Saturday, January 31, 2009

Miss My Son

I have been trying to write about dabney but I worry about him so much I'm afraid to say anything further. If I knew he was fine and out there sober and just being an asshole, I'd feel better about just writing it all out. But I have realized I really cared about him more than I ever thought I did.

He is different, for sure. Some issues, yes. But he's also special, in many regards, and I can see this, and noticed it in the first 5 minutes of talking to him. So everything is hard.

I am maybe getting married now. And if I don't get a lawyer for filing an injunction on the case out here in federal court for violations of civil rights procedure, I plan to do it in WA with my husband.

At least it will be a 2 parent family, as the state so prefers, but all of this had nothing to do with what happened. The entire thing should be totally thrown out for multiple violations of laws and rules.

In the meantime, I am fighting like a mother tiger, to do what I think is best for getting my son back, seeing him when I know he needs me and wants to be with me more than anyone he's been with since he was taken.

I am still grieving over the miscarriage. I don't want other kids or babies, or to be pregnant again. I really just wanted the baby(ies) I thought were going to live. Even if I were not with the father, I knew everything about certain moments was unique and special and I felt these were going to be special kids.

Time heals some things but not everything.

I belted out "If I Were A Boy" a ton of times today. I like the song a LOT and I can actually sing it well.

I'm so glad I heard from the guitarist today too...he's legit and has worked with very good producers or is doing so now. Groups we've all heard about.

So I'm very excited but these are very sobering and sad times too.

I want so many things to be different.

My head is up and I am not falling apart, but I have cried my heart out, realizing some things, and it's been hard.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Ask & You Shall Receive (a laptop)

I asked someone for a laptop, free, and he admired me for my "balls".

I was, later that night, telling the guys at the billiards hall, I was terrible at pool and bad "con pelotas". en todo.

But then, at the very last minute, I turned and asked this guy randomly, if he knew where I could get a free laptop and he said yes, he could get one for me!!!

This is after the guy offered one to me (I didn't ask) 3-4 months ago. It's been too long and I talked too much and freaked him out bc he couldn't see me and was just hearing my crazy stories. So I realized, "Dammit! I just lost my free laptop."

But, now, I have a new offer, after I asked, and we'll see. Nothing is for sure until it's a done deal, right?

Good Guys

At the billiards place, there was a lot of different latino music. But then there were 2 Bryan Adams songs and an Elton John song which almost had me in tears "Sacrifice". I don't know why it hit me, but it did, and I have no idea why.

Funny how comedy is always enhanced by sorrow first. Right after, this guy tells me he's not hungry because he went to "Good Guys". I said, "Que?" and he started laughing and said he meant "Five Guys". I thought he meant the tire shop, but he thought I was thinking about some strip club around town called "Good Guys". So I was laughing, but he thought I was picturing him at a strip club and actually, I was wondering how he managed to find dinner at the mechanics/tire shop. Popcorn? I pictured him standing by the popcorn machine with a paper cup, downing cup after cup.

Letter To My Son

Dear Oliver,

I wanted you to know I am thinking about you every day, at every hour and every minute, and as the time passes, I only want to see you more and am more determined we will be together.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

So much bad luck, but then sometimes a few good things come through at the last minute. I don't know how anything will turn out for sure, and I'm sure I will be duped again, and again, but every single time anyone tries to derail me and get me off track from getting you back, I turn back to the course, or take a new direction in order to find the right one. I know the right course is not to give in to corruption, and this makes everything more difficult, but it is worth it in the end. It means I fight harder for you, not less.

You're going to see me very soon, and I am going to be arriving with a private lawyer. I am coming to visit you and take you back, not for anyone else. If I can file a case for corruption or violation of rules of civil procedure outside of the state of WA, I am going to do this and that's what I'm checking into now. I am not wasting any time, I am not stalling, or delaying...I am doing the best that I can, given every single obstacle, to get the information I need to find out what the best possible solution is, at the last minute.

I still know there are grounds for other cases which have statutes that will not expire anytime soon, but that's a last resort.

Do not let anyone take anything from you that they have no right to. I have had people try to take so much, and there are many things I give away voluntarily, but you decide, for yourself, what is acceptable and unacceptable and you fight to the end, to ensure what belongs to you stays with you or is returned.

This includes any kind of violation of privacy. Information YOU choose to reveal and give out, should be done at your discretion. If anyone violates this right or attempts to violate your right to personal privacy on certain matters, do not give in and do not give up.

I am not a ward of the state and neither are you. You will be accountable to yourself, and to God alone, and I am only accountable to God, myself, and those who are given to me to care for, as a part of my natural and inalienable rights.

There are some enemies in life you may never make amends with and will want to distance yourself from. Others, will have to be seduced and encouraged to be your friend, not for your sake alone, but for the sake of many who have to put aside differences in order to establish the changes which need to be made, and I am thinking namely of the state of this country.

I love you and think about you all the time. I am getting you back the right way, the way which is guaranteed by law and by our constitution and Bill of Rights and I will not give up until I complete my mission of finding the help we need to enforce our rights and hold others accountable for corruption.

Princely Count?

I wonder if I saw him the other day. I only thought maybe because one eye was very different, like the womans eye, sort of marbled, it was the right eye. But there are contacts for that. He was very tall besides, and wore a long black jacket.

Very handsome, and stood behind me in a line and I just wondered because I noticed the eye, and I'm farsighted, so it was more defined than my heterochromia.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Father forgive me, por este SIM

Este novio medicime, "donde esta mi tarjeta SIM?" He asked me, then, in English, where the SIM card was for his phone.

I didn't know what he was saying at first. I looked at him blankly. He's holding his phone and pointing to a part that I guess, is missing or something, and looking at me and I said,

"Que? que esta "SIM"? Then I said, "No se". I added, "OH! tu mean sin? tu pense yo necessito voy a la iglesia porque tengo sin?" I pronounced it "seeeeen?" Because he was saying with an accent, "Seeeeem".

El mirame and looked at me and said, no, and then laughed and said yes, it was necessary I go to church, because yes, I have sinned.

He explained what SIM is and then I said, "OH! yo no soy bueno a lo technologia. No se. Yo sabes nada de technologia. Hmmm. No se. Porque? esta necessario?"

Anyway, it was sort of funny, because of the misunderstanding from pronunciation. When I asked if he thought I had sinned, because he asked me "did you take my SIM?" and then he rephrased to, "Do you have the SIM?" That's when I said, "You think I have SIN?!!" he said, "Si!" and I picked up this little brochure of saint prayers and said, "tu pense yo necessites este?" and he said, "Si! y la iglesia!" and pointed to this statue of a saint which is from or represents Colombia.

Of course I didn't have it. What would I do with one? If I could use it for something of course, but no, I don't think you can even take a SIM thing out. You have to go to the radioshack and they give you a new phone, right? At least that's what I've had to do with my own phone.

So then I opened the curtain to let the light in and he was dressing behind me (I wasn't watching). He said what are you doing, people will see. I said, "maybe personas QUIERES mira a ti." He said no, and I said, "Si! Orrita a la ventana. Baile! Baile! Baile a la ventana." and he started laughing. Then he said maybe neighbors would complain, knocking at the door and I said, "Maybe yo soy tu pimpo. Yo hablan the neighbors, 'tu quieres mi animales sexo?" and he cracked up.

Anyway, it was funny.

Other Cases to File for Public Interest

These are ideas, for a non-profit to take on, not me, but I'm following up my last post about lawsuits which should be filed for the public interest:

1. Sue for the right of persons, citizens, to collectively file class actions. People can file their own pro se cases, but cannot file class actions. People should have this right to form their own independent unions when they cannot secure help or assistance from reliable lawyers who are courageous. Or when they simply cannot afford excessive fees and costs but want to fight.

2. There was another one I thought of. This isn't it, but it's one to ensure the right to compensation for legal costs and fees if a pro se party wins a case.

3. Oh, this was my other lawsuit idea, I got yesterday...The State Bar Associations should be separate from a board for citizens to go to with complaints about lawyers. Too often the Bar Associations are tied in with insurance companies that defend their lawyers (which is part of the reason for paying bar fees and malpractice fees and being part of their own legal union. State Bars typically help the lawyer, not the citizen, so organizations should be formed to investigate which are private and non-profit and independent, oh and guess what? They should also be from other counties which are far removed, or other states to avoid conflict and personal, social, and political interest and fear from entering into the investigative decisions.

Looking up my own lawyers today, and may still have an avenue of securing private representation, and I'll finally getting all the discovery and case files so I have to give an address and secure it at the post office and then slam these people with an injunction before they try to file for termination of parental rights.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The Jesus and Mary Chain, "April Skies". A very good song. It's a post punk type of Scottish band. Like "The Stranglers" too. "Golden Brown". Fun. Like, like, like. GOD I LOVE the killing moon too.

I think i have to have a huge UK and euro music collection someday--echo & the bunnyman

Like Kate Bush, "Running Up That Hill" too. Like, like, like. Also like the Smith's "Sheila Take a Bow"

Totally Scammed

I have been recently scammed. I am wondering how much information I should put down now but in a way, what the hell? Maybe I'll write about Dabney after this one, because the thing is, if this guy is already reading my blog, I wouldn't even be surprised. If he IS, then something bad will happen today or tonight. If not, who knows, maybe tomorrow.

I met these Colombians who I thought were cool guys and then everything got a little weird.

First one was saying he paid off police for tickets but it was harder in the U.S. and that he could get me Percocet if I needed it for the back pain and couldn't afford the prescription. Then I was introduced to this other guy who says we could have a marriage of convenience because he wouldn't mind being a citizen and he knew I wanted help with my son, to pay for a private attorney. There is nothing illegal about a marriage of convenience. If I were married, there's no reason, even if I just had a boyfriend, to have someone help me with financial things, especially regarding my own son. And if he wants papers and we're married legally, there's no reason not to. Besides, no one can say there isn't any love or we didn't fall in love at some point or whatever.

But first, I was asked if I needed a car, and a printer/fax, and a computer. Like he's offering me all these things, right from the start. And he said he'd give me a key. But the next thing I know, he just wants me to use his computer, and then doesn't have the extra one he said he had for me, and then doesn't even bring the other one home after work like he promised, when he knows how desperate I am. I told him I did NOT "need" or have to have a car.

I think that was quite generous of me, really. Now, living here, I realize I need a fucking car. But I said I would try to just take the Metro. I didn't know the Metro is 20 minutes from the fucking bus stop in the snow and ice.

So the next thing I know, everything is just one fat lie.

There is no computer. There is no key. There is no nada. And by this time, I wasn't doing anything for him sexually either. But I heard his friend say to him on the phone, "Contigo con la Americana or otra novia?" or something like that, like, number 1, I couldn't hear, and number 2, I don't understand Spanish.

He'd told me he had a novia who is married but getting divorce and how would he explain this marriage.

But one minute, we have a deal, and then the next minute, it's like I'm just getting set up to be delayed, stalled, and exploited.

If you don't have the money, don't make promises. If you're poor, fine. No problemo, but this guy goes from offering a car, computer, key, marriage, and payment for all private legal services between 10-20 thousand dollars to...what?

Suddenly it's too expensive??? He can't afford it? It turned into some kind of fruitstand bargain. No, even 5 thousand was a lot. I told him, $5,000 would barely be enough for a retainer and then there would be costs after that. So then he wants to do it for a fucking TWO thousand dollars? yeah right. $2,000 will pay for my plane ticket to Wenatchee and three hours of a legal consultation with some asshole who tells me to go "pro se".

I mean, put up and put out or shut up.

I have met a lot of men who have made various offers, but this one beats them all. Here I am, at the last moment, at the crux, thinking I'm finally getting a way that serves all purposes and what the fuck does this guy do next???

Okay, next thing I know, I'm asking him if he's changed his mind or what's going on and he says he wants to talk about it upstairs. So it SEEMS normal until I'm upstairs and the first thing he wants to do is grab his fucking iPOD blackberry type thing and press some buttons and put it in his pocket. And then I start talking. And then I start thinking, "This guy is a fucking CIA or FBI rat". He sets me up with a proposition and then backs out on EVERYTHING after he, what, records me discussing our agreement?

Even if he's not a rat, you don't make a promise you can't keep and you know what tells me this is all a scam is not that he renigs on the marriage contract (which I said we'd do a pre-nup for), but if he's so fucking poor and money is the material issue, then why the hell is the key not forthcoming, and the computer is no longer mine to use as he promised, and he takes the fax machine and everything to his workplace?

So he says he's talked to a lawyer who says I have to go back to Wenatchee. He's like a fucking U.S. government asshole. Not only asking me the day before, if it would really matter that much if I lost my son, but then taking up MY TIME, and lying to me and stringing me along with something that sounds legit.

It sounded like a serious possibility and then this guy backs out on everything. He was backing out before I ever made out with him and then a little bit ago, there was a moment or two but I wouldn't let him kiss me. I just wouldn't. I did not want to kiss him.

So then I get this line. He laughs and says, "Okay, I won't kiss you, I'll just kill you."

