Saturday, July 31, 2010

migraines, migraines

I have been fighting a migraine and think I have to go in for a shot. The first round I had, I fought off at the start with tons of advil. Tons and lots of sleep. Over a week ago.

But I started getting my second one a couple days ago and held it off for awhile but I think it's getting worse.

Loose Harassment New

The other night, last night, I was going to write up several instances of harassment which were at a new and different level. It was different in the sense that there was no restraint and it was coming from stupid white young men. Some women too but mainly white.

I was very shocked by some of it. A lot was just stupid stuff like, "Hey! you think you're such a tough girl!" and on and on.

It was like they felt they had a whole new reign over me and a whole new freedom to be as shitty and outspoken about it as possible.

I told this one man, that if it wasn't such a big deal in the sense of how it showed they had pent up hostilities or feelings of inferiority which they wanted to express and felt freedom to do so. I think the reason it doesn't bother me so much is that they come out of the closet when they think, obviously, that they are safe and that I have no protection. So they are essentially revealing themselves to be the ultimate cowards.

Some of the men were only about young 20s so it's excusable. Maybe in their older teens perhaps. But a few others were grown, older men. I find this more surprising than anything else. I see it from younger men and just goofing off but when it's coming from sort-of professional above age 25 or even age 30 year old men, it is more shocking to me.

I always think, "haven't you earned your own worth in all this time?"

I find it surprising. It makes me think of weak men and how I am so thankful I do not have a man like that for a husband, who relishes insulting women to beef themselves up. I am SO thankful I am not married to someone like that!!!

I don't even mind hearing men trash women when it's joking or angry or being funny. But when men are not just joking with eachother, but literally going after women, it is really sad. Some of these men are even financially successful but I guess that's not enough for the ego.

Anyway, I was going to write up all their names and then I told this man, no, I decided against it because it's something to pity rather than be upset about, and if it makes them feel better about themselves, I shouldn't rob them of the satisfaction they get. And, I told him, I don't go after innocent people who have done nothing to me--someone has to really do something to me or my son and then, they deserve it. I don't go after small stuff. Here, with these people, it's totally different. They take a toothpick placed the wrong way as an insult and hold it in as a grudge while smiling to your face when they think the heat is on and then the minute they think you're unguarded, they do this little coward dance, which is sort of a yell around the corner or sarcastic insult when they think they can sneak it in real quick and let it fly about. Some of the latinos do the same, but not to your face really. However, some will egg on others.

The only time these people shut up is when I am dishing it out hard. They are all over me like a swarm of flies and then if I start writing some really shitty but hilarious things about them, everyone quits. It's a recognition that they don't want me to write about them that way or be laughed at.

Then they'll come back and sneak it in again if they think I'm alone or down and try to use dish out their hostilities again.

One of the men from last night couldn't resist making a big loud comment in my direction about sleeping on a couch and he owns a cafe and has opened another. So he's successful. It makes one wonder why in the world he has some kind of issue. And why it was disguised for so long and then has come to the surface. It's not the first time but it was the second time he made an active attempt to insult me and before that it was him and another group of band people. The band members were from Seattle and one of them just went on and on and was really rude and then it was encouraged by him. My best guess is that he or his wife know someone I offended so they have a need to take it out. I guess. It's weird.

images & "we're getting married" & mind reading instance

I just got a really quick flash of an image of Jennifer Godfrey. I wasn't trying to. I was thinking about my case and different people involved and I got a flash of something white that she is wearing or was wearing. Something jangly about it or fringe or jangly or something...i don't mean bells jangly but hanging in a jangly way. At first I thought it was a necklace with white rhinestone or something white on it but then I thought fringe or some white article of clothing. It was moving.

I also got an impression of something about someone else, a man, to me. "we're getting married" but I don't know about who or what or in what context, with whom, said to whom, or to me and I have no idea who and I can't say I AGREE either without knowing who it would be. maybe it was said about 2 others getting married an dwas an announcement. I got it different though.

I just cracked up laughing because then I thought "I need to clarify that one right away, because I just wrote about Jennifer Godfrey wearing white and then I wrote about getting married."

It has NOTHING to do with HER
I also had an impression today of ketchup with a grilled cheese sandwich. I NEVER, not once in my life have I ever wanted ketchup with grilled cheese and I've never thought about it either. Right after I had this thought, of ketchup with my grilled cheese, this man eating with me said, "Do you want some ketchup with your sandwich?" and picked up the ketchup.

I said to him, "I was just thinking about ketchup with my sandwich!" and added, "No thanks, but I did think about it."

Instead, for the first time in my life, I asked for thousand island and ranch sides and dipped my sandwich in these. I have never before done this with grilled cheese.

So the whole ketchup idea, with grilled cheese, at the same time I was thinking about it, was more than uncanny. It was that either he got my sender stuff or I got his. I am not sure which. But it was strange because never in my life have I even considered using ketchup on grilled cheese. So it was unusual.

He said he was in the Navy for 8 yrs. Probably did some kind of psychic stuff. Who knows. Or I am reaaaally somehow psychic and moreso than I know.

My Lawyer Will Be Rich

Well, here's a true story.

My lawyer may end up very rich. Very, very, rich.

See my comment posts for "CPS Jurisdiction" and for "Police do Illegal Search and Seizure". I listed all the facts for domicile and jurisdiction and when the case was filed.

There are grounds for an incredible civil lawsuit and I have evidence for a lot of it.

I would settle for having my son back in an expedient manner, and would be willing to waive some rights to sue for damages from all of this, only dependent upon the satisfactory manner in which the rest of this case proceeds. On the other hand, maybe my lawyer would disagree and would want to go for something. I don't know. I know it's an excellent case.

My discovery will be even better. I believe there are even more things to find that I do not yet know about.
Rich, only in civil suit.

Custody or CPS is different of course. But the outcome of one will affect the other.
I think my only real question is about if they feel they had grounds later, or facts sufficient, but even my public defenders said all the State had was a messy house and that did not constitute bad parenting.

The State then brought in their own "experts" who were lousy and who were crumbly on the stand, and the main thing they did was get visitation monitors who wrote a lot of lies. Their own motives are very transparent when the facts of how my son was improperly removed are revealed. It's been a huge CYA case.

Live Music...Hay mi morena, mi corazon

There is live music from some singer-songwriters and they're doing covers. They are pretty good. Mainly covers but one was "hay mi morena, hay mi amore." I like that song in particular, a lot. It's very catchy and I like the rhythm.

some of the song selections have been a little creepy. Like the last one, "I'm just a ghost in this house."

Man With Intimidation 813 TWD

I just saw a man who I saw several months ago. He kept following me around at various places. An older white man with white/balding hair. He'd had cancer of the throat and talks different.

He was following me around at a sale that was put on by a woman's housing place, and I was helping out at it. He kept setting out book titles with scary things featured, and dropping things that had to do with babies around me. He put "The Ten Justices" on the top and told me what was I going to do when the snow fell?

I said what did he mean and he kept telling me I might want to move out of town. And then he would say things about how snow would be on the ground, just like that one winter or Christmas when my sno was taken from me and then he was talking about electronics going off.

He did this winking thing with a couple of the workers who were there, 2 who harassed me as well. One was the woman who kept saying "Keep swimming" and the other was really weird and recently approached me.

Basically, it was either real and he is connected to creepy things or it was scare tactics. Why should he care?

Sun & Weather Prediction Accurate

The weather here has been sort of crazy again. Hail, sun, rain, sun, lightening...

And today drizzling and off and on sun and then rain and clouds for a long time.

I made a prediction to this man who took me to Denny's this afternoon, that the sun was going to come out again and the rain dry up and it was all cloudy then. I had told him it would take a little time but would come out. A half hour later, major rain and clouds just drizzle.

Then, voila! Sun. Like I said, and at the same time I got off the bus and began to walk outside, and everything cleared up to bright sun. Some clouds but sun.

Lack of Jurisdiction for CPS to Take Child & Canada Jail

I read some law, which demonstrates how it is illegal to take any action against a mother or child who are in another state or country.

The State of Washington did not have legal jurisdiction. According to case law, the legal domicile of a child follows the domicile of the legal guardian.

So if a parent moves to a different location, there is no jurisdiction by another state or country to go after that child or parent. They would have to wait until maybe they were back in the state.

So this would be motive for people to set me up and fabricate an arrest.

Even prosecuting for getting a Protective Order is moot. One cannot use a Protective Order on a parent that is in another state or country. They would have to wait until they're back.

So basically, the State of Washington never had a proper jurisdiction to begin with.

I found this case law in the book for Appellate Law in Washington State, Book 7.

There was one book on a table, which was helpful and I read case law. Then, out of curiosity, I pulled out only one other book, Book 7, and this is what I found.

So, the State of Washington had to intentionally collude with others, to effect conditions to try to take my child when they didn't even have jurisdiction to begin with.

They wanted to get me back in Washington State, and the only way they could do that was to somehow force my son over.

The only way to do that was to fabricate an arrest.

If they arrested me, they could then claim the child was a ward of Canada's CPS.

Technically, the jurisdiction belonged to Canada, regardless of my nationality and the nationality of my son.

I think I have grounds to say the entire thing was an illegal kidnapping, collusion, and hogwash.

I went to Canada legally. I went with my son...

By the way, there are a lot of cars and vehicles with very squeaky tires going by now...

Anyway, I think the very fact that CPS initiated their legal action when I was in Canada was improper. They gave Canada a Protective Order after the fact and waited on Canada to find some way to arrest me first.

I was set up.

I had a legal place to live and stay with my son there. I was with one family but when they said we had to go, I already had a place I was going to. One is considered a "guest" in Canada if there are friends to support you and my son and I had that support. Food and shelter and other support.

