Monday, March 18, 2013

Leave Now: Torture and Hostage-taking of My Parents

Yesterday, I was told to leave now.  Then I saw my Dad later and he had been tortured and the U.S. is doing it.

Here's a license plate number of a man who is involved, a blue Ferrari, oregon plates 9P 3356.  The man is older, in his 60s.  I saw him today on the road and passed after Debbie Sweetwater-Burt smirked, arriving at my mother's workplace without my mother when her boss had just told me my mother was out with Debbie.

This is supposedly why my mother's car was parked at her work, but she wasn't there.

I asked to use the phone because the U.S. cut off my electricity last night, when everyone else had electricity.All of the power cords were plugged in and nothing was wrong.  Even my parents had power, but the United States cut off all electricity to my house so I couldn't charge up my computer, email, or do anything.

This morning the U.S. cut off my phone, and cut off my computer service as well.  The computer service was fine, but every time I tried to connect, it was being disconnected.  So it showed 5 bars were solid and Microsoft servers were disconnecting me anyway, letting me connect for a minute and then disconnecting it.  My phone said "Check telephone line" and I couldn't get a dial tone even.

I then found out everyone else in the neighborhood has phone service because they stood on their porch and talked on the phone, within my hearing, so the phone line is not down.  One of the neighbors, was outside with clippers for a horse fence, making cutting noises for the occasion when she is never out there. It's not like they did not know I didn't have phone service.

I have been waiting on a call regarding college for 4 days and on other business that affects my financial situation.

I was basically forced out of my house and off of our property, because of telecommunications and internet forced out.  I walked to my Mom's workplace and her car was there and no one else was there but her boss, a man.  I said where is my Mom? and he said she was out showing property with Debbie.  I wrote down another license plate number of a woman who was waiting for me to leave my house this morning and she looked Russian-American and had a truck with license plates:  95771 (Oregon). She was a blond woman in her 40s.

I called for my Mom and she didn't answer the phone and then I called for my Dad and he answered, sounding like he was being confined somewhere.  He said to have my Mom call the phone company.  I said, "It's not like no one knows what is going on.  They all do.  The U.S. shut off my electricity, only to my house, and then they shut off my phone and my internet to force me out.  It's not like no one knows."  Then he hung up and I hung up and her boss was sitting there and I didn't like the look on his face.  He looked guilty and I said, "It's not like you don't know what is going on with my mother either."  I tore off the piece of paper from a corner of the page there where I had written license plate numbers and then the pen rolled off the desk onto the floor.  I didn't try to, it just did and when it hit the floor I said, "Bow" and I walked out.

The next car I took note of was a blue Ferrari with the plates I listed, which was passing after Debbie Burt (nothing sweet about her so I'm no longer using her middle surname), looked at me as if she was going to go into Jubilee Hysterics and mocked me as she pulled into the parking lot, without my mother with her.  I crossed the street, noted the plates of the man passing because I knew something was wrong with him, and went to the library where I am now telling you how the U.S. tortured my Dad and what evidence there was last night.

My parents are twins.  I've said this before, but I am not joking.  Both my Mom and Dad are identical twins.  One of them is smaller, with my Mom, and has smaller features on her face, and slightly different color of blue eyes.  The other one is a little bigger with a slighly larger nose and it tilts to the side a little, and it has looked very bad sometimes, when she's come home from "work".  There are two of my Dad.  One is a little shorter, by a fraction, and larger, and the U.S. has been doing something to him that is affecting testosterone.  He does not have "man-boobs" but a tiny bit and never did before and I found out the teenager next door has huge ones and it's being done by the U.S.  There is no external reason for that teen to have this condition unless he is being medicated with something.  It would also not be occuring with more than one person in the same mile distance of property unless something was being done to them.  This Dad has that a little, and his face is larger and his hands are as well. He has noticeable and distinct sectoral heterochromia.  The other one has a different pattern of sectoral heterochromia in his eyes and they are brighter color--his eyes are more noticeable for brightness and the other ones are more noticeable for distinctive sectoral heterochromia.

