navy used to do.

Then, not a big deal, but I just looked up Earl Grey tea on wikipedia, wondering what's in it nutrition-wise, because it's always been my favorite tea. My skin looked good this morning and I had cup after cup of Earl Grey tea and then one tea of Orange spice and one of Lipton. So I looked up Earl Grey and found out I was making myself "London Fog" drinks.

Which is, steamed milk, Earl Grey tea, and vanilla.

I usually like milk or cream with Earl Grey, rather than lemon, but last night, instead of just adding milk or cream, I was adding a lot of Vanilla creamers and it was my new favorite (for a change, but I still like it the straight way).

I read sometimes jasmine is infused and I can imagine this is very good. Especially with vanilla too. Earl Grey, vanilla, and jasmine.

It looks like it maybe originated in Canada though? according to one source, though I am sure that if Earl Grey was first in England, someone there must have tried adding vanilla at some point, long ago. There's nothing new under the sun.
I looked up Feist.

I really like Feist. I heard her this morning when I finally got out of bed and it was the song "I Feel It All" and I loved it so looked it up and played and replayed over and over. I also like the fact that she is so incredibly talented but is not cookie-cutter. She isn't even pop-tart cute, but attractive in a different way, and owns it, and she can move. She isn't really doing choreography or dance numbers in her videos but her movements are natural and catchy and seem spontaneous--her body is a rhythm instrument in its own right, in a way, adding punctuation to the idea. !!!!!!!!

Musical Temperaments (& Tuning)

Aha! What I was thinking of last night, explained through wikipedia as "equal temparment" (um, and non-equal temparment too):

I think this is sort of it, but maybe close and not precisely what I was thinking of. I thought, after reaching this page, how my great-grandfather--genius, composer, musician, music professor, and piano tuner, probably knew all about things like this. I wish I had inherited his gift for music. I inherited some of it, but not to the degree he was blessed.

I think this article describes, though, how the western scale and tones are different from, for example here, the arabic scale, which might include more tones.

This is an article that looks dry but I imagine would be very interesting as a base for a number of other arts. If I learned what this means, more exactly, and put it to poetry or even a painting idea. I kind of like the idea of taking something complex and sort of science or math related and turning the basis for one art, or a very technical idea, into a spontaneous creation. Combustion!

(Sometimes nerds are hot--sometimes they're not.)

I should have "Let's pretend we're borderline schitzo" parties and have one based on all things temperament or with "tempera".

"Bring your tempera paints for a relaxed discussion of musical temperaments over tempura udon. 8 o'clock, sharp or flat."

Just looked up "72 temperament" and found there is something called "miracle temperament" which sounds interesting. I'm printing them out so I can read this. I guess there are 3 types:

equal temperament
linear temperament
well temperament
maybe something called regular temperament (?)

I think I am onto a new interest: tuning. I want to read all of the articles about tuning from wiki, which includes measurement, just intonation, temperaments, and non-octage. (category is musical temperaments).

cyst impression

i thought maybe i got that for michelle obama but i didn't see anything in the mind's eye so i questioned it. then, i went in for a doctor exam the next day or two after this and i had pain upon pressure on an ovary so i figured hey, maybe i'm the one with the cyst (they resolve and are no big deal) so i thought i'd add this.

with other things, i've sometimes literally "seen" in the mind's eye, organs and skeletal frame when getting impressions. but i just had the idea to mind, and nothing visual about michelle so i thought maybe it was an interference. maybe it was for me!

Hostages at Church in Iraq After Stock Exchange Attack

I think the news is confused.

The BBC sort of mentions some account of a stock exchange matter first, before occupying the church, but the CNN says that the original plan or action of the Iraquis, Al Quaeda or not, was storming the Bagdad Stock exchange. When police followed and ensued, they ran to a nearby Catholic church that was having mass and occupied and tried to negotiate from there.

Which is exact, I don't know, but there is a different spin from attacking a stock exchange as part of a plan, and attacking a church. Stating it was just an attack on a church would incite concerns of a religious attack but it sounds like this is just where they ended up, and then, to negotiate, they said they wanted to exchange Iraqui prisoners for Catholic ones.

Possibly, it was symbolic for them to go to the Stock Exchange first. I mean, in some ways, it could be a message, if they weren't simply forced to take cover in a church.

Stock exchange to hostage exchange...hmm.

It might not have been Al Quaeda either.

Important Theft This Afternoon

Someone from the house I'm at, stole my cash card, knowing I get benefits tonight, after midnight, on the 1st.

This is the 3rd time that this card has been taken from me, and then returned after I either reported it stolen or blogged about it. The 3rd time from this house.

It happened this afternoon because I had the card and my coat was with me at all times yesterday and today I slept in until 1-2 p.m. I slept with my coat underneath me, as I had my important things in the pockets. There is no way someone got to it then.

I discovered the theft before I left the house at about 3:30 p.m.

There is no possible way any theft occured at any other time. The only times it was possible to go through my pockets and steal would have been when I was in the kitchen making oatmeal, and getting out ingredients for making an organic chicken soup, or while I was in the shower.

At first I thought it was one thing and now I think it's the other. But there is no doubt.

I told the one guy, that I expected to fine that card mysteriously reappear, whoever took it, by this evening, or I was reported a lot of things. I said I was giving them a chance to return it, whoever took it.

Then I left a message with Rivercom about it bc people in this town have radios and listen to all the police news and traffic and I repeated that I was giving it a chance first. Which sounded like no point, but there was a point, because only one person from the house heard me state I was giving them time to return it, and the other person didn't get the message. This gives a better "public notice".

I'll say something else...I didn't pray for anyone at that house to be healed. So if they were somehow healed or cured, it had nothing to do with my prayers. Maybe someone changed habits or the prayers of others helped, I'm sure. But I thought about praying, and I got a block from God, that I wasn't supposed to pray for that person. This doesn't usually happen, but I wonder if sometimes God knows more about what's going on than I do. I've had $200 total stolen from this place, and a number of other things happen. I never prayed for anything bad, of course, but I was blocked from praying for healing. Maybe someone just benefited from my good energy by osmosis. I don't appreciate being robbed.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Of The Day (human rights at end)

Have to write Aunt Mary first after this. She writes the most exquisite letters and I promised her one.

That was before someone drugged my food or drink with (lithium?) and my hair started falling out after stomach cramps.

She asked how I was doing and between being blocked from getting on buses (to leave towns), and no sleep, and being followed and harassed, and possibly drugged, I haven't had a lot of time to get back to the idea of a nice long cheery but realistic letter.

She writes beautiful letters and when I wonder why I remember (just remembered now) that she has her PhD in English Literature.

I accidentally took headphones from the library with me to the restroom when I was going to drop them off at the desk, and when I got out I realized it was already locked up and closed, so I have headphones with me, but don't really need them here. I haven't listened to very much music lately.

As to being drugged, I know I was. I don't know what I was given, but I am positive I was drugged or some kind of medication put into something I ate or drank. I have been under plenty of stress and my hair doesn't fall out in clumps with a comb. Right after I had very severe stomach cramping, which wasn't related to any kind of period or normal problem I have (I never have this as I have a tough stomach) I felt something sort of go to my head too. And then the very next day, it took less than 24 hours, my hair was falling out. When I say falling out, I mean that every time I combed my hair after this, the comb was full of hair, where I would pull it out and it was enough to fill my entire hand. It is a lot of hair that has fallen out. I had plenty of stress so it's not as if it was just a symptom of stress. I guess I had been given something and right after, I had the stomach cramping which was very severe and no other symptom with it (no flu or cold). Right after the stomach cramping, loss of immense amounts of hair.

My thought was lithium because of the symptoms I've read about, but it may have been something else.

At my doctor appointment a few days ago, she wanted to check my feet. I didn't know why. I think now, maybe for edema. She didn't do any kind of nervous system exam, where one draws a metal probe along the sole to check reflex. She just looked at my ankles and feet and noted there was edema but that it wasn't bad. I thought, mainly from the socks I was wearing, and I told her I usually have no problems with edema, no matter how long I am on my feet or walking, but at least I could see my ankles (in that moment).

I paused here, and read a few news items. Looked up my silly stuff, about wardrobes, though I haven't practiced guessing. Just got stuck in the habit of looking now. I wasn't going to go to the british monarchy site at all, but I did, after looking up other things. None of the video clips were titled, just rated with stars. I chose one with a 1/2 star. It was the reception of the people of Quatar. It's the only one I watched and the only one I want to click on. One was enough, or maybe it was the only one I felt I was meant to see.

