Thursday, March 21, 2013

Keri Godfrey and Jennifer Godfrey

If these 2 women are related, they are involved in crimes against me and my son.

I already know Jennifer is guilty of crimes against my son, but I forgot all about Keri Godfrey until I looked up class alumni. She was in the class ahead of me, and she hated me.

This is a terrible photo of her, bc it's a mug shot, but she doesn't look like this in person of course. She was very quiet, from what I remember, at least around me, most of the time. I still remember the kind of jeans she wore. High waisted pale blue jeans and she had sort of wide hips.

Just because she and Jennifer have the same last name, doesn't mean they're related, but Godfrey isn't the most common name, and I do remember Keri and I remember she hated me even though I was nice to her. I don't want to say anything else at this point, but she is connected not just to friends (so-called) that I had, but she was connected to people in the grade above who were connected to people who wanted to get close to me and my family. So it is possible that IF she is related, there is a hate crime motive which would mean Jennnifer always knew she was not supposed to oversee anything to do with my case and my son. It basically is leading to more federal and gangs contacts.

I also found a photo that might prove she was involved with Alvaro Pardo and who he knew. If this is true, it would prove a CPS conspiracy of fraud, involving not just Jennifer Godfrey, but Michelle Erickson as I had already suspected. It would help to prove, if they are related, that they were actually involved in trying to set me up to go to federal prison.

And who would want that to happen? Hmm.

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