Tuesday, March 19, 2013

IRS Threatens Me (by mail) & Undercover FBI Agents

The IRS is now threatening me.

Do the Thebault's own the IRS or something?  Because the IRS was sure doing favors for them back in 1994, and then the FBI made sure I was either dead or implanted with microchips in 1995 (Louis Freeh).

I got documents from them which they supposedly mailed a week ago. 

They are accusing me of frivolous claims and tell me to "amend" my tax form within 30 days.  If I have my way, I will be out of this country in a week.  If I don't have my way, it might be 2 weeks.

There was nothing frivolous about my report to the IRS, but in retaliation over Alvaro Pardo (who is he anyway, because I think the FBI and NYC police even lied to me about his identity) they are sending me this crap.

I don't believe Alvaro Pardo is even Roman Catholic as he claimed to be.  I think the U.S. FBI lied to me all the way through, from everything to his religion, his nationality, and his real nature of work.

I think he was possibly Arabic.  I think the FBI gave him a cover, and then tried to use him to put me in federal prison.  I also think he was part of the reason Osama bin ladin is dead.  I believe he worked and coordinated with Middletons, who had access to people from the Middle East, and they were trying to get me out of the way.  They lived in Jordan, and they were familiar with the Middle East, and Kate, specifically, knew Arabic.  She tried to humiliate me and degrade me after first trying to put me in prison:  she and her mother Carol.  What charming witches.

The Eastern Indian men at the psych ward in Tennessee had no problem drugging me, because they hated me on behalf of friends they had who felt offended by me.  All of them told me they were "Muslim" when they were Eastern Indian, and it's possible, but it's also possible they just said this to blacken the name of Muslims.

Ever since Panetta purchased Eastern India with a billion dollar trade agreement, he bought people who were willing to do anything.  Kill, torture, and inject with drugs.

If they really were Muslim Eastern Indians, they did it for some Muslim group they are part of, and not all Muslims are the same, just like Christians and just like Jews.  Alvaro even had photos of himself at our wedding, with his fingers crossed behind his back.  Like, I promise, but not really.

When he was in Wenatchee, looking at some beat-up orange-red  stationwagon for me, when there were other cars that were decent, I thought, "He wants me to drive that?"  He wanted me to drive the rusty-wagon and be a laughingstock.  There were plenty of other cars to look at for about the same price.  My own Dad would never have me driving such a car.  Someone like Middleton, WOULD.   And why is he wanting me to drive that, when I saw him driving a Ferrari sportscar in Maryland?  He dropped me off and then took off from a different section, in a new Ferrari sportscar with a bunch of blond women in it.

Back to to the IRS, Alvaro Pardo was the one always urging me about the taxes, and do your taxes, and what happened to your taxes.  There was a normal explanation for it.  So then, it's like he is now hoping something plays out the way Middletons planned, with sabotaging my life over taxes. 

The U.S. is throwing everything they can at me, to avoid paying out what they owe me and my son.  You fuckers.  They had Microsoft close my primary account, or block me from it, and when I gave them documents from the FBI proving who I am, they still ignored me.  They had some Eastern Indian man tell me he was opening it up but he wasn't.  He was getting into my computer and connecting it to their own server.  I don't know of one single Eastern Indian who has done one good thing, except for a guy who owned a place and was nice when I had to stay at the hotel, and then one other man who let me pay for the hotel later, on credit.

All of these other ones, are connected to people trying to kill me.  It's basically a conflict of interest for me to have anything to do with Eastern Indians.  I'm nice to them, of course, and I used to want to visit there, a long time ago.  But they have tried to kill me. 

So no.  NO to India.  The horrible part is that some of them have terrible things happening to them too, just because of their caste or where they live.  I don't dislike the people.  I have good feelings about all people of all cultures.  But in Tennessee, it became evident to me that more than one Eastern Indian was spying on me, and several tried to kill me.  I also think they felt I had something to do with Osama bin ladin when I didn't, when I've only dated someone a couple times from the Middle East.

There were Eastern Indians at the YMCA spying on me, all the time, and I saw that some of them HATED me and I didn't even know why.  That was before I ever met Diane Harsha, who is married to an Eastern Indian.  She had to have known she was a conflict of interest to me, all along, and she works for the FBI.  Diane Harsha's husband, Eastern Indian, probably convinced his wife if she did this for them, they'd be reincarnated as Mickey Mouse and everyone would want to wear their hats.

So either Carl and Mary Del Balzo, and/or Mike Tancer are to blame for inciting hatred in this group against me, or it is Middleton with her "commonwealth" connection.  There is no other possibility.  I guess I knew Kathy Kirsher, who went to India and who is connected to government (I didn't know it then), but that's everyone.

Carl and Mary Del Balzo
Mike Tancer
Kathy Kirsher
Leon Panetta (later)

 I have had no interaction or personal problem with them so it is obviously that they are carrying out hate work on behalf of someone they are very connected to, by money, love, marriage, and government.  Mike Tancer told me he dated an Eastern Indian "princess" for 7 years.  It was the entire reason he was vegan.  He didn't even become vegan because he thought it was wrong to harm humans and animals--he became vegan for a WOMAN which is really, (pick up your own pennies), WEAK.  They broke up and he decided not to be vegan anymore.  He is connected to Kate Middleton's success by his criminal Eastern Indian friends who did her favors through the FBI, of torturing me and drugging me.

