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U.S. Conspiracy to Murder Citizens

The U.S., as I've explained, has tried to kill me multiple times, and has colluded with international rings.  The evidence is in the car "accidents":  forcing me off the road; hijacking my car to roll it, and a planned hit-and-run and that is only some of the evidence.  The other evidence is that in just these 3 attempts, the same people (or their associates) are involved. 

This is perhaps the least of my problems, but these federal employees can't keep their hands off of anything that's not theirs.  I just went out into my garden and most of my plants are gone, as in, they were dug up and stolen.

Someone stole my raspberry plant over a year ago, and it was the only one I had, and then they came over to my house, and dug up and stole every single one of my mature artichokes except for one.  I had five of them and one of them sort of wilted over the winter, but the rest were spaced apart specifically to create a border against the back, and they were all healthy and one of them was already 1 foot tall or a little less.

So I went out there, and all of them were stolen, so now I have no back border for my garden anymore, and they take a long time before they are 4 feet tall and spread out together.  I specifically spaced them apart knowing how much room they needed.

This country stole all of them.  I say "this country" because the only people doing this are U.S. federal employees. 

Then, at the same time, they spread "Mary Washington" asparagus into the middle of my garden.  They put "Mary Washington" asparagus concentrated in clumps down a line in the middle of my garden, and then put the same thing into the spaces where my artichoke plants were.  They are planted in clumps, like someone dug a hole or there was one there after they stole my artichoke, and then they threw some asparagus seeds in.

I planted my own asparagus last year, in a specific section of my garden, and it can be invasive, but it not spread out in that kind of pattern, in "clumps" and then down the middle of my garden in a perfect line, in clumps, but a straight line.

I'm sick of this.

This country ruins every single thing I do.  This garden was not for decorative purposes, though I created a layout for it, that was beautiful, which is why I had an entire border of artichoke.  It is also for food.

The federal government has used my entire life, and this garden, and where I live, as a "test site" for their federal research projects, and they take what they want, which has been all of my personal property and mementos, and they give them to others. 

I just went outside to look at my garden and found this, and got some carrots and someone was watching me the entire time, to see which carrots I picked out and how many of the plants I took up. Basically, some bizarre game over predicting how many of the "feathery fern" carrot plants I pulled out of the ground after they stole my feathery plant artichokes at the back of my garden.

No one just "got rid of" those artichoke plants I had.  They didn't wilt, or get eaten by deer, or thrown to the side.  They stole them and moved them.

Now I have no symmetry at the back of the garden, and no border for the retaining wall I had to make sure that hillside was stable, and it's ugly. And I have no potential for an artichoke harvest with one plant that isn't even going to produce artichokes until years later.

This country ruined every single goal and aspect I had for even something like a row of artichokes.  I didn't throw it together--I put thought into what I was doing and this disgusting government needs to be nuked.

We are forced to live in a concentration camp where they use it as a test-site for forcing us to work and then ruining any kind of work we attempt.  This country has paid money for hits against me, several times, and then settled for torturing me and lying about me.  They forced me to stay in this country when I tried to leave, to literally escape torture and assault and permanent harm to my body to both me and my son, and this country already had a trap laid out in Canada with people they knew who had been in on the assassination attempts to start with.  They kidnapped my son.  They have ruined every single thing that there is, that is good, for me.  They did this to me when I was completely innocent and thought everyone was my friend, and then they did this to me later, after I wasn't exactly perfect or in the same way, but still deserved to have enough respect to live a normal life with my son.

This country has deliberately organized federal gang-rape of me, and paid for it.

So if it seems like I am over-reacting, I'm not.  They can't even keep their hands to themselves to let me have a private garden, on what I had assumed was my parent's private property.  I'm beginning to believe it's not even theirs and is owned by the government.  They have controlled every single thing about my parent's lives.

My mother has all of her credit cards being held by the U.S.   For years I thought my parents had some assets and property, but all of it appears to be federally controlled.  My Dad told me, over a year ago, when I first showed up and said what is going on, he said, "If they tell us to move, we move; they tell us where to live and when to move and we do."  Basically, he admitted to me, before all of us were tortured worse, that their lives are 100% controlled by the U.S. federal government.  It wasn't said in religious terms like, "If God wants us to be missionaries one day, we might leave".  It was told to me, the way it is.  They are forced to follow federal "orders".