What I found most amazing, out of all the refinery, were the flowers. This was my favorite part of all of it. There was all of this gold everywhere, and statues, and architecture, and wine glasses all in a row and so many things on such a great scale, but from the crown to the jewels to the dresses and the table, aside from probably some of the people there who are beautiful on the inside, it was the flowers. I loved the arrangements. And then the chair that went back when the people stood to toast--something tells me, intuitively, that it was not accidental. What it means is nothing big, I'm sure, but it wasn't an accident. The only part I didn't like, in the whole clip, was the position of the horse statue next to the Quatar officials' face. Whoever was filming or seating, could have better prevented the effect of a horses' ass next the Quatar guy. Unless it's a great honor, in the country of Quatar, to be photographed or filmed next to a horse ass, I would say it's not the best diplomatic effect. I was disturbed, myself, to go to a restaurant in Spokane that featured a large horse ass statue. I almost turned around and left, but thinking this was expected of me, that I would leave, I went in anyway. Maybe it's a heads & tails shot. Horse tails and Quatar heads. I don't know. I may look at other clips, maybe. Or at the same one. I thought about it. Hmm, no. I don't want to look. I don't want to know more right now, or see more.

So, I'm back to music and my Aunt Mary!

Just saw an ad I don't care for. About white light vs yellow light. I didn't like it. I am trying to find some decent music right now and then writing to my Aunt.

I keep trying to play worship and praise music on lastfm and it keeps trying to redirect me to other stuff. I told God earlier today I would try to think of positive things and instead of asking for things, just praise Him or think of good things God has done. Because, I think, there is a time to communicate and go back and forth and petition God and negotiate and have a conversation, and then there is a time to maybe just thank God and not allow anything else in, except for praise and worship with no other motive. It usually works out that this strengthens all things but the idea is to not have a selfish motive or expect anything other than fortifying what good works and things have been done, and can be done. The other day I was reading how even angels sometimes, get tied up in other business before they are able to attend to the prayers of someone. I think of angels as a kind of invisible soldier and God as captain. Not really sure about all of it, but that's my idea.

I went to youtube. Lastfm wasn't letting me do anything I wanted to do. Wasn't letting me make up my own mind, so goodbye lastfm. I went to youtube and was looking for worship and then the song "Justify" came to my mind. So I clicked on a link to The Rasmus. At the start, terrifying. Scary looking video but the heart of it is normal, thank goodness. I thought, "WHAT have I clicked on? bad luck?" but I don't think so. I think I was supposed to see this before my praise music. from "Black Roses". ? Haven't heard thrasher music in awhile but found Chiodos - The Words ‘Best Friend’ Become Redefined came up next and it's not bad. The piano work at the end is an interesting touch. Then it went to "Celebrity Skin" by Hole. like it. Okay, now to worship stuff and Aunt Mary.

The first one I clicked on: Come Let Us Worship:
Seek Ye First:

I then had "Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord" come to mind but decided to click on this one first, out of curiosity. It is called The Lord Is A Sun and Shield (william croft). (the crazy cello part made me think of my friend geoff, whose last name resembles rasmus). I was going to then go to the other hymn but was curious about "let thy hand be strengthened" (thinking of being strengthened earlier) so clicked. This one was for George II and the one I just played was for George I. I am somehow going through the Georges.
Then I clicked on this one, thinking it was the Blessed be the name of the lord (the name of the lord is a strong tower) and got this one: I got this one next: english accent: I like all of the scripture references in this video. I finally got the one I was thinking of, but all nice digressions prior to finding it:
Sarabande and Ground:
Then heard track 8, andante, sonata in D major by Hubert Parry. from Glory and the Harp by David Watkins.

Jezebel by Sade.

I was looking up something jezebel that I thought billie holiday sang but couldn't find it. found sade and then edith piaf. someone commenting says valdemar matuska's version is best. Too heavy and not what I was looking for. I like the one by sade bc I like everything sade. first i was looking for something jericho and walls and then went to jezebel.

Joshua fit the battle of jericho. Ho Ho. First got a good guitar strummer and then Mahalia Jackson and I would say this is a "big thumbs up":
I cracked up laughing when I saw the thumb (personal inside joke)
baby beluga then came to mind but that reminds me of reading about P. William as "baby whale" and maybe some other fish named vanda. bc then I was thinking about villiam of vales and all w's v's and v's as w's. and then, of course, I was thinking, "get your mind out of the gutter" (is that a pun?) back to worship.
Majesty by Hillsong: (it's only half the song though).
looking for a song and clicked on this: this is another one from england. daventry, wherever that is. it sounds like it's better in person, because of the sound. i'm not sure why it was filmed this way, from this angle, either, but who knows. all I know, is that I'm getting this weird psychic impression that someone's eyes are bugging out watching this one. ? don't know why though. I had to look up the wiki on Daventry. It was last modified on my birthday! helloooo BBC. Then it went automatically to this one, the song as sung by teens (had to look up malayalam on wiki after seeing it):
The next one I got, I had an impression of today, of the hand in the sand drawing a line. I wasn't sure what it was from but maybe this movie.
South African praise:
This was one of my favorite songs as a girl; Debbie Boone's "Be Ye Glad":
I don't love the video on this one, but I used to sing this song all the time. I guess, all of the Debbie Boone and Amy Grant songs from back then.
Went to "Something in the water (does not compute)" by Prince (then looked up wiki on Prince). I haven't heard this song before, it's from 1982.
Trying To Throw Your Arms Around The World by U2: (I came up with the idea for looking this one up when I closed my eyes after hearing the prince song and got an impression of arms around someone, in a hug--and by the way, I don't need people coming up to me hereafter asking if I need a hug, fyi).
Majesty by Delirious:
I felt someone wanted me to look up Eastern Orthodox photos or song about Mary so I am doing this. Looking, out of curiosity, probably a few different sites. Then, to Mary Magdalene. (this one a chant with a painting that made me think of a cup)
this one beautiful singing (rachmaninov-ave maria): my favorite part is the highest notes which are in the background. I didn't know if it was that one effect (can't remember the term now, where a note or two are played and then mysteriously a third tone can be heard out of it, or if it was separate parts, but delicate and beautiful). Then there was one following, about the angels of the cross and then one with a preface of "no more war". I got some impression of russian language while hearing the ave maria one or right after. then, someone in english saying "oh my god," repeatedly. I looked at a few things which were mary magdalene but not what I was looking for. went to hagia sophia.

Looked up hagia sophia on wiki and then a site and never read before that she is sometimes associated with mary magdalene so I suppose it followed that I looked up the hagia sophia after wanting to find something about magdalene. sort of followed. slightly, maybe.

I sent my Aunt Mary the link to Rachmaninov's ave maria. and then I looked him up on wiki and was suprised to find what I noticed about the piece also reflects what critics and reviewers have said, about conversation with tone and the "polyphonic dialogue" (?) I think, is what I meant. Yes, I looked it up and that is part of it. The other part is that vocabulary word or term I have forgotten but when this note is not even a separate note or voice, but arises out of a kind of resonance or ring that emanates from the actual voices. I can't remember what this is called. It is the holy spirit, or dove, that rises up from the voices I think, but I can't remember the technical word. I never studied music formally, so I can't be held responsible for my lack of knowledge (?) I hope. There is also a difference between eastern and western music and recognition of notes but this isn't what I mean either...the eastern music sometimes incorporates a half step of a note, not a full note as is on a keyboard, but the halfway point and makes use of it as not either sharp or flat (I don't think) but an actual note. Western composers do not use this, to my knowledge, unless there is new modern music bc it sounds strange to our ears, as if it might be wrong. It makes for diverse music though, I think. I THINK, but I don't know for sure.

I looked for a new indian song that might incorporate this but fell back on my favorite Ganesha stuti, so far. I love this one for the innocent voices and the way it crescendos at just the right moment with the change in melody. This one I think someone could even run cross-country to because I can imagine going over a lot of small hills and feeling in rhythm to the flow of this song. It makes me think of a course we ran a few times in Oregon.
I noticed Osama bin ladin had issued another message sometime when I was writing my post about him (or I think a day before). I am not on his side at all but I was close to saying what he at least said himself. He spoke of an "equation" and I sort of thought the CIA is not too much on the hunt for him bc they know his sentiments are commensurate (or equal to) what he feels has happened maybe with him or the people he cares about. Of course I don't want any conflicts and I don't take sides for him, but I was only saying I believe maybe he's not out for conquest as much as protection. I think there is a difference between conquest or greed, or exterminatoin of people or families, and self defense. I don't think he or anyone should kill Americans because values are different but I don't think this was his original feeling either. I guess I don't know the politics enough. I should stick with learning more from cookbooks right now maybe, and fun things.

