Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Updated: My Parents Framed In Assassination Attempt

I just asked my parents.

My mother came to the door and I asked her why she'd had her glasses on the way she did yesterday.  She went for a walk and I was working.  I looked out the doorway and saw her walking off of the property and ran over to ask something.  I noticed her glasses were on so that the bottom touched her cheekbones and the stems were elevated above her ears, not resting behind them.  I said, "Why do you have your glasses like that?" and she said, "Like what".  I had asked if I could walk with her and she said she didn't want to walk with anyone, not Kathy, or Patty, or anyone.  So then she said "Like what?" and I said, "Cocked up behind your ears."  I thought maybe they hurt. 

Today I just saw her and her eyes are newly ruined and changed from before.  She has dark red lines and grooves into the side corners of her eyes now, like tears off the side.  She didn't have them before, and it's not from "getting old" or being old.

This cop "Sean" or Shawn is covering for murder attempts.  He's the one who tried to say all of the torture marks on my parents were because "they're old".

How about this, Sean?  How about, you are a cocaine snorting liar.

My mother now has these horrible grooves into the sides of her eyes and it's into the skin, on the outside corner.  It's not inside her eyes, it's on the outside of them.  And her eyes are circled with dark black circles and she has the welt on her cheek still.  The thing that was done to her eyes is new and it's still red and it wasn't there the last time I saw her.

So obviously, the U.S. does think they are their prisoners.  If they torture them like this, and use them at the same time, that's what it is. 

Canadian officials tried to tell me they have a problem with U.S. "guns" and the U.S. has a problem with their "weed".  I think it's a lie.  The U.S. and Canada are both working together in "weed" and other drugs and they chose Middleton to run for them.  Middleton has been doing hits for the U.S., paid hits, which is why Katie is where she is today.  Favors for hitmen.  They've also been coordinating with international drug-running, and it involves Robin Bechtold and his parent's friends, even the Mormons.  My brother got messed up in it, in high school, and he got jumped.  They assaulted him, and he put a gun to their head, supposedly, or aimed, even though it was maybe a fake or not loaded.  I don't remember which. 

All I know, is that the U.S. and the Middletons framed him.  This country also tried to separate my family in 1992.  They convinced my brother to move out, to Newberg, Oregon and live with druggies who did deals with Bechtold (Kate's friend).  After he left, the Bechtolds were telling me to move in with them and ditch my parents.  These are the same people who tried to assassinate me, and they wanted me to live in their house.  So if both me and my brother were out of the house, someone had better access to torture and use my parents.  They were being tortured and our dogs were being poisoned and tortured, and the two swans we had, one black and one white, were killed.  One of the swans was found murdered.  The black one was murdered.  After the black swan was murdered, the white one disappeared later.  They found the body of the black swan.  My mother was almost hysterical over it.  I was told some "wild animal" got to it.  Swans are very large though, so it had to be an unusually large animal.  I believe a neighbor did it and I had that feeling then too.  I wanted to see it and I wasn't allowed to.

The swans were bought by my Mom and they stayed in our pond.  There was a small dam, but not very much, and when the water receded, it made an island in the center and you could walk back on it and across to this other building that I used to explore.  I always asked my parents, "Could you fix it up?"  because I wanted them to make it safe to live or work in and they said they didn't need it and I said, "I would use it!  It could be an art place or I could have a desk there, and I would like to live in it."  They said there is no plumbing and I said, "There must be somewhere, and maybe we could find it and fix it, because someone was living there once,--I found wiring and they had lights and everything."  My parents said, "There's no road to it" and I said, "I can just walk in and out from it or maybe you could make one behind me, though I think it is nicer not to have a road there."