I believe the federal government is controlling the property, and using it for their own purposes.  They control all liquid assets or flow and credit cards, because I noticed when I tried to sign up my mother to receive $10 from me for her referral to their business, they were not "allowing" any money to go to her.  So if 5 different friends of hers all got refered to "Vitacost" in Boca Raton, Florida, and this company was saying for each referral they'd give my Mom $10 or $10 off a purchase with them, if my mother had $50 coming to her in cash or discount, she was being blocked from getting it.  So anyone else could take advantage of the "referal reward", but not her.  What it means, is that every single way they force my mother or me or someone out of getting a discount like that, that is then liquid cash that they are forced to use instead.  Which means there is less money to keep in savings to leave this country with.

So ruining my garden, which is a way I would save money by not having to use as much cash to buy groceries at the store, is for the same reason.

This is also why the U.S. has attempted to obstruct me from being a surrogate.  They don't want me to have cash.

They are doing the exact same thing with my parents.

This country first attempted to obstruct me from having business in Oregon, and it was in 2003 or 2004, I think 2004, that I was being told I could not get a credit card.

The FBI was deliberately obstructing me from having any kind of credit card, at all.  I hadn't had one up to that point, because I wanted to pay from the black, not the red.  I was raised by parents who told me, or were telling me (now I know, it was more U.S. federal government brainwashing and attempt to control me) not to get credit cards or be "in debt".  So I paid in cash for everything. 

I then realized credit cards were used as a form of establishing credit, and since I'd sold my house (on good credit), I decided it would be good to have a credit card.  This country blocked me from obtaining a credit card.

I tried signing up for all of the major credit cards, through Oregon offers, and every single one of them was denied even though there was no reason to deny me.  Then the FBI worked with Bullivant and Judges that worked for them, to slap me with a lien to ruin my credit, when they were responsible for obstructing my travel, and this country had been trying to kill me again and was torturing me by triggering migraine.

It was anti-competition and the U.S. federal government committed these crimes, for purposes of controlling me and ending my lawsuits.  They didn't want me to have money of my own, or for lawsuits, and they blocked me from the $50,000 in PIP that I was owed by Farmer's for the Department of Justice arranged "hit and run" in 2003, and they blocked me from getting any credit card.

That was in 2004.

I have some questions.  Is Schneider connected to the Roos family.  Tony Roos.  Oh yeah, her boyfriend, Ryan Barnes, was only fluent in Japanese wasn't he.  (the same Japan that John V Roos and Susan Roos became "Ambassadors" for in 2009).  You know, Tony Roos.  Just one of the guys that tried to kill me.  What have we here?! a connection between 2 assassination attempts???!! MY how I fly.

Secondly, is the U.S. Army affiliated man who ordered that I be assaulted with Haldol in Nashville, TN, is he connected to Tony Roos?  Roos, Bechtold, or Mormons in business with them?  I know Amy Roe is connected to QUITE a few federal employees.  What about Stubblefield, the cop.  And how about Canada's "border patrol" that forced me to sign a lie, and the U.S. border patrol that colluded with them to entrap me.

We DO know Tony Roos was in the U.S. Army, just like the man at the "psych ward" was, who ordered that I be tortured and ruined with Haldol.

That assassination attempt involving Roos occured when I left Robin Bechtold's house and it implicates the Bechtolds.  After I met Mike Nichols, the Canadian-born person who was adopted by presumably FBI, he started wearing a jacket that was identical to the one Robin Bechtold wore.  I ended up in a tree, after the assassination attempt against me in 1992.  After Nichols tried to kill me, and was willing to kill himself in the process, his Dad went to Nevada, and planted a tree.  Loreena McKennitt, who I've discovered had access somehow to music I was writing or melodies I was putting together at my house in Sherwood, has a song on one of her CDs called "two trees".  Maybe that has nothing to do with anything, but along the way, U.S. federal state-sponsored hits against me have been celebrated and symbolized.  The third time there was a hit-and-run, I was t-boned.  It was done deliberately when I was turning and the side of my car was exposed to the oncoming car.  Three "trees".  This does not include other assassination attempts against me.

