Wednesday, March 20, 2013

IRS Obstruction of Justice

Now I have the IRS obstructing justice to prevent me from even following their request.

I got someone named Ms. Nolan, which wasn't her name, and she was African-American. Her ID number that she gave was 09102619.

First she insulted me and then she obstructed me from having a form mailed to me, and then she was trying to cut me off and telling me to walk to an IRS center in-person.

I really don't need repeat-FBI antics because it's not "therapy". This country is messed up. Ever since I've been in Oregon, the federal government has played a disgusting game of "let's repeat the exact same thing we already did to her" as if they think A. It's great harassment, or B. Some idiot thinks it's 'reliving the trauma' and is some kind of sick, fucked up form of therapy.

I am SICK of this country.

How many times did they think they had to have federal agents rape me, to force me "out of the trauma of rape".

They abuse and torture my family and then repeat this, over and over, and it's sick.

I don't need to be reminded about, or relive, over here, all of the horrid things they did to me in Nashville, TN, or anywhere else. It's not assisting me, and it's not productive.

If you (speaking to the federal government here, as "you")want to do something normal and productive, how about dealing me the check you should have cut out to me in 2005.

Where is the death certificate for my brother Gannon, by the way, because I gave the State of Washington money for this almost a month ago and it's not here. I paid over $40 to have it rushed. Apparently, there has been no rush. The FBI knows I planned to use it for an FBI FOIA request, so I have no doubt the FBI is responsible for the delay.

Anyway, the IRS made me hold for 15 minutes, and then Nolan got on the phone and said she couldn't "verify" who I was. She was lying, and she refused to send me to a supervisor, or her supervisor lied and said she wasn't there, and then they were telling me to go walk to an IRS office, when they are the ones who "verified" me well enough to send documents to me claiming I made a "frivolous" tax claim.

She went out of her way to say, "I need to verify who you are" and asked what year I had filed for and I told her and then she tried to dispute it, saying, without even checking, "That's a little EARLY isn't it?" They also deliberately put down wrong information, to delay processing of my tax form.

The only reason they would do this is to ruin my financial aid. It is one more attempt by the U.S. federal government to obstruct me from any kind of financial aid, for college, when it is also the only way I currently pay for my living costs. They know I was planning to go to college this summer and that I plan to be out of the country and they've done all kinds of weird things to my IRS information to obstruct me.

Which is really creating serious questions about the federal government and the Mafia's involvement with the IRS. I have always followed tax law, and sent in taxes when required, and the IRS has treated the only law-abiding citizen as the enemy, which means they deal with the Mafia and are Mafia. I was the one complying with tax rules in 1994, and the IRS and Mafia didn't like it, so they got rid of my tax statement and cashed the check I mailed them, but didn't credit my account. They were covering for the Thebaults. They didn't want any kind of tax record from me, in their system, even though I was being honest, so they cleaned it out and that is Mafia.

I also found out, in my research, that the IRS is comprised of mostly Roman Catholic employees. I have no idea why this is. I didn't think Roman Catholics lean torwards tax matters actually. It isn't an area they typically want to cover, because they like to insert their Mafias into the justice system, which is where they concentrated all of their efforts. However, all of the lawyers for the IRS, are mostly Catholic. Why? Because the Catholics encourage their own to be lawyers and Judges and law enforcement and intelligence and then then they get their Mafias included. I last checked on IRS lawyers when I looked up the hierarchy and employment list several years ago, wondering why I had so much harassment from the IRS and why they were guilty of federal crimes.

The IRS is guilty of federal crimes of omitting tax records from the record to conceal employment for someone.

It's as bad as a Judge or clerk refusing to file a motion by a petitioner for court, or removing a legal document from the record after it's filed.

It's a felony.

So yeah, they are corrupt and most likely, they have Mafia involved.

The IRS has committed crimes on two separate occasions, dealing with me. First, they refused to file a tax record in 1994 when I filed it and they took a letter and a check from me and didn't credit my tax account. This is a felony. It didn't get "lost" in the mail, and it went from my hands to the federal U.S. Post Office, directly to the correct IRS address. That means, federal agents and employees, are responsible for a felony. Then when I tried to correct it or find out about it, I was harassed by the IRS.

This is the same IRS that audited my Grandpa Baird something like 20 years in a row, which is harassment. They were never guilty of wrongful filing, and yet the IRS picked on him for 20 years, until I said something publicly in a blog and then they quit.

The second time the IRS committed possible crime, was when I was on the phone with them in Wenatchee, WA at the Wenatchee Worksource Center, using the telephone in a room with a big U.S. Army poster on the wall. I made a request for a W-2 from my employer because they wouldn't give me one, at the Post Pub, in Washington D.C. They refused, and harassed me, telling me first yes, they'd do this, and then they said they couldn't. They had me on the phone with them for several days as they obstructed phone calls, and had me hold for over 30 minutes to an hour at a time, and then disconnecting my call right after they picked up the phone. This was done several times. I sat there, stunned, because this was supposed to be a bona fide, legitimate federal agency and it was more like I was calling the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon or Mt. Angel Abbey.