I remember the look on this Eastern Indian YMCA workers face when she came across me on the morning Osama was killed.  I saw her all the time, and she always had daggers in her eyes.  I never knew what the deal was with her, but she was also spying on me.  I went to the gym and no one was there and I started singing, and singing, and my voice was very good still, but mainly I was singing because no one was there and the sound was nice, and I came out around the corner after, and she was standing there, I guess to see who it was with the voice, and she looked like she'd seen a ghost. Then she looked afraid, as if she thought I knew she was guilty of something--she had the most bizarre expression, like she was worried I was going to kill her or something. 

She had other Eastern Indian friends come in to the YMCA who hated me.  They mocked me and made fun of me.  One couple was so-so, not so mean and somewhat polite and the woman had very long hair.  But still, they were spying on me, and then all of a sudden, I was getting set up with Diane Harsha, who is married to an Eastern Indian, and then after the corrupt doctors got me to the psych ward, it was all Eastern Indian doctors who saw me, and injected me or ordered injections.

I will not be going to Eastern India anytime in the near future.  Just because I'm vegan doesn't mean I'm Eastern Indian.   I can't imagine Mike Tancer's Indian girlfriend, the princess of highest "caste order" was a very nice person either.  What a chump he was, to do something like change his entire diet for a woman.  He can't choose his own values just like he can't pick up his own change.   I asked him why he quit being a vegan and he didn't want to answer that question.  Why?  Because it's LAME.  "We broke up so I changed my values back to something else."  He might have a match made in Malaysia or somewhere where a woman wants to cater to him.  Or, he is the perfect chameleon for the government, changing and morphine ,,,,oops morphing, into whatever he thinks will best service his physical needs.

So they either worked with Alvaro, or they hated me because of him, in some way.  The U.S. lied to me about the very man they had sleeping with me, like no big deal.

Then they steal my son and lied about me.

So now they're sending me IRS letters, telling me I made a frivolous claim when I listed everything honestly.  If I want to estimate the value and worth of my own son at at least 1 billion dollars, that's not frivolous.  I listed him as having value higher than that, and then I listed my unborn son with a value as well.  I don't like to put numbers on people, but if I am asked to list my stolen property and it's approximate value, is the IRS arguing with me over that?  How much does the IRS think they're worth?  A nickel?  Oh yeah, and I didn't like the cut on my own face when I was a toddler you bastards.  The nick, on my face, that is visible to this day, after this federal government tried to conceal evidence of other committed crimes of abuse and torture, like federal gang-rape when I was a baby and a toddler.  This country has cut and wounded and poured acid on my own son, and then used techniques to cover it that are good as the American Red Cross.  They did it to my son and I have marks on my body that are unexplained which I'm sure are their fault as well.  They cut me on my face, in the same spot Marilyn Monroe had her mole.  It never happened to me when I was old enough to remember, because the U.S. carries out most of their crimes on kids before they can remember.  But they marked me, with the idea that they would use me in the same way as they used Marilyn Monroe.  It was a deep enough cut that I have it to this day, and it looks like a "nick".  It's a slash on my face, above my mouth and to the right of it, on my right side of the face.  It's about an 1/8th of an inch long.  On the other side of my mouth, about the same spot, I have 2 small dots from punctured skin.  I am not sure when I got these, but possibly always there, and the cut I know is from my childhood before I remember.  It is from the United States federal government.  And THEY made themselves guardian of my son and kidnapped him so he could have as great of a life as I've had.  They cut my mother, one of the twins, on the right side of her face, into a long / and on my face on the right side they made a small \ near my mouth.  It had to have been done with a razor and it was very deep because it wouldn't have scarred like this if it wasn't.  I never had a cut on my face like this, when I was old enough to remember, so it was MKUltra crap.

The U.S. is actively engaged in trying to cover up evidence of torture and assault against us.  They assault us, to inflict trauma deliberately, and sometimes they've left a mark out of their own pride, and other times, they have tried to cover it up.  They had a mark they made on my mother's hand removed just recently.  By Kathleen Brown.

What is FRAUD is the U.S. CPS case.  If I list my own son as a loss to me, which he is, it doesn't change what the U.S. owes back to me.  They still owed me the same amount they would owe me if I lied for them, and omitted the fact they kidnapped my son and stole my vehicles.  Basically, what it came to, because they don't allow you to claim over a certain amount, or get refunded on it, was $1,000 for my college rebate.  Which is a standard rebate applied to any college student who lists it on their tax form.  Even though my son and other property that was stolen from me, is valued at higher amounts, they only allow you to take $1,000 back anyway, so it makes no difference in the calculations.  I'm not getting back more money than I would if I didn't list the losses I have due to theft.

I'm not going to LIE to make the IRS and FBI  happy. They felt happy enough when they had their agent's penises inside of my vagina as they called me a "hole", and/or organized how the next agent could rape me and then how all of them could figure out a way to put me in jail.    They are rapists.

Mike Tancer is FBI just like Bujanda and Garza.  All of them. 

I'm not changing my IRS form. 

I might explain it, but I'm not changing it.  I have a right to state and list my stolen property as I believe and estimate it's value to be, and I'm not changing it so the U.S. has one less document proving they are assholes.  The murdered one of my sons, kidnapped the other one, and stole my cars and most of my belongings.  That is theft.  It didn't belong to them, and they took it from me illegally.  It is stolen property and I will estimate the value of their lives as I see fit.

Frivolous, is what they call the little strings hanging from the side of Kate Middleton's head as she walked down a runway.  That's frivolous.

Murder and kidnapping is not frivolous.

If anyone thinks Mike Tancer, Bujanda or Armando, and Robin Bechtold, and possibly Josh Gatov (if he's not Portland police, instead of FBI) are NOT FBI and if they deny it, they are working undercover for some reason.  All of them are FBI.  So is Chris Dabney.  Every single one of them.  Mark too.

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