There is a wire that wraps around necks and chokes them to death, through each of those attempts against me.  The United States Government has tried to kill me several times and has been torturing me for 8 years at severe levels and before that, at levels to disrupt work and college.  They have coordinated with international mafias and used Mike Middleton as a hired hitman in at least one case. 

Friends I thought were friends, were not really friends.  Even Monica Allen had been best friends with Erica Wiltbank before she met me and then she was hanging out more with Geoff Rasmussen than me after high school.  She was also best friends with Erica throughout jr. high.  Her Mom, Rebecca Allen, even turned colors later, after she asked me to go with her to check on Monica, from that point forward, she looked like she'd gotten something out of it and completely changed (in 2005).  I don't even know if possibly that was a set-up too.  If so, it's linked to FBI and other federal employees. 

I think Geoff was periodically "checking" to see if I had figured anything out since 2005.  He kept asking me if I wanted to be in touch with Monica, and told me he was, and then he'd wait for me to say yes and then not give me her contact information.  He did this many times and it seems to be another display of his passive-aggressive nature and wanting to make sure I didn't know what my parents already knew: that they were all in on it together.  Killers.  Tim Henderson's role was to defame through cops, and he himself is possibly a cop. 

Nathan Allen (Monica's brother) and Eliza Bechtold were friends in school too, Eliza is Robin Bechtold's sister.

Tony the "tiger".  Any questions why the United States federal government issued tiger stamps and Madonna & child stamps with someone that looked like Kate Middleton, at the same time?  If you look at the magazine the United States federal government published for these stamps, they are listed back-to-back.  Mmm hmm.  That's right girl.

The stamp was designed by a woman whose husband defends hired assassins.  That man is Greg Craig and the woman who created the "Siberian Amur cub" stamp is Derry Noyes (Highland address in D.C.).  An Amur tiger.  I think Tony was an Amman, Jordan tiger, don't you?  Noyes' husband defended a man over an assassination attempt of President Ronald Reagan.  So it's not like he doesn't know anything about assassination attempts.  What a perfect person to have on Middleton's side.  A lawyer--who defends hired hitmen.  He's defended CIA director Richard Helms and the FBI too.  His father was "dean of students" for Stanford University.  OH HELLO DOLLY.  So Amy Roe, and John and Susan Roos, and Sandy the English-psychics professor, and all of these people are connected to Stanford?  Greg Craig also went to the University of Cambridge.

But of course, after 20 years, who would have thought I'd mention Tony Roos?  This is SO much FUN.  The other woman who worked on it was Nancy Stahl, who has worked  in NY, L.A. and studied at University of Arizona (where, of course, Lynda Carter went to school).  Carol Alt too? I am not sure where she is from.  The other name for the Amur is "panthera tigris altaica".  So on the other side of the ad, in the U.S. post office magazine, we have Raphael from The Walters Museum (Maryland, where Carter lives) with a Madonna that looks like Kate Middleton holding a 1 yr old.  The stamp was issued September 20, in 2011.  At the same time, they put out a "tiger and rhinocerous" stamp.  Because Tony the Tiger and Rhino are friends.  Africa's white rhino (Kate Middleton went to visit them before she married, and with her allergies, her "rhinitis", how apropo.  Katie the little rhino, D.C.'s "princess").  The byline says protecting Africa's white rhino also "stems the loss of tigers".  Aren't we all so clever?  we must be, you see, if we are working for the U.S. federal government and encouraging, inciting, and paying for assassination attempts.  We, the federal employees, all think it is so "fun" and clever to give a little nod here-and-there, a tipping of the hat shall we say, for cruel crimes of torture against children like Oliver Garrett, and the multiple assassination attempts and degradation of Cameo Garrett.

How FUN it must be.

I can list 3 assassination attempts against me involving vehicles, all of them connected to the same people in the U.S. federal government.

