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(Updated) Tony Roos Tried To Kill Me (Catholic and U.S. Army connection)

UPDATED: My update will have to be finished tomorrow because I'm tired. I'm writing, and got out of bed the minute I thought of it, but I might possibly have Tony's face mixed up with the other guys' name. They're sort of similiar or did same things but I have to check and check on the truck and I can give a better description of it as well. But this is just to say...Wait, because even if Tony is dirty, and it appears there is some weird thing going on, it may be someone elses face to the name. The rest of this post is accurate. Everything else is correct and so are the facts, I just have to check on name-face for the one person. I am not joking about all of the federal connections, at all. I was, it seems, the only oblivious one. I had someone tell me even Marshall Mathers (Eminem) is FBI. ? I thought the FBI was after HIM. Why would Eminem work for the FBI unless he used their problems as a cover so he could work for them and have people think he was fighting them. Maybe someone just wants me to think he works for the FBI, but he really might. If so, why did he go to London, England then? Anyway, his cousin I knew, Cori Mathers and she seemed normal enough. I didn't favor or dislike anyone really. Now that I think about it, I would have been better off not hanging out with the "gifted and talented" group because it seems they had something up their sleeves all along. That was high school, ages ago, but it ended up being relevant for a long time because the FBI and feds never go away. I might have found truer friends with a few of the drop-outs or in-betweens. The gifted ones turned out to be all about competition, and mind games and they were getting into shady areas early-on, like 16 year old kamikazee killers. I guess I just thought I was included when I never was. They had learned to play mind games early-on and grew up together. I wasn't part of that and I had no idea what they were really up to or that any of them were political in any way. I look back and think I must have been the only one who had no clue. Clueless, was me. I wasn't reading anyone's mind, or trying to predict things out, or playing games, or trying to win bets for other adults and feds. I wasn't trying to scheme or get ahead or do anything to bring anyone else down. Ever. I never thought there was a code or game or that I was playing a role or shadowing someone in politics to play a role. These "friends" were like the friends that found out about MKUltra and then wanted to use any vulnerability for themselves later. Did everyone go into federal work? I mean, who didn't?

Updated again 3/21/13 1:13 p.m. Okay, the other person that came to mind, the face, was John Edy. I'm still about 95% sure it was Tony Roos. But John Edy is the other "face" that came to mind, with that truck. It was an oversize truck, medium color (in the dark), older, made noise, big tires but not propped up like, I think Johnny Alto had a truck like that, and it wasn't a jacked up truck, it was a very wide, older truck, like a Ford, with very bright lights. A slick sedan was near it. I saw the truck as it drove me into the ditch, which I could have crashed into because there was a high bank there. It wasn't just an open ditch and then more flat ground. It was a very bad ditch and then a high bank wall next to it, which I steered away from, because I was worried about crashing into it. On the other side of the road were a bunch of trees and a cliff. The truck was right behind me and ran me off the road, first from behind and then forcing me off to the side, and I saw it before I saw in the ditch and then I saw a sedan behind him take off as I was then shooting across the road to the other side. I should have totalled the car and probably been dead or severely injured. I didn't go into the ditch because I was "afraid"--I was literally forced off the road by that truck and it was loud and made loud noise as it took off. Kind of like "Cars" with "Tomater". An old truck and a sedan. Funny how Disney got ahold of that idea. Later, Shannon Adams and Alicia Peters made a sign with a long rectangular board that said "Cameo's tree" and they nailed it to the tree like a cross. I remember the name Tony Roos came to my mind as soon as I saw him and the truck. I later wondered about John Edy, and if he had a truck like that, but Roos was the name I had and I told everyone about the crash and told no one who I thought did it. Of course, someone who tried to read my mind might have guessed and felt threatened. Well buds, I keep some pretty good secrets afterall, don't I. What's this? 2 decades? I see it in my mind like yesterday because you don't forget something like that. I captured it with almost photographic memory.

He must have shared it with Catholic friends, because then 8 years later or so, when I was in the town of Mt. Angel, Catholic teens were cutting into the sidewalk where I protested, with a jeep with a loud noise and clipping my signs to fall and almost knocking my chair over. They came within inches of my body and took off, laughing, and then whatever state I've gone to in the U.S., within a month, someone finds a similar vehicle and practices the same thing. But of course, they use this jeep, not the truck. The truck is what almost killed me and then sedan was in on it. I can confirm sure whether it was John Edy or Tony Roos by the truck. It was one they used at school, to drive to school or events in. A wide, lumbering kind of truck, older paint job or wearing off. The Edy's were in business with the Wiltbanks (Mormon family) I believe.

