Friday, March 15, 2013

(photo) The Good and Bad Side

Someone left this in my path one day.  I walked over it the first time I saw it and then the second time, I picked it up and put it in my bag without looking at it or reading what was on it.  It was on the eyes side.  I put it into my bag of lettuce and blueberry pop tarts.  I got to my house and looked at it and it says CrissAngel on one side and then I flipped it over.  On the other side was a Jack.  I'm not sure why, but I didn't feel bad energy on the eye side, even though it looks bad, but when I turned it over, I sensed something I didn't like on the Jack side.  I have no clue why.
I put it in the burn pile where I burn my things.  Then later that night I randomly ended up on a song about "they were your angels"  I don't remember.  I think it was an INXS song.  I'll have to find it.  Then today, another song randomly about whose angels they belong to.
Then the next day, yesterday, I went to a store and said some things were mine and I wanted them back and she said fine, okay and then today, she said no.  I thought about my son all day and who has been stealing from him.
I played INXS Need You Tonight, then Billy Idols White Wedding, some INXS song about what I was talking about.  Anyway.  It was a little weird. 
I didn't pick it up the first time because I saw it and thought "maladetta".  Then I finished reading this book, the one about the mafia and how they use a black hand for omerta (just a book, and probably only some).  So I was curious the next time and I'm not superstitious so I picked it up and I felt something not evil on the pick up.  Then I turned it over and felt bad energy.  Nothing against Jacks.  I thought it was weird though, that I, for no reason in particular, felt okay energy when I put it in the bag and then when I turned it over later, it was bad energy.  Is that strange?  At any rate, the only thought I had later when I put it on the burn pile was yeah, it was Chris Dabney's baby if anyone has doesn't believe me.  I don't know why anyone wouldn't, but I didn't have to play a guessing game because there was no other possibility, even though I made him think I was going off with other people.  I never was.  I think only the least connected would have thought it was anyone else's baby too.  I don't believe it's possible someone thought it was James Cartrights or anything.  They knew it was Dabney's when they murdered him.  Whoever is responsible, knew who they were killing.  I don't need a card to tell me that.
When I threw it into the burn pile, it spun around like the top of a helicopter and landed eyes-side up.
I don't know why I got the word "maladetta" about it a different day because it wasn't in any book I read.
Then later some other things happened, always magical and prophetic around my house.  The thing is, the U.S. is holding us hostage over our prophetic gifts, which is violation of freedom of religion.  They have no right to intrude into our lives just because they think "interesting things" happen with us.  That's God's business, not the governments.  It is evil to trap people God gifts in certain ways, to use them as government circus animals.  It's evil, illegal, and violation of religious beliefs.

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