Now I know why people told me to think about puppies and butterflies. Sure. I didn't know then that I had a whole arsenal of psychics who wanted to pick my brain. Well, I can say, most of the time, you're wrong! maybe close sometimes, but still wrong.
Washington's Speech to Troops:

George Washington's Speech After Busy Schedule (red eye fight):

George Washington Rises From The Dead:

Abe Lincoln on House Divided:

International Human Rights Law (The Universal Declaration of Civil Rights):

This one with a comment from someone in the UK who expresses the same concern some have in the U.S., over CPS:

Rights For Children (including freedom from persecution and deprivationn of natural rights by arbitrary CPS action and stalling by U.S. Judges, courts, and public defenders)

Song About Rights:

UNICEF (children's rights):
I post these links, and watch them and wonder how in the world what has happened with me and my son is allowed to continue.

If we are really going by the Declaration of Human Rights, which includes the right to be free from torture, my son and I never would endure what we've been through. If we are entitled to security, then the right people would, or will, step forward to investigate and protect these rights. If we are going by the law, which prohibits discrimination, probably what happened in Wenatchee regarding housing never would have happened. Most likely, what I have been subjected to recently and in the last trip I took, would amount to "degrading treatment" at the very least. Probably, while looking up these posts and this evening, while on the computer, I wouldn't have been subjected to what amounts to torture, and probably, anyone who was able to determine which mechanism was responsible for this, would destroy the equipment and all facilities used to create such problems and conditions. And I don't need to elaborate on that point. If we are talking about Star Wars, then fine. If not, fine. I think it is clear that someone is holding powerful information in their hands, which they are going to be responsible for using in a manner that is consistent with laws, natural rights, and regard for the free will and rights that God has given all people. Probably, if someone or some group was interested in human rights, they would respect the right of someone to travel freely without hindering my movement. Probably, my son and I would have been free from defamation and a chase into Canada went we had a right to leave and a right to seek freedom from persecution as well, wherever that may have been. Probably, if people who support agencies like UNICEF and UN, were serious and not hypocritical about their support, they would not do to me and my son, what has been done. Probably, I would have been free from false arrest and harassment, which has interfered with my and my son's healthcare and with my employment and also my legal affairs and college, on every count.

Watching these videos, about human rights, is beautiful and inspiring. It helps me, when I am away from the trivial things I have to deal with here, to recognize who I am again and what good I would like to do. It helps me to feel like a normal person to engage in what I love and find the things I care about: music, art, political rights and laws, and that kind of thing. Then, I step away and I get dragged down again.

Then I read the comments under the UN ads, and it is true, that these are right laws and yet there is no one to enforce them. Politics still play and people still choose to ignore situations. In my case, the same group that might act heavily concerned about civil rights, and be involved in the ACLU or possibly a branch of UN (not the whole thing but maybe domestically), could be the very same group that targets me and harasses me and provides no assistance. Some of the "do-gooders" like to do good for only the people they believe are not really "equal" but sufficiently beneath them.

If the courts and Judges are paying attention to the Declaration of Human Rights, my son would not still be waiting for an injunction in order to visit his mother, and in order to bring in evidence to clear his mother entirely and vacate all orders bc of crime and lack of jurisdiction of State workers.

I watch things about children's rights, for UNICEF, having been a daycare and nanny provider almost my entire life and having worked with youth until I was in college (later in life) and I find myself agreeing and feeling like part of a whole again and then I realize what madness it is, that I have been so put down, I am beneath any semblance of my true character or identity. Everything about me has been stripped away, and even my own confidence to the degree that I am suprised at how I still feel part of the whole that crusades for children's rights. How is this possible, that I have this much book knowledge, and hands-on experience, and devotion and love of my own child who was horribly traumatized by separation from is this even POSSIBLE? in a just society or working justice system?

This system and these Judges, U.S. attorneys, and CPS workers, are altogether corrupt. CORRUPT.

There is no possible way that what has happened, could happen to ME, if this were not the case.

It is impossible to kidnap a child and collude with even another country's intelligence and personnel, unless the corruption is out of control. And for this to happen to me, with my record of not having taken drugs, not being an alcoholic, never harming or abusing another person, and having an amazing record with children, is outstanding.

It is not possible unless there is a large amount of money and corruption tied together. It is also not possible unless there has been a fair amount of hatred which was used to drive all of this.

I do not buy that any part of this was God's will, or was good intention. It was foul from the start.

And also, it was impossible. Yet, groups with power and money acheived the very impossible thing, and were able to not only get away with torture of me and my child in East Wenatchee, but then to defame me and kidnap my child and then hold both of us hostage by refusing work, housing, and falsely arresting me and stealing everything I owned.

I was told it would be "impossible" to get my son back. Why? Because, I think they realized, that the "impossible" had already occured--a group had managed to solicit the help of neighbors to defraud taxpayers and public institutions by disobeying civil and criminal laws.

It IS NOT possible, for what has happened, to have happened, without corruption. Money. Money, incentives, and personal bribes and rewards went into this one. Probably, torture of some as well, so they were "reminded" that if they didn't go along, they too would be called "crazy" and lose their jobs or families.

I watch things about UNICEF for kids, knowing I am a great candidate for such programs, and then think how ironic and ludicrous it is that my son was ever taken and that this many people have LIED and tried to rub "The Truth" or philosophies of, in my face.

I think how ironic it was, to sit in the hearings, or visitation, with monitors who know less about parenting than I do; with parenting evaluators who didn't even know the basics about Dr. Spock, attachment parenting, or any of the child development specialists. That woman could not even give the definition for what "attachment parenting" was. I sat there, a better mother than any and every single woman in that room, and with more knowledge than all of them combined.

Knowing this, and knowing God knows this, and yet they have been allowed to act like catty military she-wolves and abuse their authority on every single level there is to abuse authority on.

These were not mothers. None of them. And none of those men were fathers.

Not one person throughout the case with my son was a true mother or father. They were sheep, following a bad shepherd.

I know, in my heart of hearts, that while AG McIntosh claimed I was mentally ill and sneered at my mention of God, she loathed and hated me. But she loved her country! She loved her country as long as it was the silver spoon for her mouth. She did not and does not love her country as I do, for the laws and precepts it was founded on, and not out of selfish and ego driven greed.

Not one of the public defenders I had, paid by the government, loved God, his or her "country" or the law. They loved themselves and put themselves and their own interests above their client, above a 4 year old (then 2 and on to 4) child, and me. They demonstrated, by cheating, lying, defaming, and perjuring themselves, that they were the scum that this country employs and no one does anything about.

It is the scum that are in power.

And as long as scum are controlling things, the good will be oppressed.

Friday, October 29, 2010

My Son Needs Protection & the Middleton Mess

I am having more problems with the non-lethal weapon stuff and I also noted it was happening to my lawyer at court when we were there last.

I was at the Super8 and the overheating started up and then quit. While I was at the computer. Then I went to the bookstore and there were a bunch of people there who wanted to be smokescreens for what was happening.

It was obvious they were trying to be smokescreens too.

I can go into more detail later.

Additionally, I intuitively picked up that my personal photos, some which were stolen in Wenatchee and distributed and others which were (I thought) in safekeeping with a woman in Seattle, are being shared or sold.

My guess is that they are being sold.

I had this feeling, about a photo of me in a swimsuit (2 piece) where I am wearing a straw hat. I had this come to mind over a week ago, that something was going on surrounding this photo of me.

Then, while in Spokane, these women kept flashing royal blue dresses around me, and I thought it was over Chelsey Davies and her blue top but had no clue, or maybe Monica Lewinsky. Then, tonight I saw the photo on People of Kate with Will, in that royal blue dress which is the same time this dresskeeper was parading around me a few days ago. When I saw the pose though, with Kate's hand on the brim of the hat and the title by People about "details..." it clicked immediately. Someone had shared or sold the photo of me in the swimsuit.

It wasn't just me, it was my best friend Monica. And there were other photos of us when we were young and she wore this hot pink eyeshadow as a joke, with me, to a dinner party and there are different things people have been doing, to correspond to my photos.

The one with Kate, and that title, was chosen specifically. I also noticed in the last day or two, how many people in this town, and actually in the other towns I noticed it, have been wearing the same pattern or print that was on that swimsuit I had on in the photo. I had some photos of me in one specific dress, which was a classic cut and simple leopard print and then my 2 piece was black and white (or sort of grey) animal print (leopard print or similar design).