I recognized instantly that it was a classmate. I don't know who was in the sedan but I knew they were all together.

The sedan was not like the sedan in Cars. The truck is, except for the crane in the back, it's the same idea, and the car in Cars with '95 on it is like the car Mike Nichols used to drive, his Honda Accord, before he used my car to try to assassinate me in 1995. So we have two assassination-attempt "cars" featured as main characters for "Disney" with McQueen on the side of '95 car. It's something I haven't thought of until now. Later, Mike Tancer picked me up in a car similiar to the Cars sedan, but he said he was 'borrowing' it. Mike Nichols car, that he left in Oregon, looked sort of like this, but it was an earlier one. So yeah, two asssassination attempts against me ('92, and '95) glorified by Disney:

John Lassetter was the director for that movie. I never told anyone what the truck was like. I mentioned a truck back then, but I didn't describe it fully and he's pretty much hit the mark with his idea for "To-Mater". The top wasn't rounded, it was flat and there was no crane but the general idea is correct. He even had it set on Route 66, which is what we were taking before we crossed over when we had to. That was the plan, known to all of us. I still like Cars, for my son, because he liked them, and how ironic that it is a movie that glorifies attempts to kill me, and then this same man, Lassetter, moved on to beauties like "Wreck It Ralph". Ralph, like throw up the shade of "Concord blue"? I am going to think about it later and give more feedback on John Edy and Tony Roos and why I mentioned them. I know, for example, it wasn't Johnny Alto's truck. He had a skinnier truck that was jacked up on big wheels but it was newer-seeming and thinner in width. I immediately identified the classmate at the time, but right now, I have to think later and get back on it. One photo of the trucks, and I'd know 100%. It wasn't a stranger, and I knew that right away. The sedan, I'm not sure. It was a smaller luxury sedan, and then actually I remember one more car. I noticed 3 all together. It was possibly the sedan that ran me off the road, and the truck was before or after it. I think it was the sedan first, because I thought it was going to be a truck because of how bright the lights were and then it ran me off the road and I was shocked it was a sedan, and then there was a truck next to it and another sedan that was older. The sedan that ran me into the ditch was possibly an unmarked cop car because I don't know many cars with that bright of lights. They were brighter than high beam or whatever, and brighter than having normal "brights" on and I was almost blinded by it. It got up close with that, and then jerked out from the side, and pushed my car over, on a corner, when it was raining and dark out. So it was a sedan, and I guess that was first, and then the truck followed but they were all close together and no one stopped when I was obviously going into the ditch.

It's basically what happened to Princess Diana later, now that I think about it. Abnormally bright lights, preventing me from seeing who was at the wheel behind me, and then a sharp cut off to force me to a ditch to crash. The ditch was even on the right side of my car too. I went into that ditch, on the right side, and then shot across the road to the left and ended up with my car scaling up a telephone guy wire of a pole and resting there, with no damage. It was a miracle. Pretty much, yes. That was a miracle. There is no possible reason, logically, I should not have died there or been in a horrible wreck. How often does a car climb a guy wire? 1 chance in a billion maybe. The best part, is that it was not a constructed miracle, put together by the federal government or someone. It was impossible to plan and I wasn't trained to drive cars up invisible wires. It was definitely a miracle. So the next time someone tried to kill me, with a car, it was Mike Nichols, and no, I'm really not joking.

Funny how Julia Thornton/Laura Laughlin didn't want to take my complaint about religious hate crimes.

After this, then the tow guy came out to get my car out of a tree and no cop showed up.

I think it was Tony Roos who ran me off the road. In 1992, which had me driving up a telephone pole. I remembered thinking it was Tony Roos at the time but I never told one single person this, all these years, until now. I think it was him. I don't know who was with him.

A different time there was a sedan that was like a cop car and had headlights stronger than most, like such a car, but the night I was run off the road I believe it was Tony.

It was after I was leaving Robin Bechtold's house.

He has a sister named Tiffany Roos.

Tony was friends with Robin, but I didn't think he was that close of friends. I mean, a buddy, but I am not sure why he would have such a strong motive to try to kill me.

He was a football player. He played football with Robin, for Sherwood High School. I believe he possibly also threw the discus for track.

John (Johnny) Alto was good friends with Robin, and he drove an older truck I believe, but this one was like the one Roos drove.