Only in D.C. I think this one is right up there with Dabney's "You're a fly caught in my web."

Next thing you know I'm going to be a fucking Mata Hari blowing kisses at the firing squad. Dicks.

I thought I'd rebound but it didn't work. I still have some feelings for the crazy asshole who I'm going to be exposing the shit out of. Come to think of it, I never ONCE, ever, heard him shit.

That's besides the point. So I'm thinking well, I'm getting married, so what the hell, get used to it feminista evangelista. He said Vegas and when he said that might be too expensive, I should have known. But come on, I thought Colombians have friends in high places. I was like, no, not Vegas. Too trashy. Would be fitting, but no, I should wear a dress. I might wear a red dress, and hell, make it a cocktail dress too, but it shouldn't be some 24 hour Vegas deal.

If I get fucking married, I want everyone to have cocktails first. Including me. But it wasn't going to be a big deal. Pre-nup all the way. Then divorce if we want. He's not adopting my kid. So what's the big fucking deal?

The big fucking deal, is that I need a Donald Trump type if I'm ever going to get to the high rise I need to be at. I just need one person who can actually spare $20,000 or so, soley for my son. I am not talking about all this other crap that these "Girlfriends of Bankers" are into. I mean, I could outshine the whole of that soire, but the hell I care.

I don't know exactly what it is that I have, but I scare a lot of people shitless. I've been told I intimidate men, and that I'm hard to pin down, and unpredictable, and creative, and eccentric, and a whole gamut of things.

I definitely draw an international crowd.

In college I did. When I first went out to clubs, I did. Now, in this D.C. area, it's not even out of the ordinary.

I just need someone who is halfway attractive to me who is rich and with whom will be ammenable to a marriage of convenience.

Okay, time to write about Dabney.

I don't know what he did for a living but I guess someone does. So it is time to write about his shit.

I suppose I'll add, I did go through some things after I realized all this marriage crap is a line. I looked through a small notebook and he had written many phrases in English-Spanish but there was also a section for RUSSIAN.

He had written down several phrases to say in Russian, including, "fuck me", "pretty girl", and some other things. I thought, why the hell is he into this Russian thing too?" He's got a thing for Russian women?

Oh, and he's been in the military in Colombia because I saw the military card, and I went through all his papers and pictures and a phone I found. When his story got iffy, I began to wonder who he really was.

You respect me, I respect you. I do not invade the privacy of anyone unless it's for a god damn good reason, but this one, was getting a little iffy.

Pursued or Pursing the Leftie League

This is getting stranger by the moment. This novio I have, I guess, well, it seems to me he's a leftie. I didn't notice it until later, when it's the only hand he used for the remote for the t.v. I was like, "huh?" what the hell.

Okay, no big deal. It's unconfirmed and who cares, right? But THEN, today, I got a ride from this guy who Italian and Argentinian or something and he writes his number down for me and he wrote with his fucking left hand. I looked at this and said, "YOU'RE A LEFTIE????" he probably thought I was a nut. Like, so what. But I had approached HIM for a ride and of course, here he is, walking over to the gas station, and what the hell? I'm smelling leftie pheromones from like 300 yards away?

Then he told me his wife was right handed but he was a leftie and his father is and his two kids are as well, a girl and a boy.

Okay, can I tell you, these are WEIRD odds. I mean, beyond WEIRD.

There are not that many fucking lefties in the world and yet I hadve this radar or something or they find me or something WEIRD happens, and I keep running into this total minority and it's not like I should be able to tell ahead of time.

Actually, this guy who is Italian/Arg., said he was ambidextrous. So that's a little different. But he wrote with his left hand and that wasn't forced. Then he said he did other things with his other hand.

So, aside from the incidence of lefties in my life, I have to relay the great trips or rides I've had in the last couple of days.

I'm living in the middle of fucking nowhere. There's a bus somewhere but it's snow and ice and who the hell cares? This is not Metro-land, it's bus lanes for 15 minutes in the freezing cold. So I find a nice man or two, and voila! my feet are warm and I am meeting a new interesting person.

Yesterday I met Red Bull man, who was said he was concerned about giving me a ride because of insurance reasons. I nodded and tried my best smile and said "I know, and I promise you, I will wear my seatbelt." So he laughed and said okay and then I got a ride and he was from S. Korea, really nice and then I said, "Is this a Red Bull truck?" and he said yes, and I cannot believe my audacity, but when he was dropping me off I asked if he gave out promos of Red Bull. So he laughed again and gave me a Red Bull. Love that man.

Then I met Coca-cola man. No, I didn't leave with a Coca-cola but he's the guy who was the leftie, noticeably. So I was so suprised by the fact I'd picked out this leftie, and we talked about this.

Then, my best accomplishment, was getting a ride from a very timid younger man in a nice European car who was parked at the gas station. I just needed a ride to the library. He said he didn't know where it was and he barely knew one word of English. The roads were covered with snow and ice and it wasn't very safe to walk, in my high heeled boots. So this is why I decided to chance asking for a ride, from trustworthy people.

So this guy cracks his window a half an inch and stares at this woman looking at him, through his window and waving. He looked worried. So he didn't know where the library was and neither did I. I said, please? and my best smile didn't work. He said, "Sorry."

I looked him straight in the eye and said the first thing that came to my mind:

"You're from South Korea, aren't you?" and I smiled knowingly. I didn't know who the fuck he was, but this thought came to me.

He startled back and looked at me and said, "yes!"

He had said almost nothing and I don't know a S. Korea accent. He'd mainly just nodded or shrugged. But somehow I knew.

So then I told him, "I THOUGHT SO!" with sort of a wink and said, "I tutored a lot of people from South Korea, in English. Will you please give me a ride? for my Korean friends?" I may have added, "for kimchee and Korean BBQ?" He smiled and said yes and it was no problem. Then we had fun and talked for awhile, and he told me he had only been in the U.S. for 2 months. So I told him if he needed help with Spanish I might be able to help him. Then we exchanged numbers and that was it and we had a nice chat. I told him I'd give him some English lessons in exchange for a laptop. I pulled a book out of my bag and showed it to him and he said he had that very book! Coincidence.


maybe an image or two and then i'll write about dabney, and some other newer stuff.

I can't think, with this Hot For Teacher Van Halen song. It's distracting.

lluvia, pear blossoms, and crystal earrings in a glass
sparking a lantern, lighting a cigarette, flashing the spotlight at the fish
tropical fish in an olympic size pool of pyramids liquified
sand on the bottom, fountains on the top
magnolia and blackbird all my notes and songs
run together, putting out the fire of the flamethrower
merit speaks for herself, as the hula rolls down the length of her arm
crazy flippin' toad. hopping, hopscotching across the lilypads like a lover
from bed to bed gripping the edge as it dips and spins and onto the next
fish nibble at the edge of the green and turtles paddle by,
watching, noticing everything
umbrellas, umbrellas, lluvia and rihannas umbrellas
making magic making weather forecasters wonder at the prophetic
do not write a song about earthquakes rihanna.
you will kill us all
we will slip through the cracks and never be saved with the hook
a melody to fight for, a hook for footing.
there are never enough ways to hook a fish
so many different kinds of bait, in the big pond
lap swim and flashing lightbulbs
catching me unaware as i come up for air and find the same toad on
another lilypad
these are wrinkled, crinkled, fading lilypads. these are nibbled on
and bitten and brown and turning into mud for the bottom feeders
pulling off the toenail, stubbed toe months ago
so, so, gross and with some kind of pride, it comes off,
you're a surgeon. you have something special. you cut yourself, stitch
yourself, and pull yourself apart and watch without fainting.
wading through a swampy mog muddle of mindless coursing
the only point is beneath the thick water
under one of the branches crawling into the earth
tripwires in the trees and one wrong step will land you face down
pick yourself up by your bootstraps, by your wide ankle lady gator heel straps
by your bookstraps and bookpack, knapsack and bootlegger craps.
the strings holding the glasses to your nose.
pick yourself up by those, mi lady
damn the castle and the moat
give me a shack and a rowboat
dance with me to
the rhythm of the night
debarge, disembark
stand stark broken on the island
like a pelican, picking up one foot at a time
bending the other to practice balance
one foot on the water one on the sand
oh lands, what kind of man i am
to throw the dice straight into the air
while we are still on the ferris wheel
socks still drying, wet and hanging on the line
a butterfly alights, pawing like a kitten on the carpet
pulling moisture to cool the spindly feet
no socks no shoes, just wings
it is good we do not have wings
we would fly too high, too fast, and too far,
giving nothing a moment's chance and we would be
stuck to the leaves with our thin crepes
weighted down by florida or the keys
or san juans or seattle or portland
where is my fucking mail anyway
my coat of armor
the steel to fly me right and out of the rain
windowlight, bench, pane
twisted peppermint stick lick
red and white skirt twirling
uplift at the grate
my nerves you pinch and pull
manipulating the black and white
for gray
red and white for pink
pink roses, pink lipstick, pink parties
no. i don't want those
the longer i lick the straighter the stick
even out the coils
you cannot recoil
too late
my lips are red, my tongue is pink,
and the holy wand of rule is white
i cast you out with my spit
a white stick unfurls into a flag
raised on a hill
if you look you will be healed
the fight has not gone out of you yet
you forget
you forgot who i was and you forgot what
the scent of white asiatic lilies is like
when all the windows are shut
and the door is pulled tight
and nothing is left
but a red sludge of oil on canvas.
i guess no body wants me to be a waitress really
they want me to sit in a chair all day and write poetry
aha! if only i'd known all those doctors really adore me.
ehhhhverybody luvs me
what a fool i've been to think i was hated
what a christsake chrysanthamum fool i've been to think such
a thing when i can dance, write, and sing
so much better than that silly waitressing
nevermind i'm broke, i have "something"
we don't know what it is yet
but all of washington state is waiting
hoping for a miracle of my capture
kill the beast! oh wait...she's a rather lovely thing
(shhh! just like lucifer, you think?)
wait! i have sent out our spies and she is LAUGHING
(do you think perhaps she might BE crazy?)
oblivious to the whole scheme
or making patsies out of posies and
pancakes out of dredged flour

oh my dears, i have so many ways of staying positive
dear baby banker's flings, you should learn a thing or 2
from me now...flour is fine for face power
and olive oil works at night-- not get too close to candlelight

i can give you 101 ways to be beautiful from the inside
and the outside at a fraction of the cost of your poor bankers bill
it's time to think like a hippie you yuppies, guppies, hipsters, and socialites
egg white, kelp, olive oil, cucumber, lemon, milk & honey, and i will
even give away the middle eastern secret for a good leg & bikini wax
(not that i use it myself, but the flaxen hairless fillies may need the
info to keep their men-- or else, who knows, you might be traded in, like stocks,
for a younger girl who doesn't cost as much, you know, a college girl who
is new to the school)

do not use olive oil on your hair for deep conditioning
you will never get it out
use apple cider vinegar for a good cleansing rinse and
to make it shine but yes, it will stink.
it's the economy, girlfriend--time to make difficult choices
stink or shine

i think i'm done with my images. i'm getting silly now and laughing

how i love this song: "angel" by aerosmith...hmmm...maybe i could get inspired again. need a minute to think about it. okay, one more..., for somebody out there and i don't know who...

blanket, tarp, carp, black fishnet of a fence
oh throw me in and tie me up like a ham or a turkey
which is funnier? a ham or a turkey?
chicken isn't very funny oh but maybe a cornish hen
okay, i'll be a cornish hen in fishnet
my hair is not in fishnet--i am not a cook
i am a femme fatale
and i'm about to be killed tonight i think
my head is gone, i am in the grocery aisle
guess who i am? i am not the author, i am
your girlfriend
your girlfriend is a $20 novella a noche
damame mi dinero orrita
sleep with a cypress and a juanita and a birch tree
sleep with a spider and the wind and alicia villareal
sleep with a juniper and decide a mi
tu nessecite mi imaginacion, no mas, si?
en realidad, tu creo y tu quieres mi imaginacion y mi cabeza
tu otra novia esta la rack de lamb
es verdad, yo sabes
so mi espanol no esta bueno pero who cares
no persona
you should escuche mi italiano
cuando yo cantar "tu lo sai"
uno tiempo i was quince anos y por la conservidad a musica de san francisco
orrita i am for me, sola
when the moon crumbles into dust like a clump of dried dirt
roots of the universe will streak like lightening
pulling together every star, every asteroid daring to fall
tentacles of a gravitational pull will
hold together the rest of this planetary system
reaching out like the claws of a machine
gathering the stars together into a new moon
assembling every grain of light into a new flower
morning glory
it is darkest before dawn
it is also dark at dusk
quiet in the tunnel
terrible in the field
i like it! i like my last poema a little bit, just a tiny bit. i don't know, i'll change my mind later probably.
plums, i see so many plums!
plums in both of my hands
plums on the trees, on the ground, on the rug in the parlor
plums, purple and tangerines too, rolling across the floor
down the stairs, all these beautiful tangerines tumbling
down this winding staircase,
falling from the gold frame
falling from the orchid bouquet and fruit bowl
i think the cat knocked it over
no, it was a leopard! it's the one that will never
change it's spots
not for you or me or anyone
just knocking things over a little bit so we notice
the beauty in the chaos, you think?
what do you think?
i think we should slide down the bannister
while the plums and tangerines are falling
out of the paintings
tomorrow i will be a proper lady
i'll fake my decency and my humility
i will smile and who knows, curtsey?
i will not swear or drink openly
only if i can drink with camilla
toasting to defamation from the enquirer
because we all really wanted to know
how much she likes a drink now and then
i will say nothing of my pain
i will make the grandmothers laugh
and forget to cringe
they will all think i am going straight
to heaven, no questions asked
i am not even going to die but ascend
you just WATCH me
get your video ready because i will
take an elevator to the top of the eiffel
or something like that
i guess i'll have to wear something cream
colored to symbolize
cream rising to the top
could i still wear thigh high black boots?
oh alright, riding boots.
no, i like the idea of thigh highs in paris
or maybe just stockings which are thigh high?
lets go like michelle pfeiffer as the cat woman
oh, wait, the cream theme.
okay, i'll wear cream and all my maids will
wear black thigh highs.
i am starting a whole new world order
(whiplash sound)
Granny will LOVE it
come on Granny, you can even bring
your pet, Rat Fink, if we ever find him

well, i didn't write about dabney again. i wrote poems and images instead.