I was at the Walmart killing time with my son that afternoon, and the only people who knew we'd be there were the former people we stayed with. I was going to go, with my son, to a brand new apartment which was all to ourselves afterwards. We had a chance to make it there, as guests until I got other things in order. I had talked to Queen's Counsel and the lawyer was very good and said yes, I was legally in Canada and that my circumstances changed because I had friends supporting me and my son.

When I was arrested, it was on the assumption that I was trying to become "an illegal immigrant" or an immigrant illegally. They said I was trying to work in Canada and so this was illegal. They also said I was there on "insufficient funds" but that's not true if you are under the covering of "guests" who are agreeing to provide for you until other papers are in place.

From my understanding, the entire whole 2 years of CPS work may be completely THROWN OUT and my son may have to be returned to my FULL CUSTODY.

If they wanted to initiate a new action, they'd have to start all over and try to find current grounds and not go off of anything else.

I think that this is why Russ Haegen called to "dismiss the whole thing," because he called when I first was asserting something about how could they do this when we were in Canada and when they should have extradited me instead of whatever. I didn't have a better idea about jurisdiction as grounds for throwing something out until last week when I looked at the law book.

It seems to me though, that looking back now, the State always knew. And probably that's why Russ wanted to talk to me with a lawyer on the line for 3 hours, to try to guess or find out how much I knew about procedure and decide whether or not to chance going forward and not getting caught.

He said "What if we just throw the whole thing out?" because he knew the entire thing could very well be subject to being thrown out.

I did read that if a case is wrongly against a parent and then LATER facts emerge of bad parenting, the State can continue a case or use these grounds, but the problem for CPS is that they illegally asserted a right to my child to begin with, and in doing so, slandered me to Canadians and interferred with my right as the legal guardian to live in peace and not be harrassed.

So I DO know the State MAY keep a child in their custody if they find addiction or abuse records later. But the problem for CPS right now, is that they still do not have anything and they have been MOTIVATED to CREATE parental issues, because if they didn't, they would have made a huge mistake that traumatized a child. So this is motive enough as to why the State would want to find me mentally ill or have poor visitation notes taken about me, because they NEEDED something to work with to justify what they did.

What they did, was illegal.

They illegally presented court papers to Canada when they had no right or jurisdiction to do so.

If the case had begun in Washington state and THEN I had gone to Canada, their case would be fine. But it's not okay because they screwed up in the very beginning and all actions taken after the fact were to cover their asses and shows bad faith and a deliberate attempt to obstruct justice just to be right.

If the jurisdiction is faulty from the beginning and starts off wrong, no matter WHAT happens later, the entire thing has to be thrown out.

You could have a case that is filed in federal court and it could have all the right elements even and then if it's discovered it was the wrong jurisdiction, the case has to be totally tossed away.

If you commit a crime in Mexico and are a U.S. citizen, you are under Mexico jurisdiction, not U.S. It doesn't matter if you are a U.S. citizen, you are still in Mexico and violated one of their laws. If a child is with you when you are arrested, that child can be held in their care or with their social services until an outcome is determined.

The U.S. does the same thing. The U.S. takes a child that is an "illegal" and puts them in CPS trust if the parent is in jail short term, outcome to be determined. The U.S. doesn't ship the child of illegal aliens all the way back to Mexico--the temporary custody remains in the U.S. and then the parent and child reuinted if possible.

My son was improperly given to the State of Washington and the State of Washington does not NOW and never DID have legal authority to take my child.

The dependency of Oliver Garrett should have commenced in Canada, not Washington State.

Knowing this, the State has actively worked against me, to try to fabricate and find some reason to make it look like I am unfit. They have had a solid motive to lie.

The State of Washington never had a right to file a Protective Order. My son was out of their jurisdiction and with his legal guardian whose domicile was then Canada.

The first family I stayed with just "held us" there to shelter us until the State of Washington tried to line up their legal strategy and they tried to figure out a way to fabricate grounds to arrest me. They were connected to Canadian Border Patrol and govt, and his sister was a Canadian Social Services worker.

When everyone thought they had things set up right, my son and I were told to leave and I had already told them we'd found a new place to live. They were shocked. God had provided for me and my son through a very kind Canadian man. He wasn't setting us up, he was giving us a chance.

The first family asked where my son and I were going so they could call police to have us tracked down. She said, "Where are you going?" and I said, "To the Walmart until we move into our new place" and she looked so guilty. She had been fidgety and acted guilty the whole night before too. She kept looking at my son's then-warped toenails and was thinking. They wouldn't have tried to kick us out unless they were working with the U.S. to have me out. I didn't want to fully believe it but I realized what the truth was when Michelle Erickson testified in this Termination Trial that the State of Washington had to "wait on some things" before trying to get my child. They had to wait on the fucking SET UP.


Meanwhile, Nice-Canadian-Man-With-No-Strings-Attached (I don't think so), had a place for me and my son to go to, so we were fully legal, from one family one night to the next one the next night. Completely should have been protected with guest status.

If the State of Washington had not been defaming me as being paranoid schitzophrenic and on the run from a paternal interest. Even if I had been mentally ill, the State of Washington had no jurisdiction.

There was no diagnosis of mental illness. They provided Canada with nothing but hearsay and lies and defamation.

I was the legal guardian of my child and there was no verifiable documentation or diagnosis of any mental illness. If there had been concern about this, evaluations could have been done in Canada.

A woman had offered me a job to work for her as a nanny and said she could file for papers for me to be legal working person in Canada. Canada tried to say this offer was the evidence of attempting to be an immigrant. I had not worked one day for one person in Canada, nor was I ever paid to do so. I was offered a position contingent on appropriate papers. A discussion about working for someone lawfully, is not the same as working or trying to be an "immigrant". Guess what the woman did who tried to claim I was illegally trying to work?

She was a NURSE in a hospital with people from Washington State. At the Penticton hospital were medical professionals who worked both in WA state and BC. You want more? Guess what her HUSBAND did? He was a fucking RCMP. A Royal Canadian Mounty Police. Guess who told me to apply for the job or find out about it? The Border Patrol people my son and I were staying with while someone 'worked things out' with Washington State, to set me up.

All of this, was swept aside and due process and good representation too, on the whole idea that I was "paranoid schitzophrenic" and on the run from the father (all lies).

Now here's a question...

Are you assholes going to obey the law and return my son to me, or do you want to dig yourselves in deeper? And some of the Canadians are wondering what the hell is going on with the other Canadians.

That's what.


I think Oliver Garrett misses his mommy and wants to go home to her. I also think it is in "everyone's best interests" to think very carefully about potential repercusions of not returning my son.

I never did one fucking illegal thing in Canada. Not once. I was set up to have charges fabricated and I can prove it. I'd really rather not. I'd rather not name names either.

I'd just like to see my son returned to me like that Cuban kid was returned to his father.

TRUMPED! Baby Bat & example of fake "psych abilities"

A tame baby bat was dropped off next to me.

I just had to call Humane Society so they can pick it up.

It acts like it was the pet of someone. It's too young to fly.

This little girl, about 5 yrs. old just said, "It's cute! I want to keep him!" I am making sure no one steps on it. I don't want it to be hurt.

I said to the Humane Society lady, when she asked for my name, "I don't think I want my name associated with it."

And then I blog about it.

It's acting cold. It's shaking but I can tell it's not scared, it's was in a warm place before. I saw the way it moved around and preened so it is not scared bc baby bats don't feel comfortable enough to preen and act curious. It seems to be cold and there is a draft. It's shivering.

Nice job bat lover.

I thought it was going to go out into the street but it'sn ot. It's in the sun and that would keep it warm but I don't know if bats are supposed to be in the sun.

I was telling this guy I called Humane Society and he said, "For one bat?" and I said, "Yeah, it's an animal. It's life." He said, "I guess. A small animal."

The woman came and got it. She said it's a full grown adult and that it's not flying because it's disoriented bc they don't fly in the sun and it's out of its element. So she picked it up. Asked if I had touched it and I said of course not.

I just looked and there is an eave with holes in it and I think maybe it fell from there. Right behind my table. There is also a pipe that has an open hole where something could fall out.

It was spooky at first because I saw it behind my chair moving forward as I was writing about magic and psychic stuff. But it was a very cute little bat and had little perky ears and preened and I think it was just out of its element.

I think maybe it fell out of a pipe or was dropped out of one or someone dropped it from a roof. The only reason I believe someone may have intentionally dropped it, is not because it's not possible to come out of an eave, but because people were around, setting up for it. So it's someting that was made to look dramatic to match the set up. There was a man who just smirked about everything and had his son in a Batman T-shirt and a car that was black and looked like the "batmobile" went by before I'd even called about it. It was a a Delorian type of looking car...I don't know the model, but basically looked like Batmobile. So it was set up.

Perfect timing for my illustration of how sometimes people with money or a very small amount of power, will go in larger numbers to create an appearance that isn't real, because they want to psych people out. It's not real "magic"--it's done to create a fear or awe and can be used to work against someone and make them look weird, or to enhance the idea that some other person possesses powers they do not, in fact, possess.

Probably to make me look like I'm a witch or there is something weird about me.

Nice try.

This woman and her husband just drove by and she leaned out of the window to say "Keep going" like get out of here. I guess maybe because she is worried about her husband.

Now some older Italian man just drove by staring, from a Construction truck. Serious straight out Italian.

Anyway, I think I can safely chalk this one up to "Trumped by Cameo Garrett" because on every level, I anticipated a set up and was even writing about such things before it even occured in a gorgeous example.

Thanks to God. Try that bastards. Try thanking God for something and not working so hard to "help him out."

I am not impressed with the stupid stuff. What is impressive is the serious thing.

Stupid, is when something is set up ahead of time to look really phenomenal with a little work, and many involved parties.

The counter to stupid is serious and legit psychic gift, and the problem here fellows, is that even a not-so-good psychic ability, if it's blended with a sharp mind, will always TRUMP

"stupid organized Bullshit."