I called it in to the tow company and to my parents, and let them know, and I told Robin. I was told not to call police, I think. The odd thing is that no police came out even though they knew about it.

I think Dan Borbon also had a truck, but again, it looked like Tony's truck. If I saw all of them I'd know for sure. But I thought, "Tony Roos" and "why? would he do this?"

So I am really loving this bottle of Vanilla I have from Mexico with this rooster on top, next to the island palm trees. It has a special meaning of course.

Here is the other thing, the truck was big, loud, and older, and it made a lot of noise. Basically, when I later was protesting at Mt. Angel Abbey, in the town, not at the monastery, some kids, teen boys, drove over my signs and cut me off of the road in a loud jeep.

They were emulating Tony Roos.

I think Tony is Catholic. I think I looked it up once, because of who ran me off the road and being curious. And I think he is Roman Catholic but again, I am not sure what his strong motive to try to kill me was.

This is him:

He is currently working in, of all things: Transportation at Carnno, and is a Referee at Portland Football Officials Association.
He was previously an engineer for Washington and Multnomah country, and....DING DING DING...Katie KOMRAD

United States fucking Army. Deep, deep shit. Folks, this is deep SHIT. He was a U.S. Army Reserve (?!) ???? Panetta! FUCKIN' Panetta. That's what the big Italian was about, in Nashville, TN who was happy to see I was going to a psych ward. This guy who tried to kill me was Roman Catholic, got fans to imitate him at the Abbey later, and has been some kind of big "hero" for trying to off me. It is the U.S. federal government.

The military is fucking caught. Why would he get a specialist job in the U.S. Army when he tried to kill me, unless they wanted him there, to reward him in some way? Or was he already in the Army? I think you can join the Reserves at an earlier age than 18 even. What does his Mom and Dad do? It says his position in the Reserves was a "Specialist 12-C".

Not only that, now he's working in transportation, after his history of running me off the road to kill me. It's like a sick joke. I am printing his resume in full here, at the bottom of my post, in case he changes it on that site.

He claims he was in the U.S. Army for 8 years, but it is possible he started earlier than that. He says he joined in 1994 and he ran me off the road in 1992 and then it was featured as a photo, the picture of the tree I drove up, in the 1993 yearbook. He went straight to University of Portland, which is a Roman Catholic college and is the one Janet Bechtold went to.

NO WAY. No way. I just looked up what a specialist 12-C is and it's BRIDGE construction. Kate Middleton got married with the title "Duchess of Cambridge". I feel like puking. It is a really good thing I am stocked with activated charcoal, psyllium, and castor oil. I have all the fleet suppositories I need too. I am going to shit, and shit, and shit some more. When I'm done shitting up this "Dynasty" stuff, I'm going to shit some more. I'm going to shit oatmeal, and lentils, and Dynasty rice sticks, and tomatoes, and avocados, and apple cider vinegar with Karo syrup, and I'm going to shit lemons and lemon juice and Sam's Choice water and Crystal Geyser water, and then I might work on some kidney beans, and shit them up. I am going to shit through every single fucking bottle of charcoal I bought from the Safeway pharmacy that is not even acting like "activated" charcoal, and if I don't shit right, I'm returning that shit for 100% refund. I'm going to shit tea and I'm shitting "espresso" coffee too. After I'm done shitting through the 6 bottles of charcoals I bought, and the one I had on reserve, I'm buying more and I'm going to keep shitting. I'm going to shit until I am fucking OUT of this God Damn Country. And then, I might feel better. And if my hair starts falling out after I get through this "Swan" castor oil, I will know it was the castor oil and there was something wrong with it, instead of the water. I'll show you a "swan lake". Come swim in it Katie. I want Leon Panetta and Martin Dempsey swimming in it. Come for a swim fuckers.

I don't believe it. Meanwhile, Katie went off to "The Gold Bowl" in the last day or two. She knows about all of it. The people who went in after she and her family moved out of Jordan were U.S. Army soldiers. Her fucking family is connected to the United States military. You fucking BITCH. Then, the next prime minister for Jordan moved to Southern California, U.S.A. to train with the U.S. Army. Kate Middleton's family is tied to the U.S. Army. How is that? I want to know if Diana is still alive by the way, because it's not even normal anymore. Did she get murdered or not? Is she just hiding out, secretly supporting the Middletons???!? or is she really dead. These people have celebrated my being tortured and ruined, and my son being tortured. This guy works for transportation, which is the same industry Annette Sandberg works in.

