Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nuke This Country

I hope to God another country nukes the U.S.

I don't care who dies if it happens, because this country is so bad, there is nothing good left to preserve or care about.

I hope to God, that another country, or more than one of them, work together and nuke this country.

Then, we might have honesty.  Integrity.  Transparency.

At least then, we could call a spade a spade and see exactly what kind of condition this country is in, and see people here, in government NASA and aerospace industry and FBI and CIA, for what they really are.  We could see with our own eyes that their "beauty" is only skin deep. 

It wouldn't be pretending anymore, that everything is great while these shits play games and torture their own citizens and children, and try to tack on the name of the U.S. as their trademark.

This country has nothing to do with the U.S. as it was.  It's not "new and improved", it's corrupt and degraded and has allowed groups like the FBI to conspire to harm their citizens unless they go to their church or have money to offer.

I'm not delusional or out of my mind at all.  It's not like I've lost it or I'm not thinking clearly and about what it would really be like.  When I first thought about it, what if...the idea scared me because I'm imaginative enough to picture the suffering of millions, and the fear that would be in the country and chaos.  I pictured it, and a year and a half ago, I still thought it was a scary idea.

I don't think it's scary anymore.  I want it to happen.  I want this country nuked and the only thing that would ever bring me to that point, is the fact that this country has engaged in the grossest and most cruel and inhumane forms of torture against me, for over 8 years, that concentration camps do not compare.

It is worse than a concentration camp.  It has been worse for me than that.  I say this, because in most concentration camps, for example, Nazi ones, not everyone was experimented on and some were not fed much, and they were confined and imprisoned, but they still worked, and it wasn't good work, and it wasn't with any reward, but they were not being tortured with electrocution every single day.

This country has been electrocuting me, and spying on us with cameras to watch the results and effects.  They have gassed me, and the FBI has been complicit in drugging me and videotaping me.  They use ionic energy to torture and target, they've used sonic waves to ruin my ears, and the only time they quit, EVER was

If I serviced their fucking government men with sex.  Which I did not do for money or favors ever, and I was raped by federal employees multiple times.  This country raped me as a baby and tortured me and set me up, hoping to keep me out of careers and then when I didn't marry young, they raped me to induce trauma and then take advantage of the situation.

I can't do anything I want in the U.S.  There is not one single good thing, this country has ever allowed me to do, because every single thing I've tried to do, that I was good at or enjoyed, was deliberately obstructed by the FBI.  They have forced me into slave labor since I was a kid, and all of the people I was set up to work for, worked for the federal government.  All of them.

Brian and Lisa Thebault (FBI)
Ruthie Ames  (friends with Sharon McGuire, who worked with her husband, for FBI)
Carl and Mary Del Balzo (FBI)
Ed Israel
and on

I never had bad feelings about any of the kids, of course not.  I was one of the very best nannies and always liked the kids.  But later, I realized all of this, has been exploitation.  Naturally, those kids are going to side with their parents now, unless someone has a problem with one of their parents, and why would they remember me anyway.

This country stole all of my diaries and photos for purposes of not allowing me to publish them.  So I know Thebaults are FBI.  All of them, one way or another, are working for the federal government or connected by strong ties, to federal government.

This country used me and tortured me my entire life, and oppressed me.  Then they started doing it every single day when they felt they couldn't kill me so they'd make me sound crazy by constant torture.  They killed off anyone they felt might speak up, like my Grandpa Garrett.  Anyone who has had actual names, this country has killed. 

I don't want to die at all.  I'm not depressed and I would never kill myself.  I would never want my family or anyone affected either.  All that I see is torture and games with government psychics who think torture is no big deal.

This country is so bad, that only a nuclear war would improve it.  No one in the U.S. cares when military are going overseas to fight in wars. A few, and some families of the soldiers, but most of us are not soldiers and do not have family who are soldiers.  The only thing that impacted this country emotionally, was 9-11.  That was the only time anyone felt fear.

This country needs a ground war against it, because they don't know what fear is anymore.  They don't fear anyone, they continue torturing people from their safe remote locations, and they don't fear God.

They have no fear of God, at all.

They think they ARE God.

There is nothing I would do, personally, and I don't know anyone and I'm not connected to anyone who would start a nuclear war against the U.S.  But I have a right to say, through the same freedom of speech that I was falsely arrested over when I tried to report FBI corruption, this is the only thing that I believe would improve this country.

I believe knocking out NASA and the Pentagon would be the best first steps to progress. I would specifically target, before the Pentagon even, every single "aerospace defense industry" company in the country.  I would also wipe out the medical facilities that are engaged in remote torture, by using NASA-based remote technology to torture people from their safe distance.  I would knock out all of the satellites that the U.S. carries.

Probably, there are fianciers who are involved.  If someone knew who they were, I would get rid of them.

Yesterday when I went to town, after divulging Robin Bechtold worked for the FBI, and after writing I was going to expose the black operation they have here, all of the same people were not exactly happy to see me.  They were mad.  It's like, these idiots have the nerve to feel angry about anything at all, as if I rained on their torture and exploitation parade.

It is impossible to fully describe what kinds of things these people think is "okay", or maybe a few of them don't really know exactly how bad and what kind of level the pain and suffering has been at for 8 years.  I would guess 90% of the general population would have killed themselves, even if they didn't believe in suicide.  I didn't kill myself, which is why the federal agencies were shocked they couldn't get rid of me that way, which has been their most convenient method.  They have not just tortured me and hoped I would commit suicide, they blocked my ability to leave the country.

And then, they block my ability to leave safely but closing my bank accounts illegally, stealing everything I own, and doing whatever they can to block me from having money at all, through work, college, or any other means.  They threw college at me, like a person who has stolen all of your clothing, your entire wardrobe, throws a pair of socks for you to keep.

They tortured my son in front of my own eyes and they are torturing my parents.  My Dad today, his eyes look horrible and they are starting to look infected.  They are red in a different way, a more sickly way and they're not oozing anything, but something is very wrong.

If I could be more specific, I would say, the specific sites I've mentioned, which include experimental hospital universities, need to be nuked.  If someone can't figure out where it's coming from and who is responsible and how to wipe out that one section, possibly it's just a CIA base that should be bombed, then the entire country should be nuked.

If you can't get it a la carte, take the whole thing.

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