oh well. more maybe tomorrow. i can't help myself. i like to write too much. i need a fucking laptop. i hate this library thing. i don't like laughing over my own work in public--i feel like the nerd i think i may be.
aiayaayayayaai. i have 3 minutes left. quick image...

sink full of carrots
peeling and i'm pasting them to a potato head
it's me!
it's mrs. potato head
don't stab me voodoo vipers
i'm just a nice, fun, potato head
like you always wanted me to be

you are my sauce para gratin or whatever that potato dish is with the cream
and cheese. but i'm not going to be cut up. just smother me in the sauce. we will rule the world. saucy you and plain potato jane me. you tarzan man. me jane. we swing. in your dreams. tonight you will dream about potatoes.
I'm back. waiting for a friend, which is fine, so i'll write more. i really need to just start and finish the whole stupid dab thing, bc i just repeat myself over and over, but if i'm feeling the images, or stressed, I have to go this other direction. it's just a release. if i were still a runner, i probably wouldn't be so much of a writer. love 80s music. love lastfm. mi inspiracion for many of these images, or at least i write to them
oooh goodie. i see a blank check in my future. whoo hoo.
i don't know who it's from. i don't think it's publisher's clearing house because i think the publishers are going out of business. i read this today. darn. this isn't an image at all. this is turning into prose. hmmmm....claro claro. need to clear my head for a picture...un momento.

blank check and long deck
big shoes big feet?

so bad. okay, think, think...i think i need some more advil because my hands and back are killing me. i am going to die of natural causes, that's why my enemies don't even BOTHER to kill me. they're just like, yeah, i give it a year or two. making bets i bet. lol.

marigolds on a tree? there are marigolds, yellow ones, on a tree.
a pruned tree, the kind where the trunk is gnarled at the bottom and trimmed

marigolds on a tree
yellow light on the freeway
lying across the train tracks
i met a man from translyvania
seriously. the epilepsy assistant
is from translyvania
he didn't want my blood just my history
marigolds on a tree
clusters of crumpled kleenex in the bathroom
clusters of crumpled paper, yellow notes, on the desk
a golden star on a birthday cake
in reality i am just under the sidewalk
awaiting my face lift
my excavation
intaglio or cameo

diving for coins underwater
lining them up along the side
making a list
planting roses
several round tubes for swimming holes
spinning the inflatables around and around
sinking battleship
every child born of a navy background
plays battleship
with the pegs
it's not lightbrites
it's a ship going down
it's the beginning of a game of risk

pirates of the caribbean
collecting a treasury better than pineapples
hiding cocaine in coconut shells
shipping them out west
i don't know who or if someone found out

inside of the sugarcane
the reeds in your house
in the vase
which one, which vase holds
the secret
the one in the entry or by the dining room?
a glass cupboard of liquors
decanters on the counter
i want a drink
tell me your secrets
a tall lampstand
books along the wall and on the coffee table
portraits and i can see the bookends
no, i cannot read your mind
god would never allow it...
i don't...well, i don't
usually, god respects the privacy of our thoughts
unless there is an important message perhaps
in the trappings
video killed the radio star
plays so many times
i wonder about so many things
the jealousies
tell me about the trappings
men cried over me
they knew
they knew more about me than i knew about myself
enough about me
tell me about you
what did they do to you and what have you done?
look at the decanter
look back
behind the door you closed
show me where X marks the spot
big in japan
the radio star was big in japan?

climbing the pole for the flag
i captured the flag
a whole army stood around me and they fell
one by one, some holding hands
some raised their hands
we captured the flag
nothing is broken that can't be fixed
if you throw a grenade
you will illuminate the sky
do not throw it at your worst enemy
throw it into the camp when they have deserted
show the world what is there
show me what you found buried beneath the rock
use it when you need a streetlight, not as a weapon
find your way through the maze
with a candle in your hand
with a grenade in your artillery
as back-up should the candle be taken or blown out by the wind

met a guitarist. yay. blues and funk and jazz. so maybe we'll do a gig or two.

Footballer's Widow is Relieved Husband Was Nuts

I thought I'd kept this article, but I didn't and I don't remember whether it was the Post or the NYT but I think it was NYT.

At any rate, there was an article about this poor former footballer, who died, and I guess had some head injuries or problems actually with drug addiction for what was most likely legitimate pain and an attempt to cure it.

So what does his widow do? She fucking signs over rights to scientists to autopsy her poor widowed husband's head and write up diagnostics and then publicize it to the ENTIRE WORLD.

This was her husband and he had DIED. Thanks honey. Thanks for revealing every part of my brain to the whole fucking world, without my consent, and for feeling relieved that my attachment to drugs might have been because of "brain damage". Glad we can get this all out in the open and that you now have peace of mind my addictions and attitudes were all about brain damage, even though no one ever fucking talked to me or did a psych evaluation to see what was really going on in my head.

Unless, dear, you consulted a medium and I was brought back from the dead and cannot, for some reason, remember this, I guess, because of my brain damage? Wait, let me ask the newstand boy--what was my problem again?

I was sort of happy, honey, with the idea of going like Kurt Cobain or sounding a little bit manly in my addictive or "risk taking" behavior, you know, it was a bad way to die, but I kind of liked preserving my masculinity. But thanks, honey, for showing the entire fucking world how I was actually severely brain damaged and really, just nutso. But it wasn't my "fault" of course.

Oh and thank God, may you one day rest in peace, dear, that YOU were never to blame, in any way, for my actions, words, and behavior. You certaintly didn't drive me to my addictions.

Hallelujah for post-mortem memoriums. I feel soooo vindicated....or, well, I always wanted to know, you know, and even if it's a little late, maybe my helmet-head will prevent...hmmmmm...what will this prove....??? I'm thinking, thinking, thinking....

Footballers should SUE those helmet makers. No, wait, I guess we should go play tag-football now.

Honey, I always prided myself on having that Stallone accent, and now you've reduced this to a slurring symptom of brain damage.

I always wanted to go down in history as the best fucking fighter and footballer there ever was, but now...well, God bless my soul, I'll be going down in history as a science specimen.

Status Quo 'Ho (Dating a Banker Anonymous)

Love the NYT. It was like watching Fox today, reading, on Section A20, the title:

"It's the Economy Girlfriend". A photo which cracks me up, of all these so-boring Stepford Wives in-training, and the article is about women meeting over their banker boyfriends like it's AA.

I cannot believe these women would want to be seen, but hey, look at me. I guess our values are different. I don't care if someone thinks I'm different but a status quo ho I do not want to be.

Yes, I would marry someone for convenience to pay for a lawyer for my son. Of course. But given my full independence, what would I choose?

I choose me baby.

I am not a high maintenance hooker-wife. Well, I'm high maintenance in my own way. I have some principles when it comes to money and what I'm willing to do for it. I would not marry someone with money for racks of cashmere. Not even for a better rack.

Anything that should come after "worse" if there is a "better" in the skyline of any marriage I maintained for true love or convenience, is just the fucking maraschino cherry, not the martini.

I highly recommend reading this article though, because if you think like me at all, and see any kind of irony and dry humor in this, you will find it very amusing.

Lawsuits To Be Filed On Behalf of the Public

I am in fucking pain because of the fucking doctors that refuse to do anything to examine or treat my back pain from assault. Then I have the assholes from GW calling to have me go in for follow-up on the miscarriage, because they KNOW what happened to me was dangerous and is still dangerous.

So I ask them if I can kill 2 birds with one stone because I cannot even WORK in the U.S. because I have been refused pain relievers that would TREAT my pain so I am able to work. SO I asked to be seen for fucking back pain AND the miscarriage and I was told I had to go to some other health department or random clinic.

I cannot establish "care" when I'm all over the fucking 3 states around here and I am NOT going to bust my ass going to some clinic and ALSO going to GW.

These people should have taken care of this, and there is no reason why I shouldn't be seen for both things.

If I had enough money, I would be fucking suing so many different people I cannot even keep track anymore.

My back hurts just sitting and I've taken a FUCKING LOAD of advil and I've been taking this my whole life. This has nothting to do with anxiety, it is legitimate pain the refusal of so-called doctors to treat this pain. Then I have someone telling me to just take weed, and that does NOT cure bone pain. It doesn't even help muscular pain for me, it just turns me into an imbecile with zero memory.

So I was thinking, yesterday, which lawsuits would I file if I was going to sue, not just for myself, because I've already listed all the lawsuits I could file in this regard, but I thought about the lawsuits which should be filed on behalf of the public:

1. Abolishment of Summary Judgment. Get rid of the fucking loss to the right of a jury and power in the hands of ONE judge who favors the larger corporate firms and favors.

2. Sue the federal government for withholding a preventative treatment and cure from the public, and PROSECUTING countless people for distributing a medicine that is proven to help people with glaucoma, bone tumor disorders, and migraine. Sue the federal government for taking favors and bribes from powerful pharmacuetical lobbyists and owners and corporate lawyers. The feds SUE tobacco companies for damages to the public, known to be caused by nicotine, and then allow people to SUFFER in pain with things like intractable migraine, while knowing there is a historically proven cure. Sin of omission is no different, or crime of omission, rather, is no different from crime of commission. Tobacco companies committed crime by concealing addictive and harmful properties from the public and yet the federal government makes weed totally illegal, when they KNOW it helps people.

3. Sue for right to jury trial for dependency cases, for IRS tax cases, and non-monetary cases. Right to a fucking trial by JURY for EVERY case that affects the character, reputation and finances of anyone, poor or rich.

4. Sue for right to jury and PUBLIC DEFENSE for civil rights violations. If someone slanders or defames someone, in media or otherwise, someone who is poor should have public defense because this kind of civil offense will affect their entire life and reputation and make them vulnerable to other accusations of, possibly, later, crimes, and other things because of a diminished credibility which that poor person was never able to fight, because they had NO MONEY and no lawyer willing to stand the fuck up for them. Great Britain or England has made defamation a crime. If it is not made a crime in the U.S., it should be made a civil violation which entitles someone to recourse through public means, and the media or person responsible for that persons damages should be required to compensate not only the individual, but the public as well, for screwing with our system and our time. They should always, in every case, pay punitive damages.

5. Sue for the right to revision and uprooting and reform of the entire public defense system which is paid for by the state, the same state which pays for these police officers and prosecuting attorneys to make their cases against people who have no money. Public defense through private firms that are completely disconnected from the state, federal, and other forms of government, but who receive incentives, tax breaks, and more privileges than any fucking church or other "non-profit". The right to public defense is to REASONABLE defense and this isn't honored. So, also, sue to break up the monopoly of the various State Bar associations which work with law schools to screw students out of their money and push them onto selling their souls for a corporation that uses and spits them out until they start taking dirty deals themselves. Reserve some of the best and brightest for public defense alone and give them a full tuition forgiveness for at least 5 years of committed public service, just like teachers get for serving in certain districts like low-income or indian reservations or whatever. It shouldn't be an adage that if you're "just going to do public defense" you should save money and "go to any old law school". That's B.S. People doing public defense should have HIGHER standards than the rest, and it should be Ivy and other best from public law schools that are selected for these positions, not those who can't make a living any other way or who try to scrape by with making deals.

