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Dicksie-Dael Garrett Poisoned With Hexavalent Chromium Before 2001

My mother was poisoned with hexavalent chromium, like these U.S. Army National Guard men in this lawsuit, which was in Portland, Oregon, with the alleged incidence in 2003:

However, for my mother and all of our dogs (who all died), this was done to her before 2001.

I am sure the U.S. Army could have been involved, because it was Tony Roos who joined the U.S. Army and was involved in attempting to assassinate me.  Robin Bechtold's other friend, Holli Reverman, also joined the U.S. Army National Guard.

Kathleen Brown, a dermatologist in the Coos Bay area, who my mother was forced to see, told my mother to have the evidence removed from her hand.  Not only did my mother develop "chrome sores" later, on her feet, one of her hands developed a severe skin pigmentation change which was caused by the liver poisoning that occured when she was poisoned.

My mother not only developed evidence of liver damage and over-work on her hand, at the same time she displayed all of the signs of poisoning, which included dizziness, rash, and vertigo.

From what I remember, it was right after she was released from a hospital after she'd had plastic surgery.  My mother was put under anaesthesia for part of it and the nurse involved was our neighbor, 8.  8's husband is 8m.

My mother's face was already healing from the laser surgery and other surgery, so it was red, however, she was breaking out into an unnatural rash.  Shortly after, she began having dizzy spells and "vertigo" and was vomiting.  Our dogs all became dizzy and were falling off of the deck, and then they developed tumors and died within a year or so.

Hexavalent chromium is used in "research" to see it's effect on cholesterol levels, and my mother and father have had to go to Moses Lake, Washington every year to have their "cholesterol" checked.  Moses Lake is a U.S. military base.

My mother is now denying she had any such mark on her hand, and is calling it "an age spot" when it was a brown mark of irregular shape that took up over half of her hand.
My mother is denying this, the way the U.S. lied and called an excision of skin on my son's face, "a scratch".

My mother didn't have the brown mark on her hand before the plastic surgery or she would have asked them to laser it off then, when they were doing other things.  I was told he told her he was "trying out new things" and needed a "guinea pig" and my Mom said okay.  What I don't think she consented to, was being poisoned.

It was not for a U.S. Army project, but it was done by people who had access to the poisons necessary, who were friends of friends of those who had been attempting hits on my life.

Later, when chrome sores developed on my mother's feet, she went to a woman in Portland, who was Italian, and she dismissed them as "warts" when that was not what it was.

Another name for chromium, not the hexavalent kind, is chromium picolinate.  Another way to refer to it is GTF (glucose tolerance level).  Or, you could say, (sweet tolerance level) or "chrome" as in "rome" tolerance level.

8 and 8 have 2 children:  88 and 888.  88 married a Jewish man, and I don't know about Tom.  Her name is now 88 Greenstein and she has been working in San Francisco, where Robin Bechtold's "powerful family" (so he says) is.   8m has a telecommunications job and travels and 8 is a registered nurse.

It is possible, slightly, that my Mom's first poisoning of this was in 1998.

I was also home one day when 8 came to the house pretending to be drunk.  I heard something from my Mom, like my mother was in distress, and the house was dark and I don't know if anyone expected me to be there, and I walked down the hall to get a look at what was happening and 8 was standing there, at the bottom of the stairs and saying, "Don't look at me."  I remember I had a very bad feeling.  It was a kind of sinister feeling and bad feeling in my gut, like someone very bad was in our house and then I was shocked to see, "8?"  I'm sure she does get drunk, like anyone else who needs to cover for something and creates a "fault" for themselves.

8 was good friends with Shannon's mom.  Shannon Adams.  And it was Shannon and Alicia who made the wood sign to nail onto the tree announcing "Cameo's Tree".  Shannon was best friends with Alicia and Erica who by then were also best friends with Robin.  I am not positive, but it may have been Tony Roos's sister who had the epileptic seizure and who I thought needed a stick to bite on (I saw it in the movies).

So maybe they thought I was "intolerant" and didn't want to be with Robin since he wasn't Protestant, and Tony was mad, for some reason, about my thought to get a stick (at least I was the only one there trying to actively help), and they try to kill me, after a bet to rape me goes out from Canada first.  Also, it's not just England, Canada, and the U.S.  I say England, but it also includes the UK which covers more ground.  The UK has been involved in MKUltra as well as Canada and the U.S.

Tony Roos' profile for Cadno, the company he works for with U.S. Army and Australia, made a point about how he specializes in "cul-de-sacs" (transportation design).  Robin Bechtold's sister Eliza had endometriosis (so Janet or Robin told me after 1993) and this is a female disease concentrated in the "peritoneal" part of the pelvis, which is also refered to, in medical terms, as the "cul-de-sac".  I don't know whether they were using inside terms for symbolism about their crimes, but then I found out Christa Schneider was friends with the O'Neals, and she was with the DOJ and connected to the 3rd assassination attempt against me, with a hit-and-run in 2003.

GTF, the other term for chromium, came up in a reference about the same time Microsoft (?) or their designer wanted to give "chrome explorer" to the world.  If you look at it, it's designed like a multi-colored chrome sore.  This other reference I am talking about is when, in 1998 or 1999, Halea Myers told me, "Laura Rose-Lewis asked me today, "Is Cameo really as sweet as she seems to be?" and Halea told me she said, "No, I couldn't be friends with her if she was."  She said Laura kept going on about how "sweet" I seemed, and was I really that "sweet" and Halea said she told her it would annoy her if I was.  They had a conversation about GTF didn't they.  The "sweet tolerance factor".  This discussion was made after my mother was poisoned with chromium.  At the time I thought "What a weird thing to ask" and it hurt my feelings that Halea told me she'd answered that way, because I was, actually, as sweet or whatever as they thought I seemed to be.  I wasn't putting on an act.  If they interpreted my demeanor as "sweet", it wasn't something I was aiming for to impress them, but I was myself.  However, it was very likely a reference to GTF.  After Halea told me, I was asked to babysit Laura and Scott's kids, but not before.  It was only okay if I was near her kids, if I wasn't "too sweet" or sweet with GTF like they knew my mother was.  Halea is the one whose mother works for the DOJ at a prison, like Bechtold's brother Nathan (a cop) did.  Halea's grandmother was connected to Canada.

All of our dogs, my parent's dogs, died around the same time, of gross and rapid-onset tumors, before 2001.  My parents were told to move to Coquille, Oregon in 2001 and they did what they were told.  My mother loved her horse and somehow, Schneider's friends got their hands on her and my mother always regreted it.

It doesn't make sense how my mother got this huge brown pigment-change mark on one hand and not the other.  It was obviously a reaction to poison and overloaded liver and this is what happens when this occurs, as does with chromium poisoning.  However, to have most of her one hand covered, her right hand, with the brown mark, is almost like a nurse with a gloved hand, layed it over my mother's hand while she was waking up from anaesthesia, and had something on the glove, like chromium.  She didn't have a burn first though.  It developed into this weird blotchy sprawling thing. 

If you look at Loreena McKennit's cover for "The Visit" from 1991, it's sort of interesting.  She's covering one of her hands.

My mother reacted from the plastic surgery, too, like something was extremely wrong and it wasn't just that.    She looked at me and cried and cried and cried.  My mother is not the emotional type and for her to do this, it was highly unusual.  She sobbed, for hours, every single day.  She didn't even move around very much.  Just sat at a table, looking at me, and cried.  I had no idea what was going on and I thought she was getting worked up about the laser surgery.  I said, "Mom, it will heal and be fine!"  but she really wasn't okay.  It was not a normal surgery.  She would look at me, and say "Cameo..." and then just cry.  Then she said, "No, my whole face is red."  Her entire face was bright red like she had a rash all over, and I think the fact she's had a surgery was masking signs of poisoning.  Then she called them in front of me, saying, "My forehead is numb and I have no feeling at all from my eyebrows past my hair line to the back--is this going to change?"  It never did.  She had had a few spots lasered, not everything, but her entire neck and face were flushed with a bright red rash.

This is also a sign of chromium poisoning.

My mother even sat there and started screaming a few times.  Not at me, but in a state of panic, and looking back and forth, scanning, like she was psychicly picking up on something and/or the symptoms of poisoning were worsening. 

Then she was leaving the table to vomit.  For over a week. 

She had numbness all the way to the middle of the top of her head.

I said, "Mom, it's just from the surgery and it will go away.  Don't worry, it's just tingling and numbness from the surgery..." and she would look at me and shake her head back and forth slowly, "No", basically, a silent way to say "you're wrong" and as she looked at me, shaking her head in horror and grief, she cried.  Tears would come out of her eyes as she was trying to tell me it wasn't normal.  I remember because I kept thinking my mother was so rational and unemotional, and she would be the first person to shake it up, and feel confident that it was just surgery.  She is the type of person who is very reasonable and would think, "It will go away, or wear off" but she was telling me, no, there was more to it.

She also called them to ask why her entire face and neck were so red.  I kept telling my Mom, "Put on that ointment Mom, to protect your face while it heals" but that's not what all the red rash was about and she knew it.   She had woken up to a living nightmare.

I was first targeted with technology in 1992 and 1993, my Senior year.  It was after the 1st assassination attack, not before. 

Anyway, my Mom was sitting there, and seeing things, but not hallucinating, I mean, her eyes were going back and forth, side to side, and I knew she was thinking and then she would just scream. A few times she was screaming when I said don't worry but she wasn't mad at me--she kept trying to tell me it was more than that but I look back on it and know she couldn't.  She must have known that Iand the house were bugged (not with consent).  She shook her head and cried and then called up the phone, wanting me to be there when she did.

I remember Halea acting guilty, like she had a confession to make when she told me what she told Laura and I always thought why is she telling me like she needs to have it come from her instead of my finding out about it?  Or maybe she was testing me to see what my reaction was, with regard to GTF. 

Around that time I noticed my brother with a very bright red face one day and sweating.  He looked sick, not like he was hot.  I said, "What is wrong with your face?!" and he said "What?" and I said, "Your FACE.  It's all red and you look sick."  He told me, "I took a bunch of niacin."  I believe he was still in high school though, when he did.  My Mom's red face, years later, was not from that, but it does cross my mind about my brother.

