Friday, March 15, 2013

Coquille, Oregon as CIA and U.S. Military Intelligence Research Site

This entire town is CIA and military psychic government employees.  I am going to rat all of them out.

What they are doing here, is the exact same thing they were doing at the Logan's Restaurant in Nashville, TN.  Logan's is directly tied to CIA.  I found out when I looked up their corporate structure and then saw who they have representing them legally.  They chose one of the largest international law firms, and one of the only ones that was representing Al Qaeda prisoners.

That is CIA.  They worked with CIA and represented the highest level of security prisoners that were imprisoned by the U.S. and the CIA had their bases next to them.  At Logan's, almost every single coworker they brought in, at that time, was one of the following:  FBI, U.S. Military, and CIA. 

I was the only one who was not working for the federal government on a consensual basis.  They used me for their own research and for their psychics to test their skills out on, but they never included me in anything.  No one ever approached me with a deal and said, "Will you work for the U.S.?"  The only deal the U.S. came up with, was Alvaro Pardo.  That was their idea of a "deal".  It had nothing to do with me or my safety. 

Instead of my son being raised by the Avilas or tortured, or being raised by me where I have no interest in working for the U.S., they were going to have Alvaro tap in to him.  If Alvaro stayed with me, Alvaro was going to be exploiting my son and teaching him how to predict things and introducing him to government work.  If it didn't work out, Alvaro was going to still take my son, and call me delusional as soon as he thought his visa was safe.

All of the employees at the Coquille Safeway are federal government psychics.  Most of the employees at McKays are.  I've been around McKays less so I am not as sure about everyone there.  The new store owners, Eastern Indians for a quickmart, are also psychics working for the U.S. federal government.

Kate Middleton and William of Wales have been to Coquille for that reason.  U.S. federal employee hotbed.  Kate does psychic work for the U.S. but she pretends to work for the UK.

These people who live here, have kids who are in the schools, and churches, being trained for the same psychic work.  The store owners for small stores, the librarians, and the U.S. post office people are also working for the U.S. federal government.

All of them are federal psychics.  ALL of them.

From the kids in elementary school, to the teens, to the cops at the courthouse, to the adults.  This entire town is CIA with U.S. military intel and FBI backing them.

I can't even walk to Safeway and buy something without one of them laying out their psychic predictor markers and hoping to get credit for what they guessed I would do. 

I am their lab rat.

I am nothing more than a RAT to these fuckers.

And so, in true "RAT" fashion, I am ratting all of them out, on every single fucking thing they've done, in detail, so anyone on an international level knows who to keep their eyes on.

If you are international and want to infiltrate the United States, Coquille is your destination.  So is Wenatchee.  I can name other fucking CIA hot spots and if you want some action, and a way to bring this country down to their knees where they belong, listen to me.

I will write down more tomorrow.  It doesn't matter to me if the general public thinks there is something wrong with me because the international people don't.  They know I get stressed out because I am tortured.  They know I am telling the truth and that I am not delusional.

This entire country needs to be brought down to their knees.  And that means Kate Middleton too because she is not UK--she is "New American". 

This town has become so warped and intertwined with Wenatchee, half of them even changed their outside lights, in the Catholic half of town, to be green and orange or green and yellowish.  This is what they started doing in East Wenatchee, in the Catholic neighborhoods.  They have problems.  What they seem to want to say, is that they approve of the Irish-Catholic mafia.  It is specifically the Catholic parts of town, where they are most concentrated, in both East Wenatchee and now over here in Coquille.  They started this lights switch about 1 year ago. 

It's mafia that has bought the United States federal government and their employees.

I also know it's Irish-Catholic conspirators that have done this symbolism with their lights because in Wenatcee, it was introduced in 2010.  I first noticed it when I had to stay on this federal Army strip at a house with a bunch of cats.  I was in Wenatchee and looked out across to East Wenatchee and they had turned the entire hillside into orange, white, and green lights for night.

Then they served me with termination of my parental rights with a man who wore a "Happy St. Patricks Day" shirt.

It was done right about the time the Irish-Catholic law firm in town was screwing me over as so-called public defenders.

The neighborhoods that lit up for Ireland, are all located around the largest Roman Catholic church in East Wenatchee.  Most of the priests are hispanic and Italian or white, but they all lit up for Irish colors, and they did this while torturing my son.

In Coquille, the lights next to the only Catholic church in town, lit up with Irish colors in 2012, after they blasted my teeth and forced me out of appeals for him and tortured my entire family.  When the appeals were over, the Catholic neighborhoods installed green, orange, and white lights to cover the entire hillside.  It is all of the area next to the Catholic church.

The Irish-American in charge of the U.S. Army shit is from Hudson Bay, New Jersey.  A guy by the name of Donovan is also involved.  The Irish-Catholic who wore the CIA shirt at the Catholic church was misleading.  CIA is involved, but it's been Irish-Catholic FBI that tortured my son and family and worked with others to put us down.

James Whitey is in jail for reason.  He owns these people.  They are all carrying on his work, while he is in prison, and James Whitey works for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  James Whitey also worked for England.  He fucking kissed Middletons ass.  He was hiding out in California where people like Robin Bechtold and his cop friends, helped him run his business.  The FBI used James Whitey to carry out hits for the Middletons and against my family and then they pretend to be "good guys" and put him in prison after decades of this.  All they wanted was to secure Kate Middleton for themselves and then they grumbled and locked James up.  It is no accident that Middletons had a bunch of Northern Irish people at her rainbow.  Oh oops.  Her "wedding".  Even Brian Mulroney from Quebec, in Canada, is Irish-Catholic.  Which is why Robin Bechtold knew exactly what he was doing when conspirators against me sent Bechtolds family a message by directing it to Mulroney, who they follow.  Janet Bechtolds family is 1/2 Italian mafia and 1/2 Irish-Catholic mafia.  Guess what.  Both sides are in California, with the Irish sending soaps to Whitey via Janet's pals and her Italian family in San Fransisco working the FBI side in Palo Alto.

Who got into the business?  some Mormons.  Mormons who work for the United States federal government. 

They used him and his entire mafia against me and my family.  That means Mark from New Mexico, who worked for the U.S. Army and the FBI.  It means Robin Bechtold, who is an FBI employee and whose brother Nathan is a prison guard.

My Dad's knees were plastered with white paint and toxins that caused blisters that didn't heal, over James Whitey and corrupt cops and FBI that live here.  Kneeling shit for William of Wales and Middleton.  This fucking federal government even brought over the Red Cross to supervise.  Not to report humanitarian crimes, but to supervise and assist.

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