6. Sue for the reinstatement of punitive damages, and whatever "excessive" awards a JURY decides to give for medical malpractice and the unethical behavior by medical professsionals who are found guilty of damaging or destroying lives. It is corporate lobbyists, like John Kaempf, whose father is a doctor, who worked on behalf of doctors in Washington and Oregon, to eliminate the ablity of the PUBLIC to award whatever damages for punitive means. People like John Kaempf and other corporate lawyers, supported by doctors and insurance companies, who serve the top and take the top cut of everything and screw people out of kidney transplants when their kids are dying, because of "cost", should be held accountable for screwing the public and a jury's ability to PUNISH those who offend. The whole POINT of punitive damages is to make a very serious point, so others know they may also be in trouble if they try something similar. Without punitive damages that are scary, there is no preventation of further damage to the public. The corporations and doctors and insruance companies feel safe, to continue screwing people and then intimidating them from filing cases, and feel assured even if they're sued, they won't go out of business because of what they did. If it's bad enough, and the PUBLIC and the JURY decides it's bad enough, the fuckers who did the damage should be out of fucking business and those who are more responsible, educated, and careful, and honest, will take up the fucking SLACK. THAT is a democracy. The strongest, but not just strongest, but most ethical, will survive and fucking corrupt corporations should die.

What do these lawsuits have in common? Every single one of them would have the effect of protecting and preserving and RESTORING the rights of the public. These lawsuits, every single one, are all in the interest of bringing down the plutocracy for restoration of a true democracy. This is NOT a democracy and the educated fuckers and those who live in the system all know this. The rest of the public, who conform and don't think about anything except their picket fence, don't get it and yet they will go down with the rest.

7. It should never be illegal, in ANY state, to tape record conversations in public or in private, in person or over the phone, when there are corrupt individuals who lie and try to destroy others and feel safe that even if evidence is obtained, it will be inadmissable. It is not just the right of the GOVERNMENT to tape record people they have contact with, it is the civil RIGHT of the public to protect THEMSELVES with the ability of tape recording whatever they want, whenever they want.

8. Sue for the right of children to be taught, in public school, what their civil rights are and how to protect themselves. The rich get private lawyers, and the poor get screwed. Every single kid should know their rights regarding search and seizure, basic tenant-landlord law, and they be taught about investments including risks and benefits of every type: real estate, annuities, stocks, bonds, savings, and business ventures and money management. I'm not talking about the stupid money management class they give on how to figure out how much to spend on fucking groceries per month, I'm talking about real advice, on how to stay within means but still get ahead. and it is the fucking FAULT of MANY for this economic disaster, because of the false idea that credit is never-ending and never comes back to bite you in the butt. the risks those stockbrokers and bankers and insurance firms took, were ridiculous and probably half of them fueld by cocaine on the fucking floor. Public school children need more than education on "birth control" and sex ed as if that's all that life is about. They need education on law and legal rights and their options in finance and civil rights. Some kids get this on the street or from parents, and others never do and think others must be lying or they're vulnerable and get screwed.

I have other ideas, and I know what needs to be done, but who else is WITH me?

I cannot even get my fucking son back, on fair and equal terms, so you will probably have to find fighters in your own ranks. I am not doing anything for this country without my rights restored and my back, and the whole CPS case fucking dismissed for federal rights violations.

You help me, and maybe I'll help you. For now, all you get are my fucking good ideas, which you can steal or which others will do all they can to keep you from fighting for. They will screw you until every last vestige of respectability in the U.S. is gone. Some of you know what I'm talking about. And then there's the 75% that are frogs in a pot. Still.

Suing the U.S. Government for Withholding Evidence from Public

Anonymous said...
Hello, I was put on continuous birth control as well. The first one didn't work at all, but the second one totally worked. Nor QD. That is, until I realized I'd gained 35 pounds on it over two years AND it began to lose its effectiveness AND my hair began to fall out in clumps. ALLLLL due to altering hormones. I've stopped taking the pills. Imitrex has worked for me, but I feel so sick after I take it for days. So, I'm researching medical marijuana and am hopeful. It sounds like you have gained relief from using it. I hope to be able to try it at least.

January 24, 2009 2:34 PM

Mama said...
I found this after going through an inbox I'm soon cancelling.

I put your comment up on a new post, because I wanted more people to read it, but also, here is a response to your comment.

Thank you so much for writing. Do try this, and let us know if it works for you. If you are not in a state where it's legal, go discreet. Seriously, the best place to look is to hispanics, sometimes African Americans and hippies. At least these groups sometimes have a little history or sometimes an understanding frmo their own history of experimentation and culture, to know and remember it works, and pass it down to the next generation despite the crap and lies about how it's not good for anything.

I don't know ONE person who would say weed is going to contribute to criminal activity. I'd like to see all the stoners try to hold up a bank...dddduuuuuuh.

It's ridiculous.

Good luck! I am rooting for you and all sufferers of migraine.

I am absolutely convinced, now, that all this is garbage about how it's worthless is because people in the DEA and other organizations want to keep their jobs and bc there would be a MASSIVE loss of profits from those in pharmaceutical companies. Think about how much Immitrex and allo the other triptans cost, plus Demerol, plus trigger point injections, and the profits to hospitals from those who have insurance. I mean, these people are making bank on the suffering of others, when there is a KNOWN cure and preventative treatment that you could grow in your fucking backyard.

You just wait. You'll find out for yourself.

I think a fucking lawsuit should be held for keeping this information from the public. How is THIS different from the withholding of information from the public, of nicotine harms?

The government SUES nicotine and tobacco companies for causing cancers, but they keep the weed cure from everyone who suffers from migraines and maybe some other things, and you tell ME how this is any different. For once, the public should be suing the government for contributing with pharmacueticals and lobbyists that pay their wages, for keeping the public in the dark, and in pain, and out of jobs, all because an elite few want to make bank.

January 28, 2009 10:29 AM

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mormons & Swingers in the CIA as Agents

Tell me what you think. FBI, yes.

CIA? Undercover? I'm thinking no. I'm thinking Mormonism automatically excludes someone from being an operative agent in the CIA.

I mean, you have to be bad and dirty. Like Chris Dabney.

Right? I mean, reallly dirty.

I was in the Princess Di book section and found this book placed over all the DI books. Like it was sitting there waiting for me to pick it up. "Blowing My Cover" about "my life as an undercover CIA spy" or whatever. Some woman wrote it. So I skimmed it. I was like, "HEY! she got in trouble for checking the MMPI box for "do you ever wish you were a member of the other gender?" and she said yes, like me and her reasons were the same." But anyway, reading it, I was like, she's kidn of boring but also daring.

All these CIA women have to be willing to throw their shirts off and expose their breasts and sleep with everybody. I mean, they get interrogated, and what's that woman's name, Valerie Plame, said she'd fool a hotel server by getting it on in the bed with the other guy.

So I'm just thinking, No, No Mormon in the history of time, has ever been an undercover CIA spy. Especially no Mormon woman.

I think the CIA only hires swingers.

I think they scour S&M and swinger sites for recruitments.

First Kiss Dabney

I still haven't written about Dabney. It's like trying to write the TTSOML posts but a little different. I'm just going to have to forget about him and the fact that I did and do have feelings for him, which is CRAZY, and I don't understand it myself, but just write about what I know. Because some of it was a little scary to me. If he was or is "for me", I wish it would work out in a way but in some ways, I don't know...It's too hard to describe.

So I'm going to forget about him, but I think, the rat that he was, I think I actually, if I fell for anyone in my life, I fell for HIM. WHy the hell, I do not know. He annoyed me, too, and nothing was perfect but there were some good things. But the bad or scary stuff I should write about.

Some funny stuff too. I should have taken way better notes. Seriously. The drama there was a whole story in the making. I just didn't know it at the time. I should have been journaling every single thing that happened and writing down dialogue and everything. I still remember some dialogue, just from recollection.

Sometimes, I thought he was undercover FBI. That seems most likely. Then I wondered about regular police. Then I thought, okay, he's just a drunken rat who's in with the Catholic church or whatever group has me on their hit list. Then I thought he was with some Russian mafia or a Russian group and thought he spoke Russian in his sleep. Then he had all this skinhead tatoo stuff so I thought it was for a cover for a job long ago, and then all this skulls tatoos with the number 13 and the same birthdate as Prince Harry. Then I saw his blackberry with the hours set ahead, for outside of the U.S. and thought he was a sniper or CIA or just military commissioned sniper. Then he was "done" with me one day, until he saw a business card I'd left out on the floor, from an Israeli woman, who I won't name, and when he saw and read this card, he smiled and said everything was fine and I was staying with him. SO then I'm like, what? Mossad? and his other girlfriend was Jewish but he had this sort of odd fascination with Jewish things, like, I thought you're either a JEw or NOT, but all this talk about 1/16th and 1/8th and my friends's mom is 1/12th. You know...I'm like, huh? Somebody get this guy to a Passover. Learn the story and eat the egg with the bitter herbs. I thought he looked German or Russian when I first saw him. He said he wasn't. He said English, Irish, and something else.

So what the hell?

Something was going on. I just don't know what. But I will start from the beginning and not leave out the scary parts (for me) or the bad, because he DID have info on me from someone somewhere and while he was so interested in me, even over his own girlfriend, and his eyes were always on me, he would say the meanest things which I didn't react to, but another of my coworkers DID. She started CRYING and took me aside and said she didn't know how I had the strength I had, and how I could handle things. Her tears were streaming down her cheeks and I said it was all okay, don't worry, I was fine, really.

So, there is a story. Which I will tell in full.

In the meantime, I'm getting the DNA of the fetus confirmed because that's one pretty boy bastard who loved me and hated me and who made no attempt to prevent my pregnancy even though I warned him.

Half baby. You pay for half of the medical bills. I am not even going to charge you for the rest of what you did to me.

I'll just write about it.

Oh, and it's not so bad his mom is/was a dominatrix. I actually thought it was interesting and brave and I liked his mom a lot. But when I was pregnant, I was going to trash his entire family anyway I knew how, because I didn't want family #2 trying to take my baby(babies) away from me.

So since most of society would think it's odd and CPS would hate it, although I was fine with his family, Oh yes, I was working all their dysfunctional angles. Then I got he going to AA for me? because I asked and kept trashing his drinks? or is he going to establish credibility for parental rights?

At any rate, from beginning to end, I will tell this story.

Ending on this song from Prince: "Kiss"
Oh....mi novio esta aqui pero I can't leave the computer yet. It's "The Cure" on lastfm 80s and the song is one of my favorites: "Just Like Heaven".

Eye of the Tiger

This song totally cracks me up, because I think about how much I loved it when I was a little girl, requesting it over and over. All about "the street" and doing "time" and survival and here I was, living in a country house across the street from a cornfield with cows munching on leftover harvest and a wheat field in the back and gardens to the left and right. I'd never seen a Rocky or Stallone movie before. We didn't even own a t.v. (for philosophical reasons)!

So I moved in with the Colombians and lol, guess what was on TV all day and night the whole time???


I've never seen a Rocky movie all the way through, but it was a huge Rocky thing, and at the last place I lived, with the Nigerian bushwhackers, or whatever they want to call themselves, guess what boxed video set they had on top of their t.v.? ROCKY.

I was tired and just sort of taking a nap but he asked if I wanted it off when he went out and I said no, mabye I'd pick up some Rocky stuff subliminally. So I heard bits and pieces of Sylvester Stallone, from the one where she's pregnant and he says he's going back to fighting and she says no, he can't see and she's going to work at the pet store and he says what if she gets some kind of weird pet disease. I guess this was from the second one?

So then I somehow fell asleep and the next thing I heard from Rocky was he's fighting and his eye is all bloody and I guess it was the first one where he lost, and he's calling out for Adrian or whoever she is and she's trying to get to him and he tells her he loves her and she says she loves him and the movie ends.

That's the only part I learned this time. I should have watched them all, and I want to someday, but I was too tired and had migraine and just slept.

I guess it's not a really big deal, Rocky, in general, in Colombia--it's a little more the Stallone thing, sort of Rambo more than Rocky I think.

My Fight for Political Asylum

I am still making my fight and case for political/religious asylum based on what has happened to me and my son in this country.

I was going to visit some embassies in person today but didn't feel like trudging in the snow with my back out. So instead I'm getting some writing and research in.

I've been told maybe someone will assist, but I'm not counting on it and because I don't know if it's a tactic to stall and delay and create false hope for me, I am also proceeding on my own, contacting some trial attorneys I met in the past, who are pointing me in a few different directions.

In some ways, I may have to take a private attorney to WA or fly him there, but I'm finding more evidence for grounds for a federal lawsuit, which, I'm still talking to lawyers, may be possible to file over here. For violations of civil rights and to have the entire case thrown out and dismissed.

List of Lawyers Who Take CPS Cases

I believe I've made this list before or posted the link, but for those who stumble across my blog who need a lawyer or a resource for finding lawyers who will take CPS cases and fight them, who are not lousy public defenders (who work with the state as they get their salary FROM the state), see this list. If anyone has any other names to add, please make a post for the benefit of others. Thanks!

The direct link is:

Lawyers who take CPS defense cases
I’m getting a lot of requests for referrals to lawyers who take CPS cases. If you know of any lawyers who do CPS defense, please tell us about them here. If you are a lawyer, please sign in by using the comment link below this post.

Please give us contact information… website links are very welcome. We need to know what state CPS defense attorneys are in, so at least tell us that much.

I’d like to make this page a permanent resource for people looking for lawyers who do CPS defense. Your referrals can help.