My Mom has been trying to get help, medical treatment, for this, since effects showed up in Sherwood, before 2001.  Then, later, a group of U.S.Army said it was done to them in 2003.  So how did Tony Roos, who was with the U.S. Army, get ahold of chromium and pass it on to someone to poison my Mom?  in a surgery?  Was he friends not just with Shannon and Alicia but 888?  Was his sister Tiffany friends with 8?  It was just Bechtold?

88 worked for The Cobalt group.  I have her former boss's photo.  Patti Choby.  Funny how she looks like Anne Craine.

All of these individuals know about, or are involved in torture and assassination attempts against my family.  The Cobalt Group even has a photo with "chrome sores" marked into cement and this is who 88 was working for.  This is from their own website:

Remarking on Choby, the Bechtold's had a golden retriever named "Jobe", or "Choby", pronounced "JOE-bee" or "CHO-bee".

Not Circumstantial Evidence Only: I Saw His Face

The crimes committed against me and my son are not only proven by circumstantial evidence.  There is enough evidence to convict someone in court.

I did not just "guess" that it was Tony Roos.  I saw his face.  It's not as though I saw a truck I "thought" sort of looked like his.  I saw his face, and was shocked, because I thought why would someone like Tony Roos want to kill me?

I saw him.  It was him.

The people he then aligned with, proves several individuals connected to positions in government have been involved in assassination attempts against me and in conspiring to defame me with reporters in order to prevent my testimony from being credible.  Torture was arranged.

Ellen: Fugitive from Justice

Ellen is leaving the U.S. because she doesn't want to get caught for crimes committed against my family.

She is connected to Australia and those who attempted to assassinate me, and she is proud to admit she's also related to Kate Middleton.

Not only is Ellen linked to Middleton, she is linked to a woman with an Australian accent, and it is both Australian and English that our dog is terrified of.

She is leaving, because she is a criminal and is worried about going to jail.

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Caroline Mulroney's Terrorist Connections

So they really are as bad as it seems.

I found out today, after wondering why the international incitement to rape me went through Canada first, and used Mulroney's daughter's name as a guise for me, and who it was intended for, that Mulroney's relative was working for MKUltra.

He was practicing torture against citizens in Canada and he was a Serb named Dimitrije Pivnicki.  Her married someone and had "Mila" who was married to Mulroney.

So basically, Mila's "Dad", and "Caroline Mulroney's" grandfather, worked with the U.S. in the same program that involves mind control and torture of innocent people, including kids.

Caroline is currently seeking "refuge" in the U.S.  I knew something was wrong with her the minute I saw her photo, and that was just yesterday. I saw, in that one photo, a very bad person.  Just because her Dad, or grandfather did disgusting things, and committed acts of terror against innocent Canadians doesn't mean she is bad necessarily, but I looked at her and knew she was bad.  That is why I decided to look up her mother and noticed her mother's father moved to Canada to do "research" against Canadians, and he worked with Ewan Cameron, who is one of several prominent doctors who worked with the U.S. in their acts of torture against citizens through MKUltra.

As I've said before, this program involves the U.S., England, and Canada.

So what is happening, is whereas all of these people knew what the connections were already, as they abused me and my son and encouraged, even incited others to do so, is I'm finding out and making it public.

This new piece of information is evidence that supports my claim that the ad ran by the newspaper Frank, about "Mulroney" was actually a disguised advertisement to rape me.  They knew about me because I was part of MKUltra and I guess, they felt I was "competition" to their other brats, so they wanted me raped.

Caroline is, afterall, a piece of shit, because she comes from shit.  This is exactly what I'm talking about--look at who gets to the "top"...individuals who literally torture others.  How DARE that family make any claim to have "helped Canadians" when THEY are responsible for colluding to destroy families they wanted out of their way, by means of electroshock, lobotomies, torture, drugs, and highlighting messages to rape others.  Caroline's grandfather was actively involved not only with torturing and terrorizing his own citizens, but also worked with the CIA, and the Canadian military.

So yes, it IS Middleton as a hitman for the U.S.

It's like these people get elected while no one is paying attention to their history and who they are related to.  While others suffered in excruciating torture because of Pivnicki, he got to live until he was 89.

Not only that, the CIA and Canada had some sick game going with Pivnicki working as a psychiatrist at "Allan Memorial" hospital with Ewan Cameron while I was being raised next-door to Alan Springer, a psychologist for the FBI (I thought it was FBI, but maybe it was CIA afterall).

If anyone is not exactly following what I'm refering to, about incitement to rape, and the attempt to highlight and broaden the publication by disguising it as an attack against Caroline Mulroney should read my last several posts about assassination attempts and incitement to rape.

There is no question:  The United States and Canada have been trying to kill me and then they tortured me instead, amid more attempts, to discredit me.  They then stole my son from me.

What is this BITCH Caroline doing?  She has no problems with the U.S. government does she?  She is immune, because of her family's horrific medical experiments against innocent people.

Do you know what kinds of things her grandpa was doing?  I mean, aside from colluding with others to rape me?  and assassinate me?

Her grandpa, who only recently died in 2007, was cutting open skulls of living human beings and implanting "nodes" for giving them shocks and watching their reactions.  Her grandpa was taking healthy human beings, with normal brains, and cutting them off from half of their brain, and then taking notes about "how do you like me now?" and what the difference was between a whole brain and half a brain.  Caroline's grandfather was sticking electrodes into the eyeballs of children and watching their reaction and asking them if they could still see or not.  He was putting them in rooms isolated to see how long it took until they lost their minds.  He put them in rooms with radio waves to see how much it took to cause them to go deaf.    He was taking innocent kids and calling up the CIA to ask how much they dosed their own citizens with LSD and what amount should he try?

Caroline Mulroney's family drugged Canadians and what did Canada do?  They elected his progeny, who then went on to spew messages of hate through publicizing an international bet and challenge to have ME raped.

They named their last son, another "real winner", "Nicholas".  I can't stand that name.  It was a Mike Nichols, born Canadian, and working with U.S. government, that tried to kill me in one of the assassination attempts against me.

By the way, Karin's family is from Montreal.  Just in case no one knew.  The Karin involved with FBI and people who tried to kill me.

I always thought mica was pretty as my parents stared at me and said, "It's not real gold."  I used to say, when I was little, "What do you mean?" and they said, "It's fool's gold."  How many times did I say, "I found gold!" and show my parents and they always said, "It's not gold.  That's Mica." 

Mica is pronounced:  MY-kuh.  Like Mike, but with an "a" at the end.  Mila's full name is milica.  I think Mike Middleton was working with them, which means he is part of the English-Canada-U.S. MKUltra program that practised mind control and selected some kids to be their "manchurian candidates" whicle others were tortured, murdered, or sent to insane asylums to shut them up.  Anyone who can read a photo, can see that Caroline Mulroney is a very bad person and now we know what kind of blood she has running through her veins.

War criminal blood and the worst of the worst.

This horrible country has done all of these things to me, and known about Canada's involvement all along, and they dared collude with Canada as I attempted to find refuge.  These countries violated international laws for their disgusting programs and they kidnapped my son from me to do the same.

God damn all of you.  In the name of God, I pray you are cursed.

It's Middleton.

Ewan Cameron worked with several British in the Air Force, like David Henderson, who then directed the Red Cross.  So there is a clear link between MKUltra and use of The Red Cross as a participant in torture and a cover under the guise of humanitarian aid.

Not only that, I had been asking the FBI for FOIA about me for years and they had all of this information about me, which their agents and police and others had and used against me, and they refused to give me the information I needed to protect myself and my son and be credible to the public.

The FBI is guilty of arranging for my and my son's torture. 

Below is a small sample of what Caroline Mulroney's family is guilty of:

In the 60's and 70's Stereotaxic Surgery--Alan Scheflin reports on some of the children who received this brain surgery. He says one young boy would sneak away from home, and crawl underneath an automobile in order to smell the oil. Two groups were as young as two and four years old when the surgery took place for "violent behavior."

Fernald School-Young male children who were institutionalized at the Fernald School in Massachusetts were fed radioactive cereal in the 1940s and 1950s.

Vanderbilt University Hospital - 1945-49 at Prenatal Clinic - 829 pregnant women given a "cocktail " laced with radioactive iron.

D.C. Children's Center in Laurel in a section called the District Training School in the 60's-Retarded children were used as human guinea pigs for both private industry and the government.

Clinton Elementary school in Minneapolis 1953. Spraying of microorganisms either alone or in combination with the zinc cadmium sulfide by the Army.

The link about Ewan Cameron is written as if he was a good person, just doing "controversial research".  I notice how it omits specific torture against children and elaborating on what was done.  Afterall, the Mulroney's are still alive aren't they?

Caroline is not innocent.  It is not just projection of her grandfather's crimes onto her, it is that she herself became someone who chose to glorify those crimes and take personal and political advantage by it.

Here is her family's connection in Montreal:

Upper Left is the Allen Memorial Institute of Psychiatry, McGill University in Montreal, CA, where Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron worked. The Rockefeller Foundation had funded it in 1943. Picture next to it is the stables that were converted to a behavioral laboratory and housed a box for sensory deprivation experiments by Leonard Rubenstein, Cameron's assistant. This lab was directly behind The Allen M. Inst.

The Montreal Neurological Institute, lower right was also academically affiliated with McGill University and located on its campus. Penfield and Hebb both worked there. The Rockefeller Foundation funded it with $1,232,000 and it was opened in 1934 and Penfield was hired to run it. Braehead, lower left was donated to McGill university in 1944, and faculty lived in it as well as Purvis Hall which was connected by a passageway. Braehead is where I was kept while some of the experiments took place in Montreal.

Caroline's family put people, human beings, in "boxes" and then what idea does she have for a "charity"?  Donating shoe boxes.  I guess that's in the hope that "boxes" connected to her family's disgusting torture of children in isolation, is wiped out by the connotation of boxes from shoes.  It wasn't just Rubenstein--it was Pivnicki.  Reeeeeal "nice" family.  Moral "defects" all the way around.

