Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kate Middleton As Satanist & CIA Town

I said I would explain what kind of things people in this town do, and so I will.  I will also explain what Kate Middleton is doing and how it confirms she works for the U.S. CIA.  She may very well work for England, I'm sure, but England is not her first allegiance and it's not God or family either.

In my opinion, a prophet who is a religious prophet, or who uses their talent not for show or government but because it's a calling from God, is not controlled by government nor do they make a show of humiliating and degrading other people.

Kate Middleton decided I was going to be one her targets.  She decided this long before I was actually even concerned about her or really wanted to examine her or think about her.  I literally couldn't bring myself to do it, not before she was married.  After she was married, I thought, "Okay, now is the time to check that family out a little more" because all of a sudden, the guards and masks were down and I saw how some really did believe I was a problem to get rid of for her family.

As for Alvaro, it seems to me that with his Colombia connections, it was more royal family than anything, however, he was always bringing up "change" and that certaintly was part of Obama's campaign for awhile.

There are people in this town, reporting back to the U.S. about Kate and whether or not her predictions about ME are accurate or not.  Even my mother is forced to do it, to say out loud whether or not she got something right.  "Kay".  It's not Kate, it's "Kay" all the time, which is like "okay" for me, but the way it's used is to comment about her "work", her psychic government work, and credit her with "Kay".  Basically, it's been this code for "Kay got it".  "Kay won".  Whatever.

I didn't realize she was targeting me specifically until I figured out her family was involved with my being violently assaulted and held hostage in Middleton, TN.  It wasn't just them, but they were involved.  Then, I had thought her whole thing, the news about her "dog" eating her pearl necklace sounded like a lie.  It sounded like a point she was trying to make, not like an actual event.  The newspapers talked about how she was going to have to wait until her dog pooped to get them.  So then over here, someone in the CIA and military had my plumbing ruined awhile ago to where there was sewer everywhere, basically, "poop", and a few tampons.  So the tampons came up with the sewer, at a time when I bought them and they were being labled "pearl tampons".  I didn't buy them then, but her dog supposedly ate the pearl necklace after the pearl tampax came out on the market.  So then recently someone was torturing my Dad and Mom to their eyes, at, apparently, the dentists office, leaving round white pearl size marks inside the corners and then I called the dentist to find out about them, and their secretaries went off with Kate Middleton crap.  Groenemeyer and Fisher, both dentists and I guess, as some dentists do work for government, CIA or FBI connected.  I know Erica Wiltbank married a dentist, the Wiltbank connected to Lynda Carter. 

Before this, I randomly saw some photo of her and William locking up bikes with animal face prints on sweatshirts, when Whoozits in town (the store I've mentioned) had a bunch of the same sweatshirts being sold in the back, and when my Dad's bikes were locked up in a garage in the same way they locked them up, but with symbolism stuff around.  Which sounds like I'm imagining things, but I'm not. 

She is doing the exact same place-setting and marking for her predictions that CIA and the federal psychics in the U.S. do, which the blond did with me in a large open glass room while we were videotaped and under observation until I said it was against Geneva Convention.  I always wondered why the U.S. would care that much about her, because she is honestly nothing to look at, which is fine, but also, so many others have more independence and have done something for themselves or had aspirations to do great things.  So what I figured out is no, it's not about her learning her parent's business and being administrative--it's not that she's artistic either.  She is simply another psychic grunt.  That is the only thing about her that is different, unique, or something for her to feel she has leverage with.  She doesn't have any other attributes.  She makes predictions about others and tries to humiliate people, through torture and by using her psychic gift and laying out markers to show everyone who is part of that world, how great she is.  It's not like she was ever trapped to do it either, as my parents have been. 

This "gift", not of character, or talent, or even brains, but just an unusual gift of psychic ability, is the only reason she matters to the U.S. and ever did.  It makes her an "asset". 

I think she had a kid in the U.S. before this public pregnancy too.  She flew out to see a baby after the wedding, and was engaged at the same time that baby was announced as conceived.  For all we know, her breasts were larger at her wedding because she was expressing breastmilk even if she wasn't pregnant.  It is not hard to produce breast milk through certain herbs and prescriptions, and some women do.  That's a tangent, but the U.S. interest is not.

I found out all of my photos were wiped out from my other computer, my Acer, which I like most, and which I am going back to using, and am having fixed.  She knew about it, and I don't know how she got her hands on those photos but she did.  The only other person who I noticed seemed to have knowledge of those photos, was Obama.  And this is a computer I took to a place called "Black Horse".  What do Obama and Kate Middleton have in common?  How would random groups that different, both have knowledge of those photos?  Fergie-Oprah connection?  I mean, what? someone gave them to Fergie who shared them with Oprah, and Oprah passed it on to Obama and Fergie to Kate?  Or is it CIA.

That computer was forcibly shut down when it ran fine, after I made a UN complaint the second time, in April 2012.

I said I'd write about some specific things that have been done in this town, to describe how they are putting placemarks for everything, for their predictive work.  I also said I would write about specific things at my house and I will add to this post, without creating another one, tomorrow.

I'm tired right now because all I did today was find all of my computer information is gone from that computer, and it's been disabled to prevent me from using it at all, to connect to any Internet network.  If anyone has heard that song, "Keep Your Eyes Open" by Taylor Swift, I think, maybe that's why one time a Kennedy thought it was interesting.  The entire song is about how everyone is watching, all the time, even when you're sleeping.  That is what this country is doing to my family.  They have us under constant surveillance, with hidden cameras. 

I used to support men joining the military and thought it was a good thing to do.  I don't look down on normal men and women who do this for personal or naive reasons.  Some of them have been tortured and killed by being unwitting experiments.  Some however, are happy to have an excuse to kill.  I would never recommend anyone join the U.S. military anymore.  Before I realized they are responsible for torturing me, in collusion with Canada and some UK and NASA, and some Italians, I thought sure.  If my brother had asked me back when what I thought I might have thought, whatever you want to do, if it makes you happy.  I don't feel that way anymore.

I don't believe anyone should be supporting the U.S. military or government in any way.  I don't believe an intelligence community run by people who discriminate on basis of religion and who torture kids, should have control and knowledge of those they send out first to get killed.  Lets put all the Protestants in the lower ranks, and kill them, and then take Jezebel's Orders and occupy Fort Vineyard.  So now we have a bunch of Catholics running the CIA and FBI and justice system, controlling who gets killed off fast.  As for Kate, she has zero credibility with me for spirituality.  I do not believe her psychic gift is prophetic gifting--I believe it is a performance for power.

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