The great thing is that while it took a number of people to pull off a fake stunt, it took one of me to anticipate it and be writing about this very thing before it even happened.

That is called premonition and hunch and it's real.

Your shit is called "stupid"

So I guess the other lesson to discuss would be about "discernment". Some other day.

I might add that even if it were something done with pyschic concentration, I picked up on this kind of thing, which involves many people, before it happened and was writing about the very thing so I think it's a nice forward to an example.

I add this, because then a black and white monarch butterfly came out of nowhere and then there were 2 pigeons flying tandem. Pigeons tandem is no big deal. But there was a butterfly too so credit where credit is due if I am being fair in all manner of things.

How To Sniff Out A Piece of Shit: Steve May (& psychic stuff)

I smelled a piece of shit but I didn't know where it was coming from.

So I left the cafe where I was at and settling down and walked down the road, turning left on Palouse.

Alas. The Ass.

His car was right there and then I looked in the windows but business was closed. So I followed the smell.

I walked straight down and there he was, several hundred feet away. 2 blocks maybe.

Steve May. I didn't even want to get close.

So I got close enough for him to see who I was, and said to him in a firm voice:

"Mr. May, enjoy your time while you're out."

That fucker is going to jail.
But, this is how honest I am about this shit...I cannot take credit where it is not mine to take but Gods. I say this because while God sometimes allows me to know and see things with certaintly, other times, I led somewhere not because of someone else and their great magnetic power, but because there is a moment that God wants to define. If I wanted to, I could say I "saw" the shit, Steve, and that my entire purpose was to hunt him down and make myself sound like a great psychic.

It's tempting, especially with the shitty things people pull. But I feel that if I am humble, God is great enough to demonstrate things with or without my help or knowledge of how He wants to use me.

I was just thinking last night, who is getting the glory and how are God's works manifest in me? because sometimes it is okay to get credit but the entire thing, while its something I can work on, I feel is a gift fromGod and sometimes it is even that much more impressive, for others to know it wasn't even my plan or intention and so therefore I am not some kind of "witch" or pschic putting spells on people but rather trying to walk in faith, not always knowing why I get what I do or why I'm going where I'm going.

For example, I do not know ahead of time if I have a UA or where the foodbanks are, but I end up there a lot, at the right time and therefore, if I don't "know" ahead of time, maybe this is God or a plan and not my own doing.

With this, I did walk directly there and then when I had located his car, I walked in the exact direction without knowing and having many different places I could look. I ended up immediately knowing which way to turn.

Did I leave the cafe to hunt down Steve May, whom I don't even want to be around without an officer present? No. I was looking for a business that was open that might have a microwave bc I had a pizza thing with me.

So I was looking for a microwave for my pizza. then oh! whaddya know.

Then I walked straight back. So yes, I could play it up if I wanted to, which I kind of did for my dramatic intro to this post. But that is not how I am. I don't exaggerate what I get if it's psychic and I am willing to be wrong. I'm not the best one at it, or who is out there, but I try to keep my connections pure.

So what I can say, is that this was not because of Steve May's honing abilities nor was it bc I am psychic extraordinaire. It was because, I guess, God wanted to give me a chance to confront this man before he is charged with crime.

**Having said THAT, not everything is from "God".

There are mind control techniques different countries use and experiment with and this is neither God or "the devil" but technology and mind control.

The other caveat is that sometimes an enemy will prevail over another, in a psychic sense, and it benefits that person or their group and not the other. If they prevail, it is not always "God" or the "Will of God" but sometimes the result of black magic or other influences that are set up ahead of time.

Someone who is heavily into black magic or consults dangerous powers or forces could prevail over someone who is not psychic at all but very good at heart, and it doesn't mean that the person isn't favored by God. It means sometimes power is given to those who use it for evil, simply because guarantees are given of more power, if one is willing to delve. People get power hungry, even psychics, and sometimes trade out their integrity with the desire for more power and sometimes their desires are granted.

Also, some work in great numbers. There is also a difference between one person and working out a psychic objective, and a group of 7-8. The combined energies and strength of a group, against one individual, may be overwhelming, no matter how good or pure the one individual is. Most operate in secret too, not publicly, as I have been open to share some of my experiments.

I think the best way to check motives and check the intention, is by reflecting on the kind of person, where they are deriving their power, and who they give the credit to. If someone is the type where they are just wanting to magnify themselves and their own abilities, and are willing to lie for the purpose of exaggerating their gift so they can obtain money, that would be one example of someone who is not maybe not very trustworthy. I think a good psychic, if they are real, and not trying to be undercover for a purpose, they are open about their success or failures and and keep it honest.

I have known persons who are very gifted, but then they go that extra leap of trying to take credit for things which are not theirs to take credit for, with the intention of making themselves seem even better than they are.

Of course, for spying or a real military or political agenda, this is natural and not the lying is to 'pscych out' others. So there is a point, just as there is a time and season for everything. In general though, it is all something to be cautious about.

I think when I first realized people can be under a psychic attack, I then realized there are sometimes "contests" between alleged psychics or voodoo persons. I read this wiki or article about how some famous voodoo woman was known to be so powerful she "overthrew" all the others. So then I realized how serious it is to some. To some, it is not a gift of God or a natural ability or remote viewing for anyone to work on, but the "arts" of a practice.

Friday, July 30, 2010

psychic images or channeling & "you'll know in the morning!"

I know I saw my own son.

But I thought, how weird would it be if something I was getting matched something that another mother gets or got about her child or something that she saw or was viewed.

As for that "you'll know in the morning!" about romance, I have no idea. I had some pretty weird ideas crossing through my mind that day before, when I saw all the stuff I got. It made me laugh but then I was wondering....hmm...

But I really don't know. Probably he does or someone else does but it's not the right time for some reason.

I talked with housemate until late and went to bed and got up and that's that.

Oh, and about Diana, I know it sounds weird but every now and then i think abuot her in a commaraderie kind of way and then this is what sparks my sentiment or thoughts.

I asked the guy a week ago or less "What was she like?" and I was kind of surprised because he always said she was a nice lady and had a good memory, but then he answered me with something like, "She was outspoken," or...the other word will come to me and I was sort of shocked because I thought she's probably so sweet and nice to everyone although I know she had her moments and he made her sound like he thought that was what contributed to what happpened. But he was always saying sweet and nice and then he said this and it reaffirmed my idea she was someone who tried to make a difference and stood up for what she believed in. I sometimes even wonder, it has crossed my mind for a split second, if others thought she had become a kind of spy.


I think it's great.

I wouldn't condone anything where people are going to be killed because of someone's leak, if they are good people with good intentions.

However, a lot of what is being exposed is just good whistleblower exposure. It's important because some people have been fired over it and they should have been outed before, but now there isn't a choice.

Whistleblower protection should extend to normal civilians and not just government workers. Currently, the laws for protection or damages, go to government workers or possibly employees but not to any civilian who is harassed, punished, and maybe assaulted or almost killed for trying to do the right thing.

If someone can't protect the information, like military stuff, it's the fault of government for allowing a lot of others to view it but NOT the public.

I would hope someone would do the same thing for me and my son and the evidence that is out there about what has happened to us.

I just found Wikileaks. Hooray! Just in time.

Image of my son trapped & what I am filing Tuesday

I had an image of my son a few hours ago.

He was penned in.

I was trying to think of good things and send him good thoughts and this image of my son running from one gate or fence thing to the next and crying and worried and trying to get out, came to my mind in a distinct image. It was a flash insight.

It wasn't a really tall fence. It was a little taller than he was and he was basically fenced in. I thought maybe it was something from the past where he wa at daycare and this happened, or someone at a church nursery or somewhere else did this to him.

He was all alone in the image I had. I didn't see anyone around him and it was like he'd been left there, by himself and was ignored or something and was trying desperately to get out and he would go from one end of the fence and push and then turn to the other end and push against the other end.

For some reason I got it like almost like a horse fence, with planks or whatever inbetween. I didn't see plastic grating but it was a quick flash and I don't know that I got it perfectly. Just like, for example, seeing that receptionist's dog almost clearly but not 100% right. Missing or wrong on a couple of details. So something might be a little different than what I got, but I am positive about what I saw.

He was stuck in an area about the size of a space that this guy on a bike told me was about the size of 9 x 13 but I am looking at it and think it's about 7 x 10.

So, a space no larger than this and maybe half the size even. I think slightly larger though. I saw colors of white and yellow but not sure why or how. I don't know where it was. I just know I saw him pushing against the fence and was trying to get out.
My laptop quit overheating when I wrote that.
At first I thought he was just pushing gates or at a fence of some kind, and was trying to look around or get out but then I worried he was trapped or left alone somewhere somehow.

I am not completely sure. I just know 100% that it was a solid image of something real. When, where, and what, not completely positive, but that was the main part.

I didn't have a bad feeling but I can't always trust feelings. To me, in the flash, he looked more frantic than excited.

I love you Oliver.

Someday you will know just how much.
I know that one thing I will do on Monday is talk to a lawyer about reversing this whole 'no visitation' thing. If someone doesn't help me Monday, I'm filing it myself in federal court and skipping over the courts here.

I am also filing my claim against all the people who have harassed me and lied and tried to "ban" me while threatening me with police unnecessarily. There is Monday and that's it. I am not waiting any longer than Monday for someone to file something for me and get involved.

Otherwise, I will be filing a lot of material in federal court where everything gets scanned in for public perusal.
My energy and clarity is coming back slowly. I know without a doubt that I was medicated for almost 1 1/2 years off and on and a lot of other things at the same time.

deletion and offense

I went ahead and deleted something bc there was really no offense and I was just using a plate for demo purposes.

I had some people driving by looking really mad and I have no clue why. If I offended anyone, it would be those in charge of my CPS case, but I think that's natural.

Any other offense was unintended. I don't know if I went to the wrong place or someone thought I talked to the wrong person or what.