My country has been trying to kill me. They KIDNAPPED MY SON to have HIM working for the GOD DAMNED ARMY. Now, this man is working for Australia and the U.S. Army, at an Australian-Army company called Cardno. Of course, based in "Queensland". Kate Middleton will never be Queen. As soon as I wrote that, my clock, which is jimmied by the U.S. Army, bolted out of its place onto the floor. Seriously. At about 9:18 p.m. I have no superstitions and would never think it's a "haunted house" or some kind of sign. It's military tricks. Like learning to suck royal ___. Anyway, someone jimmied it so it was like, on a springset or something, I guess the special effect is over Roos's job as a "bridge launcher" so now it's "supposed" to mean, he helped launch her career and now he's part of "queensland" or something. I guess she takes her Jesuits with a bloody Caesar. It flew across the room and when I looked around at it, after the noise, I thought it was a fire alarm because upside down, that's what it looks like. I am so sick of this shitty country. I am going to shit for at least a week, and then I'm buying more stuff to shit with. I'm eating and shitting, because straight shitting isn't very good for you. It is the first time I've tried Shitting For A Season. I've detoxed before, but this time, I knew I was going to shit for a long long time so I stocked up for the occasion. I figured, this country drugs and medicates me and it's time to do some serious shitting now. I don't mean, addiction shitting, or binging and shitting. The purpose of eating and shitting, is to clean out the entire body. So first the U.S. tortured me for over a year, to laugh over putting a mark of a : (colon) into my tooth so it broke off, and now they want to laugh over a colonic cleansing. It's not colonic cleansing. It's shitting. It is with the hope that I shit out every last bit of U.S. patriotism. I want to shit out the federal rapes and the fucking residue of bureacracy and terror, and I want to shit out the parts of me that have not wanted to believe it's really as true and real as it seems. This country tried to kill me, and then they settled for torture, and tried to put me in jail. Do you SEE WHY? They figured out I knew who was responsible and who it led to. I just went to my parent's house now and my mother was saying, "I never heard you say someone tried to run you off the road in high school." Right. Of course she heard, because she and my Dad had to take care of the car when I called the house. I called to tell them I was driving home so it was over the telephone wires, and then I left, and it was several miles after I left Bechtold's house that they tried to kill me.

Australia. (Let me smack my hands and rub them together now). What a charming place. Australia. How lovely, how lilting, how absolutely criminal. No wonder. Robin went there for several months when he went to Claremont McKenna, with Cullen I believe. He met Maiers before that. Stephanie goes to California to hang out with him. She then decides to move to Australia and marries an Australian. She is best friends with Canadian-FBI contact Karin Whittemore. What a lovely pie. No wonder all the Australians were coming over to The Post Pub in D.C. Chris Dabney, and Alvaro, trying to set me up to go to jail. Don't forget Mark, our 'transportation' man dispatched by FBI and working for U.S. Army.