To those who don’t have competent attorneys, who can’t find a referral here, I have a suggestion: Go to your county courthouse or to federal court (if you intend to file a lawsuit there) and look through the cases, which should be listed in some kind of computer program. You can ask the county clerk for help locating cases. Look for cases that have the Department of Social Services (or whatever they call it there) as a defendant. Then find out who the attorneys for the CPS victims are. In this way you’ll probably find lawyers who are willing to take on CPS cases.

If there’s nobody available in your county, try nearby counties. Sometimes getting an attorney from another county is the best thing you can do - they are less tied into local politics and not worried about staying friends with local CPS workers and judges.

P.S. - This is NOT the post to make attorney requests on. This post should have comments with attorney referrals only. If you need an attorney, please do not tell us about it in the comments to this post as I will have to delete those comments. This post should create a page with lots of attorney names for referrals only.

lawyers cps law defense lawyers attorneys
Filed under: CPS — Linda @ 2:50 pm

W. Andrew Fox
The Taylor Law Firm
Knoxville, TN.

Comment by Ruth — August 10, 2007 @ 9:26 pm


Robert Powell
San Jose , CA
————————————————Margaret Cobenhagen
San Mateo,Ca
——————————————–Bonni Miller
San Mateo, Ca

Comment by Sam — August 10, 2007 @ 11:29 pm


Linda, just a comment to second what you wrote here.

Look up your state’s name for its CPS agency.

Who has won ( prevailed ) in litigating against CPS recently.

Remember, in NJ, Childrens Rights won a 12.5M dollar settlement for the 4 starved, adoptive boys.

Remember, that too, often caseworkers and their Supervisors may hold or carry Malpractice insurance or Errors and Omissions Insurance against their negligent acts.

In fact, the Texas DFPS Website, used to tout insurance sales to its caseworkers, right on the Website.

If the lowly caseworker does NOT carry insurance, the Supervisor MAY.

Now this will come out should the case come to deposition.

However, it is noteworthy to understand that NJ was only suing DYFS for 10M,. but once someone called the Plaintiff’s attorneys ( I wonder who that might have been) the settlement went up by 2.5 MILLION.

ALSO, THE settlement by Childrens Rights allows others foster children in NJ to sue more easily.

There is a page with all of this noted on the ChildrensRights Website.

I believe this URL is correct.

Preble in WA, Stuckle in I believe North Texas, and others are the names of some attorneys that come to mind.

Please folks, note that DSHS is the MOST SUED AGENCY IN WASHINGTON.

Folks must realize that the settlements are often CONFIDENTIAL OR NOT PUBLISHED.

Remember, even the Roskas were offered 3 settement figures in Utah.

They ranged from 5 Thousand to 200 Thousand.

So it is possible to win.

And I believe it may be the only way to tame CPS’ unnaccountable, un-overseen and irresponsible actions.

Heck, folks slip a law librarian a few bucks and they will research this issue for you.

Or even give them a bouquet of flowers.

You will not only help yourself, but curb CPS’ Fascist tendencies.

Comment by fern — August 11, 2007 @ 6:14 am


Great CPS defense lawyers in Texas:

Chris Branson: Houston Area

Paul Stuckle: Dallas area

Comment by Brian Paque — August 11, 2007 @ 6:32 am


Richard L. Lougee

Tucson Office
PO Box 43505
Tucson, AZ 85733

520-882-2080 (phone)
520-882-3002 (fax)

Richard Lougee, a smart, tough and usually relentless Tucson defense attorney….

Comment by EndGame — August 12, 2007 @ 9:25 pm


I have a question….The type of lawyers you are talking about, to fight CPS are Dependency Court attorneys, correct?

Comment by Vera Dubchek — August 12, 2007 @ 10:49 pm


Linda ;
I read many of your wonderfull notes , This is the best .
I strongly believe Many CPS victimes will find CPS lawyer here.
Com on guys , I don’t see enough names , we need more and more CPS lawyers names here.
Remember the day you were looking for a CPS lawyer , it was like looking for a needle in a hay stack , wasn’t?
So you found that needle, it could be your ticket to heaven if you share that needle with other CPS victimes.

Comment by Sam — August 12, 2007 @ 10:59 pm


Vera: Yes, dependency court attorneys, or attorneys to sue in federal court. Any lawyer specializing in going to court against CPS - that’s who we need to know about.

Lawyers can use this space to advertise what they do, or people can post about lawyers they know who have been helpful in these matters.

Sam: Thanks for the positive note. I’m glad I finally found a way to share a resource like this on the site. I personally don’t have the time to research for CPS lawyers in every state, but with everyone able to post here, we should get a good selection of lawyers to choose from.

Comment by Linda — August 12, 2007 @ 11:04 pm


You would want to hear our CPS story , Can’t expose it till Got approval from my attorny ROBERT POWELL( San Josa)

Comment by Sam — August 13, 2007 @ 1:23 am


It would be substantialy benefitial , if you can some how keep this lawyers who take CPS cases permenantly at the top of your web.

Comment by Sam — August 13, 2007 @ 1:44 pm


Here is a website for people falsely accused of sexual abuse.

Comment by Ruth — August 17, 2007 @ 11:16 pm



Comment by Ruth — August 17, 2007 @ 11:34 pm



Gregory Hession.


Much useful info here for all

Comment by fern — August 18, 2007 @ 9:39 am



Robert R. Surgenor.

Not an attorney, but a retired peace officer, who is an author who attributes much juvenile misbehavior to CPS’ growth.

HIs Website is excellent. Read the 2005 story about supposed alcoholic Mom.

Google his name to get his Family Defense Website

Comment by fern — August 18, 2007 @ 9:41 am


Western states attorneys:

Take a look at Website:


Take a look at the names of attorneys who litigated here.

Washington state has ruled.

Suggest parents, grandparents, etc. contact the attorneys mentioned on this Website.

Note that in the Bramm suit v Washington abuse not mentioned, Just that the state moved kids excessively, cw’s untrained, kids needs not considered.

This needs to be litigated for the good of everyone.

Please folks, get back to this site when you hear from the attorneys. It may be even better if you have a group of folk from one particular state who assert that their family members were mishandles by CPS.

Comment by fern — August 18, 2007 @ 10:42 am


New York:

Martin Guggenheim. His phone # and email addy are posted on this site. Note the title of classes he teaches.

It seems to me that if anyone could evaluate your case and its merits, he could.


Comment by fern — August 18, 2007 @ 11:27 am


Like many of us, our first days in court seem a blur and not knowing and believing in justic we allow the courts to stick us with counsel and thats where the nightmare begins Ive been through six different attorneys and what they did best was take your money And when you do find one that will fight its too late but hopefully that good one will have made the record and you always have appeal and that man
was Arthur LaCilento his office is at 801 E. Chapman ave Suite 211 Fullerton Ca 92831 (714) 526-0450 The man is well respected by everone in court including the Judge who routinley asked him California Rules of Court numbers I have to tell you how different it feels when someone is fighting for you instead of for the other side William Gleason sill fighting for my son William JRs Return also when everyone else what charging me 350.00 an hour I was in shock when i view our contract and it was 200 an hour he would of been worth 500 he is truely an unusual lawyer

Comment by William Gleason — August 19, 2007 @ 1:28 am


We are a law office in San Jose, California. My firm handles cases challenging the actions of the Child Protective Services (CPS) in the removal of children from their family, continued detention of the children, and termination of parent’s rights to their children.

I am certified as a family law specialist by the State of California and I have been representing parents in CPS/Juvenile cases for over 13 years.

In addition, my firm handles federal civil rights cases associated with the unlawful removal of children and deprivation of the family’s right to association.

If you are facing false accusations of child abuse or neglect, or any of your children have been taken by CPS, contact our office immediately. If you want to truly be safe, contact us the minute you learn anyone has made a complaint / referral against you, or the minute you learn a social worker wants to speak with you or your children. Often the initial errors cannot be corrected or overcome.

We can help you protect your rights, your family, and your sanity. Phone (408) 553.0200. Our web site is

Comment by Robert Powell — August 26, 2007 @ 9:53 pm


Attorney Stehpen Barker
Southfield, Michigan

Comment by Susan Guthrie — August 27, 2007 @ 2:30 am


Attorney Stephen Barker
Southfield, MI

Comment by Susan Guthrie — August 27, 2007 @ 2:32 am


PO Box 131766
Houston, TX 77219
713.522.9888 (fax)
CPS Defense Attorney for the Houston area

Comment by Julie A. Ketterman — September 2, 2007 @ 6:14 pm


Shawn M. Harden
Harden Law Office
322 First Street East
PO Box 331
Independence, IA 50644-0331

Telephone: (319) 334-3679
Facsimile: (319) 334-7094


Comment by Shawn M. Harden — September 4, 2007 @ 8:27 pm


Please look up this web page. It has names of attorneys from many states that can be used to help if you have been wrongly accused. FIGHT CPS

Comment by MN — September 6, 2007 @ 6:33 pm


GO TO THIS WEB SITE and LOOK for your state. There is information about CLASS ACTION LAW SUITS.

Comment by No Longer Silent — September 26, 2007 @ 11:10 am


I specialize in CPS defense cases. I am based in Houston, Texas but take cases from anywhere in the southeast Texas area.

Comment by Chris Branson — September 28, 2007 @ 11:01 am


Ross G. Lavin in Florida he is young but he is good.

Comment by Jodi PotterKing — November 1, 2007 @ 1:51 pm


Lavin is a attorney in Florida

Comment by Jodi PotterKing — November 1, 2007 @ 1:57 pm


Here is the names of two very good attorneys. Kevin Tankersley, he is located in Winamac, IN.. The other is Ms. Heather Lockwood located in Seattle WA.. I pray these names will be an answer to someone.

Comment by Rita Lloyd — November 11, 2007 @ 2:42 pm


I do Defense work inTexas CPS Cases especially in Galveston County HOWEVER snce I am a one person firm I am unable to do this work pro bono.

Comment by Lynette Briggs — November 12, 2007 @ 3:28 pm


office 409-9086-6565
fax 409-986-9189

Comment by Lynette Briggs — November 12, 2007 @ 3:30 pm


sorry office 409-986-6565

Comment by Lynette Briggs — November 12, 2007 @ 3:31 pm


I want to make a correction that I wrote on the 11th, the lawyers name is Ms. Heather Krkwood in the Seattle
WA. area. I’m so very sorry for giving the wrong info., it was given to me wrong. Any info. on any lawyers to fight for us in the Lafayette, IN area?

Comment by Rita Lloyd — November 15, 2007 @ 1:55 pm


Sorry, again I need to better proof read, its Kirkwood in Seattle WA..

Comment by Rita Lloyd — November 15, 2007 @ 1:58 pm


On November 2, 2007, the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association awarded a San Diego attorney top honors in electing him as the “Top Gun - Trial Attorney of The Year” in the area of civil rights. The award was based on the 4.9 million dollar jury verdict obtained by Deanna Fogarty-Hardwick, against Orange County, its Social Services Agency, and two of its social workers Marcia Vreeken and Helen Dwojak earlier this year in a lawsuit alleging violations of her Constitutional right to familial association.

Shawn A. McMillan, Esq.


Comment by Janet — November 16, 2007 @ 12:33 pm


Texas Group: JIM F.

Texas Center for Family Rights.

I would start there.

Best. F.

Folks might wish to contact their local school district, and find out if there is a Special Ed group which meets to discuss SpEd issues.

Lawyers may have less to do with SpEd since laws have changed regarding their entry into the process.

Comment by Fern — November 22, 2007 @ 5:25 pm


Why don’t we all just stop sitting around and typing comments on computers just for people who get a kick out of entertainment of reading the CPS stories about people’s actual lives and do something about all of this in a positive manner. CPS has got to be stopped and stopped immediately. My father who was falsely imprisoned and wrongly accused of sexually molesting twenty-one years ago was again and harrassingly arrested this past friday and all because he still isn’t admitting to CPS’s lie that he sexually abused me, in which my father DID NOT!CPS needs to stop believing their own lie and get off it. Too bad lawyers won’t take such a case because it’s a so-called old case. If our family needs help our family just needs the help. There is no statue-of-limitations of such lies of nonsense…WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

Comment by beverly enoch — November 25, 2007 @ 1:54 pm


Beverly, because of folks like Linda and Leonard and Al and scores of others, CPS has had investigations, courts have been opened and folks are networking.

This is an industry and it feeds many hungry mouths. If you think that this runaway train can be stopped in a year or two, you are sadly mistaken.

Even Walter Mondale, who proposed CAPTA, was chastened by the spectre of what HE created.

Most folks are aware that CPS is sadly deficient.

Try telling that to legislators who by and large are attorneys who benefit from vague, unconstitutional statutes.

At one time, we considered a Parents March on Washington, and that idea is still viable.

Many folks have helped to reform and tame CPS somewhat over the past decade.

Richard Wexler, Martin Guggenheim, even Seligman ( former APA President) all know about the real failings of CPS.

It’s all about the J-O_B_S.

If little people get hurt, that’s the price of doing business.

If kids get harmed, the rationale is they are the underclass anyway, who cares about them?

And plenty of folks in a number of states have sacrificed muchly to give the newbies some sense of security.