One thing I noticed was that possibly some of the computer problems were with certain individuals and not police. And if there are good police helping look out for my son, I care about that because he needs this. There are a lot of bad things going on.

But I did notice that it looked like some persons were trying to cause problems with my internet on purpose and screwing deliberately with my laptop. I also noticed that there is this little uprising with a certain group if I ever mentioned Diana's name or anything about any of them. It is like all hell breaks loose. I saw some people look really upset or worried, mainly wearing green shirts and I'm sorry if something I did affected you personally, if you have not done anything wrong with regard to my son or me.

Direction of Birds (psychic attempt)

I tried to see if it is possible for me to change the direction birds are flying. Of course, almost totally and completely crazy, I know. However, some people can really do these things. So I tried. I ended up getting about, well, a 70% success rate.

I first asked God if this was something to try to do with unused brainpower, as we don't use our full capacity. Then I asked if it was something to pray about and it seemed really strange. Oh weird, birds just came up close to the window and I could hear them for the first time while inside a building.

I was lying on the grass and every single bird was flying with the current, in the direction that the river was flowing. All of them. Seagull after seagull and little sparrow after sparrow.

So I said to God, "Can we change the direction that the birds are flying? I want them to go the exact opposite way." I felt it was a frivolous thing but argued it was just curiosity.

So first I said I wanted them to all go the opposite way from that point on. Then, I decided to add, "Or how about one bird from one direction and another from another direction and they cross right in front of me?"

So I waited for intersecting birds and just no birds. Then I was looking out at the water and within a minute, a seagull flew past, the opposite direction as I'd asked. Instead of being impressed I thought it would be more impressive to see intersecting birds. Then I thought "Am I asking for too much?"

So from that point on, every single bird flew against the current.

Until I prayed they start going the other way again. Right after I asked for this to happen, the next birds were going the other direction again.

I did this about 7 times and left periods of maybe 15 minutes or so for each trial and I got 6 out of 7 tries right.

However, I still think it could be some random odds.

I was very impressed when a whole flock went against current, the wrong way for migration. But still, I think it's like a coin toss.

There have been experiments over coin tosses.

I ended it after I asked that the birds go the other way again, and it was when it didn't go that way, but the strange thing was that the bird acted confused and I thought it was going to turn back for a minute--it was flying in a slightly different way. But it continued on and then I quit.

I figured it was just a way to pass time, out of curiosity, while sitting near the water. I sent all the emails I can send today and tonight will probably be relegated to research.

I guess technically, my odds were more like 85% good, but again, it's so random, like tossing coin and sometimes I am sure it just happens to work out that way. Sometimes a bird would fly past right away and other times I had to wait but almost, well, most of the time, they did go in the direction that I wished them to go.

Wish I could do that with people.

AAA WA but others more important

This is not a big deal plate. The woman was iffy but the very least of my worries. It brought to mind though, the ad on T.V. about "double A? like the battery?" or whatever, the ad for bras for larger women. That line was so unimpressive to me when batteries come in yes, double A, and C, and D. Sort of dumb.

Writing a few plates down because of some harassment.

I'm having a lot of problems with my laptop since I got it back but will take it in.

other vibe stuff

i haven't been reporting my vibe stuff as much but then I read the news and wonder what my feelings or energy might be matching up with. A lot of tragedies yesterday and I sensed a very sad vibe specifically for a time and then it improved but I'm not sure why. I was writing my negative post about wanting my son and not having any desire to work for anyone who doesn't care about this and I sensed it so I figured it was just my mood, but then it lifted as I was walking, and I don't know why. While still at the Abbys I sensed it and then when I was walking back, getting to about the college or so, it seemed to get better.

more "sender" stuff

I thought I would add, for fun, something I tried out on a sender level.

This housemate has been stepping on my feet a lot, trying to get by at night, to use the restroom. The first thing I thought, was something I said to myself but not in my head to him. I said, "Don't tread on me." But I only thought it to myself and not directed as a wish or thought to him in particular.

Then I had the times where I unconsciously or subconsciously anticipated what was going to happen even when he wasn't moving around--I somehow knew the thought that came a split second before the action, possibly, and I don't know how.

So then last night I almost had my toes stepped on and moved first. Then, I knew there was potential for it to happen and instead of thinking something to myself I directed my thought immediately to him as "Do not step on me" and he was just about to and then all of sudden, drew in his breath and quit. I did it each time and he didn't do it, not once even though he kept moving back and forth. He completely quit and I feel it's the first successful sender thing I've done.

The difference was that before it was more of an idle idea or thought progression and then what changed is that I made a command and directed it to him and somehow he got it.

I don't know if he read my mind, because sometimes I have thought he has this capacity, or if it just worked on a different level. I don't know.

Sometimes, he will be talking and I will start thinking about something intensely and it's like he'lll pause almost like he is distracted by what I'm thinking. It sounds strange but he's traveled all over the world and in decent miliatry positions and it's not impossible he had some kind of assignment we don't know about. Twice, I have started thinking about a topic and it has thrown him off of whatever he was talking about and I'm not doing anything different and appear to be listening the same way as before. At least, I've noticed this. It has happened two different times when I have been thinking intensely about princess Diana, for example. I started thinking about her appreciatively and thought, "I reeaaally LOVE Diana. Diana, I just love you." and all of a sudden, he cuts off and looks at me perplexed as if I said this dramatic thing out loud. He's probably getting as much as "I love you" and wondering what in the hell I'm thinking about.

images to: Phil Collins "I Can Feel It Coming In The Air Tonight"

This song came on and all of a sudden, I saw martial arts.

I saw a movement, specifically, of a some kind of prep to an action. Like a stance with feet apart and breathing and focus and then I don't know what the movement arm in at the chest and then going out and clearing to the side. Like a slow sweep of the arm. Hand with, at the slow sweep, palm up and flat hand.

I don't know how to describe it. Sort of the slow focused clearing the space motion right before some other action is taken.

Okay, noted and now going back to the other thing about the books.

I think I either intercepted something or I just had an imaginative idea because this kind of movement works with that song or kind of music.

Random Book Selection

I decided to choose some random books without paying attention to title and just making selections. This is sometimes funny and other times uncanny. I randomly chose 6 books from the Cornerstone church library.

Other people had set some books out about royalty or other things but I didn't pay attention. I just picked out my own thing without looking...

1. God's Lost Children: The Shocking Story of America's Homeless Kids, by Sr. Mary Rose McGeady. p. 37, "from Cathy" (made me think of Cathy from the Post Pub).

2. Prairie Christmas (from Heart Quest) by Catherine Palmer, Elizabeth White and Peggy Stoks.
p. 149, "But I don't know you!" she whispered.

3. Youth Asks About Religion by Jack Finnegan. p. 105, Ch. 7, "The Church".

4. Change Your Life Through Prayer. By Stella Terrill Mann. p. 123

5. Corrie ten Boom. by Kathleen White. p. 81

6. No Escape From Life. By John Bonnel. Opened to p. 18, "It would be extremely helpful if all men entering the armed forces, all chaplains, clergymen, teacher, and others in leadership professions could red Edward Hunter's book on brainwashing."

I laughed at a few things. First, "i don't know you!" she whispered. so dramatic. then, that I ended up selecting "No Escape From Life". How apt. I saw that I had pulled it out and it was sandwiched inbetween "God's Psychiatry" and this other book.

The other thought was that there were a lot of kathleens and catherines and I thought about my aunt Mary and the whole Kathleen or Cathryn Parr thing. I wish, at a time like this, that I could demonstrate more Native American heritage in my son than previously admitted. If a child is Native American they get much better protection from CPS.

I read a case today where the children were taken from parents, whole process start-to-finish, in 2 months. I couldn't believe it. There were illegal and obstructive things done by the state too and that was in 1970, but still, it's incredible.

The article someone sent to my inbox, which I wanted to publish made some very true statements about how the process is because I witnessed that very thing happening with me.

The minute I was on "welfare" and pregnant, I was viewed as a breeder for other parents and I read from this person that they do this from that very moment, and it's totally true. They are trying to build a case against the poor mother, regardless of the reason she's poor, to use against her when they take the child and often sell it out or "give" it to another family. They tried to do this to me right after I gave birth and I knew when I was pregnant that they were not just testing my urine for protein for diabetes, but for drugs. They never ever admitted this though. They keep all their investigative practices to themselves. They don't ask the mother to submit to a drug testing, they just do it and find out it's clean and then after they find it's clean, they NEVER RECORD THAT. So that entire pattern of being tested and found clean every single time, never gets recorded and attributed to the mother, for being a drug-free person.

They find out the sex ahead of time because they are already looking for prospective parents to take the child to. They have people lining up, according to what the sex is believed to be.

I was tested for drugs, and knew they were illicitly testing me for drugs, throughout the entire course of my pregnancy and afterwards. I had a number of urine and blood tests and I knew exactly what was going on and it was that psychic hunch kicking in. I knew.

What was incredible, was that my mid-wife had someone set up who wanted a GIRL as I'd been told I would have and when it was a boy, that confused things. The family had their hearts set on a girl and a boy was fine but they wanted a girl. My midwife lied and told all these people that i was "alchoholic" when I had not gone out in Wenatchee more than 3 times total, on the weekend, to dance and that was all. I never drank by myself or elsewhere, even socially, but because I wasn't 100% against alcohol, I marked the box on a form for level of drinking: "social drinker". That suddenly qualified me to be an "alcoholic" by my midwifes standards.

So yes, it is a system set up to use the children of the poor to meet a demand for those who are not on welfare at some point in their lives, for some reason. When I have a chance to publish the article someone sent to me, when my cut and paste is enabled again, I will do so.

I was reading that it's harder for CPS to get to Native American kids because they are protected by the federal government, not the state, and there is more respect for constitutional rights. So, I wish my son were, at a time like this, qualifying.