My parents must have known we had this trait, because they got a dog when I was a kid, that was a blue mural Sheltie, with one eye a marbled color, different colors, and the other eye was solid blue. That was Tinsel, and she loved me maybe best.  Well, she loved the family, but out of Moonie, Tinsel, and Topper, Tinsel lit up when she saw me, even in old age, and wanted to play, wagging her tail.  Moonie was from Locklyn, and Locklyn called her Mariposa.  My parents called her Moonyucca and Moonie for short.  She was a sable and my Dad always said she was the perfect lady because she had good manners and took food from your hand delicately.  Tinsel would almost take your hand off.  Topper was black and white with brown eyes.  All of a sudden, in Sherwood, Oregon, all of our dogs were being targeted by U.S. technology at the same time and they were getting dizzy and falling off the deck, and they were being given poison by someone in the community.

My parents are twins.  Somehow, the U.S. got them to marry each other.  Maybe one couple liked each other, but what if the other couple didn't?  They were marrying each other based on being twin matches.  Ever since I was a kid, this country shuttled them back and forth, under the nose of me and my brother.  My parents would take off for a date night, and switch, and other times, it was in the afternoon.  Parent Trap, about twins that get switched around, is what my parents were being forced to do their entire lives, only the U.S. was forcing them to do this.  You can't really tell them apart except by their noses and eyes and one being slightly smaller or larger in frame.  The larger Dad has distinct dots of heterochromia and gray-blue eyes and  the other one has a a more sectional kind with slightly greener and blue.

They are two different people, BOTH my Mom and Dad, are both twins.

This country is torturing all sets, to even match, physically, with signs of torture.  I saw my Dad last night, the larger one, and he had his eyes ruined too, and I had just seen the other one and they looked like what I saw at the Walmart the one day.  This other Dad had his eyes carved out into the shapes of ><  like Kate Middleton's dress.  They are torturing my Dad out of spite over Middleton.  They carved this spot out to be long indented >< and then did something else to the top to make a "v" into them right after the >.  So if you looked at him face-forward, his left eye is >v with the v higher up, and the right eye is v< with the v higher up.  So it makes for a >vv<.   The United States would not do this without deliberate malice to my family and as a sick and disgusting favor to the Middletons.  It looks slightly more like a loop, like a long c or ) than arrows, but it's distinct.

There is no point to this kind of disgusting hostility and assault.

There is no way anyone can not notice if you look at him.  A few times I've noticed the U.S. torturing one of the parents and not the other one and I think they've switched them if they believe someone is coming to check for evidence of torture.  So maybe they torture one for awhile and then for church, a public event,they have the one that does not have this evidence, appear, so it looks like it's not happening.  Then they switch, and torture the other.  They have been doing this for the entire 2 years I've been here.  This has also left my parents wide-open to aggregious forms of kidnapping, assault, and abuse, because they can't say anything and while the U.S. has kidnapped and tortures one of them, the rest of the world thinks nothing is wrong, because the other set, the doubles (literal doubles) are in place and go about work and business as usual.

This switching back and forth is why, when I was a kid, one of them wouldn't remember what the other said to me all the time.  It's because I said it to the other twin.

The U.S. has literally kidnapped my parents and confined them while the other set appears to be free, in public.  It is not just a matter of holding them hostage, in secrecy, but other things.  This has made my life and my brother's life, perilous because then the U.S. thinks they can do whatever they want with us.

I said to my Dad last night, "Dad, what happened to your eyes?  what are they DOING?  Do they think you spied for another country or something and think you have microchips hidden inside of your eyes?"  Someone is inserting tools into my parents eyes, to torture them with.

There is no possible way the U.S., at the highest levels, does not know about this. 

My parents are being tortured and they are twins.

This country keeps thinking I'm undecided about it and that I don't really believe it, or that I've changed my mind, but it is true and they are abusing my entire family.

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