Friday, March 22, 2013

Photos of My Hair (1 yr. ago before Federal Govt Drugging & Torture)

This was my hair less than 1 year ago, before Mueller and the U.S. government organized drugging of me and torture to my head, which caused most of my hair to fall out. I put up photos showing how much hair fell out more recently, and before that, it was falling out at different times after I was being fumigated so that my entire house smelled like chemicals, or tortured to the top of my head to cause bumps.

I will never forgive this country for what they've done to me and my son.

I'm not cutting my hair you bastards.

What was done to me, to cause my hair to fall out, was done with the knowledge it can't grow back to match the rest of the length. So it was done deliberately to make my hair thin and straggly and ugly. It fell out all in clumps at specific times I was drugged and after being tortured repeatedly to the head. It wasn't falling out because I was vegan, and a bunch of people were pissed I was vegan and wanted me to quit for some reason because it "ruined" their false prophesies.

I even had some man, about one year ago, pissed that I was buying vegan cocoa. I am not kidding. He was wanting me to buy Swiss Miss or some milk-dairy hot chocolate mix and when I went to the Hersheys natural cocoa and Hersheys dutch process cocoa, this guy got nuts. I am not even kidding. He followed me around the aisles and when I left the milk to go to the vegan cocoa, which was when I was first switching from vegetarianism to veganism, his eyes narrowed and he looked worried and mad at the same time. I instantly picked up on it and thought, "O. My. Gosh." This guy is getting nuts over whether I'm vegan or not? What's it to him? What's the big deal? It ruins someone's prophesy? I haven't forgotten because it stood out so much. It was like, if I didn't buy the plain cocoa, without milk, then he felt justified about something or he thought, oh yes, he was really right about me or, thank goodness SHE is not going VEGAN. When I didn't pick it up, he had a look of relief and vindication. He felt he was right. That was when I thought, "Why does this man that I don't even know personally care if I am buying and using hot chocolate with milk or vegan cocoa to make my own hot chocolate?" I have been pressured to NOT be vegan ever since I have been. I'm not changing. It wasn't that big of a deal when I became vegetarian, although then they threw me in a psych ward right after. I guess, yes, someone didn't even like the fact I had gone so far as to become vegetarian.

I didn't do it for the Eastern Indians, I didn't do it for a religious reason, and I don't need to account to anyone as to why I have felt "called to be vegan" at this time. My hair didn't fall out from it, it fell out because I've been tortured and drugged by the United States Government.

Can someone nuke this country please.

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