Okay. You guys get to be the criminals. I get to be crazy. Is that it? None of this "funny man"-"straight-man" stuff, this is Criminals vs. Cameo-Is-In-The-Way. How was I in the way exactly? You decided I wasn't Catholic or Mormon or "all-religion-loving" enough for your little fucking federal groups? Your fucking MAFIAS? Katie was fitting the "all religions are beautiful" crap and the "love-all-homos" and "politically correct" and "sure, i'll fuck someone long-term and lose my virginity like the rest of you so you don't think I think I'm special or anything" code? I said one thing someone didn't like, and that was it. One speech about homosexuality and how I felt about it then, according to my beliefs, and I was a target for hate crime by homosexuals and heterosexuals hoping to use homosexuals to humiliate me. My "big" mistake was offending Janet Bechtold by saying I couldn't date a Catholic. Well, NO problem for Katie then. The Mormons who had raped me when I was little, and who felt offended when I didn't read their Book of Mormon, had something in common with the Catholics. They both felt offended that I had rejected their religions. It came down to rejection. If they felt I was rejecting them in some way, then THEY were going to SHOW me! Alicia Peterson, Shannon Adams, Erica Wiltbank, Robin Bechtold, Geoff Rasmussen--all of them with government parents. All of them fuckers. Alicia and Shannon went out of their way to have me get drunk and photographed it, in high school, at their house and said, "Now you're corrupted." Why "corrupt" me? Oh yeah, they thought I was "better" than them, so they wanted to bring me to their level. They left me, by myself, after they knew I was drunk. They just took off and disappeared, leaving me in Alicia Peters basement. In high school. And they specifically wanted to use cranberry juice and vodka because I guess some FBI Mormon told them about the Cranberry Christmas book I had still, and they all, the federal employees and their kids, thought it was hilarious. Erica Wiltbank worked with Jessica and Robin with her family in the construction&drug industry. She married some terror-dentist who knows the Mormon dentist over here that tortures my Dad at visits. Such nice Mormons. Erica went out of her way to be degrading, giving me "With Sympathy" cards when she started dating Robin. Oh yeah, and their child-molesting mantra: "The Serenity Prayer". Which is what? Condolences for your church members who raped me as a kid? "Accept what you cannot change", oh yes, and "be wise enough to know the difference". Nod, nod. Thanks Erica, I'll tuck this close to my heart and repeat these words to myself, reworded, "know your limits because you are not special but if you want to work within them, be my guest to try, and god grant you the wisdom to acknowledge you are stupid and I am wise and that we are very different. Amen." Iris the ice-monster who cheats on her husband with Robin Bechtold. I don't know why the Wiltbanks got divorced, her Mom and Dad, but she got the cheating gene. Either Evie cheated on him or he cheated on her, but one of them was a cheater and they passed the gene onto Erica. The "fudge" woman. People who fuck around, who are Mormon, must say "fudge" instead of f---. Ffffffffffffudge. Oh believe me, I'm shitting bits that look like fudge too. Condescending is the perfect word for Erica and her "fudge". So while the federal employees' daughters were working on trying to "corrupt" me through drinking (only happened one time, with just them at Shannon Adams' parent's house), the sons were attempting to score something for Canada. For the Tories. The American English-butt kissers. They couldn't take my virginity, even though they tried, so they ran me through the mud, literally, and photographed me that way. I wouldn't want to see your good name dragged through the mud. What. The federal mud. The federal mud this country has wanted to bury me with.

she was just psychic enough, like half of the assholes who I thought were my friends, who were never friends. I went to a fucking feds-only high school. I had federal assholes' kids spying on me, torturing my family privately out-of-my-sight, and making jokes about my being homecoming queen. I never spied on any of them or used any of them. I tried to be nice to everyone, and that is what I got in return--SHIT. And Jessica, from my grade, what was SHE up to? because she went from being this nice person to a perfectly weird, hostile rat that eagerly clung to Erica Wiltbank and whispered about me. She hated my guts and I was always nice to her. I didn't hate anyone and you mother-fuckers were spying on me, already had parents working for the government, some of you were already working for the government, and you were all a bunch of self-centered, hypocritical shits. Torturing my parents in private, killing our dogs (eventually). You mother fucking bastards. Dealing drugs for the federal government, and sending money to Middletons. Jealous, fucking bastards. "I used to think you were better than me but now I don't anymore; now I think I'm better than you." Have you read the "Better Babies" prenatal book? I think it was published after Kate Middleton got pregnant. What was Robin doing? going through everything in my parent's house for ammunition to use against me? Or was that Geoff and his FBI Uncle.

NO. Frickin. Way. Oh it gets even better. I thought Mike Tancer was connected to Kate and yes he is. You know what? I need some more shit stuff because I slowed down a little, so just a moment before I talk about this--The guy who tried to kill me is working for a company that is owned by U.S. Army, Australia, and Davies. As in, are you kidding me?? Chelsea Davies? So guess what? They have HEINZ involved, from the U.S. John Heinz, who is related to the John Kerry family:

Mike Tancer is connected to the Heinz family. I knew he was, when I saw her with her coin purse as a prop for the Queen's Birthday celebration, which I didn't look up--it came up on t.v. when I was at the house. I do know that Middleton went to some kind of "Gold Bowl" event because I checked a byline to see if her eye was the same in all photos and it's only one photo. Two photos at most. It's like a sympathy ploy. Of course, people have wallets and purses like that, but it was something about the way she was holding it, which was an imitation of me. I read Mike Tancer, I read his presence, as soon as I saw it. I saw it was Tancer. He is FBI, just as she is a U.S. federal employee, so it makes sense.

Tony Roos tried to kill me. And he is leading to the Middletons and to the U.S. Army (which was later actually, so possibly a cover for religious hate or something else, unless he was a Reserve early-on, in 1992).