 One source of this collection of info:
Here is a paper on sensory deprivation, published by only some of the people involved, and not including the fact they used innocent children for these studies:

The Mulroneys don't dream in color, they dream of formaldehyde.  Just like the Bechtolds, Wiltbanks, Springers, Maiers, and Rasmussens.  They are not even interested in research, as a few whine about "not keeping pets" and animal rights--they want to have people destroyed and suffer with decades of torture, rather than be honest people.  As long as they can keep the Nordstrom card.  I'm surprised, if Levy and Rubenstein were Jewish, they would dare be involved.  That is asking for a double-whammy.  Some of the Bosnians or Serbs were even more vicious than German nazis, skinning children alive to hang from ceilings...grotesque things, and Canada wanted one of their own. 

Cornell University is involved and gave out donations under a shell name, for MKUltra (to this day) which explains Dr. Rob Fallon and Mary and Carl Del Balzo and how I was forced to be under observation by Mary, who went to Cornell.

In fact, the department that distributed these funds, The College for Human Ecology, is getting a new building, designed by an architect that knows the Pivnicki family.  How nice.  He's from "Croatia".  Darko Hreljanovic.  A member, like Pivnicki, of the former Yugoslavia, which encompassed Slovenes, Croates, and Serbs. 

And God said "ha".  I next found Pivnicki's link to Cornell.  He was born in Novi Becej, and then he did his "psychiatry research" at a university in Mostar, Bosnia that has the same "seal" and emblem as Cornell.  It has the year "1977" on it.  And Cornell is proud to display the year of "Darko's" graduation in the year of "1977".  So Cornell is looking for murderers everywhere, and where else to find people willing to commit atrocities against children than "Mostar, Bosnia".

Cornell read about the way this former Yugoslavian place murdered children and tortured them and thought, "It's perfect for us!  It's just like Mary Del Balzo".  Pivnicki also worked in Hungary.  Did he know Susie?  my roommate?

I have no idea how any of the Mulroneys and Pivnickis even feel good enough about themselves to want to stay alive.  Why haven't they killed themselves? 

So yes.

It was an incitement to rape me and many people knew it.  Caroline even knows and she thinks it's funny.  It wasn't her afterall.  Her mother, Mila, supposedly had over 100 pairs of shoes.  Did she take them from the kids herself?

I'd like confirmation on who Mike Nichols parents were because I think he was lying.  I think he already knew who they were.  So who were they.  I am going to find you you know.  I have a right to know who an assassin is related to in Canada.  I suppose even if he didn't know, it was enough that he worked with FBI in the U.S. and knew Robin Bechtold, who is connected to the first assassination attempt against me, or what I describe as the first one, in 1992. And Robin was one who was taking Canada up on their encouragement to rape me, and I'm sure Geoff heard about it too.
There are probably more that I am not thinking of, or don't know about.

I had discovered Mulroney's before, but I hadn't connected them to my assassination attempt and people surrounding it, and how they are connected to U.S. and Canadian government.

So this is more.  It provides background information that supports my claim, when put together.  It then refutes the idea that I am mentally ill, and shifts everything to conspiracy to have me murdered.

Did you know that's life? 

Maiers & FBI Involved In Assassination Attempts of My Family

If the FBI is not involved in criminal conspiracy to murder me, through several different assassination attempts, why have they worked so hard at positioning all of their agents around my family members?

They put one agent, Rick Baken, behind my Granny and Grandpa.  They had another one move in next to Char (I believe he's FBI).  They've always had at least one or more next to my parents, and that included me when I lived with my parents.

After I moved out, the U.S. put military around me.

None of this was "protective".  If the FBI had been "protecting" me, or their military had been, they would not have defamed me and colluded with the people involved in trying to assassinate me.

In Wenatchee, after I attempted to leave this country with my son, as we had a legal right to do, I was told by a Washington D.C. housing place that I could live next to the FBI, after staying at Steve Mays house, renting a downstairs room, for 6 months.   The housing was through "The Recovery Act" and there was at least $13,000 for me alone, that I qualified for and signed for, in rent payments for me.

You would think it would be the very least this country could do.  I qualified for it like any other applicant in the U.S. who tried to qualify, so it wasn't a favor to me.  It was something that was supposed to be "equal-opportunity" and if anyone needed it, I did.  They told me I couldn't be on it anymore, and forced me to sleep outside, when I didn't agree to live in a room next-door from the Mormon FBI agent, Wes.  I think by that time there was another agent there too. 

I went out to look at the place, and there was not one single house, on the block, that was closer in proximity to the United States federal building in Wenatchee, directly across from the FBI offices with their windows looking out onto mine. 

They were not telling me "you aren't eligible anymore because you didn't go to budget classes."  She had already said this was waived until I was back on my feet again, and she told she'd let me know, and I even checked with them every month to make sure. 

I was kicked off the housing because I said I didn't want to live at the location they were pressuring me to live at.  No one could have been closer to the Mormon FBI agent and the FBI offices.  I said I wanted to find a one-bedroom because I was trying to get my son back and CPS only accepted one-bedrooms for his age.

The people who were directly involved in obstruction of my parental rights were Mormon FBI.  I had been shocked that Mormon cops for Wenatchee were lying about abuse to my son, but then they were trying to force me into a singles-only (no children) apartment across from the FBI's largest window.

If it was protective measures, Washington D.C. and Wenatchee wouldn't have thrown me out onto the street.  There was no restriction about what kind of apartment I had, as long as it was reasonable.  They decided if I didn't want to live next to the Mormon FBI, they'd do me in.  The Mormons also had their tentacles around my son's throat.

The excuse housing in Wenatchee came up with, after I said I'd rather "look for something else", was that "you didn't go to budget classes so we're cutting you off from all housing."  They told me on the spot, that if I signed the paper for the place next to the FBI, I'd have housing.

That program does not have rules that dictate to recipients where they live.  It is up to the recipient to agree to the housing or not--it's not "section 8" where you get what they offer, or it's assigned housing.  It was specifically to allow someone to choose their own place and then have it paid for, to "prevent homelessness" for "displaced workers" or whoever else it applied to.

After I was "punished" for not taking an apartment across from the FBI offices, and made to sleep outside, or under a stairwell, I was then forced to accept U.S. military offers to stay with people who used me for government research and didn't give me privacy or any adequate place for my son.

Mormons have been using my parents my whole life, and they assumed they could take my son from me and do the same thing.  These Mormons have been involved with others in trying to kill me and put me in jail on false charges.

Even the Maiers family, from Moses Lake, was Mormon and I believe they knew the FBI psychologist that was behind our house in Moses Lake, Alan Springer.  Of course Maiers then aligned with Karin's family (FBI) from Canada and with Bechtolds and other Mormons (which leads to Australia.

The people involved in trying to kill are also directly and/or indirectly connected to the Maiers, which is why I believe, by 2005, some of them didn't want me around long enough to know.  They just wanted me to go to the wedding shower to an Australian so they could laugh at me, with other assassination conspirators  (Karin was there, and Karin knew Schneider, and since Schneider is connected to the hit-and-run against me in 2003, and to the other attempts in 1992 and 1995, through Roos and Bechtold and the Australian contacts, it implicates all of them). 

While I was being tortured with my son, Stephanie was doing just fine with Karin.  She was hauling in tons of new clothes she'd just bought at Nordstrom with the tags still on them.  I had wondered why Stephanie kept a distance the whole time and they wanted me to sit next to Stacy, who was fluent in Russian by then.

Did they know the Rose and Gatov family too? perchance.  It's only that Josh Gatov is Russian-American jewish,.    How did he know the Maiers family?  Or Josh Rose?  My assumption has been that Josh Gatov knew Robin Bechtold through FBI and cop connections.  In that way, I guess it would lead to Maiers.

My son was not being tortured until after we left the-- April was it?--wedding shower for Stephanie Maiers and her Australian "Campbell" man.  I then was in-the-know that Schneider had some kind of relationship with Karin, which leads to FBI and U.S.-Canadian assassination attempts against me before my son was even born.

So they thought they'd torture my son.

The Maiers were friends with Sharon McGuire who was also friends with Sandbergs. 

Maiers' grandmother Helen was Mormon and from Idaho, which is where Holli Reverman moved to, the Holli that is connected to Robin Bechtold.  Her husband seemed nice but she hated me and loved Karin.  She loved the smell of money, just like her grandchildren.  Pamp Maiers Jr. married a Catholic woman who positioned herself to get into the family, and she was at the wedding shower, and I would not be surprised if she is also somehow connected to the Roos family or others who were trying to kill me in 1992.

As for Barbara Maiers impulsively telling me to put my pants on, why did that come to mind?  Before we moved to Sherwood, she drove off the road into a ditch, the way Mike Nichols did and she screamed at me, flustered, "Cameo! put your pants on!"

I had always had my pants on around her house, that I remember, but maybe I don't remember when I was younger, like before the age of 4 or so.  From age 2 forward, we lived next to the Mormon psychologist who was an elder at his church, Alan Springer.

Some of this response from her is in one of my diaries that was stolen by Mormon Shannon Borg and her Canadian partner from Seattle.  You know, the ones who helped to set me up for a false arrest in Wenatchee for "grand auto theft" so I couldn't take a job in Seattle that would have helped me and my son.

Put your pants on? Cameo, put your pants on?!

This is what came out of Barbara Maiers' mouth as she was flustered and not thinking about what to say or how to say.  The automatic response from her, in an excited and agitated state, and driving down into an embankment of snow, was "Cameo, put your pants on!!!!" It wasn't an expression she used for "hold on tight".  She was saying, "get dressed" and "put your pants on".  Why.  From driving off the road into the snow, I get an assassination attempt against me by Mike Nichols and then some insurance adjuster named Mike Snow.  How many times has Mike Middleton been involved in a contracted hit against me?

Then Mike is making a making a point to go off into a ditch the same way she did and then jerks it back like an expert who was trained on how to flip a car.  I ended up in Utah, surrounded by Mormons and people who wanted me dead, and settled for rigging me up for torture instead.