I always suggest that folks look at AFRA

And network with those close in their states.

Special ed groups ( for parents with special needs kids) is another fertile area for folks to meet and lobby.

The real corruption, is in the secret money, no-bid contracts and bought employees.

Heck, just this month KY did a big expose on CPS. I see a huge sea change in the state of KY.

Things are changing. Attorneys want and deserve to be paid–and there are folks who warrant CPS interventions.

Drugs are the main cause of parental neglect, and no one on this site nor anywhere else supports truly neglectful parents.

The problem is that CPS is difficult to sue b/c of their governmental immunities. Some court decisions have backed up our activism.

A Mom in Orange county Calif was awarded close to 5M for DCFS’ unlawful conduct.

The problem is parents who successfully litigate must be pretty snow whitish.

That is, totally innocent. But things are changing from when Richard Wexler penned his book, ” Wounded Innocents” which exposed the dark underbelly of CPS.

But the whole structure of US employment is changing, and folks who have been to college need jobs.

I have had University Professors address my professional group, and spout this. So, if your kids are taken, the Profs have their jobs and the social work majors have their *make-work* jobs.

Linda calls such jobs *unworthy* and especially castigates foster caretakers.

The essence of the US economy is business—and yeah, CPS makes and creates jobs.

The sad part is that most of what CPS does—take for example, court custody evals, were put in place without any scientific study or validation.

Take a look at

And see just how brutal and arbitrary custody evals ( done in Family Court everyday) are foisted off on folks.

Until you have had a tragedy like your family has had, it is difficult to comprehend or empathize with them.

Most of us do care….And do see some improvements…..

Thanks to all the Calif crew who have made valiant efforts to reform CPS lo this past decade.

Let us hope that folks in other states, like Kentucky, can continue the good fight.

Because it is for the benefit of the children and for those who have yet to meet up with the chilling cw.

Best to you.

Comment by Fern — November 25, 2007 @ 6:03 pm


try university legal clinics, i was very lucky with an attorney in houston,tx, from the u of h legal clinic, her name is janet heppard and she is a good attorney, a piece of luck in the most horrible situation I have ever experienced. My son is two yrs. and these foster fathers have had him for 1 and a half years already, now i am fighting the two foster fathers as cps stepped out leaving my rites intact but my son with the foster fathers, My mother passed a home study as did I and , when my now two year old was seven months I was pregnant with my little Joshua, and we (josh and I fled to wisconsin where I have family, as the Houston Cps would have taken Joshua,too.I did everthing I was told to do and they never returned my son, which goes against their own return a child to family, I wonder if these two foster guys bribed anyone…..I am very close to broke due to the last year and half, also very sad and can’t believe this has happend. Janet Heppard is doing this pro bono,god bless her work, remember legal clinics at colleges and of course legal aid, the problem is getting them to accept your case as the are overwhelmed, but try….

Comment by jessica bhan — December 3, 2007 @ 2:53 am


Nicole Anderson in San Bernardino is an attorney that takes cps cases, many attorneys do not.

Comment by lina seitz — December 4, 2007 @ 11:50 am


1). Ask for a new public defender, they’re required by law to represent you to their best of their ability - get one who’s better. 2). Google “CASE PRACTICE MODEL+NJ” and get the Case Practice Model DYFS needs to follow. 3). Call the office of the Child Advocate, they can help a lot - their number is 1-877-543-7864 4). Request that a CASA Volunteer be appointed, they will represent your son and report directly to the judge, their number is 609-695-9400

Comment by William DiSenso — December 11, 2007 @ 9:40 am


Doug, there is a Yahoogroups specifically for SC.

The owner of the list is Eric. Perhaps you can begin networking there.

There is a Federal lawsuit pending v DCF in FL for wrongful medical on the part of CPS there.

You might also want to Google and see if there is an OI foundation or such group who will help with good doctors, etc. for trial.

In NY, just past week, a child with 14 fractures under 4 months old, was deemed NOT to be victim of child abuse.

See my posting re this on AFRA.

Look under News section. Also join this Message board for others with OI issues.

Comment by Fern — December 12, 2007 @ 8:34 am


To Doug:

Link to NY story on OI. It is a blockbuster, since it challenges how CPS classifies abuse as serious.

This is story. You need to get the Apellate summary or transcript.

Significant that infant had over 15 fractures at 4 months of age,but never tested + for OI.

This is apparently cutting edge medical info. However, as one poster has said CPS never questions *medical doctors*

Gosh, I would ask the OI foundation for help with this.

Best wishes.

Comment by Fern — December 13, 2007 @ 10:57 am


I am a retired law enforcement officer now doing private investigations in the Colorado/Wyoming area.

I am outraged at the abuses that are occuring in this country. Brenda Scott’s book “Out of Control” opened my eyes and my company is now dedicated to defending families.

Please email if you need help or just want to discuss the situation in this area.

God Bless,

Comment by Bill Finlay — December 13, 2007 @ 11:26 pm


Dear Lisa:

1. Three suggestions for groups in Michigan. Take a look at :

Under Members and see who is active in Michigan.

2. Google the name of Michigan’s CPS agency and look on Google or

Think they changed from FIA to DHS?

3. Register here on Message Boards.

You have a specific problem with teen, but it appears CPS is asserting your teen is better off in group home than with you??

I assume you have legal custody. Which means you have authority for medical decisions.

( Not an attorney)—you really need specific Michigan informed help.

Comment by Fern — January 4, 2008 @ 7:18 am


To Cher:

I would try to get in touch with “Mary Callahan” in Maine who has written a book about the FC system and is largely opposed to it.

She is a nurse in Maine and a staunch adovocate for children to be placed with family.

She organizes rallies, etc. v DHS Maine.

Please let us know if you received this message, since I cannot figure out if anyone is getting any benefits from these postings.

Comment by Fern — January 15, 2008 @ 7:40 am


My law firm is dedicated to representing people whose constitutional rights have been violated by county social workers. If you have any questions, please contact me at 888.893 4529, or email, We are located in Los Angeles County, but we represent folks all over the state of California, and can represent folks around the country.

Comment by Vincent W. Davis — January 18, 2008 @ 10:02 am


For Southern California, I retained an attorney by the name of Arthur La Cilento. In reference to a comment posted here, I must say that I agree….Art is an EXCELLENT attorney!!!! He helped me get my kids home, he fought for me and my family, and he is indeed an extraordinary man. If you want someone who treats you with dignity and respect and will go to the ends of the earth to help you, call him…he is also very reasonable in comparison with the others I have consulted with. His phone # is 714-526-0450.

Comment by Sarah — February 27, 2008 @ 4:37 pm


Daniel L. Cox, Esq.
The Cox Law Center, LLC

Comment by Family Liberty — February 28, 2008 @ 9:09 am



Group in Kansas:

Vickie and others.

Comment by Fern — February 28, 2008 @ 12:29 pm


Excellent Tennessee Attorney:

Jes Beard

423- 267-4391 Office
423-267-4394 Fax
423-635-2068 cell

He is experienced and successful with DCS cases in both civil and criminal courts.

Comment by Jim Gerhardt — March 2, 2008 @ 12:08 am


S. Harney:

Group already formed in Indiana:

Phone # is on their site.

Best. F.

Comment by Fern — March 16, 2008 @ 6:30 am


Thanks for the Richard Lougee Atty.(Tucson, AZ) lead but he isn’t taking Anything NEW so ZIP that one…

Comment by jean — March 19, 2008 @ 2:00 pm


Michelle Myshell:

WA has Washingtonfamiliesunited.

I believe that they posted here in the beginning of the month. Do not know under what heading, though.

Arizona has a very active group which meets weekly through Robin Scoins.

You should be able to hook up with her group at:

Under Contents go to “Members and Friends” From there go to AZ.

Hope this helps you both. F.

(People–do not write your correct name, but if you want an atty to contact you, you need to indicate your state)

Remember many attys do not want CPS clients.

Also register & join Message Boards here.

Comment by Fern — April 2, 2008 @ 6:07 am


La Toya in Georgia:


Phone # on page. She can ( I am certain) give you some help.

Her name is Dorothy.

Best. F.

Comment by Fern — April 2, 2008 @ 11:34 am


I represent parents, grandparents and De Facto parents in California Juvenile Dependency cases. I ensure your side of the story is heard at a juvenile dependency hearing. I provide an aggressive, yet balanced, defense. You need an attorney who will neither back down nor come across as overly aggressive. The best approach in child protective services cases is to foster workable relationships with social service’s personnel, while at the same time taking a firm position in court to attempt to get your children back where they belong.

I have successfully defended parents wrongfully accused in Shaken Baby Syndrome, molestation, physical abuse and neglect cases. It has been my experience that everyone involved in this area of the law is genuinely interested in protecting children and most are over burdened with ridiculously high case loads. Sometimes it takes a special combination of patience and perseverance to get the true information out and persuade the court to go your way. No one wants to see a child separated from a parent based on untrue allegations.

I can guide you through the process if you are in recovery from substance abuse and are ready to rehabilitate. The judge, the social workers, the lawyers - everyone in that courtroom - has seen it all already. They have heard every excuse, seen every abuse and witnessed parents who can never reunite with their children. You have to be serious in your recovery.

Parents sometimes come to me with horrendous stories of having been mistreated or ’set-up’ by social workers. It’s easy to get caught up in fighting over ‘constitutional rights’ and become angry with unfair treatment received from total strangers. In order to survive this process and get your children back in your custody (or keep them there) you must set all of this aside and focus on the factual allegations being made against you. As a juvenile dependency attorney, my job is to prove the allegations are not true, or do not rise to the level of risk necessary for the government to take your children into protective custody. If you want to sue a social worker or a therapist, or get someone fired, or defend your right to smoke pot - I am not the attorney you need. My job is to get your children back. If you are ready to focus on that - call me!

To find out more about child protective services, call my office today. I represent people throughout California. Evelyn A. Cox, Attorney at Law 916-955-5300

Comment by Evelyn A. Cox — April 5, 2008 @ 5:34 pm


We have a good track record with DCS removal cases that have seemed impossible to other attorneys. Our address is 1522 Highland Avenue, Knoxville, Tennessee 37916. Our phone is 865-637-6550.

Comment by Margaret Beebe Held — April 8, 2008 @ 7:56 am


Rene Sandler is an aggressive advocate for those targeted in CPS investigations in Maryland.

Comment by Melina JImenez — April 20, 2008 @ 10:36 am


I am both public defender and in private practice. I have worked both as a prosecutor and now am in defense. I have been doing this in one form or another for ten years.

I am based in Evansville, Indiana, 812-253-0259.

Comment by Julie A Fox — April 21, 2008 @ 2:40 pm


I am an attorney in Houston, Texas who specializes in defending families against CPS. I am willing to handle cases anywhere in southeast Texas

Comment by Chris Branson — April 29, 2008 @ 5:02 pm


Will fight CPS in Harris and surrounding counties.

Julie Ketterman, Attorney

Comment by Julie Ketterman — May 8, 2008 @ 3:33 pm


California CPS defense by solo practitioner.

I have no staff - I am not able to take cases on a pro bono basis, a retainer is required in all cases.
I encourage you to look at my website for some guidance.

Comment by Evelyn A. Cox, Attorney at Law — May 10, 2008 @ 11:11 am


I will fight for you and your family!

Comment by Vincent W. Davis, Esq. — May 12, 2008 @ 2:39 pm


Rene Sandler and Catherine Woolley at Sandler Law LLC in Maryland were great legal advocates who helped my family get through a difficult CPS experience. They are smart, aggressive attorneys who know the ropes.

Comment by Josie — May 13, 2008 @ 12:08 pm


I got a recommendation in email for people in Oregon who want to sue CPS: Linda Beloof in Clackamas.

Comment by Linda — May 13, 2008 @ 11:09 pm


Parents of Special Education children:

Have you talked to any other parents who are in Spec Ed with your kids?

Does your school district have a Special Ed Committee of parents set up?

Many school districts do. It is best to get advice from local residents first. If you are having problems, it is likely that others have had the same difficulties.

Try that first. Special ed lawyers do exist, but the Federal rules about Spec Ed changed about 3 years ago, and lawyers may have problems getting paid.

However, it does not hurt to call and make inquiries. Often times, the office staff can give you some advice. Often, FREE.

Best wishes. F. ( Take a look on Wright’s law Website. For spec ed )

Comment by Fern — May 16, 2008 @ 7:18 am


check out Mom who won 4.9 million last March in CA against CPS.
Good for her! and her lawyer!

Comment by Cynthia Isbell — May 20, 2008 @ 5:32 pm


Texas residents:

There is a Family Guidance Center in Austin, Texas which helps families with DFPS concerns.

Google this. Just became aware of this site in researching FLDS illegalities.

Comment by Fern — May 29, 2008 @ 8:00 am


Here’s a link for lawyers that may help if you live in Berkeley CA or the surrounding area

Berkeley Parents Network

Comment by K — June 13, 2008 @ 4:55 am


My family recently hired Rene Sandler of Sandler Law in Rockville, MD for a CPS matter. Rene got the case ruled out. We can now all get on with our lives. She handles CPS cases all over Maryland. She did a great job.

