Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Internet Obstruction Now

I closed out of Blogger and was attempting to get work done online and every single search was obstructed.  Regardless of what page I tried to go to, my search was shut down and messages coming up instead that have nothing to do with computer technology but added in strings to appear as if it's a computer code.

This one was the only one that halfway looked like any kind of legitimate computer code, cursor timed out (timeout: 30000, time left: 0:0, status: 0)

and it makes no sense. 

Basically, someone or a group is using trojan-like obstruction on my computer now, and preventing me from connecting to any page or site or even seeing the words on a screen if it does show up.  For example, showing the bars where you enter information and nothing next to it, like "Name", "Address" and that kind of thing so you don't know where to put information.

I seriously think this country is heading for a major breakdown.

I just saw what kind of mockery is on even a Canadian magazine from Ontario, Canada, Men's Health, and I don't know if it was the U.S. side or Canada side, but their Jan/Feb 2013 issue is rife with innuendo and jubilant self-congrats ads about torture.  The publisher is Rondale.  I am glad I picked it up (it was to cut things out for my son) because then I got to see who supports torture of my family and then puts up ads to celebrate it.

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