I am the one paying for crimes of others and their attempts to conceal those crimes, and almost all of them have had U.S. government contracts and contacts to Canada.   I want my son Oliver, returned to me.  It's sad shape for someone to think, after using U.S. Army  and DOJ as part of assassination attempts against me, that they can use my son next and kidnap him from me.

He does not belong to the United States.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Weird Dream Last Night

I had some weird dream last night but I only remember the end of it.

It was me and my Mom in a large room and I got a call from "Gary".  It was his wife and then he got on the phone.  She was calling to say she wanted me to be their surrogate and how quickly and I said, just let me know and I need approximate details on provisions and arrangments, for rent, travel and medical.  They were calling from the East Coast.  So she was going on and on and then Gary, her husband, got on the phone and started talking, and then it went back to her.

While I was talking to her, my Mom got off of the couch, and started stirring a pot, cabbage-patch dance style, but making wide stirs and kept saying, "Crack open the strawberries", "crack the strawberries", "crack the strawberries".  I wondered why my Mom was doing this and then I realized, she was hoping they heard her, and she was letting me know she thought they were playing a game and wanted to ruffle their feathers, unnerve them.  She did this for a long time, saying this loudly, and then I got off the phone and realized they were FBI (in the dream).  My Mom sat back down on the couch next to me.  Then, in the dream or when I woke, I realized it referred to rapes against me.

When I woke up, I thought about "crack open the strawberries".  I had thrown out a small strawberry jam, without opening it, into the garbage yesterday.  Then I had to open up containers I had labled "borscht stock" because the military shut off my fridge and freezer to spoil all of my food.  They have my entire place "rigged" and do all kinds of things here.  I can't imagine what sort of "fun" it was for my parents to take their RV vacation to Arizona a couple of years ago.  Thrills, I'm sure.  I mostly thought about the strawberry jam when I woke up, and how it was sealed, and when Gary and this woman were calling me from the East Coast my Mom was implying they were both FBI and had part in organizing my rape. 

Afterall, the last thing I wrote about last night, was the international bet made to have someone rape me.

I got up and went to the house and my Mom was finishing some things up and then got a call and I played with the dog.  Then I left and came back and she was on the phone with a different woman whose name was "Jeannie" and had the same kind of East Coast accent as the woman in my dream.  A little different but not much.

I guess she's called before, like in my dream, the woman I was talking to had called me before.  She was calling for an appraisal and then said, deliberately, "Holy Shit" twice.  My Mom basically was trying not to cry and had been trying not to cry when Jeannie called in the first place.  I started braiding my hair as they talked, and Lorraine Rose came to mind.  I noticed my Mom's one eye on the left corner is really ruined from torture and totally different from the other eye.

I said, as my Mom was telling "Jeannie" she had to go, "Have you cracked open the strawberries yet?" so Jeannie could hear.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

2 Dads & Assassination Attempt (not denied)

There are definitely two Dads.

I saw my other Dad today, and after I looked at him, I said, "Hey, you're the other Dad."  It's the other one than the one I saw during the day yesterday or earlier.  One is slightly bigger, one has a slightly different nose, and a little wider face, and one has worse eye damage on the inside, the sunken-in problem.

There are definitely twins.

So if anyone got framed (my parents) for participating in trying to assasinate me, they probably complicated it too, with the identical twins thing.

I thought about some other things too, about other people who are connected to the assassination attempts against--possibilities of connections.  It definitely goes further for motive later, and the additional people who wanted to defame me to assist in concealing what was being done to me (is being done). 

Both my Mom and Dad are not denying they are framed for involvement in assassination attempts against me.

I'm not deluded.  James Holmes, for example, here, is disputed as being the same person as who shot people.  We don't have photos of who the police actually picked up, when they picked him up, but from this website, I am not fooled, and it's clear to me it's the same person. My Mom and Dad, on the other hand, have twins.  I can see the difference.  It's not just their faces, and slight differences in body (though they are extremely close), it's differences in color and markings in the eyes as well.  They have the same voice tone--everything.  But my Mom and Dad are twins.  They are "doubles" as in, twins. 

James Holmes looks the same except for a few things, which could be possibly if he was an identical twin, but if you look at his eyes, it looks more like he's been tortured.  You can't get someone's eyes to go from a normal-average size lid to large lid like that, and bulbous eyes, without torturing someone.  Being "crazy" doesn't make your eyes bug out.  Sorry, but that's not in the DSMV for mental illnesses (bugged eyes, bulbous eyes appear after mental illness sets in)--no, not possible.  It's torture.  James Holmes is tortured.  If that drove him to insanity, literally, well look at him.  What kind of pressure to his brain is causing his eyes to bulge out that way?  It's torture.  For all we know, he really did go insane after he, the physics person, developed a conscience and the government got nervous about it and went after him.  He was not only being tortured, he was on serious psychiatric drugs.  Even those drugs would not cause his eyes to bulge and distend to that degree.  High blood pressure also has nothing to do with it.  With all of the doctors around claiming to be "Human Rights Medical Professionals" I'm surprised none of them ever speak up when they see something they know very well is caused by torture.

Back to my parents, as I only brought up James Holmes because of recent news today, they do not deny being framed for assassination attempts against me.  This makes sense to me, because what would make them lie, to my detriment and torture, and their own, other than blackmail over something like "go ahead and say something, and you'll get treason for divulging national security secrets and we'll expose you for your involvement in the assassination attempts against  Cameo."  The blackmail has to be something that significant for any of this to be possible.  The only way they would not be "framed" to cover for some group's attempts against me, where it's a lie completely, is if someone had some kind of superhero kid they thought I was getting in the way of, or it was secretly one of their own kids.  I mean, for any attempt against me in 1992 and then in 1995.

A peep hole was made into the bathroom I used at that house.  I believe it was U.S. government-inspired.  Everything about MKUltra and CIA working with U.S. Army talks about surveillance of everything, and finding ways to videotape people, or watching people, and using it as blackmail later.  Not the biggest deal maybe, in my life, definitely not, but it points to the U.S. again and to people from Sherwood High School.  I say this, because later all of my personal photos from class photos were being taken and distributed to boys at the high school.  I am positive that Mormons were also involved.

After taking a shower in the bathroom I used, I stood in front of the mirror to do my make-up and hair, sometimes with just a towel around me, sometimes a bra and underwear, and after getting dressed somewhat, from wearing nothing.  I noticed movement one day, from a hole that had been made into the wall of the bathroom.  I didn't imagine someone was there, I saw the movement of someone there, and I pulled something on, and then opened the door and looked around the corner and the door to a storage space was open.  If you went inside the storage space, you could close the door after you, and not be seen, and look through the hole into the bathroom.  It was dark inside there, so most of the time, no one in the bathroom would notice.

I confronted my brother about it.  He looked stunned and said, "It wasn't me."  That's all he would say.

The next thing I knew, later, a big "to-do" was being made of Erica Wiltbank's breasts and someone telling everyone, while we were at her house, that one of the high school students saw her through her window and she wasn't wearing her bra and "it was amazing".  So these guys were going on about peeping-tom events.  My thought was, why is Erica stripping in front of her window when she knows high school students are around?

She did this, after I discovered I was being non-consensually watched or videotaped while in a state of undress.  She did it about 1 year later.  I always knew she'd done it on purpose--I intuitively knew that for whatever reason, she did it to bring attention to herself.  And she was the Mormon Robin Bechtold was then dating, as Janet snubbed me (after the assassination attempt in 1992, of course).  I said to my brother, "If you didn't do it, then who did?"

I had seen movement and heard a noise.  So then I stuffed it with toilet paper.  Then, one day when my brother wasn't home, I went through his underwear drawer.  I wasn't sure what I was looking for, but I was curious, so I looked, and there, was Cindy Crawford.  He had a few different cut out photos of her, the first one I remember, with her hair down and wearing a bikini.  I never thought my brother was into Cindy Crawford and wondered how he got the photos.  He didn't have any of anyone else.  Only her.  He had dated Sandy Doran (Barb and Chris Doran's sister) and she was a 6 foot blond with huge boobs and a so-so face so I didn't really think he was into brunettes.  Then later, I either found a photo of Cindy Crawford in Robin's drawer in his room, or he talked about her, and I thought it was strange I had seen Robin involve my brother in a drug deal, and they both had some photo or interest in "Cindy Crawford".  I told Geoff Rasmussen I hated Robin for involving my brother in drugs but I didn't know Geoff was involved too.  I said anyone who was a drug-dealer, didn't care about kids.  That was a sentiment I expressed.  Around that time, my class photos were being given out to others too.  Then my brother took my yearbooks, but he only did this, after Carmen, his Army wife, asked for them.  I had yearbooks with signatures for every year I attended Sherwood High and all of them were transfered to Carmen's house.  When I tried to take them back after visiting once, and she was the only one there, she told me to leave the house and don't come back.  Carmen Wilson-Garrett.  My yearbooks were sitting right there, at the bottom of one of their bookcases, and she was refusing to give them to me even though they had my name all over them, and all the notes from others were addressed to me.  "Hi Cameo!  Stay cool"--whatever it was someone wrote, it was in the yearbooks.  And CARMEN thought she had "rights" to them.  U.S. Army.

The photos of Cindy Crawford, were cut into class photo size.  They were the same size as my class photos that were disappearing.  So photos of me were being sent out to others, without my consent or knowing who these people were, and my brother was getting class-photo size cut outs of Cindy Crawford.  There were 3 of them.  All of them the same size, and the bikini one on top.  If it was supposed to mean something, to me, the only Cindy I ever knew, really, beside shy Cindy in jr. high, was Cindy Sandberg.  Annette Sandberg was her sister, the Chief of Police for Washington cop who moved to D.C.  Cindy Crawford--Annette Sandberg....?  I don't know.  I also found a Hustler magazine and was shocked beyond belief and my brother said, "It's not mine." I said "Whose is it then?"  I remember telling Robin about the Cindy Crawford photos for some reason and he got very weird about it.  I thought, why should Robin care at all?  and he actually got this hard jaw-set look to his face and said something bitter.