All of a sudden, everyone had started wearing this kind of print around me and it's not the hottest new fashion item or fad, so I wondered, esp. from Wenatchee people, where they were all getting this design from and why it was being paraded around me.

In the photo of me, I am wearing the 2 piece bikini and have one hand up, on my my straw hat. It is the exact same pose and posture except I am wearing only a bikini and I'm standing next to my best friend, whereas Kate is standing next to William. Will is to the right, Kate to the left. In my photo, I am standing where Kate is, with my best friend to the right, where Will is.

It is not a coincidence.

The minute I saw that photo I had immediate clarity and psychic insight and knew my photos have been shared or sold and viewed by many people, without my consent. Not only that, they have been used for purposes of harassing me.

In the meantime, I am having more problems with being constantly pursued and harassed and followed. I also have people using non-lethal weapons still and it is not a joke.

If I find out my photos are safe, in Seattle, I would guess they were only shared. If not, I will be forced to assume the worst. I also know that Steve May has never been held accountable for anything he stole from me at that house, or things he or housemates did.

Anyway, no. I had not seen the cover of People so I had no clue why people were doing what they were doing recently while I was traveling. I didn't see it until this evening and immediately my psychic side caught all of what was going on. I'd like to know who the editors of People are. Guess I'll have to find out.

People magazine is supposed to be mainly an L.A. magazine but the editor is currently someone named "Larry Hackett" and everything I'm finding about him is NYC, NY. He previously worked at The New York Daily News as a national reporter.********
This evening I picked out books, as I did last night, not at random, but purposefully. Things that caught my eye. I didn't realize one about Marilyn Monroe (which I chose thinking of my grandmother, how she liked her so much) was the "diary expose" one. I grabbed a few and just skimmed. The only strange thing that happened, has to do with William of Wales, but I probably shouldn't be harassed and tortured over it. All things regarding him in any way can, I'm sure, be immediately attributed to special meaning for the "love of his life."

On my court day, the letter "V" kept figuring and I said to someone that the Prosecutor's middle name was probably a "V" for Vendetta.

Then later that night, I was looking up all news and read only a couple (first I've read in months). The one I read about William was about him giving out medals for some kind of Valance, V_____, V________, and V_______ thing. I thought it was strange that I had this V for vendetta come to mind when I don't use this expression really. Then, the weird thing was around baby books today, at the bookstore.

Someone had left them behind and I was tired of the whole game of my finding random books and seeing if they coincide with something someone else dropped off. So I took the 2 babyname books back to the counter so they were off the table and out of my way.

The first book I'd chosen to glance at was "A Royal Duty" and I don't know why I picked it out. I've already skimmed it. I opened it up anyway and it was exactly pg. 84-86. At least I started reading on pg. 84 and then I didn't stop until something caught my attention.

I began reading where Burrell says he traveled the world with the Queen and there was one special day, out of all the places and dates, that they loved, which was Royal Ascot. A 4 day event. So I was idly reading about this, not thinking about anything in particular, just bored and wanting something to read, and I read and noticed for the first time ever, that William of Wales was next featured. His date of birth. He was born during the horse races, at 9 a.m. I never read this or remembered it. But coming right after babyname books, it stood out a little bit. So then I got up and went back to the babyname books I had placed on the other counter. I opened up the first one, and it was to the name "Kent" (welsh, "bright white") and also saw the name Kaden (name of one of my cousins meaning friend or companion). Then, I said, if I were to have a baby again myself some day, what would the name be? and I did NOT mean it seriously at all. I said it with a grain of salt and wasn't thinking about the royal family either.

I did this with the second book and pointed without looking first. I ended up on "V". The name was:

Valda, Vanda, Varda.

It was 3 names that were all lined up and all different but starting with V. Really lovely names too. I've always imagined having a little baby "Valda" and my husband, here, is the Count Dracula. It said, following these names: "names with different roots but similiar occultish (?!) aura--Valda: German (heroine of a battle); Vanda (variant of Wanda); and Varda ("Rose" in Hebrew, widely used in Israel). Then I turned to "Wanda" to see what that name meant and it said not to be used because it evokes a witch and then, it says, "Then there's a fish called..." and stops off like that.

The first babyname book was "Baby Names" by Janice Easten-Epner and the second was "Baby Names Now" by Linda Rosenkrantz..

So anyway, that was interesting. Pointless, but interesting nonetheless.

The other books I had grabbed were cookbooks and political.

Anyway. Nothing matters when you're being targeted for torture.

I have to go.

Migraine Disability & Reports to U.S. & UN

I have gone on disability for a few more months, for migraine, because I have been forced to do so. I have people claiming I cannot work because of stressful situations but this is not true. I cannot work here because of politics.

I feel now that I should have continued with my application for political asylum with Iran.

If I had, I could have received an objective physical evaluation and report made about what was really happening to me and my son. Instead, I had others who maybe didn't like this idea, suddenly coming in with what appeared to be another solution. I think now that it was only to buy time for themselves, and delay and keep me from actually getting ahead.

I think it was to avoid embarrassing some who are in the U.S. who refuse to hold persons accountable, who should be held accountable.

If I had others who were objective, helping me with getting and keeping safe my medical documentation and testimony, this was going to be very adverse and potentially very powerful, for some who were corrupt and who had engaged in criminal activity against me and my son.

On one hand, I delayed because I wanted it to be a good decision for me and my family. I wanted to be on good terms with Iranians I knew and wanted to end up asking for asylum from the right country. I had a few others in mind as well but the first one I went to, imagining at least that there were no political or religious conflicts, was Iran. I also thought about some middle eastern people I'd tutored and the Iranian man I had talked to, who believed what I said about what was happening to me and my son.

I had considered this with Canada but the Canadians I ran into there, were too tied into what Washington state wanted to do and they colluded with eachother, in a way that caused immediate and permanent damage.

Those specific Canadians and U.S. employees were not good people. They were corrupt. My son and I have been hostages ever since.

I also could not go along with any group that pressured me or tries to trap me into a corner without letting me know what's going on and while I haven't given all the details of what's happened since, I wonder, with all of the harassment, if it's even possible to ask for the right thing to be done.

I have decided that since I've mailed my notice of a report to the U.S., to 3 different branches, I am next preparing, during this 30 day period, my complaint to the UN. While my complaint to the U.S. is to get their attention and request someone contact me about my report so I am able to give further details, the one to the UN will be more complete and written with more of a timeline and information.

If I don't have a response from any U.S. party within 30 days of confirmation of receipt, I will submit my legal case to the UN.

My lawyers told me they checked with Canada and I am not barred from entering, if necessary, to obtain records, with what I signed for a continuance. It's a continuance of something and not a conviction or plea, so it's sort of like nothing. From what I am told.

I don't have time to wait longer than 30 days.

For some reason, the Spokane courts cannot even honor my attempt to make an emergency injunction to protect my and my son's right to visitation. By law, what they are doing is a further violation of my civil rights.

I filed an emergency injunction and stated a clear claim that was federal and it should have gone to effect immediately. Instead, a dozen excuses made and it's still "under consideration".

Who has taken this "under consideration" for months? and who is now considering this injunction?

It would behoove someone from D.C., a Judge or AG perhaps, to take an interest on what is happening with the judicial system over here.

I do not believe it is right, moral, or lawful, to have done this to me and my son. I had a few lawyers over in Oregon tell me to stay away from certain Judges in Spokane and now I am wondering if this is why. Endless excuses on a matter that should have been decided fairly within days, and stalling.

other vague impressions

not very good ones and probably not right good focus...

malia obama trying on lipstick and blotting it off, onto paper i think.

but i think i did this and still do so thought i mixed it up with something else.

i never see her in make up.

then, also something about queen holding something this afternoon. thought it was soft, but then maybe just a pen. thought it was soft and circular and fit in the palm of a hand. probably wrong.

Osama bin Ladin's Health

I don't think my connection was very good, but I tried to pray and I maybe got vaguely close to some things.

First of all, I want to say, I believe he is alive because of the grace of God and because there must be even some CIA and others who feel it would be wrong to kill him. Even if he has opinions of killing a lot of people, out of frustration, I believe there must be some reports of his attempts to have integrity (in his own way I guess) that a few have found deserving of some respect. I do not believe Osama will be captured and I believe he will be allowed to die in old age or from other infirmities.

He does not, afterall, seem to be an "evil" person who is so cold and cruel that he would kill and torture his own famiy, friends, and citizens. His animosity torwards enemies, too, grew out of a rationale that if they were persecuted (his people), the enemies were more immoral and I think his zeal increased commensurate with this frustration, which probably profilers pick up on.

