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Kate Middleton Cut My Mother's Face & Her Workplace

Kate Middleton is the person who cut my mother's face.

This is what my mother told me, more than one time, at least 3 different times, over the last 2 years when I noticed.

After this, I also noticed all of these commercial and inside references that linked Kate to cutting someone with a knife.

I am bringing it up because I thought about it after visiting my Mom this morning as she was filing her nails and the blade reminded me of a knife.

I don't know how she had something to do with my son being poisoned, but she knew the person who did it.  I am still unsure about who it was exactly, though I have some ideas.

So when I have written I hope all of her children die, it is not hypocritical or anti-child or delusional.  It is because she is responsible for torture and aggravated assault. 

I can by looking at a photo or two of her that she is only getting worse.  She managed to conceal what she was about until after she was married and now, it's coming out.  She is also liable to go to jail for participation in drug trafficking.  I noticed she, at some point, joined a drug addiction group, which is a great side job to have for someone who manages the drug industry and used it to get herself where she is now.  It's like a cigarette company that promotes smoking and then says, "We give money to research for lung cancer."  She creates her own liabilities and then she, as a mafia-connected U.S. federal employee, works a sympathetic angle for her crimes, in a group that brings her closer to the drug industry, not farther away.

Who does she meet as a "drug addiction" group supporter?  People who use drugs.

Just like her.

It is basically like someone who ends up in jail, and while you think they're in jail, doing time, they are actually collecting tips from the inmates on how to run their criminal "enterprise" better.

It also brings her closer to the U.S. DEA, who sponsored torture and assault of me, for her and to protect their corrupt and criminal interests.

William is a hypocrite for ever having done anything with cocaine busts and then marrying her.  What I thought was even more shocking, is how much support she got from the royal family.  Are they all crackheads?  Diana was found with bags of cocaine in her car with Dodi when it crashed, while one of her guards was a U.S. FBI agent.  Diana was either using cocaine herself, and involved in the mafia that Kate is now sniffing coke from, or the opposite side, rather, or Diana was working for the U.S.

I would never doubt she was impregnanted by someone like Chris Dabney recently, rather than William.  She is so connected to Virginia in the U.S. it's not even funny.

When Hilary Mantel says she is a boring woman with no personality, she is right.  I have no idea who Mantel is, but it came up in a byline with this comment, a year ago.  However, anyone can have a listless personality, and seem exciting to drug dealers and the U.S. government.  It doesn't matter that she is there for the money and would have never stayed with William if he wasn't connected to the royal family.  She would have stayed with someone from St. Andrews if it wasn't that she was already plotting how to get into the family, with others who have been clearing the way for her, by torturing and killing people, so she could walk half naked on a runway.  Their claim to having Middleton people in the family who worked for Charles, or Philip, so they can be trusted, is a fragile thread.  Don't most people who get into power, who are only hungry for power, and who keep kids from drinking clean water and eating enough food--don't they usually find their way in, one thread at a time.

She had a thin blue line all around the underside of her wedding dress.  It's nice when you can take the DEA in under your skirt.

I also know Debbie Sweetwater-Burt and Patty Otterbach are involved in that cut.  I knew when it happened, and the next time my Mom was tortured and then I knew by the guilty expressions from Debbie and Cindy (who moved back to California).

