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My Prenatal Book List (100+ titles)

Oh oops, 4 titles girl? You go. Just some insider fun. This is going to be my post that includes all of the books I read in preparation for the birth of my son Oliver. I will be updating this list as I come across more of the books I actually read. I am not exaggerating. Some of the books have different editions, so I'm not going to worry about which edition I read, I'll just list the books and their titles. I'm including the pre-conception, fertility, prenatal, nutrition, and child development books I read. I won't include all of the sites and research I did online here, just the books, to start. The pre-conception and fertility books I read after I was already pregnant, because I figured some of the information mattered. It does, because if you're interested in preserving your fertility, you care enough to educate yourself. Dontcha? Some of these books I read and/or checked out more than one time. Most of them were from the library, and some were books I read at bookstores or bought. These are listed in no particular order. Basically, the same depth I put into my lawsuits, I applied to educating myself about prenatal and child development. Most of these books can be easily confirmed by the library report. I wouldn't lie when I know the federal government already obtained copies of it. I read all of these books, and no, I'm not exaggerating. When I worked on my lawsuits, I read even more books than this, because it was over 2 years time, but not always the whole book, sometimes sections, but often, the entire book. This song came on the radio, "Everybody talks big" so I thought I'd add again, no, I'm not joking. All of the CPS and parenting experts they threw my way were idiots. They had read fewer books, knew fewer of the child development theories, and had none of the hands-on experience I had with kids. They were absolute, total, idiots. I was in a literal Village of Idiots. I even read books about miscarriage and problems, to find out what to avoid during my pregnancy and next pregnancies because I'm not done yet. I am having more children of my own, and I don't need to say "I've completed my family" in order to be a gestational surrogate. This seems to be the catch-phrase for surrogates who advertise themselves to prospective IPs, this is their assurance they won't want their kid--I'm done with my own family... I am not done. If I wanted to lie and use a phrase that "works" I would, but why should I lie when I can have the motives and know myself well enough to know why I want to do something. I am not a fraud. I am one of the most authentic individuals someone might meet. I want to be a gestational surrogate and I also want more kids of my own, as a single mother. I WISH to be a single mother. I want my son and I will raise other kids if I want, and then, if someone comes along, or inadvertently happens along the way that's great. I resent what the "2 parents--a mother and a father" people spewed to me as they took my son from the best mother there was, and used him for research. Books:

1. Eating Well When You're Expecting/Heidi Murkoff
2. Before We Are Born/Keith L. Moore
3. Immaculate Deception: a new look at women & childbirth/Suzanne Arms
4. Natural Pregnancy: a practicall holistic guide to wellbeing from conception to birth/Janet Balaskas
5. The Birth Book/William Sears & Martha Sears
6. What To Expect When You're Expecting/Arlene Einberg
7. The Complete Book of Pregnancy & Childbirth/Sheila Kitzinger
8. Taking Care of Your Child/Robert Pantell
9. Mayo Clinic Guide To A Healthy Pregnancy/MayoClinic
10. Safe and Sound: how to prevent the most common childhood emergencies/Elena Bosque & Sheila Watson
11. You and Your Baby Pregnancy/Dr. Laurra Riley
12. The Girlfriend's Guide To Pregnancy/Vicki Lovine
13. The Happiest Baby On The Block/Harvy Karp, M.D.
14. A Child Is Born/Lennart Nilsson, Lous Hamberger (I checked this one out several times at the Wenatchee library)
15. Taking Charge of Your Fertility/Toni Weschler
16. Belly Laughs: the naked truth about pregnancy and childbirth/Jenny McCarthy Gotcha Katie. Before ya. U Jealous whore. torturing children out of's the pot industry? What do you do instead of cocaine Kates? let's get naked photos of me out there and then I'll wear a bird-brain hat to court okay? jeepers look at those peepers.
17. What's Going On In There? how the brain and mind develop in the 1st 5 years of life/Lise Eliot
18. The Birth Book/Sears
19. Birthing From Within: an extraordinary guide to childbirth preparations/Pam England, Rob Horowitz
20. Your Pregnancy: Week by Week/Curtis
21. The Official Lamaze Guide: giving birth with confidence/Lamaze
22. The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding/La Leche
23. Prenatal Tests: what they are, their benefits and risks, and how to decide to use them or not/Robin Blatt
24. When Pregnancy Fails/Susan Borg
25. What Every Pregnant Woman Should Know: the truth about diet and drugs in pregnancies/Brewer
26. Babies, Breastfeeding, and Bonding/Ina May Gaskin
27. Your Fertility Signals: using them to acheive or avoid pregnancy naturally/Merryl Winstein
28. The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers: the most comprehensive problem-solving guide to breastfeeding/Jack Newman-Pitman
29. You: having a baby/Michael Roizen
30. Your Baby's First Year/American Academy of Pediatrics
31. The Mozart Effect/Don Campbell
32. Your Best Birth/Ricki Lake
33. What To Expect The First Year
34. The Whole Pregnancy Handbook: an obstetricians guide to integrating conventional and alternative science before, during, and after pregnancy/Joel Evans and Robin Aronson
35. The EVERYTHING pregnancy nutrition book: what to eat to ensure a healthy pregnancy/Kimberly A Tessmer (I checked this out more than once)