I saw it as a kind of escape treehouse idea.  It had had wiring, and there were old extensions and lights, and I figured someone could plumbing in.  It was set up higher from the pond but right next to it, on top of an open garage that made it look like it was on piers.  I took photos there, for art photo, in black and white, of old barrels that I was told were probably old "oil drums".  There was a solid wood floor and wood walls, with an old keyhole for a lock.  Everyone wanted to know where I took my photos because they were...very good.  I took abstracts of the oil drums.  Shannon wanted to know where I took them and said she might like to take some too, and I said sure, anytime, but she never went over.

Sometime after this, the person who alleged my brother did something, dropped their complaint.  It was my brother's word against theirs, and I don't know what the truth is.  I know Christy Ballinger, Robin Bechtold, George Bechtold, Darin (was it Devin? I would have to check), and Holli Reverman were all doing marijuana and other drugs and they got my brother involved and used their Mormon friends to protect them.  Holly even got pregnant and Janet was saying, "It saved her life!" and going on about all the drugs she used, when they were doing the same thing.

I wouldn't be surprised if my parents were blackmailed over it, along with my brother.  What did the government do?  Use it as an excuse to entrap him for their purposes? or just for further blackmail on my parents about "what we COULD do".  I never used any drugs of any kind and after all of that, the first thing some of these people who tried to kill me wanted, was to say I was "mentally ill" and a "drug user".  They even tortured me, to prompt me to actually need narcotics for the pain level I had.  That was U.S. GOVERNMENT.

My so-called 'public defenders' for Appeal for my son, knew these people. All of them were covering for drugs, Middleton, and U.S. conspiracy to conceal drugs and federal employees.  Jill Winkler went to my school. 

These people have literally ruined my life.  I was not even a drug-user and I didn't have anything against the "known druggies".  I was actually very nice to them, and didn't look down on them at all, and I had no thoughts against any of them.  There were others that were running things though.  U.S. government was involved. 

So Holli Reverman...she has never tried to contact and guess when I got a note from her?  After Kate Middleton was married, and I didn't respond at all, and this is who she's working for:

Holli Reverman
Behavioral Health Care Coordinator at ORARNG
Portland, Oregon (Portland, Oregon Area)
This is the woman who almost killed herself on every drug known to man and was involved in the drug industry, with the BECHTOLDS.  Cocaine, heroin, crack, ecstasy, LSD, weed--she was doing all of it and I was told, if I remember correctly, she was shooting up.  Is it "ORARNG" or "BECHTOLD"?  This profile on her work says she went to George Fox University and now she's at USC (University of Southern California, which is some bizarre hub for Middleton enthusiasts).

Here is this woman, who is highly connected to the Bechtolds, and then military, contacting me only after she started working at a "Behavorial Health" place.  NUTS.  That's who.  Kate Middleton is specializing in all kinds of dirty work.  Who would tell Reverman to even contact me except for the same asshole who tried to kill me and raped me later?   She is working for the Oregon Army National Guard.

Does this stink to anyone?  Who is she "guarding"?  Tony Roos?  Bechtolds?  Middleton's reputation?  She went to college in 2008 for behavioral health (it's good to have a psychologist in the drug family, isn't it?) at George Fox and is now working on her MSW at USC (since 2011).

Holli Reverman was into witchcraft, psychic work, and drugs.  I am not at all surprised she joined the Army.  Did she join the same year Roos joined?

I wouldn't be surprised to find out it's Robin Bechtold's kid.  He was spending more time with her before she was pregnant, though she did have a boyfriend she did drugs with, so possibly it was her boyfriend.  Robin had a sudden interest in her after she was pregnant though.

Well, my friends, since I got to the part about Roos and Reverman joining? the Army? at the same time, every link to her sites is being guarded by the "national guard" people who, of course, are never accessing what I do online.  I just tried all of the links connected to her name and it's telling me "the link is broken". 

(I'm shouting now):  "IS THAT THE TRUST LINK??????"

So it's great, we have all kinds of government workers whacking and hacking.  Pardon me if I throw in some dramatics while I expose criminals who have tried to kill me.  Sweet sugar Holli.