There are some people, who even have white collar jobs, who do things with no conscience, that harm a lot of people, and while they may not become "terrorists" they do bad things, with no principle and no purpose other than selfish gain.

Having said that, I asked the question today, because last night I picked out a book and just skimmed it but then wondered today if I might be able to pray and get anything about Osama's health.

I didn't spend much time and I didn't feel my connection was perfect. Usually, it is best if I fast first and then pray. Then, it seems, I have very good clarity.

I got some vague things and then went to the internet to check it and found a lot of theories which seem to match what I got. So that was interesting.

And I did sort of a run-down, wondering if possibly I could go head to toe, and "examine" in the minds-eye. I asked in general, and then from there I tried to ask from head down, running through, quickly, arms, hands, body, that sort of thing.

But, like I said, everything I got was very vague so I didn't think it was perfect.

The first thing to mind was his feet. Vague. I then got something else and then when I later got a run down, asking specifically, when I was back to feet, I went to his toes and I thought maybe a couple were broken.

I later read maybe he has a couple of toes missing. I don't know if it's true but it did cross my mind that he had a couple of broken toes.

After feet, I thought something respiratory perhaps. Something about his breathing which made me think lungs or something or that maybe he'd been exposed to a toxin or just had a cold.

I asked about heart and didn't get anything. I wanted to "see" it and I got the impression of a heart and then something radiating out from that, like a light, but that was when I was asking God to show me anything about his heart or around it. I later read someone thinks it is enlarged so maybe this is why I saw a kind of pull going out from it but honestly, I got absolutely nothing about his heart condition.

I asked about arms and hands and tried to "see" but I saw long arms extended out and palms down but couldn't pick up anything about his arms or hands. I wondered even, about any special marks or scars, and maybe had a vague idea of a line somewhere, maybe on forearm but that is reeally more my imagination I think, and nothing else. Maybe I thought this about his right forearm, but like I said, I felt this was more interference and I couldn't see anything different at all.

I did get very thin.

I also got something sort of different and I don't know if maybe it has to do with ideas about him having kidney or other problems.

I saw his spine, especially lower spine. Lower spine to tailbone. I think I saw this from a hunched over position but I could be wrong, and it didn't look broken or anything so I don't know why I'd see this, but the lower spine and pelvis area so I wondered if there was something going on there. Before reading anything about his health, having only seen this, I wondered, "Is it osteoporosis with his spine? lower back? arthritis in lower back?" I did also have kidney stones come to mind but wasn't sure, and wondered about some other functions but didn't know what is okay to share, esp. to not offend Muslims. So I just wondered about things, in general, from that region, that maybe something affected him. Since I did see the actual spine, I do wonder if there is not just an organ issue (maybe) but something to do with his bones in this area. I saw the spine, or a spine, from halfway down to the tailbone.

Then I asked to see legs and just saw thin. I wondered about knee or joint issues, but nothing really came to mind.

Back finally down to his feet, and thought maybe something about broken toes.

And that was it.

Whatever I got, was by praying, and asking God, and not with a bad motive or purpose, but with a good heart and no ill will. I also prayed that whatever I got, if right, would bring glory to God and not be attributed to anyone or anything else.

As for remedies, I didn't ask that. I didn't feel my connection was perfect and clear, so I didn't spend much time on it. I maybe could have asked about remedies though.
I then went online to check it and I don't know what is true or not, because it's just online stuff. But I read there is an idea about something to do with his toes, and maybe feet, his heart, and breathing (I believe breathing is the only thing I have ever heard about in the past, through the media) and then talk about something called "marfan" syndrome, which would fit some things I got about him but it may be he just has other issues which fit some of the descriptions for this.

I prayed for this information earlier in the day after I woke up and then later this afternoon I prayed about my son.
And for the record, I don't want this stalking and harassment to continue, by U.S. persons and I want my son back. I also want compensation for what has happened to us and a relocation package.


Harassment Continues

I can't get on a college computer without the main tech person screwing with the system so I am forced to go to the other computer and see what this libarian (who dislikes me) wanted me to see: her work on a page called "memory lane" because lately, and ever since I ran into an asshole in Spokane, it's been about making fun of me, my memory, and a number of other things. Her name is Barbara Oldham.

I prayed today and got a little bit of clarity about who is not on my side and it should be obvious, but sometimes, when you're forced into a certain position, it's not obvious. Especially when someone just wants you to hang around so they have proximity to you to gossip about you, harm with non-lethal weapons, poison (or medicate, in whatever form), and keep you down. Meanwhile, making money off of it.

I even went back to a place I knew not to go back to, because I have been forced into this position. But I know they are not friends.

Friends do not use you and degrade you and work out plots against you with others.

I have been deliberately forced to take residence with people who are not seeking my good, and whom I am forced to stay with as a natural conclusion of being pushed out of normal housing by groups with more power and money. They know that if they do this, it puts me in this position.

And the people I've been forced to live with have had ties to others whose motives have been to ruin me. They steal from me, lie about me and to me, try to convince a few who care about me that they also care when they don't, they lie about their religious and spiritual affiliations (if any), and are motivated by personal ego, greed, and money.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I think the Quaids should be allowed to stay in Canada.

At least they should be given ample time to prepare a case, and be free to prepare it. At least they have "sufficient funds."

The story sounds crazy, but so does my story, and yet I have told the truth about what's happened with me and my son and I'm not nuts and there is some evidence to support my claims and some of it was obtained after I was called "delusional".

It IS possible that they are being set up for false arrests. No one thinks about things like this, bc it doesn't happen to the common person, but it's possible.

People get blackmailed too, and often they are not in a position to even defend or help themselves or others because of the magnitude of the blackmail.

Putin's Face

I checked news about wardrobe stuff for Putin and it's all about his face. I don't think it's that big of a deal.

I noticed both of his eyes looked red. Which suggests lack of sleep or being tired. If both eyes are red, he probably didn't have a KO. Though maybe he hit his face on a table while bending down to get something on one side or who knows. However, the main thing is red eyes so this is probably just that.

The other thing that comes to mind, which may sound strange but is not strange, is someone tampering with food or drink or using non-lethal instruments to effect such a thing. Which I would doubt in general, but it is possible and it can almost immediately have an effect on appearance. Maybe angioedema if there is an allergy (or something else...look up angioedema) in addition to busy schedule (red eyes).

I don't think they seem too puffy. In other photos with certain lighting, it's the same. It's more just the red eyes and this is probably from all of the traveling.

I can't find any photos for today. I thought I had an impression of something red or crimson and green, where he was, but that's it.

All my impressions very vague and haven't had time to pray really, about anything like that, and don't particularly care to either.

Maybe his wife got mad (probably not) or maybe a strongman came around to muscle and weigh in. Who knows.

I looked at yet another photo. Doesn't look puffy really. Just looks like a reaction to something.

The Hearing Today

Today I felt very pressured to sign a form, which I did want to agree to, but I was told I could choose either the original one (drafted by Miller) or the new one (drafted by Winchester).

I really feel it was sort of deliberate, to have me there and then change things on me last minute and say it is now or never, and this is what we're offering you now. It seemed to me like Seattle got her in to try to take care of me right away, and I don't even know what the consequences are, because I couldn't get the answers I needed.

I'm told everything will be vacated if I want to challenge the underlying order, so that would be good, but I felt like something was set up to go wrong.

I am also worried about my son, and I did mail out my reports, but there is so much stalling in every direction, I have never heard of such a thing. Never.

Stalling with my injunction. Stalling with visitation with my son. With so many things and then odd little details too. Pulling out certain names to replace with a different name or twist up a little bit. Things like that. Why list Officer Christopher Wright on this thing, and not Carlson and why list either of them when I'm not pleading guilty or innocent or even "no contest" and supposedly the thing is only being "continued" and then dropped?

I was told I will be able to go to any country and it's just a dismissal thing and that I should be able to get records too. So, with that, I figured it's not bad for anyone, but I was really pressured and things switched around last minute and I wasn't given time to think about that. I was told, take it, after they confused the hell out of me and added contradictory details and things which didn't look good, or it's "off the table" and then I was signing this thing where I have to obey "all orders" and this doesn't sound right to me either.

I was told that if I challenge the underlying restraining order, this whole thing can be vacated, and if this is true, this is good.

But then I have stalling on my medical records and getting benefits back for now and it seems strange that it's all coordinated to not even happen until tomorrow morning. Like a number of individuals are just waiting and collectively deciding what to do and making their moves later. It doesn't make sense to me.