Then finally, someone from the IRS finally said yes, they would send a request to the employers at The Post Pub and then I never got any response. When I called the IRS back, about this matter, they said, "Nothing was sent. We have no record." I said "What do you mean you have no record?" I had talked to several IRS employees, and wrote down their names and ID numbers and one of them even gave me a confirmation code. I specifically asked for notation about our phone call to be put into the record as well. When I got back to them, I was told there was no phone record of my having ever called the IRS, no notes with reference to my name or SS#, and nothing was ever sent to The Post Pub. They lied to me, caused a huge amount of distress, and wasted my time. Then the Worksource employer, Lee, who is Italian-American and was rude to me, told me they couldn't allow me to use the phone anymore and to leave, and he then called the police, with another woman, and they had the POLICE ban me from the place. They did this, when I had no phone, and the federal government knew I had no other way to contact the IRS or other agencies to get money I was owed in unemployment wages.

Washington D.C. and Washington State deliberately obstructed me from unemployment monies that would have kept me out of danger and which I was owed. The IRS was also involved, and what they did was criminal. It was a felony and they, once again, protected an employer to my detriment. I am still owed unemployment wages from Washington State and Washington D.C. They owe backpay and I was filing to keep a record of all the months they owed for, and calling in my unemployment, and then I found out someone from Wenatchee Unemployment department, had deleted half or more of my calls that I put in to make a claim of not working and eligibility for wages. The only reason Devil's Kitchen in Coquille, Oregon had me work for them, was to stop the accruing months of unemployment wages owed to me by The Post Pub. They hired me, had me work for them for 2 days and by Day 2, they were torturing me, in the workplace, and of course they knew I'd quit. (I mean, Mike's Jersey Subs in Nashville, TN, because I started looking into unemployment again. And what was he? A federal worker. He worked for FEMA, had me there one week and tortured me and fired me and something I ate there was not okay. They never expected me to stay there and keep working. They only hired me, because he was a cop, and he was doing a favor to the other federal employees that owned and managed The Post Pub in Washington D.C., which is also guilty of discrimination over my pregnancy. (Later, Devil's Kitchen employment came up as I was looking into unemployment for Logan's Restaurant). These federal workers exploited me and then hoped to run me through a bunch of U.S. federal jobs where they could hire me, do something bad, and fire me, to create a bad employment history, the purpose of which, is to make me unemployable which means, no money, and homelessness OR vulnerability to the United States Federal Government. Which is actually something I am still going to file a complaint over. Let's remember something, these men who were involved, were U.S. federal government rapists. The women involved were not sympathetic about my being raped. They encouraged it and supported it because they knew it was a way to degrade me. I don't trust female cops, because they are as bad as the men. I don't trust other federal employees that are women for the same reason. They are as much gang-bangers as the men are and protect and encourage crimes against other women, to satisfy their own need to feel superior.

If I say someone should rape U.S. hostages in other countries, it isn't because of a need to feel superior. It is to avenge me over this country because this country actually cares about the hostages other countries take--they don't care about us. They don't care about their own citizens and they've made us hostages and raped us repeatedly. But for whatever reason, the U.S. seems to care about the Jessica Lynches, and then we all find out it's because she's a baby killer and assassin for the CIA.

Mrs. McNamara is now telling me, 0621334. She was able to verify my account and then gave contradictory information about whether she could provide information on it or not, when the other woman said yes, they could. Her name is not McNamara either.

She told me I had to call another number, for the ammendment matter, and I called the number over 30 minutes ago and I am still on hold, for the IRS number 1-866-883-0235. McNamara told me it was only open until 3:30 p.m Mountain Standard Time (MST) so it looks like I am going to be strung along until then. It has literally been 30 minutes.

I have a tax claim asking for only a refund of only $1,000 and they are picking on me over this. Where's the over $1,000 you got from me in 1994? The only basis for refund was $1,000 for the Equal Opportunity grant, which is refundable even if you don't owe taxes, up to $1,000. I qualify, so there is nothing frivolous about it.

The only thing they would try to dispute, is the property value of my children, who I listed as stolen property on the theft attachment. It makes no difference to the IRS, and doesn't affect the money--they just don't like it because they don't want to be reminded of their crimes. It is an attachment to the IRS form, for theft or stolen property as deductions. I named them as deductions, but I don't owe any taxes, so it balances to the IRS not owing me money anyway. It makes no monetary difference to them at all, so their dispute over VALUES and approximations on the value of life, is what is "frivolous". I listed my car as stolen, and this is true, and it has a value and I am able to approximate the value, and I listed clothing and other items the U.S. stole from me through Shannon Borg and her Canadian partner. I listed my son Oliver, because he was kidnapped from me, and that is theft and it doesn't matter that it was the federal government that kidnapped him. Stolen is stolen. The U.S. has committed fraud and they made everyone else pay for it, and they're still trying to stick the victims with the bill.

Now the IRS cut me off, telling me try regular business hours and it's not 3:30 pm. Mountain Standard Time. They disconnected me at

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