It wasn't what I was expecting to find in my brother's underwear drawer, though I didn't have any ideas.  When I had looked in my Dad's underwear drawer before, he had only one black and white photo of his firstborn son Gannon, who was assassinated by the U.S.  Someone stole this one photo from him, and it was all he had. 

The peeping on me, is U.S. Army and CIA-specific.  It fits the protocols for their MKUltra program and every other program they've designed for abuse of citizens, manipulation, creation of agents at a later date, and mind control, and psychic research projects.

If Geoff Rasmussen was later breaking into my parent's house with Lenny Schwabe and some people, and FBI criminals, maybe it was to cover for things they were doing to me.  Which also gives them motive to want to kill me, especially if later some of them hate me because I hurt Robin's feelings and offended some by saying I'd only be girlfriend to a Protestant.  Robin was Catholic and Geoff was Mormon and none of them took my virginity.  They left it to Josh Gatov 6 years later, a Jew.  So everyone who was NOT "Protestant" went after me.  Lenny Schwabe is 1/2 philipino with his mother being full Filipino, and his Dad in the U.S. Navy I believe, and he was involved in abuse of my parents.  Our dogs went wild with trying to protect my parents when he was around.  When I went with him to a dance as "friends" with another person, he wanted all of the photos to me with him holding a giant key ring and keys dangling from it, like a prison guard has.  I wore my Marilyn Monroe halter gold floor-length lamé dress and he held prison keys in front of me and grinned. I had no idea then, and that was 1993, and by that time, those involved in trying to assassinate me did want me in jail.

So then Rick Baken, FBI and friend of Schneiders, who were involved in trying to assassinate me, sends his daughter to school in the Philipinnes and moves in behind my grandparents in Cashmere, WA.

Lenny went to Pepperdine.

I want my son returned.

And I want investigation of the multiple assassination attempts against me and the conspiracy to defame me and discredit my testimony in case I talked.  From what I've gathered, my parents were framed for having some part in it, and my guess would be that someone like Lenny holds up prison keys or a gun to their heads, or gets friends in government to torture us, and defame us, and gets them to keep lying about me. 

Here's another thing--when the incitement to rape me or take my virginity through an international bet involving money was made, it was to "deflower" 'Bryan's' daughter whose father was from Baie-Cameau.  I had a prom photo with Bryan Parker, where I wore a solid white dress and long white gloves and had fresh red roses in my hair.  I was the only one at that dance with flowers in her hair.  I am the only one with the name Cameo, which is Cameau in French.  I went with Bryan and it was platonic.  It was after this dance that the Canadian bet was made, in the guise of a bet against someone else.  She was born in 1974, which is when I was born.

I am posting a link about Caroline Mulroney and then about the magazine.  The other thing is that it's based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, which is where LM Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables and the mini-series of the same name are based.  Everyone knew it was my favorite movie and I had her book series in my bedroom.  The incitement to rape had NOTHING to do with "Caroline Mulroney". They used her name as a cover for going after me.  It was published in the Ottowa version, by the magazine based in Nova Scotia.  The assassination attempt followed.

What must be hilarious for Caroline, is that she's decided to have a "shoebox" charity.  I guess it's to help people "run", people who might maybe wear braces.  I was wearing braces in the photo with Bryan too, with the flowers in my hair.  My white dress had a Jessica McClintock label.  Caroline's family and Canadians hustled to find her a suitable match to smudge out that reference from internal files by attempting to replace it with the "Jessica" that became Caroline's sister-in-law.

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Caroline Mulroney Lapham (born June 11, 1974 in Montreal, Quebec) is the daughter of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and Mila Mulroney. In 1991, she became the centre of controversy when Frank Magazine ran a satirical ad for a contest inviting young Tories to "deflower Caroline Mulroney". Many groups and commentators joined Brian Mulroney in denouncing the ad as an incitement to rape; however, the magazine took the stand that they were simply commenting on Mulroney's perceived habit of using his daughter as a political prop. On September 16, 2000, Mulroney married Andrew Lapham, the son of Harper's editor Lewis H. Lapham. A singer at their wedding, Michael Bublᅢᄅ, attracted the notice of guests with connections in the music industry, and subsequently became a Canadian pop star in his own right. On October 26, 2004, she gave birth to a boy, Lewis H. Lapham III, at New York City's Presbyterian Hospital. On January 27, 2006, she gave birth to twins, Pierce Lapham and Elizabeth Theodora Lapham, at New York City's Presbyterian Hospital. (Source: The Vancouver Sun, January 28, 2006). Mulroney, CarolineMulroney, CarolineMulroney, CarolineMulroney, ( Wikipedia article )

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Updated: My Parents Framed In Assassination Attempt

I just asked my parents.

My mother came to the door and I asked her why she'd had her glasses on the way she did yesterday.  She went for a walk and I was working.  I looked out the doorway and saw her walking off of the property and ran over to ask something.  I noticed her glasses were on so that the bottom touched her cheekbones and the stems were elevated above her ears, not resting behind them.  I said, "Why do you have your glasses like that?" and she said, "Like what".  I had asked if I could walk with her and she said she didn't want to walk with anyone, not Kathy, or Patty, or anyone.  So then she said "Like what?" and I said, "Cocked up behind your ears."  I thought maybe they hurt. 

Today I just saw her and her eyes are newly ruined and changed from before.  She has dark red lines and grooves into the side corners of her eyes now, like tears off the side.  She didn't have them before, and it's not from "getting old" or being old.

This cop "Sean" or Shawn is covering for murder attempts.  He's the one who tried to say all of the torture marks on my parents were because "they're old".

How about this, Sean?  How about, you are a cocaine snorting liar.

My mother now has these horrible grooves into the sides of her eyes and it's into the skin, on the outside corner.  It's not inside her eyes, it's on the outside of them.  And her eyes are circled with dark black circles and she has the welt on her cheek still.  The thing that was done to her eyes is new and it's still red and it wasn't there the last time I saw her.

So obviously, the U.S. does think they are their prisoners.  If they torture them like this, and use them at the same time, that's what it is. 

Canadian officials tried to tell me they have a problem with U.S. "guns" and the U.S. has a problem with their "weed".  I think it's a lie.  The U.S. and Canada are both working together in "weed" and other drugs and they chose Middleton to run for them.  Middleton has been doing hits for the U.S., paid hits, which is why Katie is where she is today.  Favors for hitmen.  They've also been coordinating with international drug-running, and it involves Robin Bechtold and his parent's friends, even the Mormons.  My brother got messed up in it, in high school, and he got jumped.  They assaulted him, and he put a gun to their head, supposedly, or aimed, even though it was maybe a fake or not loaded.  I don't remember which. 

All I know, is that the U.S. and the Middletons framed him.  This country also tried to separate my family in 1992.  They convinced my brother to move out, to Newberg, Oregon and live with druggies who did deals with Bechtold (Kate's friend).  After he left, the Bechtolds were telling me to move in with them and ditch my parents.  These are the same people who tried to assassinate me, and they wanted me to live in their house.  So if both me and my brother were out of the house, someone had better access to torture and use my parents.  They were being tortured and our dogs were being poisoned and tortured, and the two swans we had, one black and one white, were killed.  One of the swans was found murdered.  The black one was murdered.  After the black swan was murdered, the white one disappeared later.  They found the body of the black swan.  My mother was almost hysterical over it.  I was told some "wild animal" got to it.  Swans are very large though, so it had to be an unusually large animal.  I believe a neighbor did it and I had that feeling then too.  I wanted to see it and I wasn't allowed to.

The swans were bought by my Mom and they stayed in our pond.  There was a small dam, but not very much, and when the water receded, it made an island in the center and you could walk back on it and across to this other building that I used to explore.  I always asked my parents, "Could you fix it up?"  because I wanted them to make it safe to live or work in and they said they didn't need it and I said, "I would use it!  It could be an art place or I could have a desk there, and I would like to live in it."  They said there is no plumbing and I said, "There must be somewhere, and maybe we could find it and fix it, because someone was living there once,--I found wiring and they had lights and everything."  My parents said, "There's no road to it" and I said, "I can just walk in and out from it or maybe you could make one behind me, though I think it is nicer not to have a road there."

I saw it as a kind of escape treehouse idea.  It had had wiring, and there were old extensions and lights, and I figured someone could plumbing in.  It was set up higher from the pond but right next to it, on top of an open garage that made it look like it was on piers.  I took photos there, for art photo, in black and white, of old barrels that I was told were probably old "oil drums".  There was a solid wood floor and wood walls, with an old keyhole for a lock.  Everyone wanted to know where I took my photos because they were...very good.  I took abstracts of the oil drums.  Shannon wanted to know where I took them and said she might like to take some too, and I said sure, anytime, but she never went over.

Sometime after this, the person who alleged my brother did something, dropped their complaint.  It was my brother's word against theirs, and I don't know what the truth is.  I know Christy Ballinger, Robin Bechtold, George Bechtold, Darin (was it Devin? I would have to check), and Holli Reverman were all doing marijuana and other drugs and they got my brother involved and used their Mormon friends to protect them.  Holly even got pregnant and Janet was saying, "It saved her life!" and going on about all the drugs she used, when they were doing the same thing.

I wouldn't be surprised if my parents were blackmailed over it, along with my brother.  What did the government do?  Use it as an excuse to entrap him for their purposes? or just for further blackmail on my parents about "what we COULD do".  I never used any drugs of any kind and after all of that, the first thing some of these people who tried to kill me wanted, was to say I was "mentally ill" and a "drug user".  They even tortured me, to prompt me to actually need narcotics for the pain level I had.  That was U.S. GOVERNMENT.

My so-called 'public defenders' for Appeal for my son, knew these people. All of them were covering for drugs, Middleton, and U.S. conspiracy to conceal drugs and federal employees.  Jill Winkler went to my school. 

These people have literally ruined my life.  I was not even a drug-user and I didn't have anything against the "known druggies".  I was actually very nice to them, and didn't look down on them at all, and I had no thoughts against any of them.  There were others that were running things though.  U.S. government was involved. 