Comment by Allie — June 15, 2008 @ 11:00 am


Defense Attorney against CPS in Southern California

Comment by Dennis Moore, Esq. — June 28, 2008 @ 9:46 am


California has a number of active groups:

One is

Also call the large state-affiliated universities in California and see if they have a Law School.

Law Schools frequently have free clinics for women, especially when children are shuffled around illegally by DCFS.

Call and ask.

Sign on and register here for Message Forum to connect up with folk in Calif.

Best. F.

Comment by Fern — June 28, 2008 @ 7:13 pm


I am an attorney with offices in San Francisco and San Rafael, CA. I take CPS cases, and I have had good/great success. I work well with parents and the courts, and will fight to get your children home. 415-259-6630 Law Office of Jennifer Ani

Comment by Jennifer Ani — July 7, 2008 @ 9:35 am


I am an attorney who will take your Marin, Sonoma, San Francisco, or other bay area CPS case. 415-259-6630.

Comment by Jennifer Ani — July 7, 2008 @ 9:35 am



Call the Law Clinic for Children at the University of Michigan.

They might be able to help. F.

Comment by Fern — July 10, 2008 @ 3:34 pm


Good luck finding an attorney to go after social services.

Domestic violence is totally a victim’s fault in Colorado if it happens on more than one occasion. If it happens once and you don’t take permanent measures to protect your children from future episodes, then it’s failure to protect.

If the social worker is talking to landlords, then landlords need to be called to testify as to what took place. In Colorado, you have a right to object to the submission of any report done by anyone and request a hearing with the people present to testify who gave information that went into the report.

There is no reason to submit a treatment plan to any police agency. IF this is happening, the police are required to provide a copy of any paperwork given to them to you if you request it.

Informing the court of these things, after you have gotten the documentation needed, is essential.

Comment by Billy Wiseman — July 11, 2008 @ 12:39 pm


Comment by Billy Wiseman — July 12, 2008 @ 1:53 am


Comment by Billy Wiseman — July 12, 2008 @ 1:58 am


Comment by Billy Wiseman — July 12, 2008 @ 1:58 am


a friend of mine lives in Colorado and ive talked to my friend and this is what my friend saids to tell you
Were you close to the neighbor who got busted? Many times they will
take children because of association with drug users. That your drug
tests came out negative is a big plus for you, but what are they
alleging the neglect to be? Who is your court-appointed attorney? (I
know a lot of them in the north area, but not many in Boulder).

Your mom would have to appeal the decision to not allow her custody,
and she may have to take that clear up to an administrative hearing.
If they did not do a home study on your mom, then she needs to request
that. If they did do a home study, you can object to being denied and
take it to a separate administrative hearing. That’s what I had to do.
When you take it before an ALJ (Administrative Law Judge), social
services has to PROVE allegations against you. Holding against her one
unverifiable allegation 25 years ago probably won’t cut it with an ALJ.
Social Services also is required to tell you how to go about appealing
their decision. Since that comes under the heading of legal advice for
me, I can’t advise you on that, except to tell you that social services
HAS to tell you who to contact if you disagree with their decision, and
you will end up before an ALJ to be able to contest.

Interestingly, many times if you simply refuse to back down, they give
in. Other times they are hell bent on stopping you. If that is the
case, it is usually because they want to terminate rights. When it
involves teenagers, they don’t really want to get stuck with them.
It’s a lot harder to place teenagers permanently, so unless they have a
really huge bee in their bonnet, the kids are returned.

Most important thing is to make sure you do whatever treatment plan
they come up with. Despite the fact that you had two clean UAs in one
day, they will probably make you do drug treatment. Object to that in
court. Your attorney isn’t going to do you any good, obviously. TELL
next hearing that you are not satisfied with counsel because he/she
never shows up to meetings, etc., and you need someone who will
actually represent you. Getting that on record is the most critical
thing you can do for yourself at this point. Ineffective counsel is
the number one chance of a successful appeal if they decide to
terminate rights.

Comment by Billy Wiseman — July 14, 2008 @ 8:56 am



I hired Ms. Sandler for a domestic violence issue, and Ms. Sandler has been amazing. It is the best word that describes her.

I had hired another firm before whose dishonesty, incompetence and attempts to cover their dishonest and incompetent behavior at left me in a dysfunctional state of mind. I had never been so down psychologically in my life, and feared greatly for my future relationship with my children.

Ms. Sandler brought me back from the brink both personally and in the courts, and in some ways I’m ahead of the game. She has zealously represented my interests (very successfully I might add) while maintaining an ethical standard second to none.

I would recommend Rene Sandler to anyone seeking counsel. In a legal system fraught with a frightening lack of honest behavior and an equally frightening abundance of pitfalls, I cannot think of another attorney I’d rather have. Further, the fact that her ethical standards and compassion are as high as her legal skills makes me simply proud to have her at my side in court.

Comment by B. Y. Mathis — July 18, 2008 @ 10:50 am


I practice in Austin, TX and surrounding areas. Please check my website for client testimonials regarding CPS representation. CPS often does not know when to close their cases and when to stop messing with families. Although they enjoy the umbrella’d excuse of being “overworked and underpaid” I am oftentimes amazed at how they will not let go of cases that should have been closed long before. I have 8+ years handling parental representation in CPS cases; however I now only take private cases, not court appointed, so I am not reliant on the county for a steady stream of employment. Please call me as SOON into the investigation or case as possible as time is definitely of the essence. Tara Turner

Comment by Tara Turner — July 20, 2008 @ 7:26 pm


Tammy in Indiana:

Check out the Indiana group:

Their phone # on HomePage.

Comment by Fern — July 27, 2008 @ 2:05 pm


A family law attorney in New York for more than 10 years, I specialize in domestic violence, child custody, abuse/neglect and other complex issues in Family Court.

Tracey A. Bloodsaw

Comment by Tracey A. Bloodsaw — August 19, 2008 @ 12:17 pm


Attorney who fights CPS.

Comment by Vincent W. Davis, Esq/ — August 23, 2008 @ 2:18 pm


Kelley in NH:

Paula Werme, Esq.

I believe she is located in Boscawan, NH.

Google “Werme, DCYF”—Should bring up lots of hits.

Best. F.

Comment by Fern — September 2, 2008 @ 6:31 pm


California CPS cases only. Based in Sacramento. Parent Defense only. Former California Prosecutor. Also available to law firms for training and consultation regarding CPS cases.

Comment by Evelyn A. Cox, Attorney at Law — September 6, 2008 @ 12:28 pm


Cristen Howard ( hope this is a made up name)

1. Take a look at ( Was based in MO)

2. Google the initials of MO CPS. Is it DHS?

3. Was there a warrant issued for childrens removal?

4.Join Yahoogroups.

Please get back to as to how this went.

Comment by Fern — September 12, 2008 @ 5:59 am


Theresa in AZ:

Very active gal there.

Look at:

On Home Page under advocates you will find the email addy of Robin in AZ who has been lobbying the AZ legislature for years.

Since she is residing in AZ, she would be the most qualified to give you some guidance.

Best. F.

Comment by Fern — September 12, 2008 @ 6:05 am



Addtl help:

Here is MO members page.

Your complaint is similar to many which are voiced on these sites.

Just quickly: Drug involvement is a No-No.

Do you have any folks who are in disagreement with you or hubby?

The police dept should know better than to let your children out of your custody without a warrant, signed by a Judge, unless the kids are in “imminent risk of danger”.

That can be a cw call or a LE call, AFAIK.

There are phone numbers on the page cited above.

Best wishes. Take a deep breath and pray.
AFRA is the best, accessible compendium of info presently on the Web.

AFRA= American Family rights Assn.

You can spend weeks on the site Suggest you read over weekend.

Compile the names of family members who are good citizens to take the children. Do not them into *stranger foster care.*

Comment by Fern — September 12, 2008 @ 9:04 am



Every month, a poster from WA state informs families about the existence of the group,


Or a name similar to that.

Suggest you read the archives to locate the proper name and phone #.

Take a look on the right hand side of home page and look up Washington, also, if Linda has entries from them.


Comment by fern — September 13, 2008 @ 10:05 am


I, the father, Karl Lentz , now as of September 5th 2008 has set a unheard of precedent, history making in FACT - I have a RESTRAINING ORDER GRANTED to me and my children, by a GREAT Judge (and he is an Alabama Judge) to prevent ANYMORE interference from the STATE of ALABAMA’s DHR…

After seven long years and with the intervention of the ALABAMA Supreme Court (by
providing an impartial Judge),

Upon request, I will send you a copy of my interlocutory injunction and the court order generated by the Court; I finally was given the opportunity to present evidence in my defense… I demonstrated the harm, crimes, and potential crimes against me and my children IF Alabama CPS/DHR agents/caseworkers/social services agents Judge Sandra Storm worker Tenisha Felton, DHR IS NOT allowed ANYMORE involvement with my Children lives…. ENDURANCE-STAMINA-FAITH-GOD.

Work hard enough, long enough - after seven (7) long YEARS, dreams come true.
Next court date is October 6th, 2008. I Subpoenaed three Jefferson County Civil Family Court judges (the judges have already been subpoenaed) I wonder if they will be able to hide behind a “civil”(civilized judicial proceedings) code to claim they DON’T Have tooooo. Oooh, But I am sure they will try to figure out how not to testify under oath nor give a deposition, but if they have done NOTHING wrong why would judges be afraid to testify under Oath?
This week I will subpoena Gov. Bob Reilly, Troy King, CPS/DHR director Candice Lanier, as well as CPS director Paul Butler as well…

Good luck to all, God bless. MY PHONE # is 540-908 4578 Karl Lentz,,,
Thank god I live in Virginia, and was NEVER an Alabama citizen…

Oooh what’s funny I am on a CA/N Assessment of a Report of Child Abuse/Neglect ONLY in Alabama I just found this out in Feb , when my family tried to get a 11 year-old afro-american deaf boy into our home thru foster care thru the Commonwealth Virginia’s DHR (my sister is a teacher at the school for the deaf and the blind, oh yes I/my family is white) Virginia DHR told us we could not because I have been “FOUND” guilty of Abuse and/or Neglect in the State of Alabama, funny, and I never HAD a child in Alabama , nor never accused of charged with Abuse or Neglect to Children, by the DHR police or anybody anywhere in the USA.

Comment by karl lentz — September 13, 2008 @ 9:08 pm


Dear Fern,

I am the Vice-President of Washington Families United. Our main office is in Olympia, Washington.

Our office # is 360-705-3233. Dave Wood, our lobbyist is usually in the office.

You may phone me personally if so desired. 360-478-2686. Please keep in mind that I also have a money paying job and I am out of the country 12 days days a month. So your phone call may not be return until I get home. Please get in touch with Mr. Wood at our office if it is an emergency.

We can only help those that have cases in Washington State or are residents of the same.


CC Tillett
Washington Families United
Child and Family Advocate

Comment by cctillett — September 15, 2008 @ 7:25 am


I am an attorney in private practice in San Rafael, California. I handle cases challenging the actions of the Child Protective Services (CPS) in the removal of children from their family, continued detention of the children, and termination of parent’s rights to their children.

If you are facing false accusations of child abuse or neglect, or any of your children have been taken by CPS, contact my office immediately.

If you want to truly be safe, contact us the minute you learn anyone has made a complaint / referral against you, or the minute you learn a social worker wants to speak with you or your children. Often the initial errors cannot be corrected or overcome easily. Phone (415) 259-6630.

Comment by Law Office of Jennifer Ani — September 15, 2008 @ 9:24 am


I just want to let you guys all know about two wonderful lawyers who helped us bring our babies home in Fairfax County, Virginia:

Cherise Cuevas (Reston)

Kyle E Skopic Law Office (Fairfax)
(703) 246-9530

Comment by Gail — September 19, 2008 @ 9:11 pm


Joshua S. Davidson is a criminal defense attorney in Phoenix who handles cases involving allegations of child abuse.

Comment by Joshua Davidson, attorney at law — September 21, 2008 @ 1:08 pm


To all seeking attorneys:

1. Most of the attorneys will require a retainer: that is, cash.

2. Your best bet is to find your own state organization which tries to combat CPS’ illegalities.

3.To do this:

Go to:

On the left side of Home Page go to

Site Content:

Under that heading, select:

Members and Friends.

Click on your US state. Some foreign countries listed, too.

When you find your state, the state organizations are usually listed at the page on top.

Call the numbers listed, and T-A-L-K.

If you want to have some feedback from an attorney you need to indicate your STATE.


And you need to reseach your own state here, too. Look on the right side of this Home Page. Linda has some links to specific states.

Hope this illuminates the subject so folks can meet up with someone who can help.

Comment by Fern — September 29, 2008 @ 5:05 pm


Thanks Fern
im in contact with Wa.Familiesunited, i have two parts to the video. The first one is 4 minutes long and the second one is 11 seconds long.