I don't know why Mexicans couldn't be considered Native American in some ways. It's a mixture of Spanish and Indian so...But I don't know how much you have to have to have it matter or how well defined and specific to tribe it has to be. I have Cherokee and Choctow, probably more Cherokee than the other. Maybe I should just say my son is part Aztec. I mean, he is. He's probably at least 1/4 Aztec. Well maybe not. I just looked up how many tribes are native to Mexico and there are a ton--as many as there are in the U.S.

Problems With Laptop Since Police Seized It

My laptop is not working. I got it back from the police and I can't even cut and paste from one thing to the other anymore and that is not a problem I have before my laptop was returned.

I have to take this in to the computer guy, obviuosly and then have the Wenatchee police pay for the bill. It's either them or their prosecuting attorney.

I just filed something, by email, to the court, and public defenders, asking for New Trial, my notice effective today, and for a Stay on any order pending outcome of the new trial. This means my lawyer will be helping me continue on the Temrination proceedings, not "appeal", so it is still within the realm of Termination and not going to an appellate level.

They all got their notice from me of what I want and how I cannot afford to file anything on my own behalf in a different way other than electronic mail, because I've been deprived of public defense and can't afford any of the costs.

Today would be the 10th day since an order was filed and I am not going to appeal until the Termination Trial process is over and it's not over yet. I have the right to public defense on this section and then also on a formal appeal.

I just found a cool email from someone who wrote an article and dropped it in my box, about dependency and discrimination.

Vibe in Town--revised

This morning people acted halfway normal and decent and then by this afternoon, no more. It is as if someone became the decider about how people should treat me.

Things went from being decent in the sense that I wasn't being harassed and people were respectful, to turning into absolute assholes.

So basically, I'd like to know who the King of the Assholes is.

Everything completely turned, like people are on a switch even. Not everyone, but most of the attitudes are so in my face and prominent, it's not hard to miss.

I should revise what I said. For all I know, it's not about anyone in particular but just something silly I wrote, or just the weekend approaching. I hope it's not anything to do with the fighting they do on the weekends.

The thing is, I had people driving by slowly, making motions and gestures of oral sex. It's really bizarre that these people do this and I know it's not to do with me but about my son and a way to get to me since I wrote I had an image about this. Some of these people are really horrible. I could never imagine making some of the gestures I've seen others make, and intentionally.

It's slowed down now so I don't know what the deal is. Either people were going to a destination or getting off work early or something. It was like a whole ton of people all at once and then it just quit and was back to normal.

I know this guy "Goodman" is also someone who has done some weird things and I wonder if it involves my son. There have been a few different people who have had access to my son. I believe my son was around different people who knew me and also, at his last visit, it was apparent to me that the stuffed animals I brought him which had supposedly been in police custody, had been seen by him before. He acted like he recognized a couple of the cops. And usually he was surprised by what animals I brought him and this last time, he wasn't surprised but acted sort of weirded out. He masked it but kind of looked like at me like "are you in with them?" which is why I was always wanting to get things for him at the last minute, so people didn't have much time or heads up to know what he would be playing with. So if those animals went straight from my buying them to police custody and somehow, my son seems to have been familiar with them already. If that's true, why would an officer be taking them up to my son's place?

He said a couple of things, but, it's possible that he got his ideas from someone who wasn't an officer who somehow overheard things I was saying about his toys before he saw them with me, but I still had this feeling, from his reaction, that he'd seen the toys before.

Having police involved, in any way, would certaintly make people feel intimidated and powerless to say anything. Whether police are simply protecting others or involved directly, this is what would lead others to think my son had to be subjected to certain things. Do I know for sure? Not for sure. But I have cause to wonder. So we will leave it at "wonder" for right now.

He was pretty sweet in the last visit too, though, except for one small mannerism or thing he did which I know he learned from someone else. Other than that, he was sweet.

No Appeal? Insufficient Counsel Leads to Major Civil Suit

I was just at the courthouse and noticing in at least 1970, there was no provision for "appeal". You cannot appeal all the way to Supreme Court because there is no such thing. All you get, or got in 1970, was a writ of ceritori which is sort of like asking for a New Trial. I don't know if that's old law though bc I have no way to shephardize it.

However, I know I've had a lot of state workers, and AG, and clerks saying there is such thing as true appeal so I'd like to know. I found grounds for requesting New Trial or reconsideration before it ever goes to appeal anyway.

Mainly constitutional grounds of due process of law errors.

If I've been medicated at any time, with consent of the court but not my knowledge, that would be further grounds.

lucky guess

this morning was interesting, I guess I'll note it up.

I first made some calls to figure out legal rep or strategy for right now and then about my foodstamps and to make sure everything is in place for next month.

Then I left and went to Serve Wenatchee and I had in mind a can of food with a pull-top lid so I could just eat something quickly and go. Not take a lot with me. They just had cookies and cake which was nice but not what I needed so I had another church in mind but as I was walking thought it was too far and I wasn't sure about how to get there so I turned and went to another church instead and it was the selected church for the day, by Serve Wenatchee,, for food bank. It's always at a different church and I so happened to go to the one that was selected for the day, not knowing.

You have to have a slip from Serve Wenatchee to go to the food bank but no one from Serve Wenatchee even told me it was there that day. I just randomly happened to walk there. I was heading for the Anglican church (but had another one in mind that had food I knew) and then turned from Douglas St. onto King and down to Chelan where the church was.

I walked in, and there was a table in front of me, with a ton of bread laid out.

I had just sent an email about "bread and butter" to some lawyers a half hour before. So it was this table full of "give us this day our daily bread" and that's really all I wanted, was my daily bread and nothing more.

So then I asked if it might be possible to take a can with a pull top lid to eat and the secretary said yes and that there were bins out so I looked and there was chicken noodle soup. I had just asked Serve Wenatchee for maybe one can of soup to eat and they said they had nothing. I am totally out of money until the 1st. So anyway, I found 2 things of soup which microwave and a can of pickled beets and the beets sounded really good so I had beets and then soup and some coffee too.

I asked if I could pack a couple of bags for my son and they said yes so I put a lot of food, as much organic as possible, into bags and asked where I could save them for my aunt and uncle to pick up and they said under the bench where I saw this bag for a "cindy" right there.

Then, I went to the chapel where people can pray and I just sat there a minute even though I already prayed at the start of the day today. I picked up a hymn book and almost had tears with the first hymn I read. I don't remember ever reading it but I loved it right away.

It was from "The Service Hymnal" (salutas) by Hope Publishing Co./5707 West Lake St./Chicago/1951. It was called "Far Out On The Desolate Billow" by Rossiter W. Raymond and Freidrich Silcher.

That one stood out the most to me. I don't know why but I really loved the lyrics. Then the next one I randomly turned to was "Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness" by Nicolaus L. Zinzendorf, Tr. by John Wesley and then Ludwig van Beethoven.

I turned again and got "Jesus Loves Even Me" by Philip P. Bliss and then I went for one more and read "The Son of God Goes Forth To War" by Reginald Heber and Henry S. Cutler.

I then read a small snip of Ezekiel and sparing some from the sword and then I landed on Zechariahs song of praise when his speech came back after he agreed with Elizabeth on what to name their son, John the Baptist.

Then I folded it up and had to use the restroom so I followed around a corner I 'd never been down and I didn't know where their restrooms were at all. But I just kept walking and past a poster of "The Lord Is My Shepherd" (that psalm) and all the way to the restroom. I noticed this poster on a door next to it that said "The Break Glass Room" and went in and then I was leaving and a man was in the room. I said hello, noticing what looked like a deflated hot air balloon and thinking about how my son said he'd sometime like to ride in one, and then I went out the other way and past a poster that said simply, "Trust In The Lord." It came out to a wheelchair and a walker and I thought maybe that wasn't such great luck but then, passing this,

I came out into the main church sanctuary (different from the chapel) and was facing this stained glass window of Jesus as King with a crown on and one hand on the door to knock and another hand holding a lantern. I looked at all the stained glass windows but I particularly noticed the lantern in this window was the same shape and type of lantern I had been holding in the dream I had where I was walking across fields or meadow or valley plains or something. At first, from a distance, I just thought it was a king because it was a gold crown and not a halo but then I got closer and saw it was a representation of Christ the King.

I looked up, having read the hymns, first Rossiter W. Raymond. He was very accomplished! hmm, can't cut and paste the wiki link.

Anyway, and then, about 5 minutes ago the song "God Bless America" came to mind for some reason and then the song came on the radio, it was the next song, "Born in the U.S.A." I must have maybe intercepted some patriotic idea from someone. Haha. I think it came to mind bc I was thinking of hymns but then the very next song was this one, "Born in the U.S.A."

I am going to look up all the lyricists and then get back to work. I was sitting in the chapel thinking, "What are you doing? You already prayed. You have things to do. Should you be sitting here again? You should make your time for this in the morning and that's that." But then I thought, "Sometimes more progress is made through personal prayer and facilitates easier action and focus so it's not a waste of time." Sometimes, with my writing even, or looking up of things, I am only trying to balance stress and action. If I didn't allow myself this, I would have been in a nuthouse a very long time ago. Right now I'm juggling a lot of things so I am able to do this. Of course, if I had more of a schedule it would be different and focused differently and I would set aside specific times. I actually miss having a very tight schedule and deadlines. I miss college basically and it's hard to do with all the other bad things happening.

I had a lot of dreams last night but I can't remember hardly any part of them. But it was a big dreaming night. It wasn't important enough though, obviously.

Well, I am going to read up on the law now. I need to find out some things.