Mailed Report of Crime & Prosecuting Attorney Tonia

I mailed my criminal reports, by certified mail, to the following:

Mary Patrice Brown, OPR
Glenn A. Fine, OIG
President Obama

I kept all records of mailing. It wasn't much, but is an initial note to say I need to touch base with someone before reporting anything in confidence.
I didn't like the Prosecutor. She is what I imagined but the other day I saw a different woman who I hadn't seen before, in the building where the AG is, and my lawyer is, and I thought it might be her, and if so, had a good feeling about her.

I asked for something about this other woman and I got eating disorder. But it might be of someone she knows who has/had a serious eating disorder. Curled up. I should add though, more of a young girl. Not a grown woman. Like age 7-13 or something but I was thinking food disorder. Don't know why. I guess could be some other trauma. Sort of as if she was sitting in a corner and it was kind of dark, not really light out. Maybe it was of the Prosecutor as a little girl, but she appeared to be a very stable, sturdy, healthy (emotionally and otherwise) woman (though somewhat pushy and maybe a little cold). I got some child at least and seemed to be more of a little girl than a teenager even. Dark hair still. Then it made me think of an old friend I had, who had a disorder but I still thought it was maybe for the one woman. I am probably wrong bc I didn't feel my good connection with it, that I get. I just asked God if there was something that no one knew about which was very secret or concealed about her and this came up. She looked attractive in the color she was wearing and overall, seemed professional. I also had some impression that she was maybe a non-traditional woman, in a specific way, but I could be very wrong. It was one of those things where it wasn't an impression or feeling I got, it was more of a word that came to mind and I thought it might not be authentic and could have been one of those interference things.

I do think she did a good job of wording some things. I felt part of it didn't sound good for me so I wanted things crossed out.

She doesn't look like a woman with an eating disorder. But how would I know?

I felt she was pushy and somewhat mean. I said to this one guy, "I think her middle name is V for Vendetta."

OIG Page Hidden Until Tonight

I find this latest thing very strange.

I have tried, with my laptop, over the last couple of years (before that, a different laptop) to locate the website for the OIG (Office of the Inspector General) and it was never coming up.

No matter what I typed in, my search would pull up every single OIG department and office there was, except for the right page, for the one regarding civil rights.

And then finally, I got Glenn Fine's page. After ALL of this.

Someone who has been monitoring my computer or maybe a lot of people, have been HIDING this website from me on purpose. Which makes me think that Mr. Fine's offices are the place to go maybe.

So I am sending off a lot of letters tomorrow, all certified mail. I sent things out by email to be sure these things are being received and once I have the right people, I will give more details in confidence.

I know that a criminal investigation should commence and I am hoping that an investigation will make it very clear that my son is to be returned to me without delay.

Complaint To Office of Professional Responsibility

October 27, 2010
Cameo L. Garrett
General Delivery Wenatchee Post
Wenatchee, Washington 98801

Mary Patrice Brown (Acting Counsel)
Office of Professional Responsibility
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Ste 3266
Washington D.C., 20530

Dear Ms. Brown,

I am writing to make a report of criminal misconduct by U.S. Attorneys Tomas Caballero and Mary McIntosh. My complaint includes involvement with Washington State AGs who supervised their role in the illegal kidnapping of my son and subsequent separation from his mother. This crime occurred in 2007 and the discovery of related crime was discovered in approximately August 2010.
These attorneys acted outside the scope of their duties by perjuring themselves and defaming me in order to convince Canadian authorities to cooperate with them in a scheme of entrapment and false arrest to take a child from his mother with zero evidence of harm to the child by the mother, and complete and entire lack of jurisdiction.
I was harassed and falsely arrested (arrests which were dismissed), stalked, and property vandalized, and even raped, in Wenatchee, and received no assistance from local authorities. Evidence for the rape never even went to the lab and photos of my genitalia were “lost” for some time. My car was constantly broken into and I was followed around on a constant basis. Police told me to “move” more than once. My son and I were damaged in childbirth and local medical officials attempted to cover this up and harassment increased, resulting in false reports from these professionals, that I was a bad mother. I had sought help from medical malpractice law firms in Seattle when the allegations that I was a bad mother and should not have guardianship began. Guardianship of my son is essential to being able to sue on his behalf for his damages.
Each complaint was ruled unfounded, which means there was zero evidence. Not one complaint alleged abuse or ill health or negligence, and only focused on the idea that I was “possibly mentally ill” and therefore , “possibly” a risk to my son. There was no evidence to support these allegations and mental health professionals I saw cleared me of being any kind of risk to my son at all. At the same time, I was filing human rights complaints with regard to mistreatment when I had made multiple requests for FOIA records to discover what may have been said about me which was affecting my treatment by local authorities. I made a complaint of misconduct by 2 federal employees and felt it was possible that something was then added to a file, about me, which affected my treatment.
I finally left for Canada because of the increasing harassment and other serious health issues I and my son began to experience, which medical professionals in Washington did nothing about. I also believe the gang or corporate gang violence had escalated enough to put the lives of me and my son at risk.
I went to Canada and immediately scheduled my son for appointments, to begin receiving proper care. I entered legally, with proper documents for both my son and I. I was the sole guardian and Washington State knew there was no paternal interest. This was already cleared up. I also asked the State, prior to leaving, if it was okay to leave and they said yes, as long as there was no Protective Order filed against me, I had the legal right to take my child anywhere I wished.
I left. As soon as I did leave, the State of Washington began defaming me to Canada. Certain Canadian officials then colluded, and as I have recently discovered, pre-meditated entrapping me into a false arrest in order to take my child. This involved cooperation and instruction by U.S. Attorneys who helped draft the materials and engage in negotiations with Canada. I did not discover this fact until a few months ago. I knew I had been falsely arrested but I was unaware of the motive or of the premeditation involved until recently when a state worker admitted both sides had to “wait” to line things up against me before they could access my son.
My son was traumatized to the point of losing 7 lbs in the first month of his removal. He has had nightmares and flashbacks to this day and is no longer the happy and spontaneous little boy he was, and demonstrates some problems with attachment disorder as well.
I discovered recently that the AG and Canadian officials had to create a scenario in order to make it appear they were legally taking my child. There was no warrant for my arrest and no grounds for extradition. The only way they could take him was through an arrest, so they set this up and I am able to prove it was set up. I need only to be connected to the right investigative agents and I will be able to give more details in confidentiality.
After this was done, the motive was to conceal evidence and discovery from me, about what happened. I was given public defenders who supported and defended the State and who concealed evidence and discovery from me. I was also refused legal counsel for over 1 ½ years, even though I requested counsel for dependency and termination proceedings in writing. I did not realize what they were hiding, even if I knew what was happening was wrong. I didn’t realize that they would have been aware what they did was highly illegal and that it was essential for them to keep control of this case and build their case and justification against me after they had committed crime. There was no national, state, or international law to support their actions or jurisdiction.
As a result, my own lawyers, when I had them, concealed evidence from me. I have not been allowed to view or see important medical information about me which was entered surrepticiously, or my son, nor was I able to see visitation notes which were defamatory and false and made me sound mentally ill. I was also blocked from audio recording the only form of objective evidence which could be made, of actual content of my visits with my son.
The State of Washington offered to dismiss this case within 2 months of taking my child. However, after they carefully screened how much I was aware of what they’d done, instead of backing down to risk a lawsuit, they engaged in a cover up and crusade to defame me to justify their actions and discredit me in the event that I should make a report.
The Offices of the Washington AG engaged in kidnapping, obstruction of justice, and intimidation of a key witness. They also engaged in Anti-SLAPP behavior by telling me not to blog and that my discussion of their wrong doing would be used against me. I had one State worker, Michelle Erickson, the primary social worker on this case, tell me she would make sure I was medicated and defamed because I had written a poem she assumed was about her, calling her (she thought) “Blowjob Michelle.”
I asked for a transfer of the case to another county and my request was refused. Those involved wanted to keep everything tightly controlled in order to protect each other.
I have grounds for a civil case, however, what is most important, is that I have evidence to support a criminal case.
Because the obstruction to seeing his mother has harmed my son and because of the importance of rectifying this matter, with regard to his tender age of 4 years old, I request immediate action and investigation. Once I am connected to the right investigative agents, I will be able to furnish this agency with more details. Please see the general email I submitted to the Department of Justice for clarification as to finding persons without special interests or conflict of interest, to investigate.
Thank You,

Cameo L. Garrett October 27, 2010
(I omitted a couple of things because this is prelim)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Notice Of Certified Complaint

I am sending this email on the night before I will be mailing, by U.S. post, copies of my complaints of criminal activity and abuse by certain U.S. or State government employees. I have submitted a preliminary email to the offices of President Barak Obama. I am submitting complaints to the OPR as well, and OIG and AG offices.

