Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The "Elders" Who Laid Their Hands On Me (Rape)

Separate idea... I think I was raped by a bunch of "elders" when I was a kid.

I don't think they were just FBI and cops and military. They were church elders. I think I will add that to the other post. But someone said something about elders, members of a church. I think Mike Middleton was involved in it. I don't know that he literally came over here, but he knew about it. That is how Robin Bechtold picked up on some of the things he knew, from his connections, or FBI Mormons. Mormon Elders. OH MY GOSH. Elders. Um, I just did an Ana-spy-from-Russia gulp without even trying to. It's true. This is why all of the Mormons. This is explaining a lot more. I am thinking of this man who went down into the well in Libya, and that well looked like the Bethsaida well, and then he was dragged out and beat up. All of them were wearing blue and white, a whole gang of them. I wondered about this because my parents went to a church called Bethesda when I was a baby, and a different one too.

My mother said once, to me, not long ago, "There's more." I said, "What?" She said "There's more for you." I said what do you mean? and she said, "More of the "annointing" the elders gave you when they laid their hands on you when you were a baby." I have to post this somewhere else, but it's just to mind right now so I'm writing it here.

It was Mormons.

Which now explains all of the Mormons involved in blacklisting me to the federal government. They were involved in raping me as a baby.

"There's more for you" was their idea. They didn't want me to have my son because they wanted to use me for sexual reasons for themselves, military, and federal government.

Alan Springer. There were others. Our other neighbor, next door, were Mormons but maybe didn't do anything. This is why my parents were bothered when I brought The Book of Mormon home and was looking at it. They freaked out. Mormons have always supported the Middletons.

This explains why Robin Bechtold had information he tried to use against me, to trigger a reaction from my past. He and his family were working with Mormons, and these Mormons worked for federal government and also for Mike Middleton. I thought maybe it was his Dad, and that his Dad worked for FBI or CIA, which is still possible, but most importantly, these things came up later, after he was working for Erica Wiltbank's Dad, and they are connected to Mike and Carol Middleton.


This is why all of these Mormon "missionaries" were over here all the time, and my Dad seemed worried about it. It's why Geoff Rasmussen, whose Uncle is FBI, got close to me, and wanted to "dirty me up" in the mud while pretending to be my friend and pretending to hate Robin Bechtold. It explains why our dogs reacted to Geoff and Lenny, as if they had witnessed harm done by them against my parents (probably when I wasn't there). They were all working together. So this includes Andy Panda, and it also explains why some of the Mormon elders at the Wenatchee Mormon church made sexual overtures to me. I was shocked. Mormons? I wondered why any church Mormon would think it was going to be fine to do this around me, act suggestive. They thought I was primed and groomed, after Mark, and the other federal assholes. I saw one of them do what looked like sexual propositioning to me. I had a really bad feeling about it. Some young girl dressed suggestively was waiting outside to talk to one of the elders and I had this intuitive feeling she was being used for sexual favors. Maybe I'm wrong about her, but not about how he acted with me. He acted like a pimp. Then I was at the Mormon law offices and the lawyer did the same thing and I wondered again, why is this Mormon making sexual overtures to me? He had these family photos all over his office and I was stunned. This is why I sensed it was bad news to vote for Mitt Romney. He is connected to the Bain Company, and they were in charge of some of the Utah fiascos and it is always leading back to Middleton. Thank God Obama got re-elected. It was bad enough with him in charge, with torture, but it honestly could have been worse with Romney.

Somehow, the Middletons ended up dealing with Mormons.

This explains why then there was a Mormon FBI S.S.A. who went along with the Palo Alto FBI S.S.A. to defame me. One was a Bechtold contact (Palo Alto) and the other was the Mormon contact (D.C.) and Bechtolds and Mormons are in business and have been since 1992. This is when I was being targeted to be assassinated. I thought it looked like Tony Roos's vehicle when they passed, or a cop.

This is also why another Mormon tried to steal my son from the start--Sibel. It also explains why the "Mormons" who were doing water research near my house didn't act like Mormons at all and wanted a menage 'a' troi. Why would Mormons think I would do two men at the same time, together? My first thought was "I don't think they are Mormons at all" (which I already thought). The other option is that yes, they were Mormons, and they knew about my past and thought I might revert, somehow, to being under the age of 3, and have sex with both of them.

This is why Mormon police would conceal torture of my son. And the active FBI person there was/is Mormon.

They bailed me out of jail for a "Failure to Appeal" as if they were friends, but they were the ones responsible for putting me there in the first place. They had set me up for a "grand auto theft" through their Mormon friend Shannon Borg and her friend who drove me to Wenatchee and then left me to be forced to get temporary housing with a man they knew. So the "Failure to Appear" bail-out was like a cover for their set-up.

It explains why the Rasmussens went to England and why, after all these years, they quit talking to me after Kate Middleton was married. It explains why Geoff always acted weird about connecting me to Monica and why Tim Henderson (cop-connected) would go along with them. It explains why Roger Harris wanted my personal injury claim, which was worth $50,000 and then he dumped me on it, last minute. I lost $50,000.

I am wondering if Stacey Stubblefield or her cop husband are Mormon. She was the one who was so insistent that I have a natural birth when the other OBGYN (despite my broken hymen, at least she was honest about what she witnessed as evidence of rape and the fact I couldn't deliver naturally. Wherever you are, thank you for that) said it was impossible and my pelvis was too narrow. She said without a doubt, I had been severely traumatized and raped as a baby or young child. I said, "No, not that I know of" and she said, "There is evidence of severe trauma here. You were raped." She told me this as a fact. I said I didn't remember anything and she said it was probably when I was too young to remember. Basically, she said it was severe, like seriously, grossly, aggravated and messed up. No doubts with her, at all.

So anyone trying that hard to force a natural birth was trying to cover up the evidence. Stacey Stubblefield, if not Mormon and if her husband wasn't, was still connected to federal employees.

It is very possible that the 2 women who gave me a poisoned cigarette in Seattle, WA were Mormon, both of them fair, white, and blond and light brown hair, which would explain why they've been protected and no one investigated.

What was intuitive, but it's not a factual thing or something I witnessed, but around the time torture was happening against my family, I'd be on youtube and these ads kept popping up, "And We're Mormon" with smiling faces. It was really odd, and made me think, oh my gosh, what if some of these nice-looking Mormons are to blame?

They are.

It is even possible they are connected to Alvaro Pardo and to why he was trying to set me up to go federal prison.

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