Hey guys, do we have enough for Criminal Conspiracy yet?  Are we there yet?  Are we there now?  When are we going to be there?  FRAUD.  I don't like your fraud Holli, and Tony, and Janet, and Robin, and Kate.  Kate and Holli are friends. 

So I guess I was supposed to reply to Holli's email, and get another person in the "mental health" field to validate assassins and discredit me. 

I just found out my power to my fridge and freezer were disconnected so most of my food was ruined.  It was done earlier today in retaliation for things I've written that are true.  It is only the military that disconnects my fridge.  Like I was saying, any possible way this country thinks they can create problems to suck money from us, even for food, they do.  This is why my Dad was drilling a well for water at our other place when he already knew it was saltwater--it was an excuse for someone else to make money and for my parents to lose liquid cash.  I think it was about $3,000.  I guess that's not too bad really, considering it was $3,000 for my arm surgery in Moses Lake, WA.  I think my parents had to pay off the doctor and the hospital too, and I know the police were stopping us all the time, causing my Mom to burst into tears.

So here is the plan to use "The Year of the Snake" as some kind of "scheme" for how to get rid of me (my opinion).  Just as this country organized for me to be assaulted in Tennessee and then prevented me from leaving the country, got Kate married, and then killed Osama, they encouraged Kate to wait until the "Year of the Snake" to have her public kid so it looked "cool".  Afterall, Japan and some of these people who follow horoscope things, give her a "sign" of "serpent-bearer" so how cool OR WHAT to have her kid as "the serpent-bearer"  (oh mighty woman of micky) in the "year of the snake"!  how absolutely fabulous.  I really can't say that it was actually William of Wales I saw humping her during the Olympics, but oh well, we can wonder.  Er, after the Olympics. 

So she wants the double snake theme for herself.  The sign of serpent-bearer is supposedly about a person who wrestles with a snake and tries to win but it's always equal.  Then, supposedly another version is that the snake is subdued under the person's power.  The year of the snake is supposedly all things about the snake and then a fight at the end to kill the snake and the snake is dead. My theory is that if Kate Middleton is deliberately waiting until the middle of the year of the snake to have a kid, she is then hoping to appeal to Japanese and other mystics who would love the idea of a "showdown" where she has a child and then, of course, kills a snake.  Since her friend Alvaro had buddies in Colombia portraying ME as a snake clutching my son, my guess is that she wants to capitalize on all-things-drugs-and-feds and have something happen to me.  Of course, she could be the "cover" for the fact that a lot of people have possibly other motives for wanting to kill me.  But since she's connected to the feds and DEA crew, she'll go with that.  For one thing, microsoft and some Eastern Indian tech was trying to scare me off by claiming they had "research" my account and make sure "cameocares" was really my account.  They blocked me from getting into my own account even though I gave them validation of my ID from the FBI.  Then all these people keep trying to pressure me to leave, but of course, not as an established surrogate with money first.  I'm supposed to leave with nothing, so that then I can be killed.  Why else would the White House even issue that notice about how they will kill any U.S. citizen they think is connected to someone they don't like?  That way, if a U.S. citizen shows up dead after going abroad, we're all to think they are "bad" and "terrorists"?  How does the U.S. answer to attempting to KILL their own U.S. citizen, on U.S. soil, multiple times, and then torturing them and kidnapping the child?

How exactly does this country answer.

As to my research at the Catholic abbey, one of the things I talked about there and with even Protestant pastors was an idea about Jesus and sin and the passage about "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me" and how this paralleled the serpent being raised up and then those who looked on it would be healed.

Seems to me like someone is organizing a swap.  We can be really cool and first think of the Old Testament and the staff raised for healing (oh yeah!) and Katie can oh so delicately lift up...her little winkies body fer the baptism.  lift up the serpent you serpent-bearer you.  And then! we can go to the NEW TESTAMENT (heh heh heh) and "lift up" the "snake onto the cross"  (you know, Kill JESUS, or in someone's idea, kill the imposter SNAKE who said they were king and never were).

