Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Obstruction of Money (Middleton's friend?)

The woman who reacted when she saw that I had a $10 bill when I was supposedly not getting money at all, is, I believe, a friend of Kate Middleton.  If this is true, if this is who she's connected to, then that means tying my hands and preventing me from having any source of income, is once again, leading to Middleton.

At the time that this happened, I was trying to get my son back from Washington state, when it's really a federal kidnapping matter, but nonetheless, they made a pretense of going through the motions of "Appeal".  How do I appeal (?) when I'm being tortured and blocked from having money and some group is forcing my parents to NOT even loan me money, pay me for any kind of work for them, or to even print out papers and documents I needed to make motions in court?

It was during this time, that my parents were being told not to give me anything and we were all tortured, that I had a $10 bill show up one day and when I pulled it out at "Whozits", a thrift store in town, this woman reacted with a mean and angry face.  Her reaction was just like the police woman's reaction in Knoxville, TN.  But she didn't say anything.  I just saw anger, as if she was angry at my parents because she knew they were ordered not to give me any money.

So later, I think she knew I had thought about this, and about how I had no money because then she was always talking about her son around me, picking up the phone to call him and then announcing one day that her babysitter had quit on her (as if she expected me to volunteer my babysitting services).  I didn't volunteer to babysit because I knew it was a way to undermine me, and to relegate me to a role of working under her thumb, when she and her group are responsible, at least in part, for torture of my family and confiscation of property and monies and prohibiting my even earning $20 for work around the house or family business.

At the same time Kate Middleton was getting pregnant, or it was a month past, but not publicly announced, she was looking sleeker.  I asked her where she was traveling since she told someone she was going on a trip and she said Vegas and Los Angeles.  She said California but I'm pretty sure it was L.A.  I just "sensed" Kate Middleton on her.  I am not psychic, and that woman is, and she has tried practicing her skills on me when I go to her store so I haven't gone there in months.  I quit going after I realized how things lined up with her, from not being happy if I had any money to appeal for my son over, to hoping to degrade me by trying to prompt me to see if I'd volunteer to be her 'nursemaid' and servant, to then going to Vegas and California, to then, after this, when I last walked into her store, I went straight to the tupperware section and pulled out a box and opened it and inside were egg trays.  At the same time I was staring at the egg trays, which were still wet from her having washed it and put it away, another couple smirked at her and put a lampshade over their head or near, and then said they'd buy that, and mocked me. 

They mocked me knowing Kate Middleton was pregnant, and I was the "one who put a lampshade on her head".  I was the "crazy" one, who was forced out of money to even have my son, my right, stay with me.

I believe the entire reason for taking my son was not that it made me "unattractive".  I believe, having my son with me, and the stability of the 2 of us together, was threatening to someone who knew that this was not an obstacle or "unattractive" to the right people.  What is "unattractive" is a single woman who looks like "white trash" who had her "kid taken away by CPS because she's crazy and addicted to drugs."  There is nothing "impossible" or "unappealing" about a woman who is a single mother and a very good mother to her child, and a child who is bright and happy.  Maybe for some kind of "Ho-Seeker" there is something wrong with that.  A "Ho-Seeker" might not want the kid around, or some men might not want that additional responsibility, (and of course, some men just want to start out with their own wife and biological kids, and that's okay--no judgment from me) but I wasn't interested in my son and raising him, conditional upon how it affected my "romantic outlook". 

Taking my son away from me, was another way to degrade me and make me and my son unappealing, complicated, "damaged", and unrepresentable to "society" in general terms.

That is what they wanted, and this what they got.  So in the meantime, as the one couple held the lampshade up and mocked me with her standing there, looking down on me as I stared at this egg tray, I said, "This is wet?"  I suppose, wondering why I had been led to go there on that day and walk over and open up that box, and find the egg trays.  As soon as they were laughing at me, I knew Middleton was pregnant and I also knew by the looks on the young men driving past me, finally, with a sense of "accomplishment".

So she suddenly made a point of making a phone call after the couple left and talking to someone about her fiance or boyfriend, who she said clearly, was in the ARMY, as if to try to guide and direct my thoughts to thinking "It's U.S. military".  Really.  And how is Kate Middleton connected to the U.S. Army and their accomplices unless it's the CIA.

I lost my son over this.  It had nothing to do with me, my actual rights, or how good of a mother I am.  I don't even think it was about stealing him for use in government programs as much as it was a way to degrade me and make me look unstable, unfit, unattractive, as if there is something wrong with me, unemployable, and fit for nothing than to be an escort or raped by U.S. federal employees.

At the same time this was happening, at Whozits, at the Eden Valley Naturals store some woman came in with an air of smug repugnance against me and kept addressing one of the workers there, talking about how she was taking a vacation now and "ciao-ciao".  Ciao-ciao over and over, with a hispanic accent, and she also was one of the first who knew Kate Middleton was pregnant.  She made references to it around me and then smirked at me over it.

I mean, I've lost no sleep or tears over any of this.  What it reveals however, is motive for kidnapping my son and torturing me and my family. 

What right did she have to feel any kind of alarm or resentment if I had $10 with me?  It proved to me that my parent's money as well as my chance to have anything, was being controlled.

So there were people always watching, to enforce and ensure no one had money and no one was able to do anything about my son's case. 

Which is a sham entirely, because nothing is true about it, or honest.  It's a bunch of fraudulent signatures, perjury, and fraudulent documents.

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