Saturday, March 23, 2013

Giovanni Hair Products (psychic designer)

Either some people are psychic or I end up having psychic things, or prophetic things, happening around me even though I am not a psychic or gifted in that way.

I am not sure why I am adding this, but on the day I bought a Giovanni hair product for the first time, I then had it to the corner of my shelf and I had the lights out and looked over and the same pattern of blue lights was all over in front of me, in dots.

I looked again, and then I realized it was because I had water bottles sitting on my table and a stove top light for a hot pad, which is blue, was reflecting and bouncing off all of these bottles, making not one dot for each, but tons of them, yet sort of in the same rectangular pattern and lined up as in on the bottle. The only difference was the top dots were staggered, some higher than others. I think because one bottle was farther away than the others or something. I saw it and thought "skyscraper lights" in a city right away.

I got the Frizz-Be-Gone hair serum to make my hair shinier, and I also have Redken, which I like for the same and for the control and conditioning.

I thought that was very weird though. And for whatever reason, I had meant to put it in the bathroom but it was sitting out in front of the lights when I saw it. I actually don't usually put water bottles there or leave them there.

Anyway, it happened the first day I had it in my house, and I had not been putting water bottles on the table previous to that day. I was doing a charcoal detox so I had all this stuff out and left extra water bottles on the table that night.

I finally bought something from them, which I'd planned to do, because I had tried some samples in the past and figured out what I liked best of the products, for me.

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