I hope this lays to rest any suspicion that I knew what days my UAs were ahead of time. Because I have ended up at the UA on the right day too many times for coincidence and then the food bank thing too. They always look at me like "how did you know?" I didn't know. I didn't even go there thinking about the whole food bank. It just came to mind and I went that way for one small thing and then discovered other things. I'm going to study some things in the law books.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Police Did Illegal Search of My Laptop & Technology

I got further confirmation of an illegal search of my laptop. I went to the photos and they were rearranged and in a different format which means they were viewed by someone besides me.

Also, tonight I took a photo of this Christmas tin which some sicko put out on the porch, of frosty the snowman which is something my son loved. People who have wanted to harass me have brought up christmas a lot, because this is when my son was taken or when the horrible things happened more at our address around Christmas. So this business where someone took me through, having set up the whole place to be a freak show, had a tin out for me to find today. Very nuts, and just like the OPB story of this woman who was held hostage wiht her own property and the guy was doing "crazy" stuff. I heard her story and thought, "And this is the stuff I sometimes find almost every day."

So it was when I was going to take a photo of the Christmas tin, that I found my photo stuff had been switched around.

Also, when I was sitting there, someone did something to me that did to my stomach what happened to my heart and it has to be, it sounds nuts, but if it's not satellite, it's something else that is long range. It didn't just affect me, but the building and the building made a noise at the same time it hit me.

The only thing I heard first was someone pulling up in a car to the building next door. However, I didn't see anyone. I have no idea how this happened but it wasn't anything like a "hit" like I once described when I was having seizures.

This is seriously only one of 2 things: gang activity with illicit use of high tech things, or it is police or military stuff. So either it's a not-so-legit "practice", using me as a target, or it is completely illegal and gangster.

Actually, the building made the noise, at a time slightly apart from when it affected me. So either it was 2 things and one hit the building and made noise, or it was somehow a delayed resposne or pre-response in hitting me. I am trying to think of which it was, the noise just slightly before or after. It was strong enough to affect my stomach and would be strong enough to create noise in a building. It wasn't a long noise either. It was short, lasting about as long on the building as it did when it hit my stomach.

The only things I can think of were that first I heard a "click, click, click, click" rhythmic sound from a house next door and kept looking to see what it was. I didn't see anything unusual so I turned my back. Then I heard a car pull up on the other side, to the business next door. Maybe 5 minutes after the car pulled in, and while I was online trying to look up the property details on my laptop to see when modifications or changes were made, it happened.

I had clicked on the details buttons several times and was trying to find any record of changes. I saw that I couldn't use the camera because it wasn't there. So then I was looking for changes to this. I also saw I am not the administrator and have to ask the computer man what this is about because I should be the administrator but I might be doing something wrong.

I had zero effect to my thinking, and it didn't make me flinch. I didn't move at all on the outside except I thought at first that I might fall over from balance. But it didn't hit me in the heart, it was in my stomach and then to the side as well, near my kidney to the left, which I guess was on the same side of that car that pulled up.

The noise to the building, a jolt noise, only lasted as long as it lasted on me, and the noise was only upstairs where I was, not downstairs. It wasn't the whole building. It was a specific spot that made noise in the upstairs part of the building--it wasn't like the whole building shook, it was like it caused a small part ot make noise and that would lead me to believe it is something that targets narrowly and precisely and is not long range.

Now this nurse walked by in a blue get up and smirked and I am sure that this is to imply I'm nuts, but I already know what the important people know and the rest of these assholes can have their lousy admin jobs and go fuck themselves with a dictionary. Actually, around here, dictionaries are looking priiiitty good.

So yes, this happened and I didn't make it up or imagine it. And it did not just affect me once, but either someone aimed somewhere else and missed first, and hit the building, or it has a delayed response going from one thing to the next (which makes less sense to me). It was something just like what affected the heart, in the sense that somehow it affects large muscles or organs, or someone is so talented they know how to have perfect aim for only those spots. It was extremely localized in the diameter of about 3 inches ? all the way around.

More Images Of Ann McIntosh & Jennifer Godfrey & Judge Hotchkiss

I got a literal image of Ann on the toilet actually. Not kidding. Just pulling down white or cream colored stockings.

I am sure that's not the color she's wearing today, and not on hot days, but that's what I got. I didn't ask for that impression either, or that image.

The view was straight on. Not from the side.

I should try to think about something about Godfrey, but I already did sort of. I mean, the thing about her child or future childbearing wasn't small. I later wondered if the fair man, the king of cups, if it's not someone from the present, is her son in the future after he's grown.

I just prayed and I am lazy, so it was 5 minutes and not focused and I should be thanking, praising, and worshiping God much more than I do. So I don't know if what I got was completely right, but I got some impressions of Jennifer.

I saw her in a witch hat. Which sounds funny, but like she was once a witch for Halloween and she actually wore a black pointy witch hat for SOMETHING.

I also saw her having sex with someone and I don't know who but she must like to be on top. I saw her from a side angle, in motion. Then what was strange and I couldn't get it exactly was almost like someone pushing up against her butt. She's not slo-mo tho. The phrase "jenny jump-ups comes to mind." maybe that's johnny jump ups. can't remember the name. no, I guess, having just looked, there is such a thing as a jenny jump up. it's just not a flower. For some reason, it's someone bouncing her up and not moving her down. bop bop bop

Then I also saw her on her knees praying or something, over something. Like muslim style, in a way, knees and then lying straight down with arms out.

I also saw something cobalt blue. Something like a bright and sort of medium dark blue. I want to say it was a wall in someone's house. I also saw her washing dishes or vegetables or something in a white porcelain style sink in a kitchen. I do not necessarily believe the wall and the sink are in the same place but it's possible. I saw some kind of washing utensil like one of those things you hold in your hand that has a handle and then the opposite end is sort of a plastic mesh or something. I want to say it was orange or orange somewhere on it.

I saw her next to one of those blow up kiddie pools too. Outside, one with a round bubble style side. Not a hard plastic one and not a really deep one but like a softer blow-up kiddie pool. It maybe had 2-3 levels or steps on the side, but I think at least one part was rounded like a tube that stuck out more than the rest of the pool.

At first I want to say she had this with her son or a child in it but then I either got confused or was getting a second one or just different view because it seemed to be mainly white or clear and then had had colors in it but the main part was either white or clear. I almost want to say I saw pink somewhere in the pool on the outside which is what I wonder about because pink would be girlish and not boy. I feel it was first about her with a child and then maybe secondly something about a friend's pool or her own childhood. I don't know.

I might be wrong about some of it, but these are the things I got in just a few minutes and not super strong but for some reason, the witch hat was very strong and that's when I perked up and quit. But, who knows, maybe it's not right.

I guess I could try to think of more.

I get something about, maybe a naval piercing or someone wanting her to get one or contemplation about getting one.

I got something about "shugah boogah" too.

I have a feeling that this shugah boogah makes someone laugh but I don't know what it's about. if shugah boogah maybe dingle dangle is next.

I closed my eyes again, briefly, and had an impression of Jennifer doing free weights on her arms at some time in her life. Small little weights and curls. She doesn't look the type and I don't imagine she would be, but I got a front view of her doing curls. I could be totally wrong though, because I was wondering if she was athletic and kept sort of getting something about a bike and then right after dismissing the bike thing, just saw her doing small free weight curls. Maybe at one time in her life, she was trying to get into shape.

I also saw something like books or encyclopedias or something in a row. Either a design or actual books, and maybe not in her house but she has been there, where there are very nice crimson books with gold lettering etched in the spine on the cover. All sort of uniform so either antique or a collection of nice books, or encyclopedias or something. One was opened up and out. Might not be with Jennifer though, and might be something else.

I get something about "ciao ciao" in context with her. Or chow-chow. That might be a crossing wire thing though because I was idly thinking of her and this came to mind and could have been an interception of something else.

Something about agrophobia. I had to look it up. Being caught alone in open public spaces. Maybe she hates to be seen by herself and always needs a friend, lover, or kid around so she doesn't feel uncomfortable. Maybe more of an introvert in that regard. I don't imagine she has full blown panic attacks.

That word might also have been a crossed wire. I was looking up tankard and got the word "agrophobia" to mind. Tankard not in connection with Jennifer.

Anyway, I prayed and gave thanks to God, so anything I got right, was because of God, and not me. Thanks to God.

These women came in to do their nurse studies or medical studies here. I wasn't paying attention until now and they're talking about eye stuff. Glaucoma and other eye things. I know I have no interest in being a nurse or doctor. I have no desire to sing anywhere in the U.S. I have no desire to be a lawyer for anyone here. Nothing. You give me nothing and take my son and you get nothing in return. What you get is someone who leaves and comes back to only bring you what you deserve.

Basically, I want my son and without him, no one is going to follow my ass around even in another country, just to keep tabs or to use me in some other way either.

I have no interest in doing anything of service to anyone in the U.S. without my son. Not when I know it was completely preventable. I had someone tell me the other day to be happy I was alive. Really, I don't think there has ever been any cause to harm me or my son to begin with so why should I be content and happy with nothing but the bottom minimum?
Well, all this to say I know I got some things correct or I wouldn't have then had a certain response that I did.

So I guess really, thank you God. I don't now why you even listen to my requests which are sometimes pointless, but thanks for caring enough to help me have a small satisfaction in your goodness and trust in me.

Maybe I'll work on Judge Hotchkiss now
Judge Hotchkiss:

I spent 2 minutes on it. Not very interested right now. I got steak again. He must eat a lot of red meat, in general.

I got something about "dipstick" or "dipshit"--either someone used this word to describe him, or around him and he remembers it well, or he used it.

I also had a symbolic idea of him holding one of his hands behind his back and when I tried to see why I got the idea that it was like he was crossing his fingers in an "I promise" that was false. In some matter, Judge Hotchkiss did not keep his promise to someone or he is like this in general or it is current. Standing with one hand behind his back, fingers pointed down and "I promise". I know doing this while wearing slacks. I want to say while wearing some kind of a beige or light tan suit or something. White shirt and some kind of tan or beige suit.

