Sunday, March 24, 2013

I Want Out Of This Country

I want out of this country. My entire life has been a set-up for nothing but misery and all of the intelligence communities are behind it, even including international bets waged to rape me, which resulted in pay-outs of money.

The entire time I've lived here, it has been as nothing more than a monkey in a cage.

This country has literally exploited and abused me to that degree, to the point where I would identify with a monkey, locked in a cage and under observation its entire life, more than any human being.

This country tortured me from the time I was born, and marked my life for misery and, they hoped, jail. To start, I am sure they marked me for something else, otherwise they wouldn't have raped me. This country deliberately sponsored federal rapes against me for the purpose of exploiting and using me for the federal government as either a sex spy, or for government sex work. If they had succeeded in having me marry early, their point was going to be to have my virginity lost that way, or some deep disappointment or shock, and then have federal agents rape me and exploit me.

I know they wanted me "out of the way" of someone in particular, or they wouldn't have tried to have me take low-level work and marry so young, to be "unavailable" or free on my own.

Maybe they were always drugging me, and needed to marry me off to a willing druggist.

I've lived alone most of my life, and cooked my own food, and I wasn't being drugged and nothing was wrong with me. I also was not a "boy" who someone had to turn into a "girl" or any kind of hermadaphrite (sp?) person who had ambiguous genitals. There was nothing wrong with my body structure. My pelvis was narrow because it's narrow for some women, and in the past, these women died in childbirth. It's nothing new or unique. It's womanly, and there is nothing wrong with it. It's not as though I was a "man" who had a sex change at birth and then couldn't have kids or something. I am a woman whose pelvis was too narrow, and as I just said, would have died, like many other women in history, in childbirth.

Every single thing this country has done that is illegal or amounts to crime, always has some other "natural" sounding substitution for it. It's not that my genitals were rearranged from federal rape and rape by elders as a kid, of course not; this country gives a suggestion to someone that maybe I had a secret surgery for change in genital assignment or something. If it's not one thing, it's another. But this one, this "idea", I've seen pop up more than once in the last year or so. It's a government cover. It's called "misinformation", which is something the CIA is really good at.

This country allowed other people to make money off of me as well, while they imprisoned me, and kept me down for failure. There was nothing I was allowed to do, because what can one do when tortured by military technology?

After the international bet to rape me, to "de-flower" me, in 1992, I was almost killed in an assassination attempt. That international bet was made between England, Canada, and the U.S. and these are the countries participating in joint coordination for MKUltra. The person whose truck I saw, was Tony Roos. I had just been leaving Robin Bechtold's house. Tony Roos went to work for the U.S. Army after that, for 8 years, and then he got a job with the Transportation department in building "bridges" for an Australian-U.S. Army company based out of Australia which is where Robin Bechtold has contacts. Robin Bechtold spent a summer in Australia in 1994. So while Tony Roos was in the U.S. Army in 1994, Robin was in Australia. Tony Roos's job is now with a U.S. Army-Australian transportation company, that "builds bridges". Kate Middleton is, of course, aptly named "Duchess of Cambridge" which might be about England's "Cambridge" of course, and then again, considering she's with the U.S. federal government and the U.S. has paid her welfare, it's sort of a tribute to those who built "bridges" to entrap me and try to assassinate me, for her.

Not only was the U.S. Army involved with Australia and Roos and Bechtold, they had a part in Jordan's stability and Middleton worked with them when Katie was 2 years old. He's been working with The Huss and the U.S. military as long as he's been an air traffic controller. His father before him worked in Canada, with the U.S. and the U.S. paid them the favor of giving Katie a U.S. welfare check at cost to other actual U.S. citizens.

While Tony was building bridges in the Army and Robin was building bridges in Australia, I was then under another assasination attempt. Canada and the U.S. tried to kill me again through Mike Nichols, who was adopted to live with FBI (I believe) parents, and who was born to Canadian parents. He knew how to drive and I saw that he knew what he was doing when he leveraged my car to flip, after refusing to stop when I kept asking him to. He obviously didn't care if he killed himself in the process--his objective was to kill me, and it must have been important to someone, or group, for him to have done this. There is no possible way it was "an accident".

He was from Lake Oswego, which is possibly where Madame Kashi, the Sherwood High School French teacher who knew Janet Bechtold, was also living. Karin was from Quebec and living in another part of the country by that time, with a relative working for the FBI. I believe she was already in NYC, by 1995, at the time of the 2nd assassination attempt against me. Stephanie moved. She moved to NYC and I think it was in 1995. Her housemate at EOU was "Tashi", wait, it was "Tasha". Sort of similiar to Kashi, and strange how she became friends with Stephanie but anyway.

At the same time an alumni from Southern California University, who went to college the same approximate time another person from Jordan went, and was being trained by U.S. Army, was living in Utah. He was a Mormon who decided to give a large private donation after my surgery at Salt Lake City. He was a former international diplomacy advisor, an advisor to a President on foreign affairs, if I'm not mixing up Huntsman with Baine. My surgery was done at a hospital which did rotations with the Veterans Hospital. I then had my head stitched later, in my private room with the door closed, by a dark-haired man who looked like a cross between Michael Clark (PSU professor) and Louis Freeh (FBI director). I could point him out if I saw his photo in a line-up. I had a hunch he knew Janet Bechtold. I know, without checking, that I'm right.

After an international bet to rape me, and 2 assassination attempts, the U.S. decided to torture me.

The U.S. Army has always been involved.

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