That's not to mention stealing my song ideas, international incitement to deflower me (by rape if necessary, for cash), gang-rape by federal employees, and torture as a means of trying to discredit me, run me out of work, and shut me up after 2 attempts were made against me, one in which I could identify at least the cars (because I unexpectedly survived) and the other in which I could identify the driver (Mike, because  I survived unexpectedly again).  Better do something fast.  Aha, let's take her to Salt Lake City hospital.  How to "stent" a witness and victim of state-sponsored planned assassination attempts.

Tony Roos, Amy Roe, Christa Schneider, Ryan Barnes, Alicia Nakata, Mike Middleton--they are all connected to Japan and to the U.S. federal government and all of them, to assassination attempts of me.  So yes, some people in Japan DO know.

1st hitman Tony Roos knows Geoff Rasmussen and Robin Bechtold, connects to Middleton and California and Ambassadors to Japan Roos>connects to 2nd hitman Mike Nichols (Canadian-FBI-Middleton) alum in Lake Oswego>connects to Ryan Barnes, Japanese-fluent Lake Oswego alum businessman>connects to 3rd hitman Schneider Department of Justice>...

And that's not all.

I'm not including the "back-up help" involved in defaming me, and implanting me with microchips, and creating false arrests to smear me, out of their paranoia of being discovered.

It's RICO and the problem is, it's BY the U.S.  It is conspiracy to murder.  This does not even include the other things done to me.  I have a case against the United States for conspiracy to murder me.  So of course, this is concrete proof of motive to torture me and want to lie about me and say I'm mentally ill when I'm not.  It is also why the U.S. attempted to get me to "join" them when they were afraid I might "get away" and expose them for what they've done, after they tortured me and my son and kidnapped him.

It is impossible for my son to be raised in the U.S.

I think, if I'm remembering correctly, even Tim Henderson had something to do with Japan. I think he studied Japanese.  He showed up after the 2nd assassination attempt against me (I'm sure there were more earlier but for description now...), which was the hijacking of my car by Nichols.  Nichols was connected to Ryan Barnes who was Lake Oswego alumni like Nichols and fluent in Japanese.  Janet Bechtold was also friends with Japanese, as Sherwood High had them as the sister country and she gave them videotapes of me without my consent.  Nichols and Barnes (the Japanese-fluent one) both went to Lake Oswego, and Christa Schneider already knew my family.  The Schneiders already knew who we were so they had their contacts with L.O. already.  Not to mention how Josh Gatov gets involved.  So when Tim Henderson started approaching Monica, it was after he was studying Japanese (like Gatov said he was too), and it was after he was moving to Oregon from California (where Bechtold's mafias are).  The Mormon mafias have connections with all of them.  Even reporter Amy Roe, who had the privilege of defaming me, was connected to Japan and all she ever carried with her or wore, or wrote on, was "Hello Kitty" (japanese brand) items; she was educated at Stanford like Greg Craig, the defender of assassins (who has a daughter named Eliza, by the way).

I hope the lawyer who told me, "Your problems are federal" has his bags packed and is ready to relocate to a new country.  No wonder no one wanted to tell me who was involved.  All this time, huge groups of people knew and joked about it with inside symbolism and messages between eachother.

I can name Japan, Russia (some Russians, on Middletons-Karin-Maiers side), Canada, England, Italy, Spain, and Israel, as being involved with some of their professionals.  Some Eastern Indians or Muslims I suppose, but taking orders from U.S. Army. 

Hi Panetta.  Leon Panetta.

Robin Bechtold's family knew Mike Nichols.  I told them about my plans before we were going too.  I told them at their house and Robin knew in advance, as did Geoff.  I remember Robin told me later the reason he didn't call me to see how I was doing when I almost died and was seriously injured, was because, "My Mom told me not to call you."  He had been talking to me before I left, and then he never called or sent a card, for 1 full year.  Why would Janet Bechtold think it's fine for him to talk to me before an assassination attempt, but not after?

Oh.  Oops.  It failed.

Not only that, during that time, someone was coaching Robin and let him know I was implanted with microchips from that accident-forward.  So he knew anything he said to me might go on some record or be overheard by someone, so he was careful to plan out what he was doing and what he was going to say first.

He told me, "I was in college and I heard the news and really wanted to call you but my Mom told me not to."