I think he wears white briefs in general. I'm not settled that this is all though. I think he has his surprise undies. I want to say they have ruffles. Like a nice bright pair of ruffly yellow panties.
Solid color. I wouldn't even be surprised if he has a pair that don't belong to him or to his wife either.

I was just thinking, how easy it is to put ones fingers up in the air for a "peace" sign and then quickly put that same hand behind ones back and cross the same fingers together for "not really".

I want to say he drinks red wine more than white and has attempted playing piano before. Trying to play on some white baby grand or something, or regular one. Also with a temper and slamming a fist down on something.

With some kind of a leather short strap and I don't know what it's for but about 4-6 inches long and wider like as wide as a belt would be. But it's not a belt. It's dark leather and not super refined but somewhat used or rough looking but has a thickness about it, like a thick piece of fruit leather but it's real leather and I have no idea what it's used for.

Hmm, must have hit on something here. So I don't know if it's something that hangs from a keychain like a piece of leather, or if it's something from past or present from other exploits. I don't know what it would be though and was trying to see if there were other marks on it or if it had holes or something and it looks pretty solid. I think it's dark dark brown rather than black but if black a dull black.

What in the world this is and why Judge Hotchkiss has one or was around one, I have no idea.

The screams of children will ring in his ears one night. Hotchkiss is going to be haunted.

My Attitude Re. My Son

My son needs to see his mother. It is incredible that the state would even think of disrupting him and his peace of mind to cut off his visits. It is already traumatic that they did what they did.

I believe I can prove, that around the time they kept "missing" and cancelling appointments with him, the State was already setting this up to try to break the bond. In total, at least 30-40 visits were missed because of the State. That's a lot and it was clear to me that they were deliberately reducing visits in anticipation of cutting off his rights to see his mom.

I am not breaking down or dissolving into tears nor am I going to a nuthouse anytime soon. This isn't because what is happening is not traumatic. It is because I am taking the advice of Ivana Trump.

Don't get mad, get even. Don't take it bad, take everything.

If anyone thinks that I am nonplussed and will forget about it and move on or that everything must be "okay" they will be greatly underestimating what is in store for them legally.

I am also not running into the arms of anyone from my past. They lost. They failed the test and folded and it's over. They are on their own.

If anyone thinks I am going to be pressured to take some kind of drastic action or steps, they are also wrong, and they are wrong to think I will stay trapped in the hellhole of Wenatchee.

Should I ever leave, the inevitable is that when I come back, it is for revenge. It is to avenge what has happened, by every available and possible legal means.

The best thing that could have been done, was to return my son and not lie and stall and commit further atrocities. It wasn't a difficult thing and took 10x the energy and resources to screw my son over instead.

I really don't give a fag, so to speak, what has happened to "other people's kids" or about other situations. What I know, is what God's will is and that people subverted this for their own means and I will have revenge, with God's help, because of this. God will have the ultimate vengeance. What happened with my son was incredible and took hard work and effort to create. It is nothing like the cases where a few drugs were involved or where there was unsafe parenting and unfair public defenders. This was different in the level of energy that went into harming me and my son and smearing us and lying. I have never heard of anything like it. This was a case that occured because of politics and religion and little else. My "blog" used as an attack on free speech basically and an attempt to protect doctors and medical insurance companies from a lawsuit by me. It was an attempt by old enemies to try to get back and by newer people to hold me down and keep me from succeeding in any form.

I really don't think the intended effects will be acheived. I am sure someone or some group thinks they know how to try to drive by or drive me down, but they screwed up and miscalculated.

It acheived only a point of provoking me and making me out to be a loser and as if it were my fault.

There may be a lull or calm or period of victory before the storm but when it hits, it isn't going to be much fun for those who were responsible and a part of this. I would then recommend to my enemies to "eat, drink, and be merry" because it isn't over.

Although, how interesting that all the freaky google and blogger ads have disappeared.

It seems to me that some very powerful groups are feeling very content and smug about their success. They don't feel the need to put the effort into malicious and crazy life-and-death ads anymore. I wonder why. Hmmm. What could it be? what could have possibly changed or gone long enough in their favor, that there is no point or they feel secure again?

I mean, it was excessive. And now, not at all? Why not? Is it that someone paid the advertisers and corporations off, or censored them to not harass me with shit? or is it that they don't see the need of spending the money or concentrating their efforts in this way anymore? I highly doubt someone got paid off to quit the harassing ads if I had this termination thing going down. Someone would have used their money to help my legal cause with my son, not to tell off groups to leave me alone on the ad shit.

Abby and Elektra

I guess I'm at Abby's Pizza and when I was walking in, I thought about Abby from the movie Elektra.

I just saw it for the first time last night. I found it really interesting and with more real-life parallels than I'd have imagined.

I'm confused as to whether "kimagure" is the name of a real technique. I don't see it published about like "remote viewing". Maybe it's just a pop catch-phrase?

I don't know.

What was strange, is that when she has the flashbacks which involve that black demon figure, that is the same sort of thing I got in an image one night, which I wrote about and I wondered if someone I knew or who was connected to me was watching this movie and I caught a glimpse of what they were watching. It was the same thing.

However, this kind of representation is also in a lot of drawings, tatoos, and comic art so I can't say for sure.

I have never seen Elektra or any previews for it either. Didn't even know what it was about. So it was kind of interesting.

Computer Overheating Now

I haven't had a problem with the laptop all day until now, when I decided to use it at Abby's. I used it at Cafe Mela today and had zero problems. However, now I'm having problems with the old same old thing.

It is also doing this thing to the point of buzzing or humming harder than usual.

I just took out the battery and it's a little better but still doing the same thing. We'll see what happens in a few minutes.

Annoying Commenter

I am for free speech, 100%.

However, while I post many negative comments others make about me, I am making this post as a notice to one woman that I am not going to entertain ongoing and repeated attempts to trash me and bring me down.

If you had a good point, or if you were saying something new, I would post it but you have not made any new points, accusations, or offensive remarks.

You did say, and I will respond to this, that you said I make offensive responses to nice comments and this is why people are rude.

I cannot think of one time I've done this and if I have, please select and copy to refresh my memory. There is a difference, by the way, between "nice" and sarcastic comments which sound nice but are degrading or intended to be humiliating and I see through this.

Thank you for your comments, but unless you have something new to add, I'm not going to post more of your comments because making a response to such lengthy material takes up my time and I don't need to defend against the same thing.

But thank you and I appreciate your comments, in general, and I also respect your right to say whatever offensive things you want to say and I will happily include these things in my personal blog.

Reading on Jennifer Godfrey

I may not be right, and I prayed to God first, before picking up cards, to see if it would be okay to see if there are insights. I got most of the insight naturally and through prayer but thought maybe God would show more through tarot and with prayer. Basically, you could do the same thing with saints cards or any card. I am not using it to tell future but to give ideas or see if something comes to mind. What I got is:

First used a set I've never used which seems very odd and fantastical and I don't hold a lot of stock but if it's God, anything can be used, no matter how trivial.

I chose 3 cards from the Shaman Wisdom Cards, by Leita Richesson, for "war path" and 1st card is to represent me, the 2nd, the adversary, and the 3rd, a solution.

1. 34 Squash: feminine, west, earth, water.
2. 52 Obsidian (reversed): masculine, 4th chakra, fire
3. 51 Amber (reversed): masculine, 3rd chakra, water

Then I tried a card for Russ and got
28 Sweetgrass (reversed): feminine, north, sun, air

For Ann M.
49 Red Coral (reversed): feminine, first chakra, fire

For some reason the only one upright was the one I pulled for me. The solution was also an Amber reversed.

I have no idea what it would mean exactly.
For Rider-Waite deck, I asked:
1. who is jennifer godfrey?
I got, without revealing the cards pulled, that she is a person of war, stubbornness, and contest. she is also one for whom decision making is done surrounded by counsel, whether it's good or bad. Got religion playing a big part even if she is not traditionally religious. Gambling in either life in general or with love as another factor. She prefers to have one mate at a time, in general, rather than playing a whole field. The biggest thing is that those who influence her trust in the counsel of those whose appearance may be deceptive or not exactly pure.
2. what is her relationship to me?
with regard to me I got myself surrounded by swords, persons of power and money in high positions, some things falling apart and satisfaction of her own wishes at least for now.

I asked what are/were her intentions with regard to my son and I got
that following a judgement of some kind or first decision, she was expecting news of, or received, financial gain. My son was and has been, for her, a money-maker.

I asked what misfortune or hardship she might encounter and who would it involve and I got
the king of cups
who is described as a ruler of love or contentment I believe and also symbolizes (traditionally) a fair man. some sort of loss in this aspect.

I asked what sort of misfortune will happen with her own son and got that following the star and strength, some kind of illness, disease or poverty.

I also, without any cards, had some impression of birth defects if she tries to have more children, but it was a fleeting idea. For some reason, not a mean idea or wish either, but possibly that she's already been given this same information by a doctor or something.
Then for fun, with my son in mind, I decided to try the Unicorn deck by Doreen Virtue.

I asked for reversed meanings on 1 card drawn for Jennifer, Russ, and Ann, in that order and then for me and my son and I'll probably draw one more for Michelle reversed, the Judge, and then for love. Oh, and I shuffled and was going to lay aside the deck but got curious and looked at the bottom and it said "curiosity" and was the curiosity card.