I also know Kate Middleton is involved with some of the Russian and Ukraine people.  Maybe not all, but she is involved.  I know, because there is no reason anyone should have tortured me when I visited the Ukrainian church in Wenatchee, unless it was for her.  What other reason would anyone have? It served none of their purposes.  One of the men there, who was father to a woman named Ana and her sister, has gone up to the Avila's house I believe, and acted with others.  I picked up a feeling from him one day as he drove me and he got angrier and angrier and looked ready to blow but he kept it inside.  I never thought Vladimir from that church (Liddy Viddy) was on my side for anything.    They were on Middletons side.  Others who tortured me that were Russian-American or Russian-Ukrainian included a woman who worked for the state, "Angela", who expressed hostility to me, an in whose car I was fried to my lower back with some kind of ultrasound type of thing, as she and her daughter sat in front, and there were a few others.  Some of the people were good there.  I'm sure of it.  Some of them have been Middleton supporters willing to go in on torture of my son.  There was also a Russian man who went to the YMCA and joined yoga class to spy on me for Middleton and the U.S.  He kept patting his butt, after I had written a post about Middleton's flat butt.  So he watched me doing yoga and then was acting shocked to see that, as a beginner with no training, I could hold balance with difficult positions, and then when I went off-balance in the last one, once, he grumbled like some kind of ex Olympic rings athlete.  Then he made some malicious patting of his butt and looked at me.  I knew what he meant and implied.  How?  Because I'm Russian.  Scared? I'm one of their "kind".  Even a non-psychic can smell her own blood when it's going sour next to her. He was trying to insult me, with a suggestion that I was the one with a flat butt.  He didn't say a word.  It's called "psychic insults".  Oh they love to get away with the most horrendous kinds of "rubbing it in your face" ideas that they know or believe no one else will ever pick up on.  They know you've picked up on it.  As soon as he did this I knew:  Kate Middleton.  And he was Russian or Ukrainian.  So she has some kind of segment that kisses her flat ass.  Actually, my butt did look a little flat that day, but he knew how to rub it in, and checked out what he wanted and then left.

I found out, later, that over here in Coquille, Debbie Burt and I think Sandbergs were making comments to my mother about flat butts all of a sudden.  I love how Annette Sandberg is a criminal that kisses Kate's ass.  They proved to me that they knew that man who had showed up to spy on me. Kate seems to feel confident no one has picked up on her Mother Russia connections.

I was also tortured by some Ukrainian or Russian (or possibly British actually) looking man in a trench coat in TN, on a bus--one of the first times I was assaulted there.  He was sitting behind me and got off.  If he didn't do it, I'm sure he knew which U.S. government group did and was there to observe.

After this, I was adding on classes, and then running up to10 miles a day and being electrocuted and tortured at that gym as I tried to get into shape.

At this gym over here, they did the same thing, or the same thing happened, though not as bad.  I noticed my parents were in very good shape, and physically fit, when I showed up, even though it had been awhile. It was like it was okay for my entire family to work out and be in shape, unless I didn't marry Alvaro because then my entire family had to look ugly, grow man-boobs,  get chubby and out of shape, and have good clothes stolen.  Middleton's mafia and the U.S. government deliberately down-graded us so that now, none of us can even exercise or work out without being tortured.  I believe both Louis Freeh and Mueller have had a stake in Middleton stock, and I already know Carol works for the CIA.

Any drug addict that Kate Middleton is near, is going to be sized up for a business opportunity.

Let's see how what this set of kids looks like, if they look more like Chris Dabney or William.  I would definitely get a DNA test.  I hope they never make it.  Maybe they will come out looking like hamburger.  Little acid burns all over their faces.

I've seen a photo from headlines, on a start up page, of her with one of her eyes looking closed and the other bugged out or something and I'm not fooled.  Someone uses that same photo, over and over again, or her in some white suit neckline with one eye looking weird.  It is a sympathy ploy and a way to detract from the fact that SHE is a criminal who is part of all of it.  Anyone, with as much to hide and as much to lose as her, would agree to have someone do this to her, for a photo op, to then have it repeatedly put up to suggest she is a victim and has nothing to do with torture of victims.  She's not a victim.  She is a traitor and a criminal.  I am tortured every single day and have been for over 8 years now.  She has one or two photos, out of all the photos taken of her every day, that look like something I go through every single day, things my son has endured every single day.

She has nothing.

I am remembering though, that some of the emails about the flat butt thing, came from Shirley Sandberg.  It wasn't in reference to what I had written, it was in reference to the man who came to spy on me at the YMCA.  Annette is a cop who has worked with FBI for decades.  Either they or the Maiers are involved with Middletons.  If it's the Maiers, it's through Karin, Stephanie's Canadian best friend that moved to NY, and some Russian connection.  If it's Sandbergs, it's through the U.S. federal government, but actually, most of the Maiers contracts are U.S. federal government.

Middleton is a criminal.

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