So Holli Reverman...she has never tried to contact and guess when I got a note from her?  After Kate Middleton was married, and I didn't respond at all, and this is who she's working for:

Holli Reverman
Behavioral Health Care Coordinator at ORARNG
Portland, Oregon (Portland, Oregon Area)
This is the woman who almost killed herself on every drug known to man and was involved in the drug industry, with the BECHTOLDS.  Cocaine, heroin, crack, ecstasy, LSD, weed--she was doing all of it and I was told, if I remember correctly, she was shooting up.  Is it "ORARNG" or "BECHTOLD"?  This profile on her work says she went to George Fox University and now she's at USC (University of Southern California, which is some bizarre hub for Middleton enthusiasts).

Here is this woman, who is highly connected to the Bechtolds, and then military, contacting me only after she started working at a "Behavorial Health" place.  NUTS.  That's who.  Kate Middleton is specializing in all kinds of dirty work.  Who would tell Reverman to even contact me except for the same asshole who tried to kill me and raped me later?   She is working for the Oregon Army National Guard.

Does this stink to anyone?  Who is she "guarding"?  Tony Roos?  Bechtolds?  Middleton's reputation?  She went to college in 2008 for behavioral health (it's good to have a psychologist in the drug family, isn't it?) at George Fox and is now working on her MSW at USC (since 2011).

Holli Reverman was into witchcraft, psychic work, and drugs.  I am not at all surprised she joined the Army.  Did she join the same year Roos joined?

I wouldn't be surprised to find out it's Robin Bechtold's kid.  He was spending more time with her before she was pregnant, though she did have a boyfriend she did drugs with, so possibly it was her boyfriend.  Robin had a sudden interest in her after she was pregnant though.

Well, my friends, since I got to the part about Roos and Reverman joining? the Army? at the same time, every link to her sites is being guarded by the "national guard" people who, of course, are never accessing what I do online.  I just tried all of the links connected to her name and it's telling me "the link is broken". 

(I'm shouting now):  "IS THAT THE TRUST LINK??????"

So it's great, we have all kinds of government workers whacking and hacking.  Pardon me if I throw in some dramatics while I expose criminals who have tried to kill me.  Sweet sugar Holli.

Hey guys, do we have enough for Criminal Conspiracy yet?  Are we there yet?  Are we there now?  When are we going to be there?  FRAUD.  I don't like your fraud Holli, and Tony, and Janet, and Robin, and Kate.  Kate and Holli are friends. 

So I guess I was supposed to reply to Holli's email, and get another person in the "mental health" field to validate assassins and discredit me. 

I just found out my power to my fridge and freezer were disconnected so most of my food was ruined.  It was done earlier today in retaliation for things I've written that are true.  It is only the military that disconnects my fridge.  Like I was saying, any possible way this country thinks they can create problems to suck money from us, even for food, they do.  This is why my Dad was drilling a well for water at our other place when he already knew it was saltwater--it was an excuse for someone else to make money and for my parents to lose liquid cash.  I think it was about $3,000.  I guess that's not too bad really, considering it was $3,000 for my arm surgery in Moses Lake, WA.  I think my parents had to pay off the doctor and the hospital too, and I know the police were stopping us all the time, causing my Mom to burst into tears.

So here is the plan to use "The Year of the Snake" as some kind of "scheme" for how to get rid of me (my opinion).  Just as this country organized for me to be assaulted in Tennessee and then prevented me from leaving the country, got Kate married, and then killed Osama, they encouraged Kate to wait until the "Year of the Snake" to have her public kid so it looked "cool".  Afterall, Japan and some of these people who follow horoscope things, give her a "sign" of "serpent-bearer" so how cool OR WHAT to have her kid as "the serpent-bearer"  (oh mighty woman of micky) in the "year of the snake"!  how absolutely fabulous.  I really can't say that it was actually William of Wales I saw humping her during the Olympics, but oh well, we can wonder.  Er, after the Olympics. 

So she wants the double snake theme for herself.  The sign of serpent-bearer is supposedly about a person who wrestles with a snake and tries to win but it's always equal.  Then, supposedly another version is that the snake is subdued under the person's power.  The year of the snake is supposedly all things about the snake and then a fight at the end to kill the snake and the snake is dead. My theory is that if Kate Middleton is deliberately waiting until the middle of the year of the snake to have a kid, she is then hoping to appeal to Japanese and other mystics who would love the idea of a "showdown" where she has a child and then, of course, kills a snake.  Since her friend Alvaro had buddies in Colombia portraying ME as a snake clutching my son, my guess is that she wants to capitalize on all-things-drugs-and-feds and have something happen to me.  Of course, she could be the "cover" for the fact that a lot of people have possibly other motives for wanting to kill me.  But since she's connected to the feds and DEA crew, she'll go with that.  For one thing, microsoft and some Eastern Indian tech was trying to scare me off by claiming they had "research" my account and make sure "cameocares" was really my account.  They blocked me from getting into my own account even though I gave them validation of my ID from the FBI.  Then all these people keep trying to pressure me to leave, but of course, not as an established surrogate with money first.  I'm supposed to leave with nothing, so that then I can be killed.  Why else would the White House even issue that notice about how they will kill any U.S. citizen they think is connected to someone they don't like?  That way, if a U.S. citizen shows up dead after going abroad, we're all to think they are "bad" and "terrorists"?  How does the U.S. answer to attempting to KILL their own U.S. citizen, on U.S. soil, multiple times, and then torturing them and kidnapping the child?

How exactly does this country answer.

As to my research at the Catholic abbey, one of the things I talked about there and with even Protestant pastors was an idea about Jesus and sin and the passage about "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me" and how this paralleled the serpent being raised up and then those who looked on it would be healed.

Seems to me like someone is organizing a swap.  We can be really cool and first think of the Old Testament and the staff raised for healing (oh yeah!) and Katie can oh so delicately lift up...her little winkies body fer the baptism.  lift up the serpent you serpent-bearer you.  And then! we can go to the NEW TESTAMENT (heh heh heh) and "lift up" the "snake onto the cross"  (you know, Kill JESUS, or in someone's idea, kill the imposter SNAKE who said they were king and never were).

It's not like some of the military Catholics and others don't remember the things I talked about, and my ideas in 2000.

So what's the plan?  Kate arranges to have her kid in the middle of the year, to represent Jews, and then the rest go about hoping to kill me?  That way, she can lift up her "child" and then do something horrific to me to represent putting someone to the stake, but of course, to them it's waving around the killed thing, like a prize from a hunting spree.  That way, it would just be SO beautiful and meaningful and exquisite.  Ooooh!

If anything happens to me, that is bad, after all the things already done, we know it's premeditated and planned with careful thought.

My own idea, in 2000, had nothing to do with astrology, for the record.  I was looking at dogma and religious doctrine and history and nothing else.  What I've done, is natural, and what is done to me, is organized crime.

We can even contemplate how Kate got "sick" and showed up at the hospital, emerging victorious! and her nurse, "lifted up".  Hmm.  The start of a great year, I see.  "And when you were still in my womb, winkie, there was an omen to portune to your fyoo-tchah!"

Back to my parents being framed in assassination attempts of me, when I asked my Dad about it, tonight, he didn't answer.  He wouldn't open the door, and I said I didn't want to talk through the door and he wouldn't open it.  He said I'd just find something wrong with his eyes or face and go blog about it.  So I asked through the door, "Did you get framed for assassination attempts against me?"  He said, "Like I'm going to answer that."  I said "Well, there is nothing else that could explain all of this-- things done to me.  And you and Mom have to lie."  I added, "Why is it that important to kill me?"

I walked over this bridge we have and looked over and noticed all of the cut grass that was floating in the river. 

It involves drugs, but it is not just that.

A troop of a "stinger" on an iraqi helicopter"?  Give me a break.

I guess it's the 1992 10 best that uses this description.  I'll get into the rest of all of this later.

Updated 3/29/13:  this part may be insignificant but maybe not.  Holli Reverman was also living in Oldtown, Idaho when she was featured in this article about "Lilly" the Siberian tiger (which is featured on the U.S. stamp created by an assassin defender's wife):

One year later, Char Garrett, my cousin, was being impregnanted by Mike Killian, and they were naming their daughter "Lily".  In 2012, when I last saw them, it had been 7 years ago, right before my son and I were tortured.  He works for the aerospace defense industry and is connected to England and Ireland.  According to some adoptee request posted online, by a person named Holli Reverman, there is a claim Holli was born in Spokane Valley, and adopted.  She looks like Keri Godfrey, from Sherwood High School and maybe she was moved to go to school there to be next to someone she didn't know she was related to.  Both of them are into psychic work, but I'm not saying they are related--they just have the same nose.

I don't know why Kate Middleton wanted lily-of-the-valley in her wedding bouquet, but she's not from a valley and she certaintly "got by with a little help" from her U.S. friends.  Holli in Idaho then places a friend of assassins (who tried to kill ME) in Idaho and with a connection to Spokane as well.  Killian positioned himself next to my cousin.  He told me his mother was an English citizen, adopted by Americans. 

As to who Holli Reverman's relatives, she wanted to know in 1999 and she possibly had found out.  Placing a relative next to another relative without their knowing is something U.S. government would do.  It's a distinctive nose, so there has to be a relation with similiar noses.  Keri Godfrey has that nose, and I think Cori McCune (related to Marshall Mathers--Eminem, who is possibly FBI and went to England), and I can't think, off the top of my head, who else.  If she's related to Keri and Keri is related to Jennifer Godfrey, involved with CPS over my son's case, that puts an indirect link between assassins who tried to kill me, with friends and family of people who later kidnapped my son and manipulated the system to steal him from me permanently.  Jennifer Godfrey was Michelle Erickson's supervisor and they hated me.  They did everything in their power to obstruct justice and were determined to steal my son.

U.S. Conspiracy to Murder Citizens

The U.S., as I've explained, has tried to kill me multiple times, and has colluded with international rings.  The evidence is in the car "accidents":  forcing me off the road; hijacking my car to roll it, and a planned hit-and-run and that is only some of the evidence.  The other evidence is that in just these 3 attempts, the same people (or their associates) are involved. 