I said, "what would be the opposite of these people?"
I got jennifer being the opposite of "simplicity", russ the opposite of "share", ann the opposite of "gifted", hotchkiss the opposite of "being yourself" and michelle the opposite of "it's okay to be different". All of the unicorns featured in these cards are pure white with white mane and tail.

for me I got the card of "practice" (the best way to be good at a skill is to practice, practice, practice until you get it right--with woman dancing with tambourine by dappled gray near water and 2 men in background playing guitar), for my son "worth waiting for (your patience will be rewarded--woman with 2 foxes next to the water and a dappled gray unicorn)" and for love, "family culture" (paint unicorn with native american woman in native american dress). have no idea how learning more about my families culture is related to love, as i meant romantic love, but that's the card i got.

oh, hilarious. sort of. I then asked, "I guess I'll choose one for whoever I'm supposed to be with" and I asked, "who would it be?" and not seriously at all, but just random, I took a card and it says "You'll know in the morning." Great. Thanks. I'm sure! I'm sure i'll know in the morning. I know for SURE that it's not this 80 yr. old man I'm staying with right now, but hey, thanks. this card is all purple with a purple horse and a purple woman in a purple sunset. I think I'm going to ask for a confirmation card on that one. Haha. I don't know, this part is just funny. I pulled another card and got "Try something new" and it's of a unicorn in the water on a giant wave, in the middle of a killer whale on the left and a dolphin on the right.

I don't know why this is funny but I think it's time to put the cards away.

I have to say...

I was wondering about being a squash. What is sort of weird was just the other day, I was walking on the sidewalk and saw this enormous squash taking over an entire yard and was very impressed and almost stopped to compliment him on his squash. that was maybe 2 days ago. Then I thought, what's this mean God? i'm a vegetable and my enemies are upside down and unrighteous rocks and semi-precious jewels?

Well, at least the squash is upright.

Oh, hey, this is cool. I picked out the unicorn deck thinking of my son and it's not on the outside, but inside the box, it says it's a deck for children specifically, of "all ages" but for children in particular. And it's the only one that made me think of my own child

Then I went to Rider-Waite and asked how my adversary in romance (whoever she is) was doing and got the knight of wands. doing pretty good I guess. then I asked how am i doing in relation? and got the 5 of cups which looks like despair though some cups are still standing. then i asked what would correct this and got the card for "strength"

Frosty Ann McIntosh and AG offices of Washington

McIntosh was the lawyer on this case but she had some help from Tomas Caberro who stayed on it even though she halfway tried to deny this. The AG had not ONE but 2 of their lawyers on MY case.

Today I asked over the phone and she tried to say no, he wasn't on it or her excuse was that he didn't deal with dependency but that's irrelevant. He's a lawyer. And he's a lawyer for the State of Washington and MOST CPS cases don't have ANY AG attorneys on the case at all.

They cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars on MY case alone, and yet denied even the services they would have to offer if they I needed them, and I was denied a public defender for over 1 1/2 years. They saved over $100,000 in legal costs (at minimum) for ME as they padded their own budget for lying and screwing me over and paying people off to do dirty tricks for them.

Anne McIntosh is like a Hillary Clinton type. I think Hillary comes across as softer around the edges though. Anne is like a cross between a man and a white shitzu with boobs. She's sort of like that fuzzy dog from "The Lady and The Tramp" who has the hair flopping over her eye, but which is now past its prime. It's like her Tramp took off and she decided to suit up and cut the fringe that made her sultry during the Woodstock haze. I think of Hillary Clinton because of the tree trunk ankles.

For some reason, I think Anne and Judge Hotchkiss make a complimentary pair. He's a woman underneath it all and she's a man. When Judge Hotchkiss is around her, he gets soft and wimpy, like a man who is attracted to a woman would. It's like she calls the shots and could lead him about the neck with a small chain tied to her wrist. "Whaddya think Anne? Whaddya think?" and Hotchkiss looks hopeful until Anne gives out an icy and firm "No." Then all of a sudden, his smile and vulnerable eyes harden and he firms up and follows orders.

But it's very strange, because in one moment, Hotchkiss takes the lead, like he's in charge, and then the next, she is doing the orders. Anne acts vulnerable at times but mainly when she's caught on something or nervous and then the Judge seems to be the superior. She gasped once when I admonished the Judge about something so I don't think she would dare do this, but in other ways, she walks with a crop and a tight pair of underwear.

I sometimes wonder what is going on--like, Ms. McIntosh, I wonder if you and Hotchkiss might have more than passing interest in one another. Or maybe you are still blazing a trail, leaving a lot of men in your heartless wake. What about Susan? Ms. McIntosh, who is Susan? Susan came to mind and as I tried to imagine who this person is, that is important to you, the Susan from Skillsource came to mind, but there are Susan's who are lawyers here, and maybe wives, and who knows. You have some deeper involvement surrounding or regarding a "Susan". Oh, by the way, I'm not psychic. Of course not. I can't wait to get a confirmation on who this Susan is but maybe I never will.

I know Mary is the one who I called, before I ever had a CPS case. She gave her name out as Mary and not Anne and now she's "Anne". Unless there is a different "Mary" there. Because I know that if I had known in the beginning who Mary Ann was, I would have asked that she is recused for unethical conduct and conflict of interest.

Back in 2005 I called the Wenatchee AG and asked to talk to someone. I got a "Mary" and maybe it was a different Mary. If there is more than one, it was maybe someone else. But I personally talked to a "Mary" at the AGs offices in 2005 and 2006 to make a report against DSHS, for fraud.

This lawyer, "Mary", allowed me to talk and give out details for over ONE HOUR, and said nothing until about an hour had passed and then said, "Ms. Garrett, I cannot speak with you because there is a conflict of interest." I said, "What do you mean there is a conflict? and why did you just let me talk for an hour if there was?"

I couldn't imagine what kind of conflict there would be, with the Attorney Generals offices and ME. Conflict of interest? howso? I thought the State AGs are there to protect the interests of the public. So I called them. I called them because I had so many people lying about basic welfare stuff and this is when I was on TANF (welfare) with my son, for the first time in my life. I had been promised reimbursement of my traveling costs for medical appointments and the state owed me $1,000 and wouldn't pay it. In doing so, I had a hard time paying my rent and had a problem with this. With all the problems I was having, I called, like a good citizen should, the Defenders of the Public Interest:

The Glorious and Victorious Offices of the Attorney General in Washington State.

WHAT conflict?

As I later discovered, the AG does not exactly "represent" the best interests of the public. No, despite all the facades of doing so, and the wonderful consumer complaint hotlines, they represent the interests of the State. So when I first started talking to "Mary" about what was happening with the Department of Social and Health Services, she knew from the start that it was a conflict and should not have taken my call at all.


wheels turning now...turning turning...maybe it was a FUCKING conflict of interest for the AG offices to be hounding and harassing ME to start with, when they already knew I had a claim against THEM and their clients, since 2005!

How convenient for the State. How convenient to turn this around on me and use my own SON as a battering ram.

Bra? Ms. McIntosh likes white. I would say one is or was, that was a favorite, one with a cotton or some kind of pattern over the top. Like a full size bra, is what I get, but with some kind of texture over the top.

Tomas? As much as I want to say he's a boxers type of guy, I get briefs. Colored ones.

How's that asshole?

Ann and Tomas thought they were covering their asses but I am still seeing, just, ummm, far too much for comfort.

Oh hilarious. This man just walked by in a solid colored shirt of the color I saw a pair of Tomas' underwear, a maroon or wine color. More maroon I guess, with a band that has some logo or name etched in the plastic band part. But maybe that's from the past, I don't know. I know colored briefs. Medium package.

With Ann, I got the white pointelle type of bra or pattern on the top, and then I wondered about colors and saw this big satin pink bra but I can't personally imagine her in that, although pink probably looks good on her. I wonder if she has some moles on her chest. I don't recall seeing any moles on her in general, because she's always covered all the way up, but dark brown or black moles maybe. It might be my imagination bc it's not coming to me in an image. All of this is more of impression-style and it's more difficult to sort out from imagination.

I would guess McIntosh is familiar with military, from the way she acts and conducts herself. I can almost see her in some kind of Navy JAG uniform. With a little hat. I know she's not in military and hasn't been, but I can picture this.

She uses tissue, like Kleenex kind, when she's blubbering--Blubbering to commerce in near future.

For Ms. McIntosh's first punishment, for lying and harming an innocent child and his mother's rights, I would put her on a diet. I think the least Ms. McIntosh could do would be to go without some of the food luxuries she indulges in, when my own son is going without visits to see his mother. McIntosh could afford to lose at least 20 lbs, saved from neat little lunches with Judges and state workers she listened to.

Just now, a large semi-truck goes by with "Godfrey" emblazoned on the side. Real mobster-like. How idiotic. Supposedly, according to Michelle Erickson, Jennifer Godfrey was behind most of this with Russ Haegen as back-up. Maybe this was a "sign". Maybe I should bring up Godfreys fucking underwear. Black is the first thing to mind. I have never met the woman, but I would guess, in a natural guess, not necessarily psychic, that Jennifer Godfrey favors black underwear. And stupid dogs. I am not sure if I was getting a real dog or her significant other. Jennifer Godfrey is a name that evokes cats so I don't know why I get a dog. I feel conflicted.

I want to say Jennifer must be really great in bed but I don't think so. I think she overcompensates with lingerie and other things to make up for her lack. Like, maybe she is mean enough to, one would think, be a real firecracker, and yet she's pretty boring. Maybe Jennifer and Tomas could hook up. Oooo, gravy.

Hmm, someone got a laugh out of that last one!

Oh, just checked the facebook photo and I think I have seen it once bfore but wasn't sure about it. Yeah, it's her, and she's a brunette wearing black sunglasses. Black sunglasses is a fairly good confirmation, on a logical intuitive plane (not psychic) that her other "accessories" may follow suit of the same color. Black swimsuit, black lingerie. I was seeing some racy lacies. I think she does a lot of overcompensation for underacheivement in more than one area.

Probably...I would bet her husband leaves her after the kids are older.
I sort of think these state assholes picked the wrong bitch to mess with. But I don't know. I guess they enjoy spicing up their boring lives with exposure.
I think Judge Hotchkiss might have the hots for Ann. It's not impossible. Sometime I should flesh out a better description of them both.