These are some of the books I found when I first looked up books to find/refind the books I've read. It took about an hour because I had to make sure they were actually books I'd read, and I read several times more than this so I'll do more searches and add the titles as they are found. I got some really great alternative books.

One of them, was great, and then the library took it away. I asked where it was and they told me "It's too controversial for us". I said, "What do you mean? you don't have it anymore?" and they said, "We're not going to carry it because we didn't like the idea it had." They said they wouldn't even order it. It was an "unacceptable" book and it was one of their best books. I couldn't believe it. A LIBRARY did this. Censorship, of prenatal books, in a public library. I thought it was great, and it was one of the best books they had. Like we can't think for ourselves anyway? Even if I didn't agree with everything or even if I didn't plan to do everything like that person, why would a library take out one of the best books just because they were "afraid" of it, because of it's modern ideas? It was one of the smartest books they had, and they got rid of it. One had a mother who breastfed up to 5 years of age, and that's the one they didn't like, and it had attachment parenting ideas but more non-traditional than that. Another they got rid of was about a fruitarian who had all fruitarian kids. I don't think she was just vegan, she was like, Fruitarian and she was raising all of these extremely healthy kids on raw foods only and she herself was only fruitarian, and she talked about her problems with CPS. She wasn't a wacko, she was really intelligent and her kids all looked lean, strong, and happy.

I wasn't a vegan or fruitarian, but the point is that we are supposed to allow citizens to make up their minds about what is healthful for children and in keeping with our own values. Also, even the La Leche and doctor's breastfeeding books discuss breastfeeding up to age 5, which isn't what I had planned, but I didn't look down on those who did. I loved this Time magazine cover I saw, of a mother with her 5 year old son attached to her breast and looking over at the camera as he stood there. I looked at that woman and saw a very determined, resilient, and highly intelligent mother. I also thought, look at her son! what a TRIP. He was perfectly comfortable and yet still aware of what others thought, but he didn't care. She looked like Warrior Woman.

The only difference between me and that woman, I thought, when I saw it, is money. She wasn't hauled in by CPS, for only ONE reason: money. That is the ONLY difference.


Discrimination over who has money and who doesn't, regardless of the balance in every other way. We are alike, she and I. But I was tortured, and my son too, and yet not her. Seriously, God damn Kate Middleton and her family to Hell. I hope she and her children all die. I pray to God they die. She went to St. Andrews University on a U.S.A. welfare roll. She got to where she is by torture of my family from Jewish assholes, who turned against my family (not all maybe, but many), and Mormons who were in the drug industry with Catholics, all with a motive to "get something" out of the Middletons and their connections. Her family was shadowing mine and made to look like it was shadowing mine, and then it was switched, to have it appear as though my family was shadowing the Middletons, before Katie was even born. It is a lie.

Every single thing this fucking country did to my son, TORTURE, they later rubbed in my face. Dr. Malcolm Butler, with his comments to me about, "You're not going to breastfeed your son for 5 years are you?" Why would he even ASK unless that fucker knew what I had been reading? And how would Malcolm Butler know what I was reading unless he was into my library booklist? I didn't bring that book to his offices, and I didn't bring it up. He was Director for the federally funded medical clinic and he was getting access to my booklist. I said, "No, but at least for 2 years and then he can decide for himself." So Dr. Butler knew I planned to breastfeed for 2 years, and then he looked unhappy when I said, "and then I'll play it by ear." I specifically said to HIM, then I would play it by ear. So later, my son is being kidnapped and brought to CPS visits with one red ear and distorted like someone had pulled on it all the time. What comes up? A photo of a woman with a 4 year old attached to her breast, no problem. NO PROBLEM. And yet look at what this country has done to me and to my son? GOD DAMN THIS COUNTRY.

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