I am requesting an impartial and independent investigation into criminal conduct which was coordinated and planned with some cooperation with Canadian officials.

I am also requesting investigation into retaliation and Anti-SLAPP, as well as discrimination which has forced me out of housing, employment, and any normal state of affairs, to keep me from being in a position of strength while making my complaint. I have been forced out of housing and work, and falsely arrested in order to acheive these means, over 3 times in this State of Washington. I have also been forced to accept GAU (General Assistance) for migraine disability while this is also used to attempt to portray me as mentally disabled.

Because of the gross failure, to date, of government officials, to hold proper persons accountable and self-manage, I would ask for an investigation to be conducted by people who are have no conflicts of interest. This would mean, non-involvement with U.S. military or having no affiliation with military; having no affiliation with Catholic or Jewish religion (as several who are members in these groups have had a special interest in obstructing justice and concealing crime--not all, but a few who may be connected to persons who wished to retaliate for past reports that I have made which resulted in my filing lawsuits against the Catholic church and a newspaper with a Jewish editor, and the IRS for tax evasion), and having no special interest or relation to any of the parties involved.

I have a criminal complaint which involves kidnapping, obstruction of justice, and intimidation of a key witness--all elements of RICO, and involving local, state, and federal law enforcement, a couple of local lawyers and Judges, and the State of Washington, including and not limited to the AG offices, DSHS, and Washington State Unemployment services.

I believe the involvement by the AG should go to the OPR or OIG. I also believe that refusal to honor past FOIA requests which I made years ago, after filing a complaint of misconduct regarding FBI employees, should go to the OIG. Possibly, an investigation involving medical professionals could go to an ethics committee but I wouldn't know which one. Finally, the international "incident" of premeditated collusion to falsely arrest me and kidnap my son, between Washington State employees and British Columbia employees, should go to the President, and to Eric Holder.

As The Department of Justice has had some conflict of interest, or special interest in my case, if I am misdirected on where to send my complaint, please advise.

Additonally, until I know which group will be investigating criminal conduct, I will not be giving out many specific details until I am assured of confidentiality, safety for myself and my son, and know that I am making the report to the proper persons.

This is my attempt to secure accountability prior to making a human rights complaint with the UN. As this involves a child, my son, who was illegally kidnapped and has been held hostage under auspices of legality, for over 2 1/2 years, I am requesting immediate action so his rights are not prejudiced by delay. Should there be no response after I have mailed the complaints by certified mail, I will proceed with taking my case to the UN. I would like to have an investigation initiated by the U.S. offices within 30 days of the post date for the certified mailing of the complaints.

Thank You,

Cameo L. Garrett

General Delivery Wenatchee Post Office

Wenatchee, Washington 98801

Criminal Complaint to President Barak Obama

(I tried to submit this through the contact form but my information was deleted so I have to start over)

Criminal Complaint Involving U.S. Officials and Kidnapping of a Child.

Dear Mr. Barak Obama,

I am writing to you publicly through email as well as on my blog. I will also send a letter by U.S. post.

I don't have time to make a detailed complaint. I need to make my preliminary complaint now and request immediate assistance and investigation into a criminal matter that involves me, my son, and U.S. officials (and non-officials).

I have evidence of collusion between U.S. government employees and some Canadian employees, to deliberately stage a false arrest in order to take my child from my legal guardianship.

I was legally in Canada, and there are witnesses to attest to this. The State of Washington did not have a legal warrant or protective order on me prior to my departure to Canada.

In order to take my child, certain U.S. and Canadian officials conspired to set me up for a false arrest, over the course of several weeks, and effect what was an illegal kidnapping.

There is no agreement between Canada and the U.S. which enables states to transfer jurisdiction from one state to the other. There is also no international law which permits such a thing. In order to pacify and satisfy demands by persons who had a prior history of harassing me, and who covered up medical injuries and crimes which occured to my person prior to leaving for Canada, I was subjected to the traumatic removal of my child. My child has suffered immensely due to this premeditated action and there was no legal basis for it. There was never legal jurisdiction absent crime to falsify a right to take my child.

Subsequently, I have been defamed, stalked, falsely imprisoned again, perjured against, and my son and I have suffered psychical and emotional abuse by those who have tried to conceal my discovery of what actually occured.

This concerns the State of Washington, Penticton RCMP and immigration (B.C.), and other persons not identified here for reasons of confidentiality.

I am requesting federal investigation of this matter, by the U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder. I also request oversight of this case, as there is no precedent, even internationally, by the President.

I pray to God that this country will do the right thing and bring in persons who will be able to objectively gather the evidence which is there to gather, which I am blocked from obtaining.

I have been poisoned and subjected to death threats and ask for help.

Thank You,


hopefully, you read this

Hopefully, the people who care about me read this and saved it or printed before someone went in and edited my entire post.

Some other time, I will write more.

Dangerous in Wenatchee Again

I got a ride from someone to a health appointment and the whole way over, there was something being done with non-lethal weapon of some kind. I don't know what it was but the same thing as from the clinic last night. And then nothing at the health clinic or while walking back until I set foot in a Starbucks and it happened again, where 3 grown men were just waiting and watching me.

I also went to an appointment and described things accurately except for the fact that my memory has been affected, which I forgot to mention to her.

She said, "With what has being going on (referring to other things) is there ANYTHING else you could mention that has been a result?" and I forgot, because someone was blasting me on the way to the Dr. appointment. A man.

The thing is, I noticed that at least a couple of people knew this was happening. They were not jovial like the rest, and thinking it was funny.

I am in much more danger and have been harassed much more since someone trashed my laptop, because, I think, people have decided they can come out more and do more and I won't blog about it in the same way.

Either that, or they think someone or something else that is large enough is protecting them and anything they do, but not me or my son.

I've had swelling of my legs again, and stomach problems and other symptoms, which, I believe, are pointing to a medication that someone gave me without my consent, which others then use as a screen for what other problems they want to cause.

If someone is medicating me, for any reason, they can excuse my description of what is happening as simple "crazy talk".

I know that there is a lot going on which no one wants to admit to.

What I know, is that I told my lawyer I would sign the original agreement I was offered, which came through Miller, the Prosecuting Attorney, and submit this tomorrow. I also told him this new one by Tonia Winchester just sounds like something Bullivant Houser Bailey and Dick Whittemore put together, along with the City of Seattle and is not reflective of what I agreed to before someone wanted to push her into place instead of Miller. So he said yes, since I had the first one, I could go with this. It's pretty much the same thing but the wording is slightly different.

However, there are a LOT of people right now, taking liberties with harassing me. And torturing, and then wanting to have their activities dismissed and discredited bc it must be that there is something else going on which no one wants me to know about. It's making it easier for the criminals to get away with crime, and is endangering my life.

slight impressions (not very good)

I am so tired. Out of 10 days, I've had maybe 48 hours of sleep total.

I only have one small thing to add about impressions. Yesterday I was looking up news and wondered if I could guess what Putin was wearing and I saw something pink somewhere. Knew it wasn't what he was wearing, but pink and then this woman comes around the corner in a pink and blue scarf, smiling directly at me. I thought, "Oh my gosh, she knows what I was just thinking of." This morning I saw the news of Ukraine topless protesters and they're wearing blue and pink scarves like the one this other woman was wearing. It was afternoon that I thought this and the woman came in. I saw her scarf and knew, because of what colors I was getting while thinking of Putin, that she had to have known maybe, that I had just asked for information about what was around him or something "about" him. Really weird huh? I wonder what time it was though. I might be able to go back to my email and see when I was writing things and track time.

I still have to write to my Aunt Mary too. I promised and then forgot.

I also tried to think about what he was wearing today but I am too tired and not focusing. I thought maybe something gray out there, but that's so general. Like a more casual gray cotton (?) pullover or shirt of some kind but I don't think this for him today bc I think it was more just picking up on something somewhere and crossed wire.

I have to get on a bus.

I am so tired.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Had To Contact Police In Spokane

I had to contact police in Spokane to make a report.

I was followed all the way over to a medical appointment that I was instructed to take. I had DSHS telling me they were faxing the form over as well and then I went all the way out and found this was untrue.

Instead, I was followed, tracked, harassed and then had the same thing happen in that medical office that I've had happen quite frequently in the Wenatchee medical offices (and rarely at any other location unless it involves a computer).

I am guessing medical offices are great places for concealing certain things or maybe it's that some of the medical professionals have connections that are beyond the normal scope of their duties.