I just looked to find the battery, because everything fell out of the clock. Basically, I think it was jimmied because it shot several feet across the room, hit the curtain and landed upside down and was apart. Then I looked for the battery wondering where it was, when I was putting it together again, and it landed on top of my compost bucket. I had it out of the cupboard because I was cleaning so it landed on that, on top of the lid. Which still has the label and says GLD 6. One of the velcros came off of the clock and stuck to the wall so there is a stuck-together velcro on the left, looking at the wall, and a receiver on the right and the match is on the back of the clock on the right of the clock. So I just put it back together. It's not some psychic or telecommunication thing--some of the things in this place are literally jimmied. Seriously. Other things are by teleportation, honestly, like my safety pin disappearing, which isn't the first time something has been done like this.

I am fooled by tricks. I am leaving this country as soon as possible. This country has been trying to kill me, has used me, raped me, and tortured me and my son. My son is a victim of rape, torture by technology, torture.

Tony Roos, PE's Overview
Current Principal - Transportation at Cardno
Referee at Portland Football Officials Association
Past Engineering Assistant at Washington County
Specialist 12-C at United States Army Reserve
Engineering Tech Associate at Multnomah County
Education Portland State University
Portland Community College
University of Portland

Tony Roos, PE's Summary

I am a Principal with Cardno (formerly WRG Design) with over 14 years of experience working with interdisciplinary teams on a wide variety of projects. My role on projects is that of a Project Manager, providing project oversight, coordination, and quality control. My forte is in the transportation field, designing projects such as road rehabilitation, main street schemes, full corridor improvements, intersection improvements (including roundabouts), and interchange designs. These projects typically involve alternative alignment investigation and preliminary design and construction documents. I work closely with my subconsultants and in-house experts to provide projects that meet the expectations of his clients, striving for the perfect balance of cost, schedule, and quality.

I recognize that each project has a long-term effect on the communities I’m working with. Elected officials, jurisdiction staff and community members can count on me to facilitate a positive, productive, and meaningful public involvement process to ensure that the projects are sensitive to the needs of the community, not just the travelling public. I will work with my team to tailor each public involvement process to meet the needs of the project, client, and community.

I provide project management, roadway design leadership, project coordination, quality control, and construction support services for myprojects. I am experienced with ODOT, local agency, and A ASHTO design standards and practices. I am also well versed in ODOT/APWA specifications as well as a certified MasterFormat Construction Contract Document Technician.

Specialties: Roadway and infrastructure design, Project Management
Tony Roos, PE's Experience
Principal - Transportation
Public Company; 5001-10,000 employees; CDD; Design industry
June 2002 – Present (10 years 10 months) Portland, Oregon
Portland Football Officials Association
2002 – Present (11 years)
Varsity Football Referee, specializing in the Umpire position. (my note: can I put some gold into your U cup for Katie?)
Engineering Assistant
Washington County
Government Agency; 1001-5000 employees; Government Administration industry
2000 – 2002 (2 years)
I worked for the Capital Projects Management division of the Department of Land Use & Transportation. My role as an EA was to support the Project Managers on Capital improvements funded by the MSTIP program.

Specialist 12-C
United States Army Reserve
Government Agency; 10,001+ employees; Military industry
October 1994 – October 2002 (8 years 1 month)

12C with 671 MRBC
Basic Training at Ft. Leonardwood

Engineering Tech Associate
Multnomah County
Government Agency; 1001-5000 employees; Government Administration industry

July 1996 – May 2000 (3 years 11 months)

Engineering Tech Associate with the Bridge Shop
Tony Roos, PE's Education
Portland State University
BS, Civil Enigneering
1997 – 1999

Portland Community College
Civil Engineering
1994 – 1997

University of Portland
Engineering, nursing, business, engineering
1993 – 1994

1989 – 1993
Tony Roos, PE's Additional Information

Websites: • Company Website
• Football Referee
• Oregon APWA
Football Referee, Philadelphia Eagles, and anything outdoors
Groups and Associations:

American Football Officials
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
Civil Engineering & Land Development Professionals
Eagle's Nest--Eagle Scout Award Recipients
Philadelphia Eagles Fans
Portland Football Officials Association
Portland Post - Society of American Military Engineers
Portland Trail Blazer Fans'
Referees, Umpires, and other Sports Officials
Site Selection Network
Society of American Military Engineers
U.S. Army Engineer Alumni
U.S. Veteran
Western Region, BSA Eagle's Nest
Young Professionals in Transportation (YPT)
Young Professionals of Portland

The Cardno company:

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