It's not like some of the military Catholics and others don't remember the things I talked about, and my ideas in 2000.

So what's the plan?  Kate arranges to have her kid in the middle of the year, to represent Jews, and then the rest go about hoping to kill me?  That way, she can lift up her "child" and then do something horrific to me to represent putting someone to the stake, but of course, to them it's waving around the killed thing, like a prize from a hunting spree.  That way, it would just be SO beautiful and meaningful and exquisite.  Ooooh!

If anything happens to me, that is bad, after all the things already done, we know it's premeditated and planned with careful thought.

My own idea, in 2000, had nothing to do with astrology, for the record.  I was looking at dogma and religious doctrine and history and nothing else.  What I've done, is natural, and what is done to me, is organized crime.

We can even contemplate how Kate got "sick" and showed up at the hospital, emerging victorious! and her nurse, "lifted up".  Hmm.  The start of a great year, I see.  "And when you were still in my womb, winkie, there was an omen to portune to your fyoo-tchah!"

Back to my parents being framed in assassination attempts of me, when I asked my Dad about it, tonight, he didn't answer.  He wouldn't open the door, and I said I didn't want to talk through the door and he wouldn't open it.  He said I'd just find something wrong with his eyes or face and go blog about it.  So I asked through the door, "Did you get framed for assassination attempts against me?"  He said, "Like I'm going to answer that."  I said "Well, there is nothing else that could explain all of this-- things done to me.  And you and Mom have to lie."  I added, "Why is it that important to kill me?"

I walked over this bridge we have and looked over and noticed all of the cut grass that was floating in the river. 

It involves drugs, but it is not just that.

A troop of a "stinger" on an iraqi helicopter"?  Give me a break.

I guess it's the 1992 10 best that uses this description.  I'll get into the rest of all of this later.

Updated 3/29/13:  this part may be insignificant but maybe not.  Holli Reverman was also living in Oldtown, Idaho when she was featured in this article about "Lilly" the Siberian tiger (which is featured on the U.S. stamp created by an assassin defender's wife):

One year later, Char Garrett, my cousin, was being impregnanted by Mike Killian, and they were naming their daughter "Lily".  In 2012, when I last saw them, it had been 7 years ago, right before my son and I were tortured.  He works for the aerospace defense industry and is connected to England and Ireland.  According to some adoptee request posted online, by a person named Holli Reverman, there is a claim Holli was born in Spokane Valley, and adopted.  She looks like Keri Godfrey, from Sherwood High School and maybe she was moved to go to school there to be next to someone she didn't know she was related to.  Both of them are into psychic work, but I'm not saying they are related--they just have the same nose.

I don't know why Kate Middleton wanted lily-of-the-valley in her wedding bouquet, but she's not from a valley and she certaintly "got by with a little help" from her U.S. friends.  Holli in Idaho then places a friend of assassins (who tried to kill ME) in Idaho and with a connection to Spokane as well.  Killian positioned himself next to my cousin.  He told me his mother was an English citizen, adopted by Americans. 

As to who Holli Reverman's relatives, she wanted to know in 1999 and she possibly had found out.  Placing a relative next to another relative without their knowing is something U.S. government would do.  It's a distinctive nose, so there has to be a relation with similiar noses.  Keri Godfrey has that nose, and I think Cori McCune (related to Marshall Mathers--Eminem, who is possibly FBI and went to England), and I can't think, off the top of my head, who else.  If she's related to Keri and Keri is related to Jennifer Godfrey, involved with CPS over my son's case, that puts an indirect link between assassins who tried to kill me, with friends and family of people who later kidnapped my son and manipulated the system to steal him from me permanently.  Jennifer Godfrey was Michelle Erickson's supervisor and they hated me.  They did everything in their power to obstruct justice and were determined to steal my son.

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