I was refused the name of one woman there who was dressed in a nurse uniform and I was told she was just a "float" but they gave me names for everyone at the 1stcare clinic except for the name of this one nurse, and whether it was a big deal, or just made into a big deal, I don't know.

Several other things happened, and I made note of some plates and interactions.

Apparently, when I first called crimecheck to report, both times none of it was documented at all. The third time I called, I said I DID want to make a report and if an officer had to come out to give me a case number, that's what I needed.

So I was then told nothing had been recorded. That all of my attempts to make any record at all of what happened, was not recorded.

Then, from this place, where someone used non-lethal weapon on me AGAIN, but for the first time in days, and at this clinic, which caused severe burning of the upper chest region, heart, and palpitations, I left and it was like a valve had squeezed my heart and then there was no more burning. It occured there, and was similiar to what's happened with my laptop. I was not holding my watch and I didn't have my laptop on either.

But enough people knew I was going to report it to authorities because when I went to the Walgreens to do so, I was given a phone next to a watch battery in the shape of a small silver puck, and it was sitting out there on its own.

My son, my child, was also mocked. Harm to my son was mocked by both the people at the clinic I went to, and then the Walgreens.

I went to a couple places looking for a tracfone and was told an officer would contact me but so far no one.

I was so upset about what happened, I left one of my bags at one of the stores.

I then ended up at a place where some woman who looked like Celine Dion (maybe trying to look like Kate, who knows, with a big pink and black crown queen symbol on the butt of her sweats and smirking at me) was on a treadmill thing and I asked to use the computer and the guy already had out a pen that matched the color of my laptop and had on his desk a large stack of paper with Uncle Sam's photo on it and "I Want You!" on it in that old symbol.

I said, "So are you in the military?" and he said no. I said, "You have friends who are?" and he said and I said what branches: He said--Army, Air Force...-

And I cut him off to say, "Oh yeah, I noticed there's an Air Force base in this town."

And a hell of a lot of FUCKERS who have no heart, who enjoy abusing others and the children of others, and think it's all a game. A fun game.

This is the America I know.

I hope not. I am hoping I am just in the fucking wrong place, wrong state and wrong pacific NW. Because if I am tortured deliberately wherever I go, so others can get their fucking kicks, and my son is withheld from his mother, you have the promise of God of disaster.

So I am waiting for this officer to arrive so that I'm able to report and then get a taxi because this was another waste of my time, in an attempt to accomodate the State of Washington.

So many bad things happened, and there are more details, but I can't go into it all right now. I will tomorrow.

Claytie Huber
Spencer Varga
Landin Buttler

just a few names, for me to consider later.

I tried to report the matter to police and it was just more stunts. They are in on it. They knew what was going on, and what happened to me, and they are a part of the problem. They showed up as part of the act even.

I got the names of all the officers, 3 showed up and then they just watched everything I did. They refused to give me a report number or case number. They belittled my claim but wanted me to go into detail about how I was affected, more like someone was testing to see how things worked than anything else. I finally looked at one of the guys and said, "YOU'RE the one who is military." Then they stood there to watch what I did next and there was a whole BANK that was in the parking lot which was supposed to be CLOSED and as I walked by I could hear what sounded like teenage or older boys/men talking about what was I doing or where was I going. Why the HELL would a bunch of guys be scouting out from a BANK.

I found out this is an Air Force base area as well.
I tried to go to this appointment, which DSHS knew about and was supposed to fax info over for and they blocked me.

So today I have a different appointment in Wenatchee scheduled, and it's with the same group Wenatchee was scheduling me with earlier and I am wondering if someone is going to try to block this one too, to try to kick me off of benefits and plunge me into complete and absolute poverty. As if I wasn't in dire poverty to begin with.

I am ready for offers from a different country.

I do not want to live here and I don't want my son being raised here either.

I'll work for a different country that at least first asks my permission to do research and work with me. No one in the U.S. has asked for my permission to use me, nor have my son and I been compensated on the most basic levels.

So I asked for something about Michelle Obama this morning but I can't trust what I got, because I am exhausted and I didn't pray or focus right, but I did try to tune in a little. Still, I can't say I felt I made my direct connection, so I am not sure. But I got "cyst".

The only reason I asked for anything, is because I want my son back. I sat in the lobby waiting for the bus and thought about how sad and desperate my son looked one time after a visit, to go to the truck with Pablo and he kept looking back, and looked afraid too, and was trying to go back to me.

What these State workers have done, is something they should pay for, with every dollar they have now in their bank accounts. What they did and continue to do with my son, is aggregious. It is a violation of civil and criminal law.

And no one has stepped in to do one fucking thing.

I Want Out Of Here

I want out of this town, out of this State, and if this is how I'm followed and stalked everywhere, out of this country.

All I did was walk to a place that was close and it became this huge thing. I paid or tipped for a basket of chips and salsa (which I didn't even eat more than half of) and then was insulted with this whole game playing and then found out a perfume packet I had was leaking onto my laptop and taking off the finish. So I left it out and someone thinks it's some huge symbolic thing when it's not.

I'm tired of this.

Find something better to do with your time than follow me around.

Star Whackers

I finally read about The Star Whackers. At first I thought this was a term given loosely, but I guess this is supposed to be the actual name of the "squad"?

It sounds weird, but if eight of their personal friends have died under strange circumstances, I would be a little worried too.

I wonder who they listed though? I mean, which actors?

Probably, the Whackers wouldn't go after the Quaids. Especially not now that they have publicity through a mascot.

Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. So, it's amusing on the surface, and almost sounds like a stunt of some kind, but I cannot be quick to judge, knowing what's happened to me and my son.

From the footage, they're laughing, or she is, and looks far too happy and relaxed to feel like a refugee. I'm not saying it's not possible, but I was not smiling when I was being detained and dragged into immigration court. It wasn't funny and was no laughing matter.

No one was laughing.

On one hand, a lot of people have died in Hollywood and probably some of it is legitimate and other times it's whackings. Why not? jealousies and all kinds of crazy excuses for covering up murders. So it can't be thrown out without a full hearing.

The element they don't have though, is that they cannot prove they sought assistance from the U.S. (I don't think) and the U.S. authorities refused to do anything about it. To get asylum, one has to show that moving to a new location makes no difference and that one has attempted to secure assistance for protection or enforcment of ones civil rights, and you were ignored and left to be at risk by U.S.

The other elements which go into it, are false arrests.

If one is arrested for serious crime or legitimate crime, so what, but if one can prove government workers falsely arrested you, or colluded with others against you and engaged authorities, and that THEN there was no one higher up to intervene and protect you, then you have a claim.

You have to prove
1. You are in danger or harassed, abused or suffer physical harm or denigration of human dignity, in violation of the UN rules about human rights.
2. You must show moving to a new location doesn't improve matters.
3. You must show you tried to get help from local or federal govt. and no one was willing to protect or assist.
4. If you can prove not only negligence in assistance, but actually prove harassment by state or government workers, and deprivation of basic rights or liberty, or violation of property rights or disruption of family, you then have higher than average odds for proving you are unsafe in your own country and that there is no recourse, and that there are political or govt. factors which have contributed to ones harassment and abuse. Anything like false arrest, or penalties, or anything like that, will factor in.

Unfortunately for me, my case involves collusion between 2 countries. Not just one. Or, members from 2 countries, in my case.
I just saw another photo of Quaid, the man, and he wasn't smiling. Maybe his wife is just cheerful and laughed at a joke. I don't know.

I can't judge without knowing. Also, this business with charges over property stuff is all of a sudden for them so maybe they feel there is some kind of political agenda against them as well. To be getting cited for things when possibly, there is an explanation we've not heard of.

I know that if I couldn't blog at all, my side would never get out. I also know that even when I blog, my side isn't out because there is too much evidence being withheld from me, intentionally. I'm not able to access that information. I also wasn't able to correct scores of visitation notes and really horrible sounding stuff that my lawyers weren't showing me the state was writing, and it just got entered into the record with zero rebuttal and correction from me or any lawyer.

The last time I was in court, everything was aligning with Lindsay Lohan's case and now, I am told I'm due in court on Thursday, which is when the Quaid's next have court.

They might have a case somehow, because possibly they moved to try to get away or possibly they feel they've tried to get assistance and there wasn't any. It's possible and no one has heard the facts yet.

Getting political asylum from the U.S. shouldn't be rare anymore. Someone has as much of a chance to need political asylum from the U.S., for different potential reasons, than other places. It's not as likely, but it's still possible that this is a better option for someone. Most countries won't acknowledge it, because they list the U.S. as a "white" country which just means White Flag as in safe and very little chance or probability that anyone could have their civil rights violated consistently.