This is perhaps the least of my problems, but these federal employees can't keep their hands off of anything that's not theirs.  I just went out into my garden and most of my plants are gone, as in, they were dug up and stolen.

Someone stole my raspberry plant over a year ago, and it was the only one I had, and then they came over to my house, and dug up and stole every single one of my mature artichokes except for one.  I had five of them and one of them sort of wilted over the winter, but the rest were spaced apart specifically to create a border against the back, and they were all healthy and one of them was already 1 foot tall or a little less.

So I went out there, and all of them were stolen, so now I have no back border for my garden anymore, and they take a long time before they are 4 feet tall and spread out together.  I specifically spaced them apart knowing how much room they needed.

This country stole all of them.  I say "this country" because the only people doing this are U.S. federal employees. 

Then, at the same time, they spread "Mary Washington" asparagus into the middle of my garden.  They put "Mary Washington" asparagus concentrated in clumps down a line in the middle of my garden, and then put the same thing into the spaces where my artichoke plants were.  They are planted in clumps, like someone dug a hole or there was one there after they stole my artichoke, and then they threw some asparagus seeds in.

I planted my own asparagus last year, in a specific section of my garden, and it can be invasive, but it not spread out in that kind of pattern, in "clumps" and then down the middle of my garden in a perfect line, in clumps, but a straight line.

I'm sick of this.

This country ruins every single thing I do.  This garden was not for decorative purposes, though I created a layout for it, that was beautiful, which is why I had an entire border of artichoke.  It is also for food.

The federal government has used my entire life, and this garden, and where I live, as a "test site" for their federal research projects, and they take what they want, which has been all of my personal property and mementos, and they give them to others. 

I just went outside to look at my garden and found this, and got some carrots and someone was watching me the entire time, to see which carrots I picked out and how many of the plants I took up. Basically, some bizarre game over predicting how many of the "feathery fern" carrot plants I pulled out of the ground after they stole my feathery plant artichokes at the back of my garden.

No one just "got rid of" those artichoke plants I had.  They didn't wilt, or get eaten by deer, or thrown to the side.  They stole them and moved them.

Now I have no symmetry at the back of the garden, and no border for the retaining wall I had to make sure that hillside was stable, and it's ugly. And I have no potential for an artichoke harvest with one plant that isn't even going to produce artichokes until years later.

This country ruined every single goal and aspect I had for even something like a row of artichokes.  I didn't throw it together--I put thought into what I was doing and this disgusting government needs to be nuked.

We are forced to live in a concentration camp where they use it as a test-site for forcing us to work and then ruining any kind of work we attempt.  This country has paid money for hits against me, several times, and then settled for torturing me and lying about me.  They forced me to stay in this country when I tried to leave, to literally escape torture and assault and permanent harm to my body to both me and my son, and this country already had a trap laid out in Canada with people they knew who had been in on the assassination attempts to start with.  They kidnapped my son.  They have ruined every single thing that there is, that is good, for me.  They did this to me when I was completely innocent and thought everyone was my friend, and then they did this to me later, after I wasn't exactly perfect or in the same way, but still deserved to have enough respect to live a normal life with my son.

This country has deliberately organized federal gang-rape of me, and paid for it.

So if it seems like I am over-reacting, I'm not.  They can't even keep their hands to themselves to let me have a private garden, on what I had assumed was my parent's private property.  I'm beginning to believe it's not even theirs and is owned by the government.  They have controlled every single thing about my parent's lives.

My mother has all of her credit cards being held by the U.S.   For years I thought my parents had some assets and property, but all of it appears to be federally controlled.  My Dad told me, over a year ago, when I first showed up and said what is going on, he said, "If they tell us to move, we move; they tell us where to live and when to move and we do."  Basically, he admitted to me, before all of us were tortured worse, that their lives are 100% controlled by the U.S. federal government.  It wasn't said in religious terms like, "If God wants us to be missionaries one day, we might leave".  It was told to me, the way it is.  They are forced to follow federal "orders".

I believe the federal government is controlling the property, and using it for their own purposes.  They control all liquid assets or flow and credit cards, because I noticed when I tried to sign up my mother to receive $10 from me for her referral to their business, they were not "allowing" any money to go to her.  So if 5 different friends of hers all got refered to "Vitacost" in Boca Raton, Florida, and this company was saying for each referral they'd give my Mom $10 or $10 off a purchase with them, if my mother had $50 coming to her in cash or discount, she was being blocked from getting it.  So anyone else could take advantage of the "referal reward", but not her.  What it means, is that every single way they force my mother or me or someone out of getting a discount like that, that is then liquid cash that they are forced to use instead.  Which means there is less money to keep in savings to leave this country with.

So ruining my garden, which is a way I would save money by not having to use as much cash to buy groceries at the store, is for the same reason.

This is also why the U.S. has attempted to obstruct me from being a surrogate.  They don't want me to have cash.

They are doing the exact same thing with my parents.

This country first attempted to obstruct me from having business in Oregon, and it was in 2003 or 2004, I think 2004, that I was being told I could not get a credit card.

The FBI was deliberately obstructing me from having any kind of credit card, at all.  I hadn't had one up to that point, because I wanted to pay from the black, not the red.  I was raised by parents who told me, or were telling me (now I know, it was more U.S. federal government brainwashing and attempt to control me) not to get credit cards or be "in debt".  So I paid in cash for everything. 

I then realized credit cards were used as a form of establishing credit, and since I'd sold my house (on good credit), I decided it would be good to have a credit card.  This country blocked me from obtaining a credit card.

I tried signing up for all of the major credit cards, through Oregon offers, and every single one of them was denied even though there was no reason to deny me.  Then the FBI worked with Bullivant and Judges that worked for them, to slap me with a lien to ruin my credit, when they were responsible for obstructing my travel, and this country had been trying to kill me again and was torturing me by triggering migraine.

It was anti-competition and the U.S. federal government committed these crimes, for purposes of controlling me and ending my lawsuits.  They didn't want me to have money of my own, or for lawsuits, and they blocked me from the $50,000 in PIP that I was owed by Farmer's for the Department of Justice arranged "hit and run" in 2003, and they blocked me from getting any credit card.

That was in 2004.

I have some questions.  Is Schneider connected to the Roos family.  Tony Roos.  Oh yeah, her boyfriend, Ryan Barnes, was only fluent in Japanese wasn't he.  (the same Japan that John V Roos and Susan Roos became "Ambassadors" for in 2009).  You know, Tony Roos.  Just one of the guys that tried to kill me.  What have we here?! a connection between 2 assassination attempts???!! MY how I fly.

Secondly, is the U.S. Army affiliated man who ordered that I be assaulted with Haldol in Nashville, TN, is he connected to Tony Roos?  Roos, Bechtold, or Mormons in business with them?  I know Amy Roe is connected to QUITE a few federal employees.  What about Stubblefield, the cop.  And how about Canada's "border patrol" that forced me to sign a lie, and the U.S. border patrol that colluded with them to entrap me.

We DO know Tony Roos was in the U.S. Army, just like the man at the "psych ward" was, who ordered that I be tortured and ruined with Haldol.

That assassination attempt involving Roos occured when I left Robin Bechtold's house and it implicates the Bechtolds.  After I met Mike Nichols, the Canadian-born person who was adopted by presumably FBI, he started wearing a jacket that was identical to the one Robin Bechtold wore.  I ended up in a tree, after the assassination attempt against me in 1992.  After Nichols tried to kill me, and was willing to kill himself in the process, his Dad went to Nevada, and planted a tree.  Loreena McKennitt, who I've discovered had access somehow to music I was writing or melodies I was putting together at my house in Sherwood, has a song on one of her CDs called "two trees".  Maybe that has nothing to do with anything, but along the way, U.S. federal state-sponsored hits against me have been celebrated and symbolized.  The third time there was a hit-and-run, I was t-boned.  It was done deliberately when I was turning and the side of my car was exposed to the oncoming car.  Three "trees".  This does not include other assassination attempts against me.

There is a wire that wraps around necks and chokes them to death, through each of those attempts against me.  The United States Government has tried to kill me several times and has been torturing me for 8 years at severe levels and before that, at levels to disrupt work and college.  They have coordinated with international mafias and used Mike Middleton as a hired hitman in at least one case. 

Friends I thought were friends, were not really friends.  Even Monica Allen had been best friends with Erica Wiltbank before she met me and then she was hanging out more with Geoff Rasmussen than me after high school.  She was also best friends with Erica throughout jr. high.  Her Mom, Rebecca Allen, even turned colors later, after she asked me to go with her to check on Monica, from that point forward, she looked like she'd gotten something out of it and completely changed (in 2005).  I don't even know if possibly that was a set-up too.  If so, it's linked to FBI and other federal employees. 

I think Geoff was periodically "checking" to see if I had figured anything out since 2005.  He kept asking me if I wanted to be in touch with Monica, and told me he was, and then he'd wait for me to say yes and then not give me her contact information.  He did this many times and it seems to be another display of his passive-aggressive nature and wanting to make sure I didn't know what my parents already knew: that they were all in on it together.  Killers.  Tim Henderson's role was to defame through cops, and he himself is possibly a cop. 

Nathan Allen (Monica's brother) and Eliza Bechtold were friends in school too, Eliza is Robin Bechtold's sister.

Tony the "tiger".  Any questions why the United States federal government issued tiger stamps and Madonna & child stamps with someone that looked like Kate Middleton, at the same time?  If you look at the magazine the United States federal government published for these stamps, they are listed back-to-back.  Mmm hmm.  That's right girl.

The stamp was designed by a woman whose husband defends hired assassins.  That man is Greg Craig and the woman who created the "Siberian Amur cub" stamp is Derry Noyes (Highland address in D.C.).  An Amur tiger.  I think Tony was an Amman, Jordan tiger, don't you?  Noyes' husband defended a man over an assassination attempt of President Ronald Reagan.  So it's not like he doesn't know anything about assassination attempts.  What a perfect person to have on Middleton's side.  A lawyer--who defends hired hitmen.  He's defended CIA director Richard Helms and the FBI too.  His father was "dean of students" for Stanford University.  OH HELLO DOLLY.  So Amy Roe, and John and Susan Roos, and Sandy the English-psychics professor, and all of these people are connected to Stanford?  Greg Craig also went to the University of Cambridge.