Comment by winona — September 30, 2008 @ 2:24 pm


looking for a lawyer that will look at my case in tn .it took us 3 years to get some one to give us a copy or the file and according to james hickman the attorney that thr dcs appointed us it is the only file to be had any one that has been lied to or wronged in sevieville tennessee contact me ,I know i’m not the only person that the children and family sevices has lied to and covered up there mistakes and fabricated paper work and had documents noterized after the fact,also any dealings with the attorney suzan rushing,i’m curious to see how she treated other cases with her got to win attitude no matter how many families had to be destroyed.

Comment by Troy Parks — October 8, 2008 @ 10:10 pm


(619)231.1400 or (619)843.6733
2220 India Street
San Diego, CA 92101

Gerald Smith received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas and then his Juris Doctrine from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 1993. Before his decision to pursue a career as an attorney, Mr. Smith had a highly successful career as a police officer in Texas. He achieved the rank of Sergeant and was a member of the police department’s SWAT team. Mr. Smith received his instructor’s certification from Texas Commission of Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education (T.C.L.O.S.E.) and was an instructor in the department academy. After graduation from law school, he served as a prosecutor for the City of San Diego in addition to receiving experience in the civil arena. Mr. Smith now uses his knowledge and experience primarily toward defending the rights of the wrongfully accused.



Comment by Attorney Gerald E. Smith — October 11, 2008 @ 5:05 pm


Ours is the only law firm in the State of Connecticut that is devoted, full-time, to full-service DCF defense for private paying adults. DCF, or Dept. of Children and Families, is Connecticut’s CPS. We have three full-time lawyers and a full-time paralegal, and practice in courts and DCF offices throughout the state. Please see our web site:

Thanx, Atty. Mike Agranoff

Comment by Atty. Michael H. Agranoff — October 15, 2008 @ 6:37 am


I am looking for a lawyer in Omaha, NE.


Comment by Sondra Price — October 15, 2008 @ 3:03 pm


were looking for a lawyer who can help us on a case against cps in seattle wa asap.

Comment by ritchie — October 15, 2008 @ 3:08 pm


were looking for a lawyer to help us on a case against cps we have done evrything they asked us to do and more my boyfriend had never got a chance to have the girls they have been in the sistem since 2005.

Comment by jamie — October 15, 2008 @ 3:13 pm


Is there anyone in Texas that can help me with CPS and not charge an arm and a leg?

Comment by Cheryl — October 15, 2008 @ 4:21 pm


Joshua S. Davidson is a dedicated and resourceful defense attorney in phoenix who represents individuals charges with various sex related offenses in including child molestation and sexual conduct with a minor.

Comment by Joshua Davidson, attorney at law — October 31, 2008 @ 11:01 pm


Lawfirm in California … see their blog on juvenile dependency issues … they work in San Jose, Fremont, Monterey, Sacramento, Redwood City, and Salinas.

Comment by Linda — November 5, 2008 @ 7:56 am


Koch and Trushin in Florida have a blog article on helping grandparents get kinship care and custody rights: In Florida, how can grandparents attain the custody of a grandchild

Comment by Linda — November 5, 2008 @ 7:59 am


Illinois residents:

Attorney sponsored Website. Meetings held montly for families with DHS concerns.

Chicago area:

Worth reading site and subscribing.

Comment by Fern — November 12, 2008 @ 12:04 pm


Hi am wondering how I can get help getting my children back from my sister who lied to dss who filed false accusations and helped her to get my kids all the while they told me do what they say and ill have them back soon I live in massachusettes and been trying to prove my innocence for over ayr with proof and the judge won’t listen and noone will help now my kids are confused and think I treated them bad when I did everything for them before myself and the judge says I think of myself how wrong he is now their having sex had surgery doing bad in school drinking please help me I don’t even want to live anymore its one lie after another can’t take being away from them I miss them so bad its killing me that I can’t fight these lies I want to sue everyone involved

Comment by sharon pritchard — November 13, 2008 @ 8:22 pm


I need a attorney asap children at risk of being taken any day. I have a class action lawsuit that is needing to be pursued immediately. I need help in a timely manner in Oregon. If not they will be gone. I have seven children.

Comment by Sally — November 20, 2008 @ 4:42 am


Can someone tell me how the Mormons in Texas filed an injunction and got there kids back.

I live in Washington State and my nephew and niece is currently in CPS custody. Since being taken all CPS has thought about is terminating parental rights so they can be placed up for adoption. I have been refused to option to have my nephew and niece pleaced with me through relative placement. My brother who is the father of these children, has had his civil rights/disability rights violated over and over. Currently CPS is holding an incident against him in why he can’t have unsupervised visitation. We have witnesses who will state the woman planned it all. I need a name of an attorney in Southwest Washington who would be willing to help me.

Comment by Linda — November 20, 2008 @ 9:03 am


I need a lawyer in the DesMoines Iowa area but probably can’t get one here these lawyers here are scared of their own shadow they are a joke here.

Comment by Terri Rote — November 21, 2008 @ 12:21 pm


November, 08

NY state residents:

Pro-bono law firm for low income residents:

Comment by Fern — November 22, 2008 @ 8:50 am


National Website for ( Foster Care Kids??)

Has a link to their attorneys. They DO TAKE some individual cases, although their chief strategy is to class action within the individual states.

They have a link and a toll free posted on their Website listed above.

I think they are primarily concerned with abuses to foster children.

Good luck to all.. F.

Comment by Fern — November 25, 2008 @ 12:30 pm


It is listed as:

Don’t know why the original link did not work.

Look under reform efforts for attorneys.


Comment by Fern — November 25, 2008 @ 12:32 pm


Phone # for Childrens Rights for individual litigation v a Child Welfare Agency:


Please read the Website in its entirety b4 phoning.


Comment by Fern — November 25, 2008 @ 12:37 pm


I just recently had to defend CPS charges in Maryland and was represented by Sandler Law LLC in Rockville. Rene Sandler was my attorney and did a fantastic job fighting the bureaucracy of CPS. I strongly recommend her if you need help in Maryland. The experience was very difficult, but we won!!

Comment by Joel P. — November 27, 2008 @ 7:05 am


I am looking for people to jhelp me fight cps in KY…… Who is out there?

Comment by TK — December 3, 2008 @ 11:04 am



Folks in California have brought up the name of John?? Powell.

Mr. Powell obtained a large settlement for a Dad falsely accused of sex abuse.

There is also another atty in LA or Orange Co who won close to 5M for a Mom whose children were wrongfully taken. Her husband was part of this triangle, too, I believe.

This settlement was probably the largest in Calif history with DCFS, but my guess is that even though awarded, DCFS will appeal and ratchet the settlement down.

Suggest you look on the Home Page here and search for lawyers or search under Site Map for lawyers.

Also, the Chat room is open here. You need to register.

Friday night Linda ( site owner) says she tries to be on Chat Room then.

I am sure you can connect with some California residents at that time. Believe best time may be around 7PM–Calif time.

Also there is a California group under:

They are not attorneys, but they are residents of California Lots of good info on that site, too. Including phone #.

Not sure where the owner of that site resides, but I know that many folks on this site are from Calif.

Best Fern.
Get back here and tell us what you have done. When one person helps another, we all learn.

Comment by Fern — December 5, 2008 @ 8:23 am


Bonnie Miller is unethical and corrupt in San Mateo County

Comment by sheryl — December 10, 2008 @ 2:39 pm


Orange County/LA/Riverside/San Diego
Arthur LaCilento
714 526-0450

Rich Pfeiffer

sometimes the public defender is all you need if you understand the dependency system and what you need to do. For CA, read appeals cases online at

Comment by Leo — December 16, 2008 @ 1:24 am


Note to Sofi, Kristi, Kindness, Mercedes and Lynn… I’ve moved your comments to the Lawyer Requests page. Also Keke, your post was moved to the Guestbook page.

This page is only for Lawyers offering services, or for people to make recommendations of lawyers they know take CPS cases. Please don’t post lawyer requests here.

Comment by Linda — December 18, 2008 @ 11:18 pm


Hear is a good Attorney for Nashville and Surrouding Counties! He has Worked With The Attorney on this site that is also from Tn

Greg King
530 Church St, Suite 202
Nashville, Tn

Comment by Princess Pea — December 22, 2008 @ 1:37 pm


Greg King
530 Church St, Suite 202
Nashville, Tn

Comment by Princess Pea — December 22, 2008 @ 1:38 pm


need a defense lawyer in memphis a.s.a.p. please help!!!

Comment by debby martindale — December 23, 2008 @ 7:56 am


Trista Sampson in Riverview, FL

Very reasonable retaining fee.

Comment by HappyMommyx4 — December 26, 2008 @ 8:56 pm


Dr Terry Brooks Heads Ky Youth Advocates

Was able to catch 8 Ky Social Workers in Fabrications in Ky
Yet all but 4 of them are still working in the system.

If you need help call this man he works under Dr Terry Books and he may be able to help you Good Luck!

Case advocate Dewane Westmoreland/Works with Terry Brooks in Ky!

(502) 895-8167 ext 111

11001 Bluegrass Pkwy # 100
Jeffersontown, KY 40299
(502) 895-8167 EX 113

Comment by Princess Pea — December 26, 2008 @ 9:46 pm


This man won so many cases he had his own taken from DCS. And he is a Lawer but I am sure he got them back. He helps a lot of Parrents in Ky around the Ashland Ky area!

Bishop, Robert – Bishop
Law Offices,
112 W Dixie Ave
Ashland KY
(270) 769-3865

Comment by Princess Pea — December 26, 2008 @ 9:48 pm


New Clip DC PS Curruption!

Why so many Families are ripped apart and Toddlers put in Foster Care! If You Dont thank this can Happen to You, then think again. Better not get any one mad at you this is how they could react By Calling DCPS! This has happened to many American allready! Information about the last two Post are in these videos just click on the link.

See end of this Video for Your Rights

Comment by Princess Pea — December 26, 2008 @ 9:54 pm


Princess Pea:

Excellent information. Thank you so much on behalf of families in KY.

It sounds as if attorney Robert Bishop may be considering class actioning KY.

Linda, can you add his name to attorneys who are ACTIVELY litigating v the state of KY?

Thanks. F.

Comment by Fern — December 27, 2008 @ 7:12 am



David Beauvais ( around Oakland, CA)

won an important 9th Circuit Court appeal which ESSENTIALLY STOPS CASEWORKERS FROM REMOVING KIDS, WILLY-NILLY.

The 9th Circuit covers not just CA, but


This is an extremely important holding by the Western Appeals Court ( 2007).

Should be the subject of a front page by Linda. The 9th Circuit is the LARGEST APPEALS COURT IN THE US.


Also view:

Best. F.

Comment by Fern — December 28, 2008 @ 10:33 am



This lawer states that she has succesfuly handled a number of cases where CPS where seeking TPR’s or Termination of Perental Rights.

Does any one know if she has won apeal cases on this or not. Or won a lot?

Comment by Princess Pea — December 28, 2008 @ 9:46 pm



Federal Law Suites Against DHS/CPS in Tn

Maby this could help with lawers or help with cases!

Comment by Princess Pea — December 28, 2008 @ 10:20 pm



Our attorney has been WONDERFUL! He is very experienced with CPS cases both in juvenile court and in criminal court as well. I am also proud to say that he got our children back for us in a Munchausen by Proxy case. We HIGHLY recommend him! (make sure you ask for/about him exactly as I type his name… his Dad is in the firm as well)

William Phillips II
210 E Main Street
Rogersville, TN 37857

Comment by Courtney — January 1, 2009 @ 8:14 pm


Are you possibly a resident of Maine?

If so, contact Mary Callahan, an RN, and author of “Memoirs of a Baby Stealer”

Featured on this site.

If not–get back to us. You know, what contact Mary Callahan, even if you do not live in Maine.

Best wishes–Fern.

Comment by Fern — January 2, 2009 @ 6:59 am


A good lawyer in Michigan is Janet Fredrick, as of 01-20-09 she is suppose to be one of the best. I know I’m going to give her a call. She even offers advice. She is author of THE FIA GAME. which is a must read. If anyone know of anyone else email us

Comment by Annette — January 20, 2009 @ 12:39 am


If you need an attorney, please do not tell us about it in the comments to this page as I will have to delete those comments. This page should create a page with lots of attorney names for referrals only.

Attorney requests go here.

Comment by LindaJoMartin — January 25, 2009 @ 10:52 pm


13107419857 you may call after ten pm i need help too get my SON a great lawyer and bondsmen he is charged with a crime he didnt comment please if you can help us thank you mother, marian hill

Comment by marian hill — January 27, 2009 @ 12:02 pm


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What to do if CPS agents are investigating you

Write to your legislators about CPS

The Good Advocates List

A review of: Protecting Children From Child Protective Services by Alan L. Schwartz

Solomon's Wisdom

A Call For Change - by Joseph Sarandos

Bounty payments for adoptions - how much is your child worth to CPS?

Get your case file using the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act of 1974

The New Freedom - Orwellian "Newspeak" for a program that will force mental health evaluations on everyone. This is NOT "freedom" - this is about taking away your rights and controlling the minds of children and all other U.S. citizens.


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