Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stopped By Police In Support Of Federal Rapists

I was stopped by police today, for flipping people off.

To my knowledge, it's freedom of speech.  If I can wave, why can't I flip people off too?  I did it, for the symbolism of U.S. government agents raping me, and the U.S. consenting to the rapes, with police participation.

So the police stopped me, and I got to say exactly why I did it.

After asking politely if there was a law against it, and being told there is (which I'll look up to see if it's true), I said, "Let's see, so federal agents can rape me, but I can't flip people off."

At the same time, one of the cops in town was trying to protect others from my seeing they were in town.

Someone even had a bunch of kids from the elementary school today, poised to stand in a group, wait for me to approach and then said, "Byyyyyyye."For the last couple of days, the people in this town, who are mostly working for the federal government, have been saying, "Bye" repeatedly, when they never have in the past.

Basically, this country is trying to force me out of the country, without records or documents or accountability for their fucking crimes.

We have a man that comes to my parents house and works on it and every time he leaves, something about our house or property is put into a cartoon for Google.  Not recently, but around Halloween, last year, for over one week, it was one cartoon feature after another that clearly referenced unique things about our house.

I sang this morning while running for a little bit, because I felt the spirit of God.  So to later flip people off may seem contrary, but it's not.  It is an accurate reflection of this "church people" and non-churchgoers who pretend to be decent and put together, and then they go out and rape people, steal from our house, torture us.

Why in the world would anyone think it's shocking at all?  To be flipped off?  There is nothing shocking about it.  What they should be shocked about, is rape.  So fuck you because your federal agents fucked me and you think there is nothing wrong with it.

 I just found out more of my underwear was stolen from my house today, and I had only 2 pairs I washed, and tights which I wear to keep warm.  So someone stole my underwear, and the federal government also, after stealing with me, tried to medicate me again recently.

In addition to this, after I said I was ratting out all of the U.S. federal workers and psychic workers in this town, the phone to our house was shut off, for the last two days, they turned off my electricity, then they blew out all of the lightbulbs in my house with a power surge, the next day, and they disconnected the internet.

All of that, because I said I was going to "rat out U.S. federal psychic employees."

It sounds like I might know something, doesn't it?

One thing I know, is the U.S. Mexican-American computer person who works for police, knows Chris Rozollo and probably the FBI.  He is one of them and he drives a BMW and is an asshole. I have a list of names and IDs and I will provide them at the earliest possible moment.

This cop that stopped me, said I was being stopped because I was "holding up traffic" but I wasn't.  I was flipping people off, not holding up traffic, and I did it, with the belief that is my right to free speech.  Which is another thing this country violated.

I tried to report the FBI, and I was thrown in jail before I could.  Several times, this country violated my right to free speech, when it was about my and my family's personal safety.

As for flipping someone off, in some states, or towns, possibly, it's not legal, but I think the point is that:

Cops pull me over for flipping people off, but THEY are rapists.  Am I really harming you, when I flip you off?

How did YOU and YOUR AGENTS harm ME and MY SON.

The point is that:  All of you are hypocrites.

I literally cannot wait until I write about more of what I know about Kate Middleton and the U.S. employees here.  So as soon as that is possible, it's happening.

I guess they shut everything down so I couldn't say too much as they move some of their psychics out or buy time to think of covers for the people I might talk about.

The cop asked me where I was going and said okay, then go home. I said, "I'm leaving the country."  She said, "That would be fine too."  I said, "You stop me for flipping people off, but your agents rape me."  I said something about this country supporting rapists.

Federal government rapists.

I have been trying to leave this country for over 8 years and each time, I've been obstructed, but I'm not going to leave without something set up to go to or enough money, which is what this country is trying to push for.

When I told my parents, "I know you're twins" my Dad said, "uncross your eyes" and then did this finger thing, hypnosis thing.

I said, "No, I've watched carefully, and I know."

They didn't say anything then, because they know I know.  I said, "You're not THAT identical."

I also thought about my brother Levi, because this government used hypnosis on him and trained his eyes so he has this habit of scanning back and forth.  His eyes were cross-eyed in school photos, because of U.S. torture of him.  When my son showed me how to hypnotize him, how someone was doing this to him, he was showing me what the U.S. military and fucking CIA have been doing to my entire family for decades.  My Mom does this scanning thing, when she's on the phone, and I do, my brother does, and the only one that doesn't is my Dad, who was younger when they started the MKUltra program and they hadn't come up with the idea yet.

 I used to put little x's to dot my i's in elementary school, and they told me to quit.  I did it for a short time after I saw someone else, maybe my mother, do it once or twice.

So last night, thinking of this, how the U.S. abused and tortured both me and my brother, I tried both crossing my eyes as far as I could, and opening them out as far as possible.  When I crossed them, I was in front of a white shower curtain and the more I crossed them, the more the curtain opened, but it stayed together at the top, making a ^ tent.  Under the tent, on the bathtub surface were two blue razors.  Which made me think again, "Who cut my mother."  Opening them up the other way was not a big deal.  This country tortured my family to do this.  They tortured me, my brother, and my Mom, and now they've tortured my son.

Also, I believe the U.S. COPS were trying to conceal extreme child rape against me by the FBI and cops.  Stacey Stubblefield's husband was a cop, and they had been in Oregon as cops and as someone being trained as OSHU, which followed my neck surgery and implants after Salt Lake City University hospital.

The OBGYN I first saw, said there was evidence of sexual assault and rape when I was a kid.  I was also told I was an automatic c-section and that it was impossible for me to deliver naturally.  She didn't say "maybe", she said no possible way.  So why would Stacey Stubblefield, a cop's wife, try so hard to have it naturally unless they didn't want to cut me for c-section and instead hoped a childbirth would conceal evidence of FBI and cop gang-rape against me as an infant.

The FBI raped me as a baby and they have had no problem with cops and FBI and other federal employees, raping me ever since.  

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