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Maiers & FBI Involved In Assassination Attempts of My Family

If the FBI is not involved in criminal conspiracy to murder me, through several different assassination attempts, why have they worked so hard at positioning all of their agents around my family members?

They put one agent, Rick Baken, behind my Granny and Grandpa.  They had another one move in next to Char (I believe he's FBI).  They've always had at least one or more next to my parents, and that included me when I lived with my parents.

After I moved out, the U.S. put military around me.

None of this was "protective".  If the FBI had been "protecting" me, or their military had been, they would not have defamed me and colluded with the people involved in trying to assassinate me.

In Wenatchee, after I attempted to leave this country with my son, as we had a legal right to do, I was told by a Washington D.C. housing place that I could live next to the FBI, after staying at Steve Mays house, renting a downstairs room, for 6 months.   The housing was through "The Recovery Act" and there was at least $13,000 for me alone, that I qualified for and signed for, in rent payments for me.

You would think it would be the very least this country could do.  I qualified for it like any other applicant in the U.S. who tried to qualify, so it wasn't a favor to me.  It was something that was supposed to be "equal-opportunity" and if anyone needed it, I did.  They told me I couldn't be on it anymore, and forced me to sleep outside, when I didn't agree to live in a room next-door from the Mormon FBI agent, Wes.  I think by that time there was another agent there too. 

I went out to look at the place, and there was not one single house, on the block, that was closer in proximity to the United States federal building in Wenatchee, directly across from the FBI offices with their windows looking out onto mine. 

They were not telling me "you aren't eligible anymore because you didn't go to budget classes."  She had already said this was waived until I was back on my feet again, and she told she'd let me know, and I even checked with them every month to make sure. 

I was kicked off the housing because I said I didn't want to live at the location they were pressuring me to live at.  No one could have been closer to the Mormon FBI agent and the FBI offices.  I said I wanted to find a one-bedroom because I was trying to get my son back and CPS only accepted one-bedrooms for his age.

The people who were directly involved in obstruction of my parental rights were Mormon FBI.  I had been shocked that Mormon cops for Wenatchee were lying about abuse to my son, but then they were trying to force me into a singles-only (no children) apartment across from the FBI's largest window.

If it was protective measures, Washington D.C. and Wenatchee wouldn't have thrown me out onto the street.  There was no restriction about what kind of apartment I had, as long as it was reasonable.  They decided if I didn't want to live next to the Mormon FBI, they'd do me in.  The Mormons also had their tentacles around my son's throat.

The excuse housing in Wenatchee came up with, after I said I'd rather "look for something else", was that "you didn't go to budget classes so we're cutting you off from all housing."  They told me on the spot, that if I signed the paper for the place next to the FBI, I'd have housing.

That program does not have rules that dictate to recipients where they live.  It is up to the recipient to agree to the housing or not--it's not "section 8" where you get what they offer, or it's assigned housing.  It was specifically to allow someone to choose their own place and then have it paid for, to "prevent homelessness" for "displaced workers" or whoever else it applied to.

After I was "punished" for not taking an apartment across from the FBI offices, and made to sleep outside, or under a stairwell, I was then forced to accept U.S. military offers to stay with people who used me for government research and didn't give me privacy or any adequate place for my son.

Mormons have been using my parents my whole life, and they assumed they could take my son from me and do the same thing.  These Mormons have been involved with others in trying to kill me and put me in jail on false charges.

Even the Maiers family, from Moses Lake, was Mormon and I believe they knew the FBI psychologist that was behind our house in Moses Lake, Alan Springer.  Of course Maiers then aligned with Karin's family (FBI) from Canada and with Bechtolds and other Mormons (which leads to Australia.

The people involved in trying to kill are also directly and/or indirectly connected to the Maiers, which is why I believe, by 2005, some of them didn't want me around long enough to know.  They just wanted me to go to the wedding shower to an Australian so they could laugh at me, with other assassination conspirators  (Karin was there, and Karin knew Schneider, and since Schneider is connected to the hit-and-run against me in 2003, and to the other attempts in 1992 and 1995, through Roos and Bechtold and the Australian contacts, it implicates all of them). 

While I was being tortured with my son, Stephanie was doing just fine with Karin.  She was hauling in tons of new clothes she'd just bought at Nordstrom with the tags still on them.  I had wondered why Stephanie kept a distance the whole time and they wanted me to sit next to Stacy, who was fluent in Russian by then.

Did they know the Rose and Gatov family too? perchance.  It's only that Josh Gatov is Russian-American jewish,.    How did he know the Maiers family?  Or Josh Rose?  My assumption has been that Josh Gatov knew Robin Bechtold through FBI and cop connections.  In that way, I guess it would lead to Maiers.

My son was not being tortured until after we left the-- April was it?--wedding shower for Stephanie Maiers and her Australian "Campbell" man.  I then was in-the-know that Schneider had some kind of relationship with Karin, which leads to FBI and U.S.-Canadian assassination attempts against me before my son was even born.

So they thought they'd torture my son.

The Maiers were friends with Sharon McGuire who was also friends with Sandbergs. 

Maiers' grandmother Helen was Mormon and from Idaho, which is where Holli Reverman moved to, the Holli that is connected to Robin Bechtold.  Her husband seemed nice but she hated me and loved Karin.  She loved the smell of money, just like her grandchildren.  Pamp Maiers Jr. married a Catholic woman who positioned herself to get into the family, and she was at the wedding shower, and I would not be surprised if she is also somehow connected to the Roos family or others who were trying to kill me in 1992.

As for Barbara Maiers impulsively telling me to put my pants on, why did that come to mind?  Before we moved to Sherwood, she drove off the road into a ditch, the way Mike Nichols did and she screamed at me, flustered, "Cameo! put your pants on!"

I had always had my pants on around her house, that I remember, but maybe I don't remember when I was younger, like before the age of 4 or so.  From age 2 forward, we lived next to the Mormon psychologist who was an elder at his church, Alan Springer.

Some of this response from her is in one of my diaries that was stolen by Mormon Shannon Borg and her Canadian partner from Seattle.  You know, the ones who helped to set me up for a false arrest in Wenatchee for "grand auto theft" so I couldn't take a job in Seattle that would have helped me and my son.

Put your pants on? Cameo, put your pants on?!

This is what came out of Barbara Maiers' mouth as she was flustered and not thinking about what to say or how to say.  The automatic response from her, in an excited and agitated state, and driving down into an embankment of snow, was "Cameo, put your pants on!!!!" It wasn't an expression she used for "hold on tight".  She was saying, "get dressed" and "put your pants on".  Why.  From driving off the road into the snow, I get an assassination attempt against me by Mike Nichols and then some insurance adjuster named Mike Snow.  How many times has Mike Middleton been involved in a contracted hit against me?

Then Mike is making a making a point to go off into a ditch the same way she did and then jerks it back like an expert who was trained on how to flip a car.  I ended up in Utah, surrounded by Mormons and people who wanted me dead, and settled for rigging me up for torture instead.

I am the one paying for crimes of others and their attempts to conceal those crimes, and almost all of them have had U.S. government contracts and contacts to Canada.   I want my son Oliver, returned to me.  It's sad shape for someone to think, after using U.S. Army  and DOJ as part of assassination attempts against me, that they can use my son next and kidnap him from me.

He does not belong to the United States.

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