I had almost died, and had a broken neck.  But BEFORE the assassination attempt, it's okay to visit.  Not later.  Not afterwards of course.  Nervous jitters and all.  When he later called me, for any reason, it was "I need someone to pick me up from the airport."  He had me acting as his taxi.  He asked me for 2 different things:  to pick him up from the airport, and to drive him to the mall.   And that was it, until he raped me and made sure it didn't sound like rape.  Oh, he DID want to meet Pamp Maiers and people from "The Penninsula" which is where all the feds lived.

This is someone who was obsessed with me.  Robin was.  He wrote me notes in class all the time in high school, and told me, "Erik says I'm whipped."  I said what do you mean, and he said, "In love."  Whatever.  Geoff pretended to hate him but they were working together.  He was constantly calling me, wanting to see me, writing notes to pass me in the hall in school, tapping on my shoulder on the bus to talk to me, and then later, after feeling rejected he was writing passive-aggressive notes refering to cyanide and making homemade bombs to throw around.  He got into it and this was a pasttime for a long time--bomb-making.  So while he had these bomb making and throwing events, he was still calling me and telling me he was in love with me and wanted me to marry him.  I already knew I wouldn't marry him and I didn't want to.  The passive-aggressive poems were in 1992 and so was the bomb-making.  It's not like he wasn't being trained by the government or anything. It wasn't like they just did it for a class project.  They did it as long as I knew them in high school, until graduation.  Bomb-making 101.  So if you need someone to tie a bomb under your car, give Lenny Schwabe or Robin Bechtold a call.  And he was writing disturbing poetry that Nancy McCusker appreciated.    He got very nervous about that, after the hijacking by Mike Nichols failed.  He called me specifically to ask me to burn his poems.  I mean, when he finally did call, a year later.  He was acting weird and nervous.  I now know he wanted to cover his tracks.

I could go on.  But yeah, these people are all inter-connected to assassination attempts of me and the reason why I'm tortured and it's even possible to begin with.  Their "case", as Michelle Erickson liked to inform me, "is air-tight".  Tight as a bomb?  Robin played "tight-end" in high school football.

I think he played tight-end to the runningback, and who is that?  Interestingly, tight-end is abbreviated in football as "TE". 

Three trees anyone?  Or 2 trees and 1 T-bone and a lot of gang rape.

Tony Roos now works at "Cardno", an alliance between U.S. Army-Australia, which is funny, because after I criticized Robin Bechtold for going to Australia on credit cards, I was blocked by feds from getting any credit cards.  Not even one.

1995 was the second attempt to kill me which then permanently crippled me, for life, because of this country's illegal use of microchips through NASA and the VA participation in my surgery in Utah.  That same year, someone in Japan proposed changing the astrological signs to embrace December 9, Kate Middleton's birthdate, as serpent-bearer instead of Sagittarius (archer).  It is to celebrate the number 13.  Any ideas?

I should add, when I was later taken as a hostage and injected with almost-lethal amounts of Haldol, it was at the order of doctors who are connected to these assassination attempts.  When I was released, after a week of injections and overdoses of pills twice a day, it was a Japanese doctor who came around the corner to see me and mock me to my face.

Yeah.  Rule with your "heart" Katie. Er, William.  Oh, wait, your Jupiter.  In 1995, some proposed your "ruler", Katie, that was so benevolent to your position, be doctors.  As in, Utah doctors.  then Wenatchee doctors, and at least one Japanese doctor wanted to get in on the symbolism, by showing up to mock me in Tennessee.  Katies "kisses":  poison.  She "receives" those her father's friends call "snakes" after her Dad fails to kill them.  She thought she was taking me into the Middleton "fold" in D.C., to try to entrap me, and that's after her parents had the bright idea of being involved with Canada.

I am not the "snake".  Is this public kid supposed to be her little "snakee-poo"?  How exactly did my parents get blackmailed into not telling anyone about our being tortured unless someone tried to frame them to make it look like one of the twins was part of the attempt to assassinate me?  Her Dad is a hitman for the U.S.  Obviously, the Sherwood "archers" thought they had something on my parents to try to pull me away from living with them.  2 obvious assassination attempts by 1995 and my parents blackmailed into silence by assasins.

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