But of course, after 20 years, who would have thought I'd mention Tony Roos?  This is SO much FUN.  The other woman who worked on it was Nancy Stahl, who has worked  in NY, L.A. and studied at University of Arizona (where, of course, Lynda Carter went to school).  Carol Alt too? I am not sure where she is from.  The other name for the Amur is "panthera tigris altaica".  So on the other side of the ad, in the U.S. post office magazine, we have Raphael from The Walters Museum (Maryland, where Carter lives) with a Madonna that looks like Kate Middleton holding a 1 yr old.  The stamp was issued September 20, in 2011.  At the same time, they put out a "tiger and rhinocerous" stamp.  Because Tony the Tiger and Rhino are friends.  Africa's white rhino (Kate Middleton went to visit them before she married, and with her allergies, her "rhinitis", how apropo.  Katie the little rhino, D.C.'s "princess").  The byline says protecting Africa's white rhino also "stems the loss of tigers".  Aren't we all so clever?  we must be, you see, if we are working for the U.S. federal government and encouraging, inciting, and paying for assassination attempts.  We, the federal employees, all think it is so "fun" and clever to give a little nod here-and-there, a tipping of the hat shall we say, for cruel crimes of torture against children like Oliver Garrett, and the multiple assassination attempts and degradation of Cameo Garrett.

How FUN it must be.

I can list 3 assassination attempts against me involving vehicles, all of them connected to the same people in the U.S. federal government.

That's not to mention stealing my song ideas, international incitement to deflower me (by rape if necessary, for cash), gang-rape by federal employees, and torture as a means of trying to discredit me, run me out of work, and shut me up after 2 attempts were made against me, one in which I could identify at least the cars (because I unexpectedly survived) and the other in which I could identify the driver (Mike, because  I survived unexpectedly again).  Better do something fast.  Aha, let's take her to Salt Lake City hospital.  How to "stent" a witness and victim of state-sponsored planned assassination attempts.

Tony Roos, Amy Roe, Christa Schneider, Ryan Barnes, Alicia Nakata, Mike Middleton--they are all connected to Japan and to the U.S. federal government and all of them, to assassination attempts of me.  So yes, some people in Japan DO know.

1st hitman Tony Roos knows Geoff Rasmussen and Robin Bechtold, connects to Middleton and California and Ambassadors to Japan Roos>connects to 2nd hitman Mike Nichols (Canadian-FBI-Middleton) alum in Lake Oswego>connects to Ryan Barnes, Japanese-fluent Lake Oswego alum businessman>connects to 3rd hitman Schneider Department of Justice>...

And that's not all.

I'm not including the "back-up help" involved in defaming me, and implanting me with microchips, and creating false arrests to smear me, out of their paranoia of being discovered.

It's RICO and the problem is, it's BY the U.S.  It is conspiracy to murder.  This does not even include the other things done to me.  I have a case against the United States for conspiracy to murder me.  So of course, this is concrete proof of motive to torture me and want to lie about me and say I'm mentally ill when I'm not.  It is also why the U.S. attempted to get me to "join" them when they were afraid I might "get away" and expose them for what they've done, after they tortured me and my son and kidnapped him.

It is impossible for my son to be raised in the U.S.

I think, if I'm remembering correctly, even Tim Henderson had something to do with Japan. I think he studied Japanese.  He showed up after the 2nd assassination attempt against me (I'm sure there were more earlier but for description now...), which was the hijacking of my car by Nichols.  Nichols was connected to Ryan Barnes who was Lake Oswego alumni like Nichols and fluent in Japanese.  Janet Bechtold was also friends with Japanese, as Sherwood High had them as the sister country and she gave them videotapes of me without my consent.  Nichols and Barnes (the Japanese-fluent one) both went to Lake Oswego, and Christa Schneider already knew my family.  The Schneiders already knew who we were so they had their contacts with L.O. already.  Not to mention how Josh Gatov gets involved.  So when Tim Henderson started approaching Monica, it was after he was studying Japanese (like Gatov said he was too), and it was after he was moving to Oregon from California (where Bechtold's mafias are).  The Mormon mafias have connections with all of them.  Even reporter Amy Roe, who had the privilege of defaming me, was connected to Japan and all she ever carried with her or wore, or wrote on, was "Hello Kitty" (japanese brand) items; she was educated at Stanford like Greg Craig, the defender of assassins (who has a daughter named Eliza, by the way).

I hope the lawyer who told me, "Your problems are federal" has his bags packed and is ready to relocate to a new country.  No wonder no one wanted to tell me who was involved.  All this time, huge groups of people knew and joked about it with inside symbolism and messages between eachother.

I can name Japan, Russia (some Russians, on Middletons-Karin-Maiers side), Canada, England, Italy, Spain, and Israel, as being involved with some of their professionals.  Some Eastern Indians or Muslims I suppose, but taking orders from U.S. Army. 

Hi Panetta.  Leon Panetta.

Robin Bechtold's family knew Mike Nichols.  I told them about my plans before we were going too.  I told them at their house and Robin knew in advance, as did Geoff.  I remember Robin told me later the reason he didn't call me to see how I was doing when I almost died and was seriously injured, was because, "My Mom told me not to call you."  He had been talking to me before I left, and then he never called or sent a card, for 1 full year.  Why would Janet Bechtold think it's fine for him to talk to me before an assassination attempt, but not after?

Oh.  Oops.  It failed.

Not only that, during that time, someone was coaching Robin and let him know I was implanted with microchips from that accident-forward.  So he knew anything he said to me might go on some record or be overheard by someone, so he was careful to plan out what he was doing and what he was going to say first.

He told me, "I was in college and I heard the news and really wanted to call you but my Mom told me not to."

I had almost died, and had a broken neck.  But BEFORE the assassination attempt, it's okay to visit.  Not later.  Not afterwards of course.  Nervous jitters and all.  When he later called me, for any reason, it was "I need someone to pick me up from the airport."  He had me acting as his taxi.  He asked me for 2 different things:  to pick him up from the airport, and to drive him to the mall.   And that was it, until he raped me and made sure it didn't sound like rape.  Oh, he DID want to meet Pamp Maiers and people from "The Penninsula" which is where all the feds lived.

This is someone who was obsessed with me.  Robin was.  He wrote me notes in class all the time in high school, and told me, "Erik says I'm whipped."  I said what do you mean, and he said, "In love."  Whatever.  Geoff pretended to hate him but they were working together.  He was constantly calling me, wanting to see me, writing notes to pass me in the hall in school, tapping on my shoulder on the bus to talk to me, and then later, after feeling rejected he was writing passive-aggressive notes refering to cyanide and making homemade bombs to throw around.  He got into it and this was a pasttime for a long time--bomb-making.  So while he had these bomb making and throwing events, he was still calling me and telling me he was in love with me and wanted me to marry him.  I already knew I wouldn't marry him and I didn't want to.  The passive-aggressive poems were in 1992 and so was the bomb-making.  It's not like he wasn't being trained by the government or anything. It wasn't like they just did it for a class project.  They did it as long as I knew them in high school, until graduation.  Bomb-making 101.  So if you need someone to tie a bomb under your car, give Lenny Schwabe or Robin Bechtold a call.  And he was writing disturbing poetry that Nancy McCusker appreciated.    He got very nervous about that, after the hijacking by Mike Nichols failed.  He called me specifically to ask me to burn his poems.  I mean, when he finally did call, a year later.  He was acting weird and nervous.  I now know he wanted to cover his tracks.

I could go on.  But yeah, these people are all inter-connected to assassination attempts of me and the reason why I'm tortured and it's even possible to begin with.  Their "case", as Michelle Erickson liked to inform me, "is air-tight".  Tight as a bomb?  Robin played "tight-end" in high school football.

I think he played tight-end to the runningback, and who is that?  Interestingly, tight-end is abbreviated in football as "TE". 

Three trees anyone?  Or 2 trees and 1 T-bone and a lot of gang rape.

Tony Roos now works at "Cardno", an alliance between U.S. Army-Australia, which is funny, because after I criticized Robin Bechtold for going to Australia on credit cards, I was blocked by feds from getting any credit cards.  Not even one.

1995 was the second attempt to kill me which then permanently crippled me, for life, because of this country's illegal use of microchips through NASA and the VA participation in my surgery in Utah.  That same year, someone in Japan proposed changing the astrological signs to embrace December 9, Kate Middleton's birthdate, as serpent-bearer instead of Sagittarius (archer).  It is to celebrate the number 13.  Any ideas?

I should add, when I was later taken as a hostage and injected with almost-lethal amounts of Haldol, it was at the order of doctors who are connected to these assassination attempts.  When I was released, after a week of injections and overdoses of pills twice a day, it was a Japanese doctor who came around the corner to see me and mock me to my face.

Yeah.  Rule with your "heart" Katie. Er, William.  Oh, wait, your Jupiter.  In 1995, some proposed your "ruler", Katie, that was so benevolent to your position, be doctors.  As in, Utah doctors.  then Wenatchee doctors, and at least one Japanese doctor wanted to get in on the symbolism, by showing up to mock me in Tennessee.  Katies "kisses":  poison.  She "receives" those her father's friends call "snakes" after her Dad fails to kill them.  She thought she was taking me into the Middleton "fold" in D.C., to try to entrap me, and that's after her parents had the bright idea of being involved with Canada.

I am not the "snake".  Is this public kid supposed to be her little "snakee-poo"?  How exactly did my parents get blackmailed into not telling anyone about our being tortured unless someone tried to frame them to make it look like one of the twins was part of the attempt to assassinate me?  Her Dad is a hitman for the U.S.  Obviously, the Sherwood "archers" thought they had something on my parents to try to pull me away from living with them.  2 obvious assassination attempts by 1